First thing's first. I found a runny buddy! That's right. Someone who isn't annoying to listen/talk to AND that can run at my pace (aka not that fast) I'm so happy! I went to a relief society thing and made a new friend and it turns out she runs! We went for the first time tonight and it was perfect. It's going to be great to have someone who will make it so I have to go. Today I was just waking up from a nap when she called and if that didn't happen I wouldn't have gone out tonight.... so I'm pretty excited about this whole set up.

(You might not know this, but making a friend is a pretty big darn deal for me so I'm still happy about it. )

Next thing next. OCTOBER IS OVER??? WHAT? How the heck did that happen? We didn't do anything October-esk this year! Never even got a pumpkin. I even got VIP passes to pretty much every haunted place in the state because they came on my show at one point and we never used them. The only thing slightly October-esk were the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies I made that were DELICIOUS and gone within days, and the Haunted 5K  we ran a few weekends ago. No scary movies were watched, no parties were attended and no costumes were created. LAME

The good news to all of this is that my birthday is in two weeks! Hello 23 years of age.

October is over, and we missed out on all the fun beginnings of Fall, but November will be better! (including, but not limited to, a visit to my bff's place in St. George)


More S%$@ Bart Says

B- It's so hot in this house
M- No it's not.
B- Well Megan, you don't have to sit by you so you wouldn't understand

B- What, I have to watch a freakin infomercial on Ryan Lotche instead of sand volleyball?

M- Why do I even open my mouth?
B- I don't know, you know I don't listen.

M- Kristen Stweart cheated on Robert Pattinson and it's really sad..
B- ....Was it with Jacob?

B- The problem is you're comparing Grey's Anatomy to football.

B- (Playing -and losing- the science games at the State Fair) I feel like I used to play these games in High School and win...Am I just too intelligent now?

B- My boy is going to have huge cheeks. People are going to ask, "Hey, did your son get stung by a bee?" and I'm like "no, that's just his face" 

B- My name is Bart, I have great calves, and I'm a Mormon


Haunted 5K

 We ran the "Haunted Half" ( and by half, we mean 5K) this morning. We got up nice and early because I thought the race was at 8:30 and we had to do our Halloween makeup...turns out the race didn't start until 9:30 so we had plenty of time to get ready! I had an amazing makeup artist on the show yesterday so it inspired me to try it out. It's not as great as the professionals out there, but it's a good place to start!

A bloody eye and spider web...SKILLS

 The race was a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful! There were gloves and long sleeved shirts included in the race packet, but we really didn't need the gloves at all. Bart ran with me for about 5 minutes and then sprinted off into Hard Core Runner Land while I kept my pace. Once I hit the mile 2 mark though I was feeling amazing! I honestly have never felt that good during a race before, it was awesome! I sprinted the rest of the way and was loving it.

We didn't have a lot of time to hang out after since we had to get to the Aggie game!! We love going to Logan and the games are so much fun. It's a different kind of fun than when we lost all the time, it's a nice change!

We are now enjoying our couch (as much as we can since our couch SUCKS SO BAD). It's been a long day, but totally worth it!



Watching: Criminal Minds
I just started watching this show. I'm totally into cheesy cop/crime shows. I studied criminology and it's fascinating topic...even if it is TV.

Thinking About: 
I need to color my hair again
I wish I could figure out a way to consistently have the energy to make it to the gym
I really hate this couch....
Is football season over yet???? I miss my hubby

Looking forward to:
This weekend- Halloween race and Aggie game
The day the guy upstairs moves out because he is SO DAMN LOUD. The apartment gave him a "3 days to comply or evict" notice so the next time we report him he has to get out....and today he has been so loud. We'll see what happens.
My bed/sleeping tonight

Makes me happy:
My job-- things have been going great lately.

Stupid Dog

It's a good thing this whole "time of the month" thing only comes around once a month, because I have eaten like 34899 calories this week. 

Also I hate our apartment, the guy upstairs and his stupid stupid dog.


12 months 12 pounds

So I was reading old blog posts and it has officially been one year since I got a personal trainer at the gym. This is actually a pretty interesting thing as I look back on what has happened since then. I have always loved being active, but when Bart and I met that activity level went waaaay down and the scale went up a little bit at a time. I finally decided last October that it was time to improve. I was in pain all the time from cutting hair and just not being active in general. My body hurt like an old lady and I hated it. 

Getting a personal trainer was the best thing I ever did. Not because I lost tons of weight (because I didn't) but because she taught me good habits and techniques that have led to my eventual weight loss. It was actually really depressing at first because the scale wasn't going anywhere every time my trainer took my measurements. Even the inches weren't going away. The number that was going down was my body fat percentage, and I realize now how important that was. 

By the time my 12 weeks were done, I had maybe lost a few pounds on the scale. My body measurements were hardly down and I was feeling pretty discouraged. I stuck with it though, and a year later I am down 12 pounds and 2 pant sizes. Pretty great right? I know some people may look at that number and not be too impressed since it's been a full year. But because I lost it slowly, and the right way, it's not coming back. I can eat out with our families and not go to the gym because I'm busy and the number on the scale doesn't jump up and down. I went from barely being able to run a mile, to running a 10K (which sucked, but I did it.) My body hardly hurts anymore (and yes, a lot of that is because I'm no longer working in a salon) but Bart pointed out that I have had a lot less health issues this past year, and that's really the most important thing.

I have been lucky to have enough self esteem that I have never hated my body. I realize what an amazing thing it is, and all that it allows me to do. how can I hate something like that? I wasn't happy with myself last year because I wasn't taking care of this amazing machine. Of course I love being back into my smaller jeans, and having the muscle definition that has been gone for a long time, but the main thing is that my body is healthy and I'm finally taking care of it the way I should be.

Bart and I mentioned the other day that our weekends now consist of races/running/exercise and active things, compared to eating out and going to movies, which was the main thing we use to do. I am really lucky to have someone who is supportive, I couldn't have done any of this without the help from him. Having something to do together, like running, has given us something to share and enjoy together.

Weight loss and being healthy isn't something that has a "completion date". It's a way of life. It's not 21 days of eating certain things and then going back to all of your old habits. It's not exercising every day for 2 weeks and then not going for the next 2. It has to become something that is just part of your day/week. It's sooooo much easier to sit on the couch and eat everything you can get your hands on. Most days changing into my workout clothes is depressing because I would rather take a nap. Of course I feel great after, which is why I will do it again tomorrow. 

I am so proud of Bart and I for this past year, and where we have come. Bart has seen amazing results (losing 30 pounds and running a half marathon) and I am so happy for him. This past year has rocked, and I'm glad I don't have to "start over" in January because I gave up.


All by my lonesome

So ya know that class I'm in with the really smart professor who gets annoyed when you ask for things like study guides and then when he does give you a study guide it's two days before the exam in 10 pt font and THREE PAGES LONG?? ya, that class. Well I took said exam and KICKED ASS.

To be fair, he gave us 2 hours and it was an online open book-open note test. I finished it in an hour so I'm pretty sure anyone with half a brain and a desire to pass could have done it. That being said, I thought I have done well before on his stupid quizzes and end up getting 5 out of 10 so....I will let you know the actual test results when I get them.....which won't be for a while because he's "busy".

Also, high school football really really really needs to be over because I am pretty pathetic on Friday nights. I don't like going to Varsity games by myself because they're late and loud and past my bedtime. I usually just stay home.....and do nothing.....for HOURS. Two more weeks and Bart is free! (because let's be honest, his team isn't going to make it past the regular season)

Adult Jeans

I went jean shopping today because all the jeans I have are either too big or for a 9th grader...yes, I have the style of jeans I was wearing in high school. Time to grow up. Good news? I am down 2 pant sizes! Gone are the days of getting upset in a dressing room. These are the kind of results I have to remember when I get frustrated. I got to buy adult jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than the last pair I bought!

Also, Utah State Homecoming was fun! The 5K was a beast because it was FREEZING COLD our muscles couldn't handle it! The game was awesome and so was Angies....ya know, the usual

Eating at Angie's after the run...nothing says 5 K like a huge scone!

had a swollen face this whole day thanks to my GENIUS dentist...

Go Aggies!!


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