Jumbled Memories

So as I was lying in bed with the light on I noticed something on my wall that has quite a few stories behind it.

This is my magnet board. A place where clearly I put whatever random crap I have that doesnt have a place anywhere else in my room.

There is a reason why none of these things have been thrown away though and this blog post is to tell you why.

1. The photos: The main photo that got me thinking about this at all is the picture of my family's pet ducks we had when I was in jr high/high school. Those ducks were the best pets ever. I remember them walking us to the bus stop and then going back home. We didnt have a fence or anything but these girls loved us and never left. Finally, one went missing and since the two were pretty much joined at the hip, the other one disappeared one day too. One photo is from Hair school, one of my favorite pictures I have from those days. There is also one from Bart and I's St George visit that I have no place for and a picture of my older brother and sister and I in our somewhat matching outfits...so cute.

2. The notes. I have a note that Bart left me back when we werent even dating that for some reason I have never thrown away:


I came by to say goodnight. 
You are not here so....
(Arrow pointing up to the word Goodnight)

- Bart"

I know, not really that great of a note right? I for some reason have never been able to get rid of it.

3. There are other things on there that I havent been able to throw away for whatever reasons. I still have tickets hanging up there from last years basketball season. The Weber and University of Utah game to be spcific.

4. There are more recent things up there like my receipt from my Wedding dress fitting and a current Feb. calendar.

It is crazy that on this one board I have things that represent my life throughout most stages. I have my childhood, my adolecent years, my pre-leaving-the-nest, the first of my college life and now my wedding plans....

sometimes it is pretty fun to keep "meaningless" things.  


  1. So...u should put a picture of me up there or something...lol
    sarah g
    ps. those ducks sound freakin awesome

  2. That note was heart felt and wonderful. Don't call it anything else. Also, it's spelled specific.

  3. Sarah I have our pictures all over my mirror that I get to look at every day don't worry! :)



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