Hi baby: sleepy love

Hi my sweet baby boy,

It's 6am and we've been cuddling since 4:30. While your sleeping has improved, it's still not sleeping through the night and let's be honest- that's really the only milestone worth celebrating when it comes to sleep. For now you go down for bed around 7pm, wake to eat around 1-2am and then it's a wild card until we get up for the day at 6am. Sometimes you just need your binki around 3, but usually it's your "witching hour" and you don't sleep very peacefully. I know it will get better and I'm trying to be patient. Your daddy helps me so I'm getting about 6 good hours of sleep and that helps keep me sane. 

I think the hardest part this time around is you not having your own room. Right now you're out in the landing in between the two bedrooms which means every time you start yelling at night I'm worried you will wake your sister so you get way more attention than she did! Sometimes you get put in my walk-in closet because that's the best place to keep noise away from you, and potential crying in the middle of the night away from her. I've even had the thought of turning our pantry downstairs into your temporary space. Don't judge me- I'm sleep deprived. 

You two will share a room eventually- I just have no idea when that will be. Your sister is still in her crib, and I'm in no rush to get her out (but I think she's going to realize she can climb out any day now) and I'm worried at this point she would crawl into your crib and smother you if you 2 shared a space...so for now you're in the hall and getting spoiled at night. You're welcome. 

You starting smiling and cooing last week and it just melts my heart! I really love it when my babies start interacting and even though I'm trying to not wish away time, I'm excited for you to grow and develop. Your sister was such a fun baby to be around and I loved watching her learn and grow. I am looking forward to doing that with you. 

We just finished Christmas weekend and I loved having you be a part of all the festivities. Having 2 kids has just become our new normal and while it's overwhelming a lot of the time, it feels natural and I'm really glad you're here! Your sister seems to have adjusted to you and still loves you really hard. Don't worry, your dad and I are keeping you alive. 

I don't get very much one-on-one time with you to just chat and play and stare at you. I miss it, and know that's just a luxury I can't really expect anymore- but I love you just as much as your crazy goofy sister and I'm so happy I get 5 more weeks of you and Kenzie before going back to work. 

I love you handsome boy, stay strong and keep growing



Cooper 1 Month

I was reading through Kenzie's monthly updates and I love remembering it, so I'm going to do my best at updating Cooper too.  I have a hard time blogging at all since my hands are full all day long, and I'm not in the mood in the middle of the night. 

I am the living example of "no 2 kids are the same" and it's been that way since day 1. Kenzie wasn't a sleepy newborn. Cooper was. Cooper could be held all day and night to sleep. Kenzie had to be put down &; didn't like to cuddle. Kenzie wasn't an awesome napper, but dominated night sleep. Cooper rocks his naps but totally sucks at night. Kenzie was an awesome eater and chugged her bottle & ate consistent amounts. I have wasted so much formula with Cooper because he eats random amounts. He has tummy issues, she never did. She loved to sit in her baby chair and chill, he really just wants to be held and loved on & cries if you put him down for more than a few minutes. 

Are you catching my drift here?? 

But he's also so sweet. I love that he loves to cuddle (most of the time). And I really love him. Yesterday was a really hard day. At the end of it I said out loud "I hate my life right now" and as I was holding Cooper when he wouldn't sleep I said I hate that you can't sleep well at night. I hate how tired I am. I hate how stressed and overwhelmed I feel. I hate cleaning my house. I hate my house (mostly because I'm stuck in it all day) And I hate this day. But I really really really love you. And I think that sums up motherhood really well- don't you? We do things every single day we don't like, or things that don't seem important but seem SO redundant and we do them all for the people we love the most. My love for my son doesn't go away just because his witching hour is from 2-6am. My love for that day doesn't exists, but my love for him stays. And thank goodness for that! 

As much as I love him, I can't wait for the night that he sleeps on a predicable schedule and maybe longer than 3 hours at a time 😬 I think the thing keeping me sane is knowing that eventually he will sleep. I don't know when, and it isn't looking like it will be as soon as his sister did, but I know one day he will. Even if I have to wait until he's old enough to let him cry and figure it out himself 👍🏻 


Moving forward one baby at a time

It has been a wild 2 weeks! I've had every emotion in the book, but I haven't cried for 3 whole days which is a pretty huge accomplishment!

 While having a newborn feels easier the second time around, having 2 kids is anything but easy. I would still consider Mckenzie my bigger struggle right now than Cooper. She's acting out and having a hard time adjusting to her new brother. She loves him, but doesn't like me very much these days. I text Bart last week after a particularly hard morning saying "I miss our old life!"  Kenzie and I were best buddies and we had a routine down and a system that worked and we had mostly good days. And now...we don't. It's been hard for me to see her struggle so much and be so frustrated and I feel guilty for causing all of that for her. I can only hope that as time goes on she will adjust and get back to liking me and our life again! 

Progression in life has really been on my mind this week as I think about how hard it's been to add a new member to our family. We're here on Earth to progress and become better. And we do that by going through hard things. Bart and I could have never had kids. We could have stayed comfortable, but we were ready for something more. And Kenzie has brought us so much love. Our marriage is better and stronger because we chose to have children together. It was hard, but it made our life better. And now, round 2 is teaching me that again. We were a very happy family of 3. We were a very comfortable family of 3. But we knew it was time for another change and another step forward. I know God is smiling down on me and Bart and is proud of us for not staying comfortable. For not keeping our lives in one place. For progressing and moving forward. I know after this "hard thing" I will be a better mother and a better person. 

I'm so happy to have a healthy baby boy in my arms (even if it is for most of the night because he sucks at sleeping on his own 😉). I'm happy for my frustrated and beautiful daughter who brings me so much joy & not-joy in the same day. They are making me a better person every day. They make my marriage and testimony in my Savior stronger every day. They fill my heart with gratitude and love every day. 

I have bags under my eyes. A disgusting kitchen floor. A toddler who is having a really hard time, and a new baby who wakes up every 2 hours. I also have an amazing husband who helps and serves me with all his love.  Family, friends and neighbors who take time out of their life to help me and love on my babies & a loving Heavenly Father who hears my constant prayers and gives me the peace of mind that everything will be okay, and the energy to get through another day. 


Hi baby: Our First Week

Hi baby 

You've been with us for 7 days now and it's been a surreal experience for me. When your sister was born I suffered from Postpartum Depression. It wasn't her fault. It wasn't mine. But I had it, and it made those first 8 weeks really hard. I'm only now realizing just how bad off I was because now I have something to compare it to. My mental health is 100% better this time and it has made a world of difference. I can sleep. I want to hold you. I'm okay with other people holding you.  I'm not consistently crying. My brain isn't going 49765 miles a minute. I'm not obsessing about your eating and sleeping habits. I'm just my typical self with a newborn. Not a crazy person. 

Even now at 3:15am I am happily snuggling you during your witching hour. 

It has still been a rough few days. Recovering from surgery means I'm in constant pain and my movement is limited. I wish I could just curl up with you in bed but I have to be carefully situated in a chair. I can't really walk around while holding you just yet, and laying down to take a nap is sometimes not worth the effort. It's getting better every day, so I know this is only a phase. 

Not to mention the challenge with your sister. I get emotional just thinking of her. She is so sweet to you, but you can tell her little world no longer feels like her own. She all of a sudden seems 3 levels louder and I can't tell if I'm not noticing her volume more now, or if she has taken it up a notch. I think it's a combination of both. 

You are what I'm assuming is a "typical" newborn that sleeps pretty much all day. Your sister never did that, so your dad and I look at each other like "oh! That's what people mean when they say newborns eat sleep and poop". You're a hungry hungry hippo which is to be expected when you weigh as much as most 1+ month olds. You get angry instead of sad when something isn't going your way. If we're taking too long to feed you, or you're getting your diaper changed- you scream pretty hard pretty quickly. You also don't like being moved when you're comfy and sleeping. You have the funniest little scowl that's on your face whenever you're awake & you look just like your daddy when you do it. You also look just like your big sister when she was a newborn and it totally trips me out sometimes. Especially at the hospital, I could have sworn I had Mckenzie in my arms again. 

Daddy took the whole week off work and it's been the biggest blessing having him home! He can watch you while I am with Mckenzie, or he takes Kenzie outside and plays while you take a nap. He is much less afraid of the newborn baby phase and loves to play with you. He's so happy there is another boy in the house and I know you 2 will become best buddies. Having him home to help this week has really meant a lot to me, and I know he's he biggest reason I am feeling so good/positive. We'll see how next week goes when life gets back to "normal". 

All in all, I would say this first week with you has been a success. Am I tired? Yes, but not completely exhausted (yet). I've cried over weird things and none of my clothes fit or work with my healing incision (yet). I don't know how to relax and parent my struggling toddler and help her see that we still love her just as much. But we will figure it out together. My beautiful family of 4. 

I love you Coop, and I'm so happy you're here, healthy and mine. 



Painful cuddles

Back hurts
I have to pee 
Dry mouth 
Belly hurts 

But hey- my 2 year old woke up 30 min into her nap and needed me to hold her for the rest of it (which never happens. If I wasn't so uncomfortable I would be LOVING this cuddle sesh) 

And at least for a few more weeks, a tired toddler is the scariest thing in this house, so I will hold her for as long as she needs. Even if her baby brother is kicking the crap out of me and not happy about it :) 

I have a feeling this is what having 2 kids is going to look like most of the time: one of them won't be getting what they want/need and I will hardly ever be getting what I want/need. 

Can't wait!! 

But did I mention I'm cuddling my sweet baby girl?? So really, all is well. 


Hi Baby: A little update

Hi baby,

Am I still allowed to call you that after 2+ years and weeks away from having another one? I can't imagine calling you anything else!

I haven't written anything to you for so long because life has just been busy and typical and every time I sit down to write something, I have nothing to say. But the last 2 weeks have been so much fun with you. The month of September was a solid 3 weeks of hell and as always, after a hard phase comes a wonderful phase. You're goofy, energetic, smart and adorable. You are chatty and I speak fluent Mckenzie so we talk all day. I have figured out how to communicate with you to avoid meltdowns and you are becoming more patient every day.

You LOVE to dress yourself now that you have figured out how to do it. I moved all your clothes to the bottom dresser drawers so you're able to access everything. You usually change at least once a day. And if I get you dressed, you eventually find something else to wear and say "better!". You have a lot of cute outfits...but no one really sees them. And I guess that's OK.

We're spending a lot of time outside now that the weather has cooled down. You love to ride your scooter for about 20 minutes and then you get tired and just stick to what you know- running! Whenever you start you yell "running!" and it's so funny. I love your energy and passion for life- it brings a smile to my face every time. When you fall down you usually say "I'm OK mom" and keep going. Sometimes you need me to kiss it better, and then keep going. You're a very compassionate little girl and if I seem upset or hurt you come over to make sure I'm OK too and usually give my boo-boo a kiss. Your phrases like "ok mom!" and "thanks mom!" melt my heart.

You love to go to daddy's football games and are obsessed with their cougar mascot. I usually get you a ring pop and it distracts you for almost the entire first half. You clap, cheer and yell right along with the crowd and it's been so fun to have you with me this football season. You've missed your dad a lot, which is why you were having such a hard month in September, but you're getting better and I know next month you'll be so happy when dad is back home more often.

Your brother is going to be here so soon! And I'm a little nervous about how you're going to react. I know you're going to love him, but I also don't know how you're going to feel about having to share mom and dad. I'm really looking forward to getting 12 weeks off work, and it's mostly because that means I get 3 full months with you! I haven't had that since you were a newborn baby, and I can't wait to be home with you and your brother all day every day. I know it's going to be hard, but since I'm a "working mom" I am going to take full advantage of the chance to be with you 2 and not work for a while.

I have been thinking of getting rid of this blog, but then a memory pops up on FB and I get to read back on my life, before and after you got here, and I realize the memories I have written on here are priceless. Hopefully one day I can print them all out. I'm also assuming I'll be back to daily blogging once your brother gets here and I'm up all night. I had plenty to say at 3 a.m. when you were just a baby.

I love you little girl. I'm so proud of you and I genuinely love being your mom. You make me happy every single day.



3 coats of paint and 3am

I've been wide awake since 2:40 this morning. 

(This FB post explains it all:)
2yo *wakes up crying and screaming
Mom *goes into check
2yo *has foot straight up in the air and is crying "boo boo!" 
Mom *kisses top of foot
2yo * immediately passes out 
Mom *wide awake for rest of night 

I tossed and turned in bed for about an hour, and then I came downstairs to put another coat on the dresser drawers I'm repainting. The stuff claimed it only takes 2 coats. I'm on coat 3 and it will need HOPEFULLY just 1 more. 

The struggle is real when it comes to anything crafty. Last night in bed I was complaining to Bart saying "it's supposed to be fool proof! Anyone can do it!" And he said

"Ya know a box of gloves used to say One Size Fits All...and then they changed it to One Size Fits Most....?"

So...apparently the "One Size" doesn't fit my craft-challenged hands. *sigh*

Also- side note. If you try to pour paint out of the can into a tray at 3:45am you'll probably spill a little...or a lot. 😇

You probably don't know this- but I used to suffer from pretty bad insomnia. It hit its peak in college. After I got married it got better, and when I was treated for Hashimotos it almost completely went away. 

And then I had a baby and my post-partum depression made it so I couldn't sleep at night, even when my baby was sleeping 4-6 hours. 

Now (after almost 2 years of living with my angel baby who is a wonderful sleeper 99% of the time) my problem is being able to fall back asleep after I've been totally woken up. This morning is an example of that. And as I lay in bed willing my crazy brain to shut down I couldn't help but get some anxiety over the fact that in 2 months or less I'll be back to "waking up" multiple times a night (even though with M I never fully was ever able to go back to sleep during those nights). 3am anxiety is just THE BEST. 

I'm just really hoping that maybe this time will be different and I'll learn how to sleep for 1-2 hour blocks while he does. But I'm also just really excited to have him here and meet him. No sleep and all. 

I know the next 2 months are going to fly by and he's going to be here before we know it! I have absolutely no idea what to expect or how I'm going to have 2 kids. But I know it will all work out and it will be awesome. I also know that in about 2.5 months I'll be looking back at this post telling my past self to get over the fact that I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. It's all about perspective isn't it? 


S&$@ Bart Says

(To Mckenzie) 
You be nice to daddy's crotch. You want a baby sister!  

(To Mckenzie)
All mommy did was house you for 9 months. I did all the hard work- like put up with mommy 

All semis look the same to you. You're a semi racist 

Stop accusing me of eating your fat kid snacks 

I hear Daisy Maids don't deep clean very well. Otherwise I would hire them for you 

M- You're fully capable of making the bed. 
B- Ya, but then what would you do? 

Sometimes all a guy wants to do is watch film. And then his daughter poops everywhere

(To Mckenzie) 
My very sensitive parts are very close to your feet. It's terrifying 


2 Cents: Why Moms Should Wear Swimsuits to the Pool

Jessie talked about THIS ARTICLE on the show this week and I wanted to add my "2 cents"!

I've never been super comfortable in a swimsuit, even in high school- but I've made it a personal goal to always be willing to wear a swimsuit to the pool. It's not an issue right now, because I've been pretty happy with my body. But I don't know where I'll be in 5, 10, 15 years. But I always want to be in a swimsuit when my family is at the pool. I don't want to be the one sitting in the chair, not playing because I'm too insecure about my body. 

1. No one is judging us. They’re too focused on judging themselves.
I 100% agree with the idea that no one is really judging you at the pool- because they're too busy being insecure about themselves. And if they are judging how your body looks- who really cares? What will their opinion do to you? There was a mom at the pool last week wearing a 2 piece and she had the mommy, flabby tummy that was hanging over her bottoms. Yes I noticed, but I didn't care. At all! All of our bodies are so different. They're different when we are toddlers, teenagers, pregnant and mothers. And the more little girls and young women can see adult women's bodies, the more they will begin to understand what real women look like (and hopefully be able to embrace their own)

I really had an awesome moment on our trip to Mexico.http://meganbainum.blogspot.com/2015/12/mexican-beaches-and-fruity-beverages.html I wore a bikini all day every day for 6 days. And there was nothing more liberating and freeing. I was surrounded by people I didn't know- so it made it easier for me to not care what people thought. But not just that- I was surrounded by people of all body types, who were also wearing bikinis. Not shorts covering up their cottage cheese butts or shirts to cover up their soft tummies. By the end of the week I was 100% comfortable in my own skin- even after a week of fruity drinks and unlimited food!

2. It’s an excellent example for our kids.

Yes! Is my body "perfect"? No. Will it ever look "perfect" in a swimsuit? No. Will Mckenzie's body ever be "perfect"? No. But if she grows up seeing her mom in a swimsuit (and comfortable in it) then I would hope she will be able to be comfortable in one too. I also think it's important to not talk about being in a swimsuit. Just put it on and have a fun day. No need to point out how much of a favor you're doing for your kids by being in one. Every daughter grows up thinking her mom is beautiful- we shouldn't be the ones trying to convince them they're wrong about us. 

3. It doesn’t have to be a bikini. It can be a good ol’ fashioned belly-covering swimsuit.

Mexico made me embrace the 2 piece swim suit and bikini. I wore a bikini 6 months pregnant when we went to Lagoon and played at the pool last week. But I also have a 1 piece I really like (when it fits- it's not conducive to my growing belly). I think it's important to find a swimsuit you can be comfortable in. 

Just remember-  unless you're 15, no one really cares how you look.


Hi Baby Boy: 25 Weeks

Hi little man,

I'm sorry I haven't written very many letters to you. Your big sister is keeping me busy, and I'm sure that will be the theme of your life sometimes. But that's OK. I know once you get here one of you will have to wait a little longer than usual for something you want/need. It's going to be a pretty big shift for your sister. She's used to being the center of our universe and we've been happy to give her that one on one attention!

Your dad and I were joking last night about how much we're going to love you in comparison to your sister. Should I be telling you this?? Maybe not. It's just hard to believe we can love and adore anything as much as we love and adore Mckenzie. We joked and said "people tell us it's possible...but we won't believe it until we feel it". But it's only a half-hearted joke because of COURSE we're going to love you just as much. I really can't wait for you to get here. I am so excited to have another baby. I would have 10 children if I could because all that love and happiness you feel about one? Why wouldn't you want to times that by ten? I have truly loved being a mom these past 2 years, and having you join us in just over 3 months is going to be icing on the cake.

I feel you moving around in my belly much more than I ever did the first time around. My OB says the first one is always the one you feel the least. You have some pretty powerful kicks and jabs already and every once in a while it makes me jump/jerk around because it startles me! But I love it. You're moving right now and it's such an amazing feeling to know you're healthy and growing inside my belly.

This pregnancy has gone by much quicker for me. I remember when I found out I was pregnant I thought about how you'll be here just 3 months after Mckenzie turns 2 (which felt like a long time). Well Mckenzie will be 2 in less than 2 weeks! Which means we're in the home stretch and it's only a few more months before I'm holding you in my arms.

As I took a nap today I thought back to that first phase (that seems to last forever) of no sleep. So right now I'm napping almost every day, and enjoying every second of it. Your sister has always loved to sleep, so I don't see her dropping her nap anytime soon (KNOCK ON WOOD) but I would assume having 2 kids means it's pretty much impossible to get a nap fit in somewhere. But I also feel much more ready for that phase, because I've been there before and I know it ends eventually. I'm really hoping/planning on it being a little easier this time around.

Well my love, I just wanted to check in and let you know I think about you every day. Your dad and I talk about you every day, and your sister...claims you sometimes :)

Stay strong and keep growing my baby,



My 3 Most Memorable Visits to Olive Garden

I had some time to kill before a meeting, and I had an Olive Garden gift card. So....table for 1 please!

As I enjoyed my soup and salad I couldn't help but think about the past visits. I think everyone has been to Olive Garden like 23078 times right? Even if not recently? Anyway- here are a few memories:

My 3 Most Memorable Visits to Olive Garden

February 14, 2010- Logan UT

My first Valentine's Day with Bart. We went at like 4:30PM because he wanted to avoid the crowds. He succeeded. We were surrounded by everyone over 60 and it was totally cute. We had been exclusively dating for about 4 months and totally in love. He gave me a necklace that said "eternity" on it and I remember thinking that was some kind of hidden message that HE WANTED TO BE WITH ME FOREVER **all the heart eyes**

*side memory** I'm also remembering this Olive Garden in Logan is where I met Bart's family for the first time. The gang was all there. I remember his older brother and I bonded over our hatred for tomatoes. My hair was pretty crazy, but they didn't seem to mind. It was a successful dinner.

June 2012- West Valley UT

I'm a new intern at ABC4 and my coordinating producer Roxanne takes me, another intern, and the Daily Dish producer out to lunch. It was awkward and horrible. They didn't say a word to me. They were BFF's and I was just....not. I spent the whole time wondering why they even invited me and that I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.

This obviously wasn't a great memory- but the story doesn't end there. Once I got hired, my new friend and mentor Rox and I went out to Olive Garden a lot. She always ordered dessert first. She introduced me to their lemon cups. They're so good. Next time you go- get one! Conversation was never a problem.

Rox has been gone for 6 months now, and I've been thinking of her a lot lately. And whenever I think about Olive Garden, I think of Rox and her dessert first and those lemon cups.

That's the beauty of memories- they stay with us, even when our friends are no longer here. We can look back and remember the fun times and good experiences and enjoy their memory for a few minutes.

February 14, 2014- American Fork UT

Fast forward 4 years after that first Valentines Day with Bart. I'm 3 months pregnant with Mckenzie and in full Hashimotos diet mode. My dad takes my sisters and I out for a Valentine's Day date. They still don't quite comprehend the fact that I can't eat gluten (yes, pasta is gluten) and choose to go to Olive Garden. I ask for the gluten free menu. The server hands me a three page menu. Complete with yummy options like ravioli and alfredo. As I go to order, the server grabs the menu and says no, the gluten free options are only on the back. I scan the list: chicken, fish, red sauce- and burst into tears. Not a trickling tear down my cheek. Like sobbing, tears flowing freely. I wrote about the whole experience you can enjoy HERE

One thing I love about going out by myself is the chance I have to just think- and yesterday as I was sitting all alone, I had a great time thinking of my Olive Garden memories. (and their salad dressing is just SO GOOD. )


Potty talk

If you're sick of hearing about potty training- too bad. It's the new sleep training in my life and it's all consuming! Also, my auto correct hates the word pee and hopefully it will get the message after this blog post to GET OVER IT. 

We're at the end of day 3 and my overall feeling is still optimistic. I read "Oh Crap! Potty Training" where the author says it's about the child going from 
clueless-> I peed-> I'm peeing-> I need to pee. 

On day one I never noticed Mckenzie at "clueless" the last few weeks she has been pointing at her diaper and saying poop! (Her word for poop and pee). She very quickly passed the "I peed" stage and went straight for "I'm peeing". 

We have been hovering around "I'm peeing" and "I need to pee" for the last 2 days. She either says poop! with enough time for us to get her to the potty, or she says poop! as she is starting to pee and then holds it as we're rushing her and finishes on the potty. 

Poop hasn't been an issue and she's never had an accident with poop. So there's a bright shining star- right? 

She has only had a few straight up accidents where she doesn't even attempt to make it to the potty. 95% of the time she is letting us know. It's just 40% of that time is a second too late. I know each day she will give more and more warning, and I know it's all connecting in her head. 

At the end of each day you can tell she is just exhausted and she's in bed at least 30 minutes earlier than normal- and I don't blame her. She is tackling an entire new way of doing something that for the past 2 years, has been the same. I don't think we give kids enough credit when it comes to realizing what we're asking of them. Whenever I get irritated or frustrated I try to remember that 4 days ago she wasn't doing any of this. And in that perspective, she is kicking some major butt. 


45 minute playtime

Ya know when you go to the grocery store hungry and emotional and buy $50 worth of stuff you wouldn't normally buy? Chips, ice cream (cashew butter ice cream is SO GOOD) gummy bears, chocolate, goldfish... No? That's just me? I doubt it. 

But after stuffing my face with whatever the H I wanted, I now just want to throw it all away. Nothing like a good emotional eat to get you back on track- right? 

Kenz and I had a good day today. She found a container of random baby items. Bottles, a rattle, a few bags, etc and it entertained her for 45 MINUTES! And I didn't have to get down and play with her. It was awesome. I stayed on the chair and just chatted with her as she played. It was like 60% playing independently which is more than she usually does these days. She's so funny and smart I could watch her for days. I was going to turn the TV on but stopped myself. Sometimes (most times) it's just good to be together in the same room without that stupid distraction. Curious George didn't even make it into our day until her 1 episode before dinner. I'm pretty proud of myself for that one. I can't promise it will happen again tomorrow, but at least it happened today. 

This week I'm really trying to focus on being a good example to her and being patient. I find myself saying "don't yell" in a too-loud of voice or grabbing her hand hard after she was just mean to me. I'm not perfect- but I'm trying every day to control my patience and temper with her. Luckily at the end of the day she always likes me and will snuggle and tell me she loves me. Little kids are just the best like that. 

Here are a few pics. Toward the end she wanted to take pictures of everything. Her Dog. Her bottle. Her blanket. I only aim to please as she yells CHEESE! 


Parades, candy and mom feels

We went to Mckenzie's first parade today down in Lehi. It was so fun! The weather was perfect. As the first band came down the street I watched her watch with her big beautiful blue eyes and I started crying. It was 80% pregnancy hormones and 20% mama feels. 

She danced to the music and even scored a few pieces of candy. Speaking of candy- can we talk about the ridiculousness of candy at parades? Kids are bringing their trick or treat bags out to the road. Is cute when they're 4. But past 8- maybe don't mow down the other kids to get to that ONE piece of taffy. And speaking of mowing down- a bully toddler boy kept shoving and pushing Mckenzie today and I was so irritated. I try not to intervene, but Mckenzie gets so confused when kids are mean to her. It's so sad to watch. So instead of kicking that kid to the middle of the street and watching him get run over by a horse and buggy, we moved spots and all was well. 

I've said it a million times, but I really love seeing her grow and experience new things. She will be 2 in six short weeks and every day is a wild card. 

We had a really fun day today, but the last hour before bed was spent in an emotional bubble screaming and crying. All I could do was hold her while she screamed and eventually calmed down. Let's just say she ended up in bed an hour early tonight. Sleepy toddlers are NOT angel babies. But that's why I love bedtime. Because there is a new day when everyone wakes up. 


Hi baby boy: 20 weeks

Hi my sweet baby boy,

I can't believe it's been more than 2 years since I wrote a 20-week note to your big sister. I remember being so consumed with pregnancy and the unknown. It's been different this time with you. I know more. I understand more. I'm at much more peace with everything. I also know we're only halfway there and this next half is going to drag on. And that's OK. I'm excited for you to join our family, but I'm also trying to enjoy every single second I have with your sister. So I can wait for your arrival. 

We had your anatomy check up this week and everything looks good. Your heart and brain are developing right on track and you are a whopping 12oz! I saw your belly and your tiny hands and feet. I don't feel you very often- yet. And I'm really excited for when you become part of my everyday. There's nothing like feeling a child move inside your belly- and I miss you when I don't feel you for a few days! But starting next week I'll be feeling you all day everyday. My favorite. 

I want you to know how excited your dad and I are about having you join our family. We love you already, and can't wait to see your personality. Will you be a crazy goofball like Mckenzie? Or will you be a mellow dude? Either way- you'll make the perfect addition to our family. 

So stay strong and keep growing my son, I love you. 



2 Cents: Don't Use the Word 'Fat' in Front of My Daughter

This was the article we talked about on GTU this morning and even though I'm not a Kardashian fan, I am a fan of this conversation.

Obviously living a healthy lifestyle is really important to me. Eating right and exercising is something Bart and I have created in our marriage and it's something I plan to teach my children. But Bart and I do not talk about Mckenzie's size in front of her. Every once in a while me or Bart will slip and say something like "my chubby baby is thinning out" or (especially when she was a little circle) "how's my chubby baby?", etc. Just a few months ago I asked Bart (not in front of her) "is Mckenzie chubby for her age?" (NO!). And each time one of us slip, the other is good about saying "don't say that". It's not the talking I'm against, it's the words we are using.

I think it's a natural fear for parents in my generation to be concerned about their child's size. Every other news health story is about how obese children are getting. And I think it makes us all nervous. Will my kid be one of them? Is it something I can control? The short answer, I believe, is yes, parents have almost complete control outside of genetics about their child's weight and health. But I don't think it's a conversation or worry we should be saying in front of our children.

The conversation we should be having with our kids is why we eat real food, and why you see mom and dad going to the gym and exercising every day. And when we do have that conversation with our child, it's not using the word fat.

Bart and I aren't perfect. Both of us have said something like "I feel fat" or "do I look fat?" in front of Mckenzie, and it's something we need to be better at. It's hard to remember there is now a little person hearing- and repeating- everything we say. Every child grows up thinking mom and dad are beautiful and powerful and perfect just the way they are. It's not until they start hearing their parents bash themselves, that they start to question what's "wrong".

So while I want to be open about body image, and talk to my girls about how to be healthy and happy, I won't be bashing my own body at the same time. I want to be an example of confidence and happiness. Because our bodies are amazing- no matter what size we are.

And now we'll end with a FB memory flash back from a year ago. Baby Kenz and her baby cousin Snow. xoxo


The difference 6 pounds makes

Weight on a scale. What a stupid and arbitrary number.

Yesterday I had my 20 week check up and the scale at my OB's office said I was 6 POUNDS more than my scale at home. What the heck?? I know I didn't gain 6 pounds in 5 hours. Obviously it's just a different scale (which is why people recommend you only weigh yourself on the same scale every time) 

So why did that number bother me so bad? Why did I go home feeling a little down, and eat a whole pint of ice cream because I was in a "screw it" mood? (other than that ice cream is just sooooo good) Why did I wake up this morning feeling a little less confident about how I look? (even though my scale at home still says the number it did yesterday) 

I don't look different. I didn't gain any extra weight. But it's that dang NUMBER that messes with your mind. Why?

I've talked about this before, but on the other end of the spectrum after losing 25 pounds. And I still have the same thing to say: the number on the scale doesn't matter. I still fit into the same clothes I fit in to last week. I look the same. Obviously that is going to change since I'm pregnant, but that's not the point of this post. 

My point is- I shouldn't feel any different when the scale reads XXX or YYY.

My other point- I'm going to stop looking at my OB's scale. Because it's only going up from here- and until I see a number I'm 1000% OK with that! #babyonboard 


2 Cents: Hurry Up, No, and I'm Sorry

We talked about THIS ARTICLE today on Good Things Utah and I loved it!

I've really made an effort to let Mckenzie be Mckenzie- even when it's inconvenient for me.

You want to bring 4 stuffed animals with you in the car today? 

You want to stop here, unload your wagon and hang out? OK

You're bringing a pile of your dirty laundry out on our walk?

You want to eat your lunch outside on the porch? 

You want to eat all the stale hamburger buns at once? OK

You want to put your own shoes on even though we're 5 minutes late? 

You want to dance around in the middle of the store because I fun song comes on? 
OK- I'll join you.

You want to wear your dress over your clothes on our trip to Target? Get it girl.

Usually when I'm rushing out the door and she is stalling I'm irritated and tell her "come on, let's go!" but she always has a very reasonable thought process as to why she's being slow. She's looking for her hat. She wants to bring her OTHER blanket. She is finding her shoes.

I've had to slow down and realize my child has her very own thoughts. She is learning how to process reason and I need to treat her thoughts as valid as I would treat Bart's.

Obviously there's some restriction. You want a second popsicle? No. You don't want to get dressed this morning? Too bad (Usually- there have been a few times where it's so traumatizing to her to get dressed, but not very often)

I believe in boundaries and rules and in saying no. But I also don't think I need to say no to every unconventional thing she wants.

From the very beginning I could tell she was going to have a BIG personality. A friendly personality, and a personality I LOVED. I made a promise to myself that I would never apologize for her, for just being her.

She walks up to a different mom at the library and tries to sit on her lap to read a book (yes, this happens). I say something to that mom, but I don't ever say "sorry". Why would I? She isn't doing anything wrong.

I don't want my daughter growing up hearing her mom say to others "Sorry about her, she's just really friendly." or "Sorry! She just loves other people". Are those things bad? Are those things I want to change about her? Never. I'll apologize if she hits your kid (and then make her say sorry too) or if she breaks something. But I'm not going to say sorry just because she's braver than both of us.


Good shirt mojo

My FB memories popped up THIS blog post and what are the chances I'm wearing that exact same shirt today? My baby bump is much smaller- but I figured it was a sign of good mojo today.

I got sucked into the black hole of old blog posts and it's been fun to re-read. I've only written 9 posts in 2016. Whoops! I really can't explain it. I know blogs are pretty much out of style, but I never wrote for a big audience anyway so that doesn't really matter to me. I want to be better at documenting my thoughts and motherhood so be prepared for some rusty posts coming your way.

Her typical weird quirk of bringing 3029834 with us on our walks

Summer is in full swing at the Bowen house and we LOVE having Bart home. He coaches a few hours in the morning, and then he's home with us. He still leaves for a few days at a time for football camps, but for the most part he is home. I can't explain to all of you how great of a man Bart is. In church yesterday we talked about "true greatness" and I couldn't stop thinking of the man I married. He has chosen to take on such an active role as father and husband and treats me like a complete equal. He is the sweetest and best dad to Mckenzie and every morning as they leave the house I can't help but get emotional at the love I feel for both of them. Seeing your strong, tough husband hold your baby daughter's hand out to the car is the sweetest view.

DIY pouring station = a huge hit

Mckenzie started swim lessons last week and she is like a fish in the water. She has NO fear and we've spent almost every day at our clubhouse pool. She only stays in the toddler pool for a few minutes before she wants to go play in the big pool. The swim lesson is pretty laid back and she is slowly starting to learn how to blow bubbles and float on her back. We also discovered this amazing splash pad close to our house and love to go there too. It's nice because I don't have to be attached to her hip at the splash pad. My love language is STILL independence.

Saying "CHEESE"! 

Speaking of independence, Macs has been shifting a little bit at nap time and bedtime and the last week I've had to rock her to sleep! I haven't done that since she was maybe 4 months old. If I do lay her down still wide awake she wants to hold my hand as she falls asleep. My guess is she's just more aware of the dark and being alone. It's the sweetest thing and I don't mind at all. It's funny, because when she was a baby I was really strict about her sleep habits and any kind of "help" because I didn't want to create bad habits. So I didn't do a lot of rocking to sleep or extra attention. And it worked for us, and she thrived. Now that she's older and changing, I don't mind giving her that extra snuggle time if that is what she needs. Plus I'm taking advantage of every single moment with her before her brother gets here! I rock her for a few extra minutes, or read her a few extra books because I know our alone time together is so precious. I've really loved this stage, and this extra-attachment phase she's in just adds to that love.

That's all for today- if you're bored- go see how good your candy skills are with this post


It's a Boy!

We're having a baby boy! I'm so excited. That has been my guess all along and it was so fun to get it confirmed today. A BOY! I can't stop smiling about it. I mean, I can't stop smiling about a new baby in general, but there's something about knowing the gender that takes everything to the next level. Now I can call it him and think of it as a little boy, not just a baby. Bart is thrilled of course and one of his first comments about it- "what if he doesn't like sports??" I told him his daughter knows more football signs than most adults, I don't think it's going to be an issue with his children.

Minus the fact that I got a cold this past weekend, I have been feeling really great. I've felt him move a few times, and I'm excited to have that be a regular thing again. I've been able to keep up on my exercise routine and my cravings have calmed waaaay down. I'm back to eating normal food cooked up in our kitchen. No more daily fast-food craziness. Plus, I slept AMAZEBALLS last night, so that puts you in a good mood for, like, days.

I don't know why I haven't been taking the time to write more. I like to type things out but it's just not very convenient anymore. Probably not a good excuse. Plus I don't have much of an update that isn't already posted on my other social media accounts. I'm trying to tone down my life-sharing. It's really hard when you have a kid as cute as mine- every photo is sharable!! ;)

Okay- that's all I have for tonight. #sorrynotsorry


12 Weeks and Hot Dogs

This won't be published after I write it since the cyber world doesn't know I'm pregnant yet. Everyone in my daily life knows, we just haven't posted anything yet.

But I have some time tonight and I wanted to write down how this pregnancy is going so far. I'm 12 weeks and this has been much better than the first time around. With Mckenzie I was sick for 16 weeks. Just dead on the couch from 1pm until I crawled into bed around 7. I still crawl into bed around 7, but being tired is much better than being sick. I was only pretty sick for about 2 weeks every day, and then it went away. I get sick in the evenings usually but it's random and maybe once a week is it enough for me to just want to sit and not do anything. Bart has taken such great care of me and Mckenzie when that happens.

My main pregnancy side effect would be insomnia, and I have to take a Unisom every night or I don't sleep at all. Even with a pill I have crazy dreams every night and usually wake up several times. But I haven't reached the pee-every-hour stage so thank goodness  for that! Plus I'm taking naps when Mckenzie goes down for her afternoon nap, so usually my fatigue is manageable. My other side effect, which is the same as last time, is bloating. Like- belly looks 5 months pregnant bloating. It doesn't matter if I eat a little or a lot, it will poke out within 10 minutes of eating anything.

My eating it totally different this time too. With Mckenzie I couldn't choke down a veggie, and this time I just want nothing homemade. I would eat out for every single meal if I could. In fact, I told Bart I'm not having any fast food this week. We'll see if I survive! My biggest craving has been hot dogs. I would eat a hot dog every day. But I usually try to limit myself to like 3 a week (except this one!). I think it's more the soft soft bun I love...Bart thinks it's so weird. He said in the 7 years he's known me I've never eaten a hot dog, and in the last month I've had like 10. There's no explaining it! I don't like cooking and nothing in my kitchen ever sounds appetizing, but I'm trying to behave myself. I've really enjoyed greek yogurt and making my own Lunachbles with cheese and turkey with GF crackers. It's my go-to lunch.

Speaking of GF- gluten hasn't really affect me too much during pregnancy, so I'm not too strict about it. But this past week I had 2 different migraines and I wonder if that's from the bread- so I'm also staying away from that good stuff this week too. Migraines are never worth a sandwich. Ever!

Since I'm feeling pretty good, and my first trimester has been during relatively nice weather, I've stayed active. With Mckenzie, being pregnant November-Jan during my first trimester and feeling like crap- I didn't exercise. Ever. It's been SO nice to be able to sweat and move my body and work hard. I've been running the same distances and at a little faster pace, and I've really upped by strength training. I know exercising is really only going to get harder, not easier, so I'm trying to make the most of if while I can. As I was stretching after my run tonight I remembered I only did a yoga video with Mckenzie when my belly was huge. I'm sure that video will make an appearance, just hopefully not for a few more months.

I had an ultrasound last week and saw our little peanut move around and it was so fun! I love hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It reminds me something is in there. With Mckeznie, since I was so sick I really needed that reassurance that something was going on, and it was going to be worth it. But this time around I know the amazingness that is cookin' up in there and I'm just so happy. Mckenzie is so sweet around babies, I know she's going to be a funny big sister. I'll have to protect the new baby from her hugs and snuggles and poking of the eyes- but I can't wait to see her meet her sibling. The idea of having 2 kids just blows my mind. There are things that don't scare me anymore (yes, you'll know when it needs to eat) but there is a whole new set of questions that won't be answered until it gets here! Mckenzie is at such a fun age right now, it just makes me even more excited to have another one.

Because everything is pretty different this time, everyone is convinced it's a boy. We'll find out June 1st!!


Mckeznie at the moment

Obsessed with oranges and water. Other favorite foods include oatmeal, berries, pasta and anything else that's for dinner. 

Wakes up crying from her nap like its the worst day ever 

Can't go anywhere without Dog and her baby doll. She also loves to have as many stuffed animal friends on her lap as possible. 

Walks around yelling "mommy!" in the most authoritative tone

Points to her diaper and says "poop" all day. Even when she's clean (it's the best when she does it in the middle of Sacarment Meeting) 

Speaking of church- yells "daddy!" Whenever he sits up on the stands and usually goes over for a visit 387 times 

Calls herself "Nenzy" or "Neney" 

Loves playing with laundry (dirty or clean) she knows which clothes are hers and she will take them from the pile and go hoard them in the corner of her room 

Loves to "run"- which is the cutest thing you'll ever see and she only biffs it about 30% of the time 

Loves to sit on my lap and read books. We read 30 books in one sitting and I have severa of the books memorized. Time for the library! 

Has opinions and can't be fooled too easily. 

Says "no" to any question asked. She doesn't know the word "yes" yet. If she yells "no" then she means no. If she says no nicely- she usually means yes 

Thinks every animal says "moo". Points to any and all animals and says "moo" (dog on her dress, lion logo on the hotel in SLC, pig on my Dirty Dash shirt- all say Moo) it's the best when we're driving. She'll randomly say moo and you have to figure out what animal she saw. The only time she is accurate is when she sees the Chic-fil-a billboards 


Hi baby: happy day

Hi baby,

I'm writing this as I wait for my sleeping pill to kick in (insomnia is the bomb.com) and I couldn't let today pass by without writing about it. You were so fun today! Every single day you do something new, or something old, but better. You're really attached to me at the moment and won't let me leave the room as you play. Today we looked at alphabet flash cards and you had to be on my lap the whole time. Sometimes I get a little irritated that you won't "leave me alone" but then I remember we're apart every day for 5 hours, so no wonder you want to just hang out with me. I am a better mom when I think of your perspective and I find myself enjoying our time together much more. 

You're "talking" more and more and tonight you were glaring at me and lecturing me about something- every once in a while yelling "no!" In between your jibberish and your furrowed brow. It was so dang funny. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, but you didn't like it one bit! 

I seriously had so much fun with you today! I can't wait until the weather gets warmer and we can spend our afternoons exploring outside. You love airplanes and birds and point out every car you see. 

You're always asking for daddy and asking "where go?" with your hands in the air. Tonight as we got ready to say your night prayers you asked for dad to make sure he joined us. Family prayers with you is a special moment in my day. 

I love you Mckenzie girl! Thanks for being so goofy and loving me. 



Smelly naps

Today has been such a mom day! I'm sure you all have had a million of these days, but mine are surprisingly few and far between right now. 

Mckenzie wouldn't fall asleep until 11pm last night. (She usually sleeps at 7) so when we had to wake her up at 6 this morning she was pretty upset. She was hysterical and I decided to take her to daycare a little later to see if she would calm down. She eventually gets dropped off and ends up falling alseep at 10am. I go to pick her up at noon assuming she's be awake. I then had to hang out and kill time until 1:40 when she finally woke up. 

We get home and she clings to me so we cuddle and watch TV. Her tummy hurts and she's grouchy. She poops, fills her diaper and immediately passes out. No time to change her. 

So now I'm holding my very smelly baby because she's tired and sick and it's my job. My eyes may or may not be burning a little. Yuck! 

Here's hoping her nap only lasts 30 minutes. 


Hi baby (#2) 6 weeks

Hello my little poppyseed.

I'm six weeks along today and only a handful of people know about you. I'm so happy to be pregnant again and feel much more confident this time around. I'm not studying the daily emails and downloading every app. For the most part, I know what to expect. 

I forgot how tired growing a little person makes you these first few months! Today you will be tripling in size! No wonder I needed a nap. I've been a little sick off and on, but nothing too bad yet. Just really tired. My first and number 1 pregnancy symptom is bloating and that's in full force. Since you're slowing down my digestive system any food I eat sits there for what feels like all day. My belly sticks out like I'm 5 months pregnant already and that's been so much fun to hide. 

No major cravings or aversions yet. I've been eating about 90% paleo for the last 3 weeks and you don't seem to mind. With your sister I threw healthy eating out the window because I was just so hungry all the time and couldn't choke down a vegetable! I know it's still early into the pregnancy so we'll see what happens. 

I'm beginning to think about life with a newborn again and all I have to say is, we'll survive. I won't know a thing about raising a two year old and a newborn together- but this motherhood thing has a way of working that all out. 

Your daddy is very happy about you. He keeps referring to you as a "sister" and then after a pause adds "or brother". I guess we will know in about 10 weeks! 

I wish I was 7 months pregnant already and the waiting game is going to be the hardest part! So until then, I'll write you love letters and imagine who you will be. 

Stay strong and keep growing 



Hi Baby: 18 months

Hi baby girl,

Tonight I put you to bed with a tortilla. You ran to the pantry and grabbed a tortilla when I told you it was time for bed, probably thinking it would stall The inevitable. It didn't work. And you didn't hate it. You happily ate in bed, sang to your puppy and fell asleep. When did you become a little person?? With thoughts and reactions and decisions? Every day you are less a baby and more a little girl. 

You understand every word I say, and are now saying things like "here you go" and "that's mine". You know how to kneel down when we say prayers and you fold your arms and can make it almost a full minute before you start fidgeting. But you wait patiently and say "amen" right on cue. Seeing you kneel down and understand prayer time is so special for me. I hope you continue to grow up and understand there will always be a loving Heavenly Father listening. 

You call out "mommy!" whenever you need something. From getting out of the tub, to taking a big step over a snow pile. You yell "mommy" and hold out your hand. Even when I'm standing behind you, or you can't see me, you know I'll be there if you say my name. You're showing more of a preference for me compared to daddy right now. But you'll still only nap on dad's lap and not mine. God is fair that way. 

You must be having some kind of development jump because you've reverted back to carrying Dog everywhere, and even found your (now year old) binki and started sucking on it again. It's like your trying to sooth yourself into this next phase of life. I like it because that means more cuddles and loves for me! 

Your last 3 teeth are making their way up so you're eating preferences change from day to day, depending on how much your mouth hurts. You're obsessed with drinking water and just this last week I have started saying "no" because you just keep drinking it. I think at this point it's more of a soothing habit than a need. 

We went for a 45 minute walk today and you pushed your baby stroller up and down the sidewalk. Sometimes you would run. Sometimes you would try to run me over. You'd find a crack and follow it. You'd see your shadow and get distracted. You'd practice walking in the snow and need me to help you move things along. 

I never would have imagined 18 months ago that this is the kind of person you have turned into. That my baby is no longer a baby and that you walk/run more than you are held. You understand the world around you, and you're loving every minute. Thank you for filling my life with a love I will never be able to explain, and that only moms can understand. This last year and a half with you has been the most uneventful and yet life changing phase of my life. And I am so excited to see what's next. 

I love you baby girl. 


Happy Eating and a Month of Meals

90% of the meals we eat are homemade. What's my biggest secret? Meal planning. It saves us money, helps us eat healthier, and keeps the stress level way down.

If I'm able to write up the dinner menu for the week, write a shopping list for just those meals, and then stick to that list- it's an easy week. For the most part I'm usually able to do this 3 out of the 4 weeks each month. Without fail though, I miss a week and we always eat out, go to the grocery store multiple times, and stress out over dinner time.

I really can't say enough good things about making a meal plan! Especially when you're trying to have better eating habits. It's important to us to have family dinner together every night, so we've made it a priority in our lives. It's also important for us to eat healthy, so we don't eat pre-made meals out of boxes or bags. Of course sometimes Bart will have Mac & Cheese after work, or we'll enjoy chips and salsa for a snack, but for dinner- we have chosen not to eat that way. It's been almost 3 years since my diet had to drastically change, and I would say we have found a very realistic way for us as a family to eat.

Okay- so back to my love of meal plans. I did something awesome thing morning. Mckenzie woke up at 6 a.m. (typical) and as she played, I wrote down a long list of meals we eat regularly. And I did them by category. So this is what it looked like: 

chicken tacos
beef tacos
fish tacos
bean and cheese burritos
sausage soup
veggie soup
grilled salmon
crispy fish
tuna patties
salmon and rice
chicken salad wraps
tuna salad wraps
grilled chicken sandwiches
pizza casserole
chef salad
fried rice
rice chicken bowls
hawaiian haystacks
chicken and green bean dish
baked potato bar
roast and veggies

It was easier for me to think of things when I thought of the category (tacos, soups, pasta, etc). After making this master list, I divided them out to each week. So Week 1 gets chicken tacos, Week 2 gets beef tacos, Week 3 gets enchiladas, etc. That way, we're getting a good balance of dishes each week. I was so happy with how it turned out! Here is what our 4 week menu looks like

Week 1                                 Week 2                                 Week 3                                 Week 4
Chicken Tacos                    beef tacos                           enchiladas                           fish tacos
Sausage soup                    veggie soup                           chili                                        spaghetti
Grilled salmon                   crispy fish                              tuna patties                        chef salad
Chicken salad wrap         chicken sandwich                  pizza casserole                  tuna salad wraps
Fried rice                             rice bowls                        Hawaiian haystacks         chicken & green beans
Potato bar                           bean burritos                     roast and veggies             salmon and rice

I don't include breakfast or lunch and leave one day for leftovers. We eat leftovers for lunch and something egg related most mornings for breakfast. I also don't worry about having several courses for each dinner. Most nights we don't have a side with our enchiladas or tacos. Sometimes we do. I don't let the thought of making sure I have a drink, side and dessert with every dinner stop me from making dinner in the first place. I try to have veggies with every meal, so if it's not included in the main dish we do our best to have a veggie side.  Our go-to meal is usually something Mexican because Bart can enjoy his flour tortillas while I use corn. Plus you can shove as much veggies and/or protein you want in them. Pasta is kind of a pain to cook because Bart gets the good stuff and I have to cook my GF noodles in a different pot.

We use brown rice, not white. I eat corn tortillas and Bart and Macs use flour. We cook with olive oil, not butter, and leave out the cream-of-whatever in the recipes. I would say the most indulgent menu item above would be the pizza casserole- but it's just SO good.  We also don't do dessert. Unless I'm on a baking kick- we don't keep goodies in the house. Mostly because I just get angry when Bart gets to eat them without me!

It's not perfect, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what a month worth of meals looks like. Not too bad right? After 3 years of fresh eating I have also become quite a good cook...so they all actually taste good too! Mckenzie will eat everything on this list, including the fish and soups. She's been fed real, fresh food since she was 6 months old and has never shown any kind of picky tendencies.

I don't know why I was so excited to share with you what our meals look like- but there you go! If you want any recipes... let me know :) Happy eating!


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