Freezing Hot Spinning Fall

So I have been going to a Spinning Class for a few weeks now....at 6a.m. It has been an interesting way to get me out of bed to say the least. The worst part about waking up so early is that it's so dark and FREEZING. We have a magic heater that gets our apartment very hot very quickly....or maybe our heater just actually works and I am not use to that because growing up in my house, the heater "worked" but not really.  So anyway, we don't turn the heater on very much, because then our bedroom becomes a sauna. Moral of the story? Waking up to a cold house SUCKS. 

Also, school sucks. At least this semester. However, I did figure out that I can graduate by December 2012! Which is very happy because that means I will finish in 4 years, and I thought transferring was going to set me back. So, if all goes well I should just have one more year left! People keep asking me what I want to do after school, and I always say, "well I have a while before I am done to figure it out" except I have been saying that for a year and half now and all of a sudden that "while" isn't so far off.

Speaking of the future...I hate my job some days. And by some days I mean most days. There is such a double standard there and it drives me crazy. Bart says I should just look for a new job but I hate change more than I hate this job I think...and I am still recovering from the huge changes we just made in August. I don't know, finding a salon is hard..it's the last thing I want to do...but I also really don't like my job right now.

The good news in all of this random blog post? The fun is just beginning! Our Halloween party is Friday, then my birthday is soon after that and then all of the holiday festivities! I need to get a new camera to document  everything though because the one on my iPhone isn't the greatest....


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