Snow Day

Bart and I played hookie today

Now I know what you are thinking, how can we play hookie on Sunday? Well it's not  that we had somewhere to be and we ditched out, it was more like we played hookie from life. I have 5498 things to do and playing in the snow wasn't on that list but we did it anyway and had a great time.

It took like an hour to convince Bart to take me to play in the snow, but as soon as we got there he kept saying that we should do it more often, so we will see how it goes. He first attempted to take us up Green Canyon but as we were driving the left side of the road was all dirt and the right side barely had any snow so we changed our course and went to Tony's Grove. 

We had a snow fight for like 5 min before we were both freezing cold

This was our attempt at a snowman...Bart wasn't much help and got side tracked trying to make a tunnel underneath so we just left the poor guy looking like this

After getting white-washed Bart failed to mention the fact that I had mascara all down my face so the pictures all have me with black eyes...

I have never been to Tony's Grove...turns out it is the PERFECT place to go play in the snow. There was plenty of it!

It was fun to be outside and not worry about all of the things we have to do. Days like these jump start me for the next few weeks!

On my mind, and in my mind

Top 5 things that are on my mind:

1. I have a crazy X roommate who comes barging into my house last night and literally pounds on my bedroom door until I get out of bed and answer, only to have her ask me where the last utility check was. Uhh, in the mail like you asked- crazy %&$#@.

2. I no longer enjoy food. Yes I still eat, but none of it is processed or greasy or tasty. Food is now something that I eat when my body needs it, it is not something I do because something sounds good.

3. I would like to remind some people that while you may still feel the need to act like you are in high school, I desire no such thing, so keep your immature I-have-no-balls-so-I-am-saying-this-over-Facebook personality to yourself.

4. Sleeping in until 10 this morning may or may not be the best decision I have made all week!

5. I will forever hate doing laundry.

Top 5 things I learned at school this week
(This is something I am going to do every week to prove to my parents that I am learning lots)

1. When you download something, that means you are taking all of the information that is jumbled up, and organizing it into the sequence it should be in

2. On the other hand, when you are "streaming" something, the information is being put in order as you go along so if it is "buffering" the information hasn't gotten there yet.

3. What comes first, the criminal or the bad neighborhood?

4. You can't cut a piece of audio in Audacity if it is in "pause" mode

5. I have officially made my own website


"There's an App for that"

I never knew how technologically behind I was until Bart brought this over as an early Valentines Day present....

This thing is fascinating and Bart has already become the new spokesperson because his official response to everything now is, "there's an app for that"

...and there literally is an app for that.

This thing is cool ladies and gentlemen.

Other cool things going on in my life?

  • I have pretty much defeated any unhealthy craving for the past three weeks.
  • I am not behind in school yet, and I say yet because I am realistic, but as of now, I am perfectly on top of things. 
  • I am getting married in 15 weeks....which compared to 38 weeks is not that long
  • It's Friday (this speaks for itself)
  • I'm not hungry
  • There is no slush on the ground
  • The people in my group projects in various classes are NOT psycho, annoying know-it-alls
  • I am slowly but surely getting better at Yoga


It's NOT okay

Right after I made the previous post, a series of things happened that caused the need for this post to happen.

It is NOT okay:

To hit me with your big-A purse every time you walk down the isle to get to your chair

to get all upset when I call to ask you your opinion for my story. If you are so busy, just don't call me back!

to mock me for trying to eat healthier when you don't even keep your food down after you eat it

to ask stupid questions like "is colored paper just as good as construction paper" in a college 5000 level class

to eat a 3 course meal in class. the teacher said you could bring a snack, not your whole lunch box

to turn the AC on when it is snowing

to have a Myspace account. It's not 2006 anymore people. 

to walk slow. to walk slow and take up the ENTIRE sidewalk.  I don't know how you do it, but it's definitely NOT okay.

It's Okay

It's Okay

to buy $50 shoes when you buy your socks at the dollar store

pretend you didn't see that person totally eat it on the ice (they usually prefer it that way)

to still love those zero-spending weekends at your parents’ house

to not do a card, dinner or gifts on Valentine's Day.  Love: still free.
to ask the sweaty dude at the gym to wipe off that machine.
to be happy that you didn't get "that one kid" in your class project group
to find the word "panties" totally creepy
to wear your winter coat you have had since 7th grade because it matches perfectly with your outfit
to demand to be taken off speakerphone.

to enjoy crying (sobbing) at the movies
to continue to wear your favorite pair of jeans that have 5+ holes in them, even if you have 6 perfectly good pairs in your closet


Fat kid

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an exciting announcement to make:

I can fit into my favorite pair of jeans again!

yay for making it 1 week on this i-am-hungry-most-of-the-time naked diet.

Also, my fat kid cravings for the day would be Pizza and doughnuts....



I hit the snooze button 283 times this morning, fully intending to miss my first class, until I realized CLASS WAS CANCELED! 

this is the second time in the semester I have slept in and class was canceled. (yes this is only the beginning of the second week, but it has happened twice so far)

My "do not miss class" goal has yet to be ruined.

Good luck? Yes. Yes it is. 


I have a mean face

So I have all this time on my hands today and let me tell you why.

I got this weekend off because I was initially going to go see my cousin up in Boise who will be leaving on a mission soon. Then plans changed and now I will be seeing her later today. So instead of driving to Boise on Saturday I was going to go wedding dress shopping with my mom.....but then she had to work  so we said we will go Monday. And then a funeral happened and now said dress shopping and play date with cousin will not be happening until like 3ish today.

which means...

I am sitting here in a face mask and pj's wishing I could eat everything that is currently in my cupboards and waiting for time to go by. Why not do something you ask? Well because I have already done everything there is to be done.

Finish laundry? check
Go to the gym? check
Finish story/homework? check
Waste your life away watching TV? check
Eat lunch? check
Clean your house? check

I would read a book because that is what I am in to these days but I have finished all of mine and have 3 new ones on the way, but they obviously aren't here yet. I would vacuum my nasty floors but I apparently no longer have a vacuum. I would do homework but it has only been one week of class so I don't have any. I would go shopping and buy things I think I need even though I really don't need them but it is No Spend January still.

which leaves?

Blogging! Yay for being able to type really fast and be able to say whatever the heck I want to thinking people read this even though they really don't. So now ladies and gentlemen, I will vent about what is currently bothering me at the moment.

What part of I am at the gym, nasty and sweaty, and clearly don't want to talk to you because I have headphones in does a person not understand? Why would said person think ANYONE would want to be disturbed at the gym? I understand there are two kinds of girls who go to the gym. Let me elaborate:

There are girls who wear really short shorts and super tight tank tops, perfect pony tails and knee high socks (that part I never understood) that go to the gym. They don't even know how to turn on the treadmill, much less be willing to risk sweating their make up off. They obviously have daddy issues and are looking for attention.

Then there are girls like me. Baggy shorts, a hideous bright orange shirt that I like to wear because it "lets me breathe" and not because it shows off my curves and hair that hasn't even been brushed. I clearly know what I am doing here at the gym and any normal person should see that I do NOT have daddy issues and need/want their attention.

that being said, let me explain to you the encounters I have been having with this guy at the gym. First time around I didn't really notice him until he came right up to me, trying to talk even though I had headphones in, and explained that I was doing something wrong. My knight in shining armor then proceeded to "help me" get my form right. He was creepy but whatever, maybe he has daddy issues and needs attention. later on though, as I was getting my stuff together, he comes up too me again. He tells me i "have a mean face" and I don't look really friendly when I am working out. I explain to this person who is way too close that I am not at the gym to make friends, or even talk to another human being, so clearly my face has been doing it's job (until today unfortunately).  He laughs and I run away terrified.

Next day. Creeper is here again and I go strait to the treadmill hoping he doesn't see me. (He does) To be perfectly honest, I was on that treadmill a half hour longer than I planned because I didn't want to have to face him. Finally I had no choice but to get off and go do some other things. He, trying to be as casual as possible, just happened to be a few machines over from me where ever I went. I was fighting with a machine that was stuck and BAM he was right there to help me. This guy is creepy people, I hope I am making myself clear on that one.

Needless to say, I cut my workout short and am never going back unless Bart is by my side at all times.


Purses, calories and misery

First thing is first.

Ladies, why do you feel the need to bring a purse to school ALONG WITH your back pack? Your backpack must not weigh as much as mine does because the last thing I would want to be doing is lugging around an extra 5+ lbs. I think girls who bring purses to school and carry them around all day are silly. Everyone has cute purses, so it's not like you have to come to school to show off your fun new things. If you want to do that, high school is just down the street. 

Next. Does anyone realize just how much 1,200 calories is? Because I am here to tell you that no normal person should be okay with only eating that much every day. My lunch bag looked so sad today since all it had in it was a tuna fish sandwich, and apple, an orange, some Trisciuts, and some carrots. This whole you-are-about-to-take-pictures-that-you-will-have-for-the-rest-of-your-life diet really sucks.

Did I mention I was hungry?

I just have to keep telling myself I will appreciate the sacrifice when those pictures are taken...that being said, I have never wanted junk food so much before in my life.

(I am currently sucking on an atomic Fireball though, to distract my mouth and it is working. I may have to stock up on these...)

Today I hate having to come up with headlines for my section's stories. I might have a really good one, but then it doesn't fit into the space, and anyone who has done this before knows, you don't change the space for the headline, you change the headline for the space.



Today was a very long, fun, entertaining, long, stressful, happy day.

I just got back from Tangled, yes I know I am about a month late, but it was so cute! I loved it. I didn't think I would like it which is why I only got around to seeing it tonight but it definitely earned it's self a top notch in my mind. ANYWAY, Bart leaned over to me when (SPOILER ALERT) all of her hair got chopped off and said I should do my hair like that.....like the cartoon. I said if I was able to DRAW my hair on like she did, then yes, I would be able to, but until then, he is stuck with my current appearance. He's funny though so I guess I'll get over it.

Next thing that made me so happy. I came home to an E-mail from this kid who's hair I cut yesterday giving me all the details for doing my wedding video! I am pretty pumped and I feel pretty confident in his skills so I hope all of that goes well.

Bad news? I was looking forward to sleeping in alll morning tomorrow until Bart reminded me I have class! boo. This whole class-everyday-thing is going to throw me off.



Goodmorning World

I am feeling pretty dang good  this morning and here is why::

I woke up early....really early....just like I had planned

The lady at Walmart called me "girlfriend" and said I should be on T.V.

I bought me some Listerine Mouthwash and spent 30 seconds killing all that nasty stuff in my mouth

I am starting another semester of school today, except this time, the semester is filled with classes I want to take

Bart's mom fixed my favorite jeans so they are wearable again ( and the fact that I fit into them is a plus too....is that a fat joke? yes, yes it is.)

It isn't -982347 degrees outside.

I bought new pens for class. Everyone loves new pens!

I got some loan money back, which means I get to start eating again! (hence the 7am trip to the grocery store)



Microwavable oatmeal

So when my roommate moved out, the ONLY downside, (and when I say only, I really do mean the ONLY thing) is that she took her dang microwave! So here I was, once again, microwave-less. I don't think people realize how much a microwave gets used until you don't have one. And don't get me wrong, it's not like all I eat are hot pockets and warmed up take out ( because I dont...ever.) But things like my OATMEAL, the stuff that there is no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks I am going to boil some water for that, lets get real, are no longer available to me. Anyway, on to the point, I walked into my kitchen after a very long day at work to a box! And inside that box was a Microwave!! With a note that said,

"I am sick of living in the early 1900's, so I got us a microwave. Love, Bart"

I love him! He takes such good care of me. Is is sad that the thing that got me out of bed early this morning is the fact that I could finally make myself some oatmeal? Because that, folks, is exactly what happened.

So as I am sitting here, getting 35%  of my fiber intake, I realize school starts on Monday. Not only does school start, but it starts an hour earlier than it did last semester, with my first class being a JCOM one so I can't exactly "accidentally sleep in"....ever.

I will officially be applying "early to bed, early to rise" into my life style starting tomorrow. Yay me.


Party like a ROCKSTAR

So driving home from work today, I had the privilege of listening to "Party like a Rockstar" (Thanks 94.5) and it just made me think of back in the day when I, along with so many others, thought that song was cool.

I totally partied like a rockstar..... in the clean way. ATTENTION: No alcohol was consumed during the making of these memories

if you look close enough, you can see quite literally, us partying with Rockstars (the energy drinks of course). When I was in hair school I was addicted to the stuff, mostly because my friends would tell me I should drink them so I would actually be fun to hang out with that night, but that is beside the point.

When I think about partying like a rock star, I immediately think about those 14 months I spent in hair school. Imagine being surrounded by your very best friends at least 40 hours a week, and that was my life. It's no wonder I look back and think of those months as the months I have never been able to top!

I am sure that I have said this before, but I love these girls! They changed my life, and I will never forget them.


Martha Stewart?

Feel free to call me Martha Stewart from now on. That's right folks, it's official, I can cook! Bart is even asking me to cook him things now...which is a big deal. I made French Dip last night that I was sure was going to be a disaster and it wasn't! Then I made breakfast burritos this morning that were delicious and now I am making me some broccoli cheese soup.

It feels good to be fed.


Pirates and sabotage

Silly Pirate Guy at the gym, don't you know that if you hold onto the top of the treadmill as you are walking on an incline, it defeats the purpose? Also, you need to stop wearing knee high socks. It can't be comfortable, all sweaty and stuff. Just because you have an eye patch, doesn't mean you have to be Jack Sparrow.

My roommate finally moved out! Yay. Bad news? My landlord already has someone coming to look at the empty room today at 2. I am trying to decide if I should sabotage her visit so I can have some peace and quiet at least for a while, or become her friend. The first would be easier, but the second would be better for me. I'll let you know what I decide.

I spent a few hours yesterday looking up/thinking about ideas for News stories for this semester. I came up with like 12 ideas! (Yes that is a lot). I really want to push myself this semester, work hard and make people realize how much I am needed in that office, even if it is the last thing I do!

Speaking of the new semester. I think I am ready. My little sister got a book for Christmas on how to be a strait A college student and I am proud to say I do a lot of the things already, but there are definitely things I can work on of course. I am excited though. Each semester I have been doing better and better so I have good feelings about this upcoming one.

My goal of making one new recipe a week is going well. I am going to cook something tomorrow, I haven't decided what yet, but it is going to be delicious.

Also, I need a new planner...who knew it would be so hard to find a good one??


Dang mini vans

Mini Van Complex

I have been wanting to get this off my chest for a while now...are you ready?

Why is it that mini van drivers feel the need to prove themselves on the road? (Okay, well I guess we all know why, but come on, it's embarrassing for you.)

Whenever I am on the freeway, 9 times out of 10 when someone is riding my tail it turns out to be a mini van. I am sorry that for whatever reason, that is the vehicle in your life (note, I don't care if you drive a mini van, I just care when you act like you are driving a sports car). Anyway, just because that is the car of your choice, doesn't mean you have to make up for your lack of coolness by going super fast. If anything, it just draws more attention to yourself and your mini van...which I am assuming you wouldn't want? It is like when really short guys buy super huge trucks that even THEY need a step stool to get into, they are compensating for something. Just chill out Mr. Mom, no need to speed down the freeway like an ass hole just to make yourself feel more like a man.

Why hello 2011...

I guess I am the only one, but I actually liked 2010. You see all of these posts on Facebook saying good riddance to 2010 and I must say that I don't feel the same.

This was the first year I got to spend with Bart, and as Bart put it, "it was our first year in love". So of course, a lot of my memories involve Bart (not a bad thing in my opinion). But I also have a lot of people in my life besides Bart, and lots of exciting things happened to them too.

What happened in 2010 that was so great you ask? Well let me show you... ( I randomly had a working camera throughout the year, so pictures are kind of spread out over the year...but you'll get the idea)

This is us last January

Spontaneous mini trip to Bear Lake

Road trip to Oregon!

Trip to St. George for 4th of July

 Another spontaneous camping trip

Football games of course

...and birthdays!

 And of course, Christmas!

Happy New Years everybody!

I loved 2010, but I am excited for 2011. So many new adventures are only just beginning and I can't wait!


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