Painful cuddles

Back hurts
I have to pee 
Dry mouth 
Belly hurts 

But hey- my 2 year old woke up 30 min into her nap and needed me to hold her for the rest of it (which never happens. If I wasn't so uncomfortable I would be LOVING this cuddle sesh) 

And at least for a few more weeks, a tired toddler is the scariest thing in this house, so I will hold her for as long as she needs. Even if her baby brother is kicking the crap out of me and not happy about it :) 

I have a feeling this is what having 2 kids is going to look like most of the time: one of them won't be getting what they want/need and I will hardly ever be getting what I want/need. 

Can't wait!! 

But did I mention I'm cuddling my sweet baby girl?? So really, all is well. 


Hi Baby: A little update

Hi baby,

Am I still allowed to call you that after 2+ years and weeks away from having another one? I can't imagine calling you anything else!

I haven't written anything to you for so long because life has just been busy and typical and every time I sit down to write something, I have nothing to say. But the last 2 weeks have been so much fun with you. The month of September was a solid 3 weeks of hell and as always, after a hard phase comes a wonderful phase. You're goofy, energetic, smart and adorable. You are chatty and I speak fluent Mckenzie so we talk all day. I have figured out how to communicate with you to avoid meltdowns and you are becoming more patient every day.

You LOVE to dress yourself now that you have figured out how to do it. I moved all your clothes to the bottom dresser drawers so you're able to access everything. You usually change at least once a day. And if I get you dressed, you eventually find something else to wear and say "better!". You have a lot of cute outfits...but no one really sees them. And I guess that's OK.

We're spending a lot of time outside now that the weather has cooled down. You love to ride your scooter for about 20 minutes and then you get tired and just stick to what you know- running! Whenever you start you yell "running!" and it's so funny. I love your energy and passion for life- it brings a smile to my face every time. When you fall down you usually say "I'm OK mom" and keep going. Sometimes you need me to kiss it better, and then keep going. You're a very compassionate little girl and if I seem upset or hurt you come over to make sure I'm OK too and usually give my boo-boo a kiss. Your phrases like "ok mom!" and "thanks mom!" melt my heart.

You love to go to daddy's football games and are obsessed with their cougar mascot. I usually get you a ring pop and it distracts you for almost the entire first half. You clap, cheer and yell right along with the crowd and it's been so fun to have you with me this football season. You've missed your dad a lot, which is why you were having such a hard month in September, but you're getting better and I know next month you'll be so happy when dad is back home more often.

Your brother is going to be here so soon! And I'm a little nervous about how you're going to react. I know you're going to love him, but I also don't know how you're going to feel about having to share mom and dad. I'm really looking forward to getting 12 weeks off work, and it's mostly because that means I get 3 full months with you! I haven't had that since you were a newborn baby, and I can't wait to be home with you and your brother all day every day. I know it's going to be hard, but since I'm a "working mom" I am going to take full advantage of the chance to be with you 2 and not work for a while.

I have been thinking of getting rid of this blog, but then a memory pops up on FB and I get to read back on my life, before and after you got here, and I realize the memories I have written on here are priceless. Hopefully one day I can print them all out. I'm also assuming I'll be back to daily blogging once your brother gets here and I'm up all night. I had plenty to say at 3 a.m. when you were just a baby.

I love you little girl. I'm so proud of you and I genuinely love being your mom. You make me happy every single day.



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