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Bowen Family 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was spent eating and playing outside and eating and talking and eating. I was a little nervous about my meal but in the end I was able to eat everything I wanted minus the stuffing and rolls. It was delicious! I was even able to find a brownie recipe for dessert. It was so much fun to be in the country with family hanging out and relaxing. Aggie loved it!

Speaking of Aggie....this is our new dog! We rescued him from the shelter last Friday. He has been so much fun and has been too good to be true. He is potty trained, house trained, doesn't bark, does well with other dogs and can play fetch and tug-o-war all day long.

If you know me personally than I know what you are thinking. Has hell frozen over? Feel read to read THIS, or THIS and then call me a hypocrite. I'll be honest with you...I still hate dogs. I really like my dog.  My dog doesn't bark or jump up on me or run off like a crazy person (canine). I never want to act like strangers on the street automatically love my dog. I will always pick up my dog's poop and not leave it for other people to step in. I will give my dog enough attention that it doesn't feel the need to bark all day when we are gone. God must have known I wouldn't have been able to handle a typical dog so he sent me an angel. He is seriously the best!

I actually kind of hate myself for becoming the person that takes more pictures of their dog than their significant other...but I can't help it! he's just so cute...


2 Cents: 4,500 Calories

All week long and especially today I have been hearing all about the calories that are in a Thanksgiving Day meal. After reading THIS article I decided to give you my two cents about it.

Let's be honest...none of us wake up on the last Thursday of November thinking "today I am going to rock my diet". We spend the entire week dreaming of buttery mashed potatoes and extra helpings of stuffing and turkey. We plan on mopping up the cup of gravy we put over the entire plate with a few hot rolls. Milk? Yes please! Green bean casserole fills most of the plate and you finally get the salad on there after your first round. Am I right? This is Thanksgiving Dinner. Who freakin' cares if it amounts to 4500 calories?!? You don't eat this every day and your afternoon nap will help you sleep it off.

So go ahead, have an extra piece of pie and YES put the whipped cream on top. Wear stretchy pants and baggy shirts. Eat until you can't eat anymore and be thankful for what you have. If I hear someone mention they are watching what they eat tomorrow I might punch them in the face. You have 364 other days of the year to do that...this 1 day is a chance to fully enjoy yourself and give thanks....and have seconds.

Thanksgiving Eve

To say Thanksgiving crept up on me this year is the ultimate understatement. Wait...Thanksgiving is tomorrow? WHAT? Since when? The holidays seem to change every year. When I think of Thanksgiving I still think of 7ish hour roads trips to Idaho where we get together with my mom's side of the family. More than 50 people and LOTS of pies.

I love being married. I love my in-laws. I love the holidays. Combining all these things together can be difficult.

I'm also not too stoked about the dinner part of Thanksgiving since I'm still not sure what I will be allowed to eat. I read today that the average person eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving....I'm going to go ahead and say I will NOT be a part of that average :(

I guess it's time to start creating memories for this new chapter in my life. Bart and I just decided I will attempt to make pie..his mom's recipe. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Spring 2009. JCOM 1500- Intro to Mass Communication. Grade: B-

I want to say that I remember this class. That what I learned within the 4 walls of the classroom changed my life forever and paved the way for my future and helped me become what I am today. But that would be a bold face lie...

Spring 2011. JCOM 4350- Special Topics in Communications. Grade: B

They called this class "boot camp". It was a test class to see if it could actually be considered a course one day. Test classes are the best because no one knows what they are doing. There isn't really a clear grading outline, no one knows how to work the technology and the teacher is usually too busy with other things to really care about what is happening. That being said, I learned a ton in this class. It's amazing what happens when adults just chuck you into a pit and say "get out of it" with no real direction or guidance. I was proud of THIS project and I mostly love it because it reminds me of that fun trip. That's the great thing about video..it can capture a moment you want to remember! I didn't get the best grade on it because all the footage was shot within the car. The professor expected me to stage the road trip so I could get better footage. I thought this took away from the authenticity of the video.

My hate-hate relationship with technology blossomed during this class. i learned the hard way that Macs and PC hate each other. I learned a few new swear words.

Spring 2010. BIOL 3030- Genetics and Society. Grade: CR

This was the first and only class that I opted out of the grade. All I had to do was pass and it wouldn't reflect negatively on my GPA. I have never been good at science and this genetics class was a biotch. The teacher was foreign and acted like we were experts in the field. I always found genetics fascinating...just not fascinating enough to understand what I was being taught. But of course my grade would have been a B if I had just accepted the grade...but I had to learn eventually that copping out because you're afraid of a grade isn't going to make the class any easier!


Getting my butt kicked by Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels kicked my butt tonight! As I type this my arms are shaky and my husband is grouchy...a good indication that it was a hard work out! I use to hate workout videos. They really are pretty tough for only 20 minutes! But then we moved away from a gym and I would rather stay home than drive across town...and now we do workout videos.

Bart and I have decided to run the Ogden Marathon next Spring and decided we needed to do a little strength training along with our running routine. Tonight was the first night of strength training. I have a feeling we're going to be a bit sore tomorrow!

I have been dealing with an inner battle for the majority of 2013 when it comes to working out and exercising. When I first started my Hashimoto's treatment I had to stop all kinds of physical activity. Short of going on a walk...I was more or less assigned to the couch. I hated it! I missed running with Bart and going to the gym most days of the week. I missed pushing my body and making my muscles hurt. However I quickly got over it and within a month was thoroughly enjoying sitting on the couch. It made sense that I couldn't exercise since I was barely eating enough calories to sustain life (or so it felt)...much less an active one. During my time on the couch I also lost 20 pounds. Why in the world would I want to get off my butt and do something??

Once I got the OK to exercise I didn't go to the gym..I hit the pavement. I started running and really that's all I did. 4 days a week I ran and ran and ran and eventually I ran 13.1 miles. It was awesome! I felt strong and healthy and pretty dang cool. Once the race was over I went back to my couch (literally and figuratively) and it's been hard to get off of it!

I use to exercise and work out because I was worried I would gain weight if I didn't. I didn't feel good about myself if I sat around all day. I felt tired and insecure. Then I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and once I started the treatment I felt amazing-without going to the gym once. See the problem? I no longer gain weight randomly if I don't exercise for a week. I don't feel tired or fat or sluggish. I just feel normal and a bit lazy.

I need to re-train my brain to think of working out as a way to make me stronger-no thinner. a way to prevent injury and become faster. There are so many benefits to regular exercise that has nothing to do with a smaller waist....I just need to remember that when it's time to do something!



We just found out a member of the family is expecting a baby! Yay! Bart threw a mini fit about it for a few seconds...but he  does that every time we find out one of our friends is pregnant so I'm kind of use to it ;) 

The happy news got me thinking of all the things I do because I don't have any kids. Every time I take a really long shower or go for an extra long run it occurs to me how hard it would be to do these things if I had a baby in my life. 

When Bart and I enjoy our time on the couch watching TV and reading I can't help but think how noisy our house is going to be one day. Bart has the delusion that our future child will just nap right along with him on our crappy couch. I beg to differ. 

I tell Bart he just needs to enjoy time with me because once a baby gets here our world will be turned upside down. He tells me he has had enough alone time. 

And ya know what? I think I have too...


A Blessing

I stumbled upon "The Thankful Project" and love the idea! I am also totally cool with the fact that there is no way in hell I will be blogging every day for any reason. That said, I want to participate throughout the month (and by month I mean the last 16 days of it because I'm a slow starter).

November 14: A Blessing

Just one?? It's so hard to narrow down! I am overwhelmed every day for all the blessings I get to enjoy in my life.

When I read the word Blessing the first thing that pops into my head is "Bart". As I write this he is making dinner- Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls. Why? Because I can't eat normal Teriyaki sauce. He has fully embraced my health issues and has made everything easier. I am thankful for Bart every.single.day. for the love and service he shows me.
(side note....it smells amazeballs and I'm starving)


25 Before 25

Happy happy birthday to me! I'm 24 which means I'm FINALLY old enough to make a 25 Thing to do Before I Turn 25 list! Yay! Here you are (in no particular order)

1. Graduate college [x]
2. Make something off Pinterest
3. Have a girls weekend with mom and sisters
4. Run 2 half marathons or 1 full one
5. Have a baby (or be prego with one)[x]
6. Pay for a stranger's meal
7. Try 10 new recipes and share them with YOU
8. Write a letter to someone I love [x]
9. Visit a beach
10. Get a raise [x]
11. Go to 3 LDS Temples that we haven't been to yet
12. See the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform live
13. Paint a picture and hang it on the wall
14. Give someone a Book of  Mormon
15. Make a new friend
16. Hike Timp (and learn how to spell out Timp.....)
17. Spend a weekend completely unplugged
18. Eat a piece of cheesecake [x]
19. Read 12 new books (1 book a month-ish)
20. Have a new couple over for dinner
21. Go to a play [x]
22. Go 80's dancing
23. Dominate my Hashimoto's check up/tests [x]
24. Get a legit hair cut (not one I do myself)[x]
25. Learn how to hem pants (because as Bart puts it "I'm 4 feet tall").


Basketball, Football and B-Day Ice Cream

Yesterday at my birthday dinner I couldn't have my free birthday ice cream. I almost cried.

I ate WAY too many potato chips on the road.
(but I don't care too much because I was denied all the goodness of sugar and candy that belongs on a road trip)

"Blink" is a totally interesting book about your subconcious and how we aren't in as much control as we think we are.

Sometimes the only pictures I want to take are selfies with Bart

Here was my weekend: Friday night go to dinner because we have a coupon (booya). Come home to watch Aggie Basketball game. Do homework and laundry. Wake up Saturday and drive to Vegas. Go to Aggie football game. Sleep. Drive home. Go to birthday dinner. Sleep...hello Monday.

I told Bart that going to dinner and then sitting on the couch to watch basketball does NOT count as a date. He looked at me confused and continued to watch the game. Silly boys.


2 Cents- But Really, Marriage Isn't for You

A few days ago a blog post called "Marriage Isn't For You" surfaced on Facebook and made its way across cyber space. Initially it was only positive things being said about this article. When I read it I thought it was great advice. Some of the advice I got in my own marriage ceremony was always focus on the other person's happiness and your own happiness will follow.

Within a day other articles surfaced saying this guy was wrong. Marriage is about sacrifice, but you can't give up your own wishes and dreams to do it...which brings me to my "2 Cents" on this article: "Why Man's 'Marriage Isn't For You' Essay Misses the Mark"

One specific part of the article bothered me,

"The message can also be confusing to women, innate providers to begin with, says Bonior. Culture encourages this maternal instinct from childhood by giving little girls dolls to care for, and this mentality often carries over into adulthood, sometimes to extreme levels. We already know that women do the lion’s share of chores and childcare, but they work longer hours outside the home, too, according to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center. The average number of hours per week that men spend at their jobs has declined from 42 to 37 between 1965 and 2011. Meanwhile, women have increased their office time from 8 hours to 21 hours. “If women are taught to further put their personal needs on the back burner, what would their lives look like?” asks Bonior."

blah blah blah blah blah

Call me a woman hater...but SERIOUSLY? get over yourself ladies. From my personal experience putting your partner's needs first doesn't limit your own happiness. it doesn't take away your chance to fulfill your dreams. it doesn't mean put your own life on the backburner. It means creating a life TOGETHER. If you are putting your husband's needs first, and he is putting your needs first, then technically both of your lives are going exactly the way you want them to.

 "Putting the other person first" doesn't eliminate the idea of compromise, it just helps with it. Who wants something more? what is better for the family? That is the decision you make...whether it was your first choice or not. The door swings both ways and the less selfish YOU are in YOUR marriage...the happier it will be. 

This has nothing to do with women's rights and equality in the bedroom. It's simply one man's opinion of what it takes to have a successful marriage. and I happen to agree with him. 

Loving my husband with all I have, focusing on his needs, helping him accomplish his dreams and making him happy doesn't make me less of a woman. it doesn't degrade me or undo all the things women have worked for. 

When I married him we committed to making each other happy, and focusing on each others needs...and loving each other

so yes...marriage isn't for me.


2 Cents: Worst Health Habits EVER

I have been looking for an article to give my 2 cents about and haven't really found anything too exciting. I haven't been in the mood to blog lately so I'm trying to get over the hump! I stumbled across this article: The 7 Worst Health Habits Ever and it got me thinking about bad habits...health...and bad health habits.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos  the word "health" has taken on a whole new meaning. It is much more personalized than the magazines make it seem. I have stopped looking through Shape and other magazines as they make their way to my desk because a lot of what is in those stories don't apply to me (ex. Potato Chips with sea salt is a better snack for me than a whole grain piece of toast with jam.) And if they do apply, chances are I'm already doing that really healthy habit.  Reading this article I was happy to see that the bad habit I need to break is flossing more. I probably floss 5 days a week and then whenever there is something clearly stuck in my teeth (thanks carrots). Note to self: floss more.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to health and for me I could sit on the couch less (a habit I acquired while I wasn't able to exercise...and realized I actually really love sitting on the couch) and strength train more. Go out and run hard and fast instead of take it easy. Eat even MORE veggies.

I guess my point is that this article is overly broad and kind of stupid. In my opinion there are worse habits than these listed and habits that are bad for some, aren't always bad for others.



6 more weeks of class! 6! Which means I need to get going because I still have 16 more classes to review before I finish...

Summer 2013. COMM 3640-Writing for New Media. Grade: A

I almost managed to make it through college without taking Summer classes...Once I realized I could finish in 2013 I decided to suck it up and take a few. This one was online so it wasn't so bad. I liked the way my professor organized the class. Discussions, quizzes, assignments. That's it! For my final project I created a Twitter Account. The requirements included regularly tweeting, finding a topic that could appeal to a specific audience and engaging with that audience. I was only a few months into my Hashimotos treatment so that was the main thing that occupied my mind. Turns out there is a big following out there when it comes to health, thyroid disorders and Hashimotos. The professor had us each create our own rubric to grade us. I made a good chunk of points go toward getting more than 50 followers (in 1 month). She messaged me and told me that was a lofty goal and to maybe aim a little lower...I of course became determined to succeed! I had over 100 followers by the time she graded me. Hence the A.

I think "new Media" is kind of a stupid term these days. Anyone who is in college is use to the media everyone is using and it isn't really "new" to us. I understand why the older crowd calls it new...but I would say my generation just calls it media. Either way, I learned how to write for it...whatever that means!

Spring 2012. MUSC 3600- World Music. Grade: A-

I needed an art credit. World Music fit my schedule. It was a class with 700 students in a huge auditorium. Participation was based on our Clicker answers. It could have been a disaster...but our professor made it work. I really liked how she approached each new chapter. Every section we started out listening to a piece of music. We listened to the song uninterrupted..unsure of what we were listening to. Most of the time it just seemed like noise. and not pretty noise. The kind of noise you turned off immediately. However, throughout the lectures she would break that song down and explain what we were hearing. She would teach that certain noises and instruments meant different things. That there really was a meaning behind the madness. Then we would listen to the song again. It was completely different. I could pick out the different instruments and I understood what I heard! It was a genius way to teach this class and I really enjoyed it.

Fall 2010. ENGL 2010-Intermediate Writing. Grade: A

My second and last required English class. Almost sucked as bad as the first one. I wasn't interested and my papers usually showed it. I remember a few annoying people in the class...and my professor telling me I could do better...but I got the A and moved on. Go college!


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