H: Happy Endings

4 out of my 5 classes complete.

1 grade up = current GPA of a 4.0 (yes that will be changing, but I can enjoy the moment for now)

This semester I have learned the most hands down. 3 out of my 5 were classes for my broadcasting major and the other 2 were for my minors. I loved it. Actually learning about what I like? How weird is that? All of a sudden college takes on a whole new meaning...

I created videos, took pictures, wrote stories and made websites.

I analyzed visual artifacts, AKA, BS'd what pictures meant to me. I now look at everything, from advertisements to Disney Movies entirely differently. I understand why they chose that color in that location in that medium for those people. It's pretty cool. When I say BS, I dont necessarily mean that as a bad thing, I am just calling it as I see it. Either way, my professor, who told me to drop out of her class earlier in the year, said this today:

"People tell me I am a hard professor and let me explain to you why. I think people constantly underestimate the ability undergraduates have to do a good job, to research and create a good end product. I am happy to say that I am proven right every year. I hold you to a higher standard because I know you can achieve that, and it would be a waste to underestimate you."

I know she hates me, but she is my favorite professor. I loved her class last semester and I loved this one and I really do think it's because she takes me, as a student, seriously. I do not pay thousands of dollars to be given busy work. I want to be pushed, I want to be stressed over something but then proud of what I have produced, that is what education is all about.

I also learned all about criminals: how they work, why they do what they do, what drives them to the edge, how they justify what they do, why some people commit certain crimes and others dont, etc. We studied murder, terrorism, white collar crime and gangs. This was my all time favorite Sociology class. If I was going to persue anything deeper, it would be criminology.

I have done things this semester that I am proud about, and I am excited to see what the next 48 credits will bring.

Tonight was also the last night of production for the Statesman. I have various memories, but for secretive reasons I will have to wait at least one more day to post them. It has been a long, tiring, stressful road that brought yelling tears and laughter, just the way all great things do.


G: Games

So I guess I will be moved out of my apartment by the end of the week...

I am in an awkward situation right now with the whole living arrangements and Bart decided it would be cheaper to just move me out before I have to pay May rent and live in his dad's basement for the 10 days before I will go home/get married/go on our honeymoon.

So that is what I'm doing. We started packing up stuff last night because once Thursday around 4 p.m. comes, I will be unavailable to help with really anything until probably Saturday by 9 p.m. (Yay for busy weekends!) So basically I will be packing everything up today and tomorrow morning and Bart and his peeps will move it all out on Saturday. This should be an interesting two weeks. ( I say two weeks because two weeks from today I will be headed down to Lehi Wednesday night for the remainder of the week).

Now moving isn't a new thing for me, I have moved probably more than anyone should have to during college, especially the first 9 months I lived here. After that it calmed down a bit.

I have lived

Aunt's house from 11/08-12/08
Brentwood Apartments 1/09-3/09
Crazy person's house 4/09-6/09
Oakridge Bulding 12 I think 7/09-8/09
Oakridge Building 24 9/09-5/10 (Yes I stayed there for a full school year! Yay.)
Summer house from hell 5/10-8/10
Current abode 8/10-4/11 (Yes I have stayed here for a full school year too! Yay.)

So as you can see, I have done this before which boils down to I just don't have a ton of stuff because every time I have moved I would rather throw things away than move them to my new place. Such is the case with this situation. I have already gotten rid of lots of things like shoes, clothes, and coats (My mom/sisters would be so proud)

We were packing up the kitchen last night and I think my little 19 year old roommates are going to be pretty surprised when all of the things they have been using are no longer here....

I have also discovered that I have accumulated over the past 3 years a lot of hair-care products and such. I went through and had to throw out some of it because it was just getting too old and there is only so much product I can use on my own hair.

These next few weeks should be quite interesting to say the least.

Let the games begin!


Black Listed

McDonalds-Summer 2005
Logan's Pizza Hut- 2008
Wendy's- May 2010
Texas Roadhouse- December 2010
The Kater Shop- April 2011

and now...

David's Bridal

Let me explain something that I assumed everyone who worked in the bridal industry understood. If your clients are brides, your service better be amazing. You should be going above and beyond your job description to help make the lives of these brides easier. Brides do not have the time, patience or energy to deal with bad customer service.

Example A.

I purchase my dress at David's bridal (I love it by the way- the dress, obviously not the store because lets be honest, when do I blog about something I love?) the girls helping me that day were really nice so I felt good about it overall. The trouble began when they had to create the jacket to go over my shoulders. The lady takes my measurements and finally after 3 different drives down to Layton, it fit. Apparently it didn't matter to them that I was driving an hour for a 5 minute fitting every other week because they kept messing up. Yes I was annoyed, but I am usually a very nice customer and just deal with things like that because I like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am no longer going to be the nice customer that just puts up with your shit

I take my dress home a few weeks ago right after my last fitting. I take it off, and the put it right in the bag and send me on my way. I go take my bridal pictures and do all of that fun stuff. The bottom of my dress gets a little dirty-typical. On my way home Friday night, I called David's Bridal and asked them if they do a complimentary spot clean. They said they did one spot clean and steam and said yes, I could bring it in, it will be done in a week. Cool, great, perfect.

Not cool, great or perfect.

My mother calls me today (because I had her drop it off for me) and informed me that they wouldn't accept my dress. Apparently, the one time free complimentary spot clean and steam comes BEFORE they give it to me.

I obviously have a few issues with this stupid stupid rule.

1. Why in the hell would I need and or want my dress cleaned before I have even taken it out of the store? What are you doing with my dress that would make it so it needed to be cleaned? I am assuming this dress has been hung up in some room in the nice little cover since I bought it months ago. This is the dumbest policy I have ever heard.

2. You seriously won't take it back after I have worn it outside the store to clean it for me? WHY?!!? I just want the damn thing clean for my wedding day but since I have already worn it you guys won't touch it? How does that make sense to anyone? WHY WOULD I NEED IT CLEANED IF I HAVEN'T WORN IT YET?!?!? Correct answer? I wouldn't, which makes you a dumb ass.

3. I know for a fact my dress wasn't steamed before they gave it to me because they put it right in the bag when I took it off! Yes, it was wrinkled and no, I wasn't going to say anything because I just planned on bringing it back to get cleaned anyway!!

4. I specifically called the store to ask if I could bring it in. The chick said yes, I could bring it BACK in, AFTER I had worn it to get a complementary SPOT CLEAN. Who was behind the counter because apparently she didn't know the rules. She said it would take about a week to be finished which makes me belive that this isn't the first time you have needed to steam your dresses. I probably wouldn't be so upset if the girl had told me over the phone that they wouldn't take it back.

Once again, why why why why why would I need my dress cleaned before I take it out of the store? Who does that make sense to? Have any of you people been married before? Do you understand that dresses are sometimes worn before the wedding day and need to be cleaned before they can be worn again? I would like to belive my dress wasn't dirty enough in your store for you to clean it-but apparently I am crazy.

I hate you David's Bridal.


E: Explanations and Expectations

I have been wanting to write this post all day with the things on my mind, but now it is midnight and I am exhausted and I know I will not do it justice. I dont even really remember what I wanted to say.


When I was a little girl I remember stressing over the kiss that you have at your wedding to seal the deal. I always had the thoughts of, what if we dont know what we are doing? Will it look weird? What if I dont want to kiss him? It is so funny to think of the things I was expecting on my wedding day. Obviously when I was 10 I didnt realize that by the time you are getting married to that person you know everything about them from what their deoderant smells like to their cleaning habits. Kissing Bart in three weeks is the least of my worries at this point.

I dont know what my other expectations were of this day that is approaching so fast. I was NEVER the person who thought of what dress I would be wearing or what ring I wanted. I didnt have a scrap book filled with cut out pictures and color swatches. Up until I met Bart I assumed that marriage was so far away for me I wouldnt have to worry about it yet. But guess what, I am getting married in three weeks.There was one thing I always did know about my future wedding: that it would be in the temple. I went to the Mt. Timp. temple when I was like 7 and I remember thinking/commiting/telling myself that is where I was getting married. Throughout everything that has happened, I never pictured it any other way. I am so excited that dream is coming true.

I never really thought about the man I would marry either. I guess I had a few traits picked out:

didnt play video/computer games--at all
got along with my family
hard working

I would never have guessed all of that came neatly in the package that is Bart. He has every trait I ever wanted and some I didnt even think about.


Bart keeps saying that people are always asking him if he is nervous and he tells them no. He told me he isnt nervous at all. He said he has done everything he thinks he should have/could have done to get him ready to be married. He finished college, met and dated lots of people, he has lived in different places and done things when he was single and he said he isnt worried that he is missing out on anything if he gets married because he is ready.

When people ask me how I feel I usually smile and say I am happy -which I am- but I am also nervous out of my mind. Not because I worry about bart not being the one, but marriage is a HUGE deal and yeah, it freaks me out. However, fortunately, I have done everything I have wanted to do too. Bart had his adventures and made his mistakes in college...I made mine in high school. He is four years older than me but it doesnt feel like it because we have both experienced a lot of the same things, just at different periods of our lives.

I never thought I would be ready to get married. but I am.


Dishing it out, because I can take it

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we (the newspaper) are not out to personally attack people. Honestly, when the work day is over, it's not like we are thinking of ways to make you look bad. If you are doing something stupid, it is our job to let everyone else know. If you don't like that, maybe you shouldn't be in a higher position than the average student.

Some people do not understand how a newspaper works, including the opinions page.

Here is how the opinion page works: We (the editors) and You (the readers) can say whatever the hell we/you want. We are not claiming it is fact, based on fact, or even a little true. That's not what the opinion page is for. We publish letters to the editor all the time about people rambling on about how we all suck at our job so yes, once in a while, we are going to ramble on about how you suck at yours.

Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

I think I am going to be okay next year because I don't really care if I have friends. I am not necessarily looking for new friends. I don't really care if anyone likes me....kapeesh?

So just so you know, if there is news next year, we will be covering it. If ASUSU messes up, we will cover it. If ASUSU does something amazing we will cover it. If the Greeks do something stupid, we will cover it. If the Greeks do something great, we will cover it. If a couple kids decide to smoke pot and get caught, we will cover it, and yes, if they are 18+ their names will be published.

Have any of you ever read a newspaper? It's a journalist's job to follow the government and point out all of their flaws. If you don't like that, don't be in some position of power. You say that we are not fair or balanced but here is what I think: I think you don't even read the paper 85% of the time. I would guess that the only time you pick up the paper is when you heard from one of your friends that something negative is published. Obviously it is going to look like we only bash certain institutions IF YOU ONLY READ THE ISSUES WHERE WE ARE BASHING CERTAIN INSTITUTIONS.


D: dogs

I think I have made it very clear that I hate two things

Dogs and roommates

so of course, my roommate comes to my room tonight asking if she can get a dog

HELL NO is what I told her in so many words.

I am allergic to dogs, and I hate them.  Apparently my landlord said it was up to me because I have been here the longest. I dont think she thought I would say no because who doesnt like puppies?!?!?! ME. 

I hate them. 
They whine, they shit all over the place, they smell, they bark, they smell, they bite and there is no way in hell I am living with one. 

Can I get a dog?

No. I am alergic

But it is so cute and small and I will only keep it in my room

You are going to leave a dog in your room all day? Wont he hate that?

Oh no, it's really small so they dont need to do anything (um hello, i dont even like dogs and I think that is mean to just leave it in a room all day long seeing as how this girl is never home)

Well I am allergic so no

Even if I just keep it in my room?

Yes, even if you keep it in your closet size room I am still allergic. Its fur will get in the air and circulate through all of the vents, and how are you going to get it to your room? Because just bringing it into the house will make me sick.

Well I am getting a really good deal on him and I am picking him up tomorrow

Well I dont know what to tell you because no matter what you say I am still allergic. I am moving out in a month or so, just wait until then because there is no way you are bringing a dog into this house if I still live here.

Well then he wont be for sale

Then store it at your parents house

They wont let me

Well.....I guess you are just SOL then arent you?

This girl is so stupid. If I come home to anything with 4 legs in my house I will personally take it and drop it off in the middle of the street, and then go yell at my landlord. This poor girl had no idea she moved in with the one person in this whole wide world who is heartless enough to hate puppies.

C: cereal


Cherrios to be more specific

really are part of a complete balanced breakfast.

I am in a much better mood today, it wasn't all down hill from here since Wednesday, more like steadily getting better, so I expect tomorrow to be a lovely day.

  • I love that I can see the blue sky this morning
  • I love that I woke up to sunshine instead of rain
  • I love that I was able to wake up bright and early and not feel tired
  • I love that my mouth guard actually stayed in the entire night so my jaw doesn't hurt
  • I love that it is FRIDAY
  • I love Cheerios with bananas
  • I love that my contacts went in without a fight this morning
  • I love that most people aren't going to read this post because you guys only like it when I vent
  • I love that I have been able to stay off Facebook all week, and that it got easier every day 
  • I love today.

you're welcome for the positivity.


B: broken

I freaking hate technology, it is a good thing I am all by myself right now because if someone tried to talk to me I would freak the hell out. Instead, I will freak out here where words can only do so much damage.

  • I hate final cut. 
  • I hate video.
  • I hate video assignments.
  • I hate tripods. 
  • I hate microphones. 
  • I hate this class.
  • I hate that I seem to royally suck at what I want to do one day.
  • I hate SD cards
  • I hate card readers.
  • I hate the stupid freshman here for SOAR who take up the whole damn sidewalk and make it impossible for me to walk faster.
  • I hate that my tights have random holes in them, I look trashy.
  • I hate that my eyes were too puffy this morning because I am exhausted to put my contacts in because now I cant see.
  • I hate having 234980 things to do.
  • I hate working so hard on something (like video) and having that something (video) never work making me spend 5 extra hours for one freaking assignment. I am about to the point that I will just take the failing grade.
  • I hate today.


A: annoying

Hello cyber world. Day one of not getting on facebook is nearly complete, and it was much harder than I had anticipated! It just seems to be habit to click on the bookmarked tab or click on the app on my Itouch. (I ended up moving my app to a different location on my touch so I wouldn't accidentally hit it) I have a strange feeling that Bart is going to take advantage of this wayyy too much and post ridiculous things on my page. Oh well, he will be in trouble in a week!

A is for: Annoying cutomers at work!

I officially hate Locks of Love tonight, I had to cut off over 10 inches on two different ladies today and it was awful. First of all, when you take off that much it takes forever to create a brand new style. The first lady had 5 kids and didn't ever spend any time doing her hair but of course wants to be able to wake up, take a shower, snap her fingers and have it be perfect, ( I am here to break it to you, THAT HAIR STYLE DOESN'T EXSIST unless you cut it 2 inches short all over) If you just get out of the shower and go, it looks like it, trust me. I'm sorry, but that is the reality. Anyway, so we get done cutting it and she really likes it. Her husband then comes over and says he hates it blah blah blah. She said okay we can go shorter and I explained that the shorter you go, the more styling she will have (keep in mind she has about 3 times the amount of hair of any regular head). So then the husband just keeps going on about how he doesn't like it and finally I snapped. I told him in a very short tone that I am not going to cut her a hairstyle that I know for a fact she won't style. I said she has 5 kids and there is no way she is going to spend that much time on her hair so this is the best option. Eventually they thanked me for my honesty and left.

Later that night, a lady comes in wanting the same thing. It was all fine until she started talking about how she is an emotional eater and her husband is bipolar and she doesn't know how much longer the marriage is going to last and she is afriad to leave her kids with him and all of this other fun stuff. Let me give you all a glimps into a hair stylists head when you are telling her all sorts of personal details:

I don't care.
How sad for her but I still don't care.
Why is she telling me this?
Is is bad I don't care?
She just needs to stop talking.
I think I just tuned her out for the past few minutes...did she just ask me a question?
Seriously, why is she still talking about all of this?

Moving on, the night didn't end well either. A guy came in 3 minutes before closed and being the good person that I am, did my job and let him get a hair cut. He was crying because he was balding (which I will get to that subject in general in a minute) and said he wants just a little cut off all over. okay cool, 15 minutes later I am now taking off more because it is still too long, and he is still complaining about balding. Then when we are finished he gets up and says, is the top too long? What do you think? I think it looks good because I did exactly what you wanted. I will tell you it looks great even if it didn't because you have made us stay 20 minutes past closing and I want to freaking go home. So as he is ringing up he buys some Nioxin because of his balding head and said he had a coupon but cant find it so I just decided to be nice and give it to him anyway, but there wasn't a discount tab and I couldnt figure out how to do that but he was buying like $50 in product and I didn't want him to change his mind so I gave him a discount on his haircut instead and that was probably the wrong thing to do but I only had the best intentions? Anyway, he finally leaves. Yay for the bald man.

Speaking of bald men, I have something to say to you: GET OVER IT. Seriously, there is nothing you can do about it, so embrace it and make it a part of you instead of clinging to whatever hair you have left and give yoruself some nasty comb over. I mean come on, not having hair is not as bad as it use to be, I really don't think people care that much. I have to sit there every day talking to these middle age men about how their hair use to be so great when they were 20. Ya know what else use to be so great when you were 20? EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. It's called getting old dude, get over it.

On a happy note, my friend from when I first moved up here came into my work today! I haven't seen her in over a year and she noticed my car outside of work and came to see me! She moved down to Lehi for a long time going to school so we just never saw each other. We sat there and caught up for a while and I am so happy she lives here again! She said she was worried I wouldn't want to talk to her since it has been so long but that is the thing about true, real friends, it doesn't matter how long it has been since I have last talked to them, i always consider them my friends and I always love to see/talk to them. Anyway, I am excited to have her back, she was seriously my saving grace when I first moved up here.


The Wonderful World of facebook

I am bored with my blog. Therefore, I googled blogging ideas (of course!) And I came across one that might be fun even though I don't totally understand the rules. Basically the gist of it is talk about something/s that begin with whatever letter of the alphabet you're on. I don't plan on doing this every day because then they just get boring but whenever I am in a funk, I will rely back to my Alphabet challenge..should be fun!

I do have something to say tonight though.


I wrote an article about "unplugged" week. Basically a week where the academic senators at our school want students to unplug from Facebook and other distracting tech/web stuff and focus on school for the entire week. They go off about how it is unhealthy how people are addicted to facebook and all that good stuff. Then, i watched a show on NBC about the facebook phenomenon. I have a few things to say about all of this.

1. I think it is cool they want to get students to try to unplug. I am going to try to not get on facebook the entire week (even though I will probably be posting my blogposts on facebook, but I technically never enter the site so it isn't cheating?). I think it will be fun to not be one and realize just how much I use it every day. I wouldn't say I am obsessed or dependant on it but I do check it throughout the day, even if it is for a few minutes each time. So that should be interesting, I will let you know how it goes.

2. this whole  facebook phenomenon thing, what facebook has done to the world is pretty dang cool. I mean having that many people get on the same site as everyone else, multiple times a day/week is pretty impressive. I watched a lot of people complain about facebook and the best part was they all had it too. There was even a facebook group about protesting against facebook. how ridiculous is that?? Lets just all accept that facebook is a part of everyone's lives.

There was a lady on this show talking about how she lost her job because of the things she was posting on facebook- she was a teacher and kept posting things about how she hated her school and the students blah blah blah- she said she thought she was talking to her friends but word got out and the school asked her to resign...well no duh lady, if you go blabbing about how you hate your job and talk smack on the 12 year olds you teach your bosses probably aren't going to like you very much. Facebook didn't get you fired, your immaturity did.

That's another thing, people cry about the privicy issues on facebook. I have a reality check for you out there, everything you put on the internet, including your e-mail and social networking sites, are avaliable to people who really want them. There are ways to get to your information, that is just the way it is. Of course facebook is going to want you to be as public as possible, but that doesn't mean they make you. You have full control over your privicy settings. If you dont' want people looking at your profile you can have that setting. All it takes is a little proactiveness from you to go find out where those settings are. Don't blame facebook for exposing your world if you are stupid enough to put every single little detail about you. Internet rule 101: keep personal information private, don't just go blabbing everything about yourself to the whole world. it's stupid, and not facebook's fault.

While doing an interview for my story though I was talking to one of the academic senators and we were discussing how funny our vocabulary has gotten. It is no longer, hey did you call that girl? It is, hey did you facebook her? It's funny, and I am not dissing on it because I do it too, we ALL  do it. If you tell me you don't use facebook to check up on your friends I would call you a liar.

That's the thing though, it's just normal. We use to have land lines where you had to memorize every single phone number and address books were cool. Now we have cell phones and I don't know Bart or my mom's number. Times change, why do people just assume it isn't for the better? Speaking of change, I am going to switch subjects here for a second


Bart and I are trying to find songs for our recpetion and so of course I had to pull out all of my old CD's. They were way in the back of my trunk, forgotten and somewhat useless...until I started listening to them.

These CD's "date back" as far as 8th grade, that's 2004 people, (i think). I could still sing every song, and every song has a different memory attached to it. I almost feel weird playing a song from a CD my boyfriend gave me when I was 16. It's fun though, it's fun to sit back and sing along and just remember. I wouldn't say I loved those days, especially back then, but now I can look back fondly and just laugh at the music choices we thought were cool. It is going to be so weird to have to explain to my children that I use to have CD's. I don't want to throw them away because I know they are going to be such a foreign object to them.  So here I am, sitting in my living room uploading CD's to go on my Ipod because you better beilive these songs are too good to be forgotten again.



Ah production.
Thursday nights.
The Statesman.

I have nothing to do as of this moment. A lot of my job tonight is dependent on other people and currently those people are making me wait... which is fine. It happens!

But I am also bored, hot, hungry and have a headache. The stupid lights in this office are so bloody hot! And thanks to the snow I am currently wearing a hoodie. Bad combination.

I am going to copy some stuff from my baby sister's blog kbainum.blogspot.com. I will not do all the squishy boy stuff because that applies to cute 18 year olds like her :)

10 things you want to say to 10 different people right now.

- bart: I love you. 37 days! can't wait.

- my prego sociology teacher: your voice is annoying, and I apologize for never attending your class

- my old man professor: I am pissed that our quizzes count for so much of our grade. Only making the midterm and final work 12% combined?? Seriously?

- sarah g: I miss you! I hope all is well in Snowflake AZ

- ben wood: I really hope you like my layout tonight because I am to my breaking point and do not want to do a complete re-do!

- the seamstress at David's Bridal: I hope for your sake my dress fits on my fitting this weekend. This is the 4th one. Do you realize I have to drive an hour and a half for a 5 min. fitting? Not cool. Do your job right the first time please!

- K VanD: Even though you are sitting directly behind me I will say thanks again for our lunch date today! I needed some good girl talk!

- pandora: thank you for cranking out good tunes tonight.

- mother  nature: I hate you.

- the girl who helped interview me today for Aggie Radio: I am sorry I didn't dress up, I promise I don't look like a mess all the time.

9 things about myself

1. Apparently I am one of those girls who once they score a guy they never feel the need to get ready

2. I write/type my feelings. I don't speak them.

3. I have been extremely blessed with an amazing family

4. I am currently on a starburst and mamba's kick

5. I would be okay moving far far away on some exciting new adventure

6. If I don't write something in my planner, it's not getting done

7. I hardly ever complete my laundry, by the time the clean clothes are out of the basket there are a few new baskets full of dirty ones

8. I really really really like cereal.

9. I hate it when people think/ask/want me to do their hair for free

7 things that cross your mind a lot

~ my back hurts
~I should take a shower
~what can I eat for dinner that would require minimal work
~ I am getting married in ( insert time here) ! ahhhhhhhh!!!
~ I have so much shiz to do
~ where's my planner? I need to check it...
~ I miss my mom/dad/siblings

well it's time to get back to work kids...goodnight!



So Bart is down in Salt Lake with his brother tonight and left me here all by myself.

It's kind of great? I havent had a loser saturday night in a long time where I just hang out by myself, watch too much TV and eat way too much food.

I also plan on reading a book, catching up on laundry, perhaps cleaning my house a little bit and coloring my hair.

I was going to go to a movie by myself but I decided I would rather bum around my house and it has been an EXCELLENT decision.

I caught up on Greys Anatomy and it was the dumbest episode I have ever seen. They all just randomly burst into song...it was weird, the songs didnt even make sense with the story line. I am all for musicals..but only when the characters who are singing are animated.

A lady just came by asking if I wanted to buy any homemade tamolies and I am regretting telling her no because that sounds really good right now.

I have already eaten way too much today but I am still kind of hungry? Maybe not hungry, but food sounds good so I will probably find something to eat regardless of my need for it.

I feel like my blog has been so boring lately, I am just not feelin it I guess. I have been writing in my real journal though so maybe that has something to do with it? Sorry cyberspace, some things are just too personal to expose to the whole wide world.

Also, I hate laundry..and I am getting married in SIX WEEKS...cool.


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