goals, deliciousness and running

This is why I don't make specific goals -like blogging 5 days a week for the summer. I mean lets be honest, no one is going to be upset if I don't blog 5 days a week so i'm kind of failing at the whole blog 5 days a week thing. Also, when I have free time I don't want to spend it on the computer. I want to spend it on my couch in the horizontal position napping. Or i have been spending it running because our 10K is next Wednesday. or my cute funny husband is always home so i'm not spending my time blogging, and i'm sorry? but not really.

that being said, I must admit we are dominating my summer list so that's happy. I still need to watch Star Wars and go camping, but we are only 30 days into my 80 days so I'm not too concerned.

I have been cooking though. In fact, I have cooked all this week! Go me. I made delicious beef enchiladas that were delicious and really good and did I mention they were delicious? because they were. and they were gone by the end of the day. that's one thing I don't love about cooking. you cook and spend all that time and then BAM it's all gone. oh well, they were tasty.

i have also finally been losing some weight. I haven't exactly had a specific goal in mind because I have a health teacher for a husband who is constantly reminding me that the number on the scale doesn't matter (which it doesn't). however, I have lost 14 pounds which is pretty cool, despite not caring about the number on the scale. I say it's cool that I have lost 14 pounds but when I really think about it I should probably be annoyed a little bit since it has taken me 8ish months. and I'm even stretching it because technically I didn't start at my highest weight 8ish months ago, so if I'm only counting the past 8 months than I have lost 10 pounds...in 8 months. not exactly the numbers most people are wanting. I'll admit it has been frustrating at times but all in all it's been awesome. I haven't altered my lifestyle in an unrealistic way, I still eat sugar and I don't count my calories. Obviously I don't eat a ton of food but those habits have just happened the more active I have become. I can also run more than 5 miles, which is pretty bad ass if I do say so myself. I never thought I would be a runner, or would be able to run but I am and I can. I'm more proud of my running progress than I am the number on the scale. As for my pant size? (it's on my summer list) I am in-between sizes which I guess is cool but it would be cooler if the in-between became just in so I could fit properly in my clothes.

speaking of running, June sucks for running. it's 80 degrees at 7 am which kind of puts a damper on the running outside thing. and running on a treadmill is boring so I have ran about half as much as I ran the last 2 months. Bad news. I'm hoping I can come up with a better system because it's not like July is going to cool down any. I just need to wake up early and go running but it's really hard to get out of bed when there is a warm sleeping body next to you right? because if i'm getting out of bed it makes me want to punch that warm sleeping body in the face because he gets to stay in bed...

well that's about all i had to say today, i hope you feel smarter and happier after reading. july is going to be a really fun month so i will be sharing all that happiness with the cyber world. you're welcome?


Logan Visit

So I have missed a few days, I hope all 7 of you who read this haven't been too bored by my lack of blog posting.

Bart and I went to Logan for the weekend and did Logan-y things. We went to Cafe Sabor, did farm-boy stuff like haul Hay, took a nap on his dad's couch, had dinner with my great friends/normal co-workers at Center Street Grill, jumped off clips at Porcupine Dam and even took a trip to Walmart (because it wouldn't be  a trip to Logan without going to Walmart) I even got my ring cleaned at the Morgan Jewelers in Logan since the Morgan Jewelers in Salt Lake SUCKS. 
I was very helpful, watching bart work

look how cute he looks in his dad's workin' clothes
snow cones!

chillin on a rock


boo, you whore.

i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

my cereal wasn't that good. this damn internet isn't going fast enough. my hair is so freakin ugly it's just upsetting me at this point and i really really don't want to go to that place i have to go every morning. that place is stupid and a waste of my time and i hate it (stomping foot on ground while folding my arms)

i just want to go lay out in the sun and 95 degree weather all day.

also, my husband was fun and cheerful and happy this morning so that made me being grouchy even worse because lets be honest, who can be grouchy to a happy Bart? not me.

i just have today and then i have 4 days off. 3 of them in Logan where I get to see my old non-crazy coworkers slash friends and see other friends and play in the sun and water and run around doing whatever I want NOT going to that stupid place i have to go to every morning and then monday see my other non-crazy friend.

so today i will be grouchy and then i will enjoy my next 4 days. deal?


Call Me Maybe

Once upon a time Bart and I decide to go on a hike. Little Cottonwood Trail to be exact. OKAY COOL- I think-.  Even better when there is a sign that says "No Dogs Allowed" I told Bart it was my new favorite place.

The trails app says it's a 3 mile trail "out and back" and because of the wording of said app I deduced it meant this was a 3 mile hike total...as in after 3 miles it would be over. boy was I wrong.

I think it was only half a mile in and Bart tells me it's 3.2 miles there, and 3.2 miles back. okay I think, three miles really isn't that big of a deal, I can run that so a hike shouldn't be too bad. boy was I wrong.

The first part was straight up desert and sun and heat and no shade and stupid. Finally we get into the mountain part of this trail and yes, there is shade, but there is also a continuous incline...and not a very nice incline at that.

This isn't even the worst part people. I had that stupid Call Me Maybe song stuck in my head. Here I am trekking up a freakin hill in shoes that are way too old and letting rocks in and JEANS and I have this awful awful song stuck in my head. What did I do to stay sane you ask? Well, I came up with my own little verse of song.

(Read this to the tune Call Me Maybe)

Hey we just started
And this is pretty
But I'm a fat kid
So turn-round maybe?

pretty good right? right?!?! I thought I was pretty clever. I had other drafts, but this was my favorite.

Now you are probably thinking where is my wonderful husband? Well, I was going at warp Megan Speed so he was usually further up the hill.

This is my view for most of the hike
So, 1.5 hours into this lovely walk through the park, we're thinking we must have taken a wrong turn because it wouldn't be taking us this long to walk 3 miles. I said lets go 10 more minutes and if we don't see anything we will head back down. 9 minutes later we are discussing the game plan and Bart sees a guy just up from us and suggested we go ask him how much further to the trail. so we walk about 15 feet and BAM the end
 of the trail.

We almost headed back when we were one turn away from the top.
but we didn't.
and we made it to the top,
and celebrated with a Jolly Rancher.


Old People

Well Bart made it through Football Camp week but now he is sick in bed, cuddling with his computer since I won't really go near him :)

Last night we attempted to go to a Bee's game since Bart said he wanted to get out of the house. Well about half way there he told me he was getting sick so needless to say it wasn't the greatest of nights.

Also, we decided we are old people living in 20-something-year-old's bodies.

We go to bed at 9
We wake up at 6
We enjoy going on walks
We hate our neighbors who ALL have dogs
We hate loud children in public places
We hate public places
We pretty much just dislike people in general

like I said, we're old people.

maybe we just need some freaking friends? good idea? I'm not very good at making friends. but I think I'm just going to have to get over that and find some or we are going to have 40 years of practice before we are actually old.


no Bart = ugly Megan day

Second day with no Bart.

I haven't put any of my shoes away and my clothes are all over the floor.

I took a shower and just slicked my hair back, like a guy, straight up wet hair slicked all the way back, pretty sexy huh? Well it's okay to not be sexy because Bart isn't here.

Also, I've been drinking his Pepsi

and watching lots and lots of Grey's Anatomy. 

and he sucks at texting me back. he'll respond to a FB post, but won't text me back .it's a good thing this isn't high school or I'd freak out...  :)  p.s. why isn't texting a word for blogger? is texting not a thing? whatever blogger.

having a queen size bed to myself is pretty glorious by the way.


Satan's Spawn and Killer Dogs

So I have this regular client who comes and gets his hair cut and not only is it the ugliest style of all time, the guy is a total douche. What he said today though really bothered me.

So we were talking and he asks,
"are you a member?" (of the LDS church in case you were confused)
I told him yes
he acts surprised and then asks "well are you active?" 
I again say yes 
he then says "then don't you find it hard to work in a salon environment? girls who do hair usually aren't that way."

This isn't the first time he has mentioned this either. The first time I did his hair he asked me if I was LDS and when I told him yes he acted so surprised and again said "you usually don't find those kind of girls working in this profession" this pissed me off at the time but I just didn't say anything because he's a douche and i'm better than that :) After today though it really upset me.

I have a problem with this on so many levels but first of all, what the hell does that mean? is it hard for me to have a set of beliefs and standards in a salon where everyone believes different things? no, no it's not. when it comes to religious beliefs it will take much more than just working with someone who thinks differently than me to change that.  I guess I don't understand the world this guy lives in. Does he really never associate with people outside of the LDS church? Is he worried that these Non-Mormons he speaks of will attack him with their different beliefs (or lack thereof)?

Second, I don't know about you, but I don't characterize the people in my life to Mormon or Not Mormon. People at work are respectful about my church and I'm respectful about theirs. They ask me questions and I happily answer them. I don't determine my friendships based on religion because guess what, I have had some pretty shitty friends who were LDS and I have some amazing ones who aren't.

Third, did he really just put every single hair stylist who ever walked this earth into the category of skanky stupid girls who have no standards and no religious connections?  He isn't the only one who acts surprised that I am in college or that I can actually put a sentence together, but he's the only one who has actually said it out loud. Every hair dresser I know is a classy classy person and just because we spike our hair or have different colors in it doesn't mean we are Satan's spawn.

People like him are the reason why the church has a reputation of having judgmental members. Unfortunately, I am meeting more and more people like this. We are supposed to be emulating Christ and I'm positive this wouldn't be the kind of attitude He has toward those who are not LDS.

I also had this client today come in and talk about his killer dogs. Literally dogs that are trained to kill people. as in rip their faces off. and I quote, "if someone tried to come into my house without being invited, my dog would kill them, as in murder them right there. it's what he was bred to do" Okay psychopath, thanks for giving me nightmares for the next month. Killer dogs? Seriously? This guy trains them. Apparently they are kind and gentle to kids and their owners but as soon as they sense a bad guy BOOM they kill. Ummm...what if the dog was just PMS-ing that day and decides your child is annoying (Because it probably is) and bites your child's face off? What then? I am all for protecting yourself and your home, but killer dogs just sound like my nightmares coming to life.


Top 10

In lieu of my last post I decided to write down some happy things this morning :)

I get to wear my black blazer that has been in my closet for months and months

I accidentally poured Cheerios into my yogurt this morning ( it was early, don't judge ) but it actually tasted pretty OK


Going shopping is high on my priority list for the day

The sun is shining and the pool is open

My new book is turning out to be pretty good

I had a pretty glorious burger and fries combo last night so I'm still happy about that

I woke up with energy this morning

Did I mention I'm going shopping later?

And I don't have to go anywhere near those roads-that-shall-not-be-named that I mentioned yesterday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


-insert swear word here

Dear UDOT,

screw you.



I am so pissed right now pissed isn't even the right word. maybe if i expanded my vocabulary a little bit i would think of a better word than pissed but for now it's going to have to do.

Will someone please explain to me the logic behind road construction on every single road? Not only is it on every single road, it's on every single road DURING RUSH HOUR. as in the time when everyone and their freaking dog is out on the streets. and the best part? no one is even doing anything. I don't see any fancy orange hats or vests doing a damn thing. If you aren't working on the road then why the hell do you need to have all the lanes but one closed? then of course the lights aren't adjusted to help let the 32048 cars get through one green light which means we now have ass holes blocking the intersection because apparently where they have to be is more important than where I have to be. why??? am i missing something here? because if I'm just being one of those annoying people who have no idea what they're talking about please let me know. All I know is that it took me 48 minutes to get home tonight. FORTY EIGHT. as in 40 more minutes than it usually does.

luckily for this blog post Bart came home as I was starting to write so I was able to yell at him about all my sorrows so I wasn't as wound up when I wrote this.

taking a sick day

I really really really really really don't want to go into work today.
it's only a few hours since I'm just covering a gap in the schedule, but that makes it even harder to go in. I feel crappy and just want to cuddle up in my bed.
and since I work long shifts the next 4 days in a row i feel like that's not a bad idea?
everyone else has no problems calling in sick whenever they feel like it, but i feel too guilty. the pains of being such a great employee :)

also, ran 3 miles today...and it sucked.


"Be ye thankful," Col. 3:15

Ah 7:30 a.m. wake up calls...by Mother Nature...I hate you.

Maybe one day I will be able to sleep in later than that!

This weekend was pretty lame, I worked two long shifts Friday and Saturday so we didn't really do much. Last night Bart really wanted to do something but we couldn't find anything to do. Does anyone have any tips on finding things to do in Salt Lake? Because there must be something to do on a Saturday night...right?

Well since it's Sunday I think I want to start doing a Sunday blog about what made me happy/what I'm thankful for this past week. Creative? no. Still a good idea? yes.

This is part of my favorite scripture:  

When thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God, Alma 37:37

Gratitude:  A Path to Happiness

"Gratitude requires awareness and effort, not only to feel it but to express it. Frequently we are oblivious to the Lord’s hand. We murmur, complain, resist, criticize; so often we are not grateful."

"Gratitude is a Spirit-filled principle. It opens our minds to a universe permeated with the richness of a living God. Through it, we become spiritually aware of the wonder of the smallest things, which gladden our hearts with their messages of God’s love. This grateful awareness heightens our sensitivity to divine direction. When we communicate gratitude, we can be filled with the Spirit and connected to those around us and the Lord. Gratitude inspires happiness and carries divine influence. “Live in thanksgiving daily,” said Amulek, “for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you.” "

Even just sitting here thinking about all of the things I am thankful for, big and small, is pretty overwhelming. I'm having a really hard time figuring out which thing to write down first. So, these are in no particular order :)

my healthy body
my kind, loving husband
a warm place to sleep...that has Air Conditioning
my mind
my sisters, brothers and parents
breakfast food...even at dinner
my talents that help me at my job and in school
good friends
new roads on 9th east...no more dodging pot holes!
my internship

"He who receives all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious," D&C 78:19

this list seems lame after everything I was thinking about in my head, but it's hard to write down every little thing you're thankful for. I know everything I have comes from my Heavenly Father, and that knowledge alone is something that I am most grateful for. Happy Sunday everyone!

"Cease not to give thanks" Eph. 1:15-16


Not Perfect, Just Perfect for Me

You may or may not know this about me...but I'm married to the greatest guy ever. 

He lets me take naps
then we sometimes hang out on a blanket on the floor
and then get the greatest idea to go get a SNOW CONE
me-blue raspberry him-red cherry
he has tan lines that are the bomb dot com
he's pretty funny too.
and at this moment he is making dinner
are you connecting the dots people??
greatest guy ever.




kinda made me think about maybe thinking about it....

What To Expect When You're Expecting is kinda good.
It kinda made me think about possibly thinking about having a baby...one day.

I also got to have some Junior Mints so that was cool.

I know I told you last post I was going to win this bet, but then Bart wouldn't stop talking and bargaining with me so...I ate some candy...

and I still get to go shopping! Yay.
I'm thinking colored jeans...thoughts?

Also I really miss writing stories. If I didn't hate the Chronicle so much I would write for them next year, but they're stupid so that's not happening.

And just for the record, I'm not going to feel bad for not covering for my coworker tonight cuz guess what? She knew she had to work for three weeks and still she decided to do something dentist related and then not let anyone know until this morning. Sorry lady, I'm not bailing you out this time.

 Bart and I were supposed to go hiking today but then a freakin tornado storm decided to grace us with its presence so we went to a movie instead.

we have now come full circle so I think that's my cue to end this here post



Having my Hubby Home

Well it's Bart's official first day of Summer and I think things are going to be just peachy having him around. Usually in the mornings I'm alone when I get ready since Bart has already left for the day. This morning though we woke up, went to the gym, and then he was still home...making me breakfast...and packing me a lunch! I even got a good bye kiss walking out the door to work. How lucky am I? I'm thinkin I could get used to this. Another bonus is he actually got to see me ready for the day, instead of 8 hours later when my hair is flat and I'm covered in hair.

Moving on...remember those good old days of my blog when I would bitch about everything all the time? And people thought it was pretty funny? Joy was created out of my pain and misery? Well I realize I have been lacking in that department which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but lets be honest, it was still pretty fun to write  on my end, and read on yours. While I am no longer that super bitter person who hated every stupid person, I still feel like venting tonight. I am a little out of practice so it may or may not be funny...probably closer to the may not...

So can I just say I really really really hate when one lane is closed on a two lane road? Mostly because people are idiots and DON'T MERGE. I was getting so pissed today watching all of these cars pass us when the lane was clearly ending. Finally I just went in the middle of the other lane to stop everyone. That's right, me and my barbie car took action people. My middle finger came to visit once or twice as people drove around me, and I'm probably lucky I didn't get shot or something. I was a little scared because one of those big cars could have crushed me like a bug, but luckily that didn't happen either. So please, if your lane is ending, just merge over...and if you have a big vehicle feel free to block everyone else from getting ahead of you.

In conclusion, Bart is going to lose our bet. For those of you who don't know the details, last Wednesday Bart and I started a bet where he had to go without pop and I have to go without candy. If Bart caves first I get $50 to spend on whatever I want (aka clothes) and if I cave first I have to do the dishes for 3 weeks. Well last night Bart and I had an hour long debate about letting him cheat or not...a "guilt free pepsi" is what he is now calling it. We were even bargaining...I would have some candy so he wouldn't have to say he lost, but I still get my money and don't have to do the dishes. Pretty sweet right? Well it didn't work. but all is well because he pretty much has the shakes without his Pepsi...it's only a matter of time...


Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash was today...finally! We signed up for this race months ago and it's what got us training and running in the first place.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be but in different ways. I was full prepared to run 5.5 miles no problem....except that's not all there was. It was pretty much uphill most of the way which was just bad news. We have been training on mostly flat ground so those hills kicked my butt. Luckily there were enough obstacles that we had to stop and wait to do so it wasn't straight running the whole time. We went over walls and waste deep muddy water. We also had to crawl through big tubes and go through even more mud puddles.

 I lost my pants about half a mile in...they were so heavy and falling off so I just took them off and wore my spandex the rest of the way.  I was feeling okay until we got to the swamp. It's this big stretch of deep muddy muddy ground that weighs your shoes down and makes your legs feel like jello. I was pretty much hating life at this point. From the swamp to the finish line it was the hardest part of the race. It was mainly up a steep hill and then you had to get through tires and monkey bars (which I skipped...don't judge me) and then up another steep hill until we got to a big water slide that took us down to the end of the race.

I was thinking that I was going to have to do this race all by myself since Bart and his friend are so much faster than I am. Luckily for me that wasn't the case. They would get ahead of me but I would catch up to them at every obstacle. It would not have been very much fun if I was doing it on my own so I'm glad it worked out. Finishing the race was the best part being covered in mud...that is until we had to go take a freezing cold shower. This water was straight up freshly melted snow. It was so cold. I had to rinse my hair off and I started crying because it hurt so bad.

Once we got home and took a hot-hot shower I felt much better. My legs got pretty banged up from climbing over all those walls and bales of hay and crawling on the ground but it's all good. Battle scars right? We eventually passed out for a few hours and even when we woke up we were stretching and then kinda just got stuck on the floor. My body is pretty much shot to hell but I guess that's the point right?

It was a lot of fun and very different than I expected. I am definitely up to doing it again next year but we are wanting to get a bigger group and go all together...we'll see what happens!


I hate dogs.

we may or may not have a problem on our hands.

I hear a dog....whining slash barking in the apartment underneath us.

I hate dogs. Why do people think it's a good idea to have a dog in an apartment? It's mean and annoying. The dog needs some freakin space and if you're not going to be home to take care of this dog then MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ONE. seriously people. Just because you love your dog doesn't mean anyone else does. It's like when parents think their kid is just being cute laughing in a movie when everyone else wishes that child was smothered...ya...it's kind of like that. Am I being unrealistic? Is it strange for me to expect your effing dog to shut the hell up? Hearing this stupid think makes me so angry! I'm pissed and upset so i'm going to leave the room and turn up my music really high so I don't go down there and kill someone.


Let 80 DOS begin!