fat kid watching

So I'm sitting here watching the Olympics instead of going to the gym. Nothing kills your self esteem like eating chips and watching the fittest people in the world jump over things and 16 year olds swim like fish. That being said, I still fit into my pants that I pulled out of the closet last week so I'm not too concerned.

Bart and I went running on the Jordan River Parkway on Saturday and it was a really nice place to run. I may or may not have been a little paranoid running by myself but I'm happy to announce I wasn't attacked. (Go me)

Speaking of running, tomorrow is my one and only day off this week and I still have to wake up early and go running. Having a hubby train for a half-marathon = feelings of fat and laziness if I don't go run with him. ( I am sensing a theme in this blog post, how bout you?)

My first official day at ABC4 is Wednesday!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, my big-girl job begins August 1st. I will be waking up at 4:30 AM (as in before the butt-crack of dawn)   Monday-Friday. I get off by 2:30 though so I'm thinking I will be able to adjust well. This week is going to be really long because I have to finish off my week at the salon, but I am hoping it will go by fast. And then guess what?!!?!? I get weekends off. I don't think some of you can comprehend how fabulous this is for me. Never in my young working life have I had a job that didn't consist of nights and weekends. I don't know what I am going to do with myself. Oh wait, yes I do. I am going to finally understand the greatness of Fridays and sleeping in on Saturdays.



Factoid of the Day: cooking is stupid.

I was going to make this watermelon thingy but the watermelon wasn't hard enough. it was really ripe and squishy so it didn't really work and got all over my counter...and floor....and self. oh well. Watermelon is delicious in many forms so I ate most of it anyway.

it was probably a good thing the dish didn't work out because it also included cucumbers which I love, but Bart doesn't. he also doesn't like watermelon. See the issue? I was this close to being that wife. "here my love, I made this dish that has everything you don't really like in it and I'm going to expect you to eat it anyway." I clearly dodged a bullet

I am currently listening to Rise Against and it's making me feel like I'm in high school all over again. can I just say how happy I am that I'm NOT in high school? Seriously. High school was the worst people. I still get panic attacks if I even have to get close to that stupid building.

I have this basket of laundry that has been staring me down all afternoon. I can just sense the clothes getting more wrinkled by the second. but let's be honest, I have never once been concerned about the wrinkle-status of my clothes. Wanna know why? Because I'm the girl that still cuffs her jeans like she's 10 years old. I also wear shirts with stains on the them, and if there's a kinda-sorta-but-not-really noticeable rip in my shirt I will still probably still wear that too. My shoes are also old and ugly. One day I will have a grown up wardrobe, but for now I will continue to cuff my jeans.

Have you ever tried to eat just one salt water taffy? because I am making the declaration that it's impossible to eat just one salt water taffy. want to know the greatest thing about salt water taffy? you can eat a blue one, then a black licorice one and then a yellow one and you still have a great taste in your mouth.


Old Jeans

So there's this box full of old clothes I tell myself I will be able to wear again one day.

This box has been sitting in my closet for more than a year.
I pull out said box and try on a pair of jeans....they fit.
I pull out a second pair thinking there's no way these are going to fit because I haven't been able to get into this particular pair for more than 2 years.
So as I'm talking to Bart explaining these pants, I pull them up....
all the way...
and then I button them...
and now I'm wearing them.



The Whole SheBang

It's no secret that I'm a SheDaisy fan. They were my first CD. I didn't own Brittany Spears or N'Sync. SheDaisy was also my ONLY CD for a long time. (I really never have been cool enough to care about music too much) Their first CD was released in 1999 and I've been listening to them ever since. Imagine my excitement when my sister calls me and says they're in town! Of course we had to attend, and it was awesome. 

Cloudy sky, Pixie Stix and a Blue Slushie. Perfect!



big things may be coming to the life of Megan (and by default Bart). 

big things people.

did I mention I'm not good with change? and I don't feel like being an adult. and I'm almost finished with all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy...again.. and I also hate wheat bread. did I mention all of that?  

Because all of those things are true.


More S%$@ Bart Says

B: It's just a cornucopia of bull shit television

B: Like I said, I can't get mad at my students just for being stupid, but I can get mad at them for cheating.

B: What is this? A guy can't take a shit without losing his seat?

B: When a woman loses your stuff you just kinda accept it, but when she loses your head phones it's like what the hell woman!

M: (Talking to the TV) Ohh Snickers!
B: You're like that blueberry girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
M: No, she chewed gum
B: Well you're like someone else but I think I'll get in trouble for saying it
M: ...who?
B: that chubby boy who falls in the chocolate
M: ...ya, that sounds about right. 

B: I don't know what happened. My alarm went off, but sub-conscious Bart is a smart son of a bitch and he turned it off.

B: Why are the sheets all twisted? We're not trying to climb down a freaking three story window

B: Looks can only take you so far in life babe, and you have about reached your capacity

For more funny things read THIS, THIS and THIS


days off

I'm still in no mood to blog. why?? don't ask me because I have no idea. This past week I only worked two days so Bart and I had plenty of bonding time. Which is good because my work schedule for the next two weeks sucks so bad! We were trying to figure out a time to get together with friends and it's not happening until those two weeks are over because I'm basically going to be living at work. yay!

But like I said, Bart and I enjoyed each other

we set up a mattress pad complete with sheets and pillows in our front room and watched movies. Red Tails and then This Means War--we kind of had a theme goin' on--

we played arcade games where I proceeded to kick Bart's trash in most games--except the safari one, he killed those giant bugs like a BOSS

we also enjoyed some nappage. can't have days off without a nap right?

we went to the Jordan River Temple and it was lovely and just what the doctor ordered

we saw Brave which is so freakin cute. I LOVE the sound track and I may or may not have teared up a little bit --don't judge!--

so after today I work 10 of the next 13 days...which may or may not equate to blog posts.



so you know how I told you I would rather be doing other things than blogging lately? well that's still the case.

all is well in Bart and Megan land, except Bart just slipped in a puddle of water and pretty much broke his toe and is crying loudly about it while I try to watch This Means War (greatest movie)

we ran our 10K and it was really hard. it was a lot harder than I thought. i may or may not have cried on my mom's shoulder after. don't judge me. it was hard and hot and i had all sorts of emotions running through my veins. it took about 5 hours after the race for me to even think about putting my tennies on again. i think this month i am just going to work on my speed, not distance. but at least we can check that off the list right?

the 4th of July was a blast. my niece is cuter than yours, and I still want to kill the dog upstairs. like i said, all is well in Bart and Megan land.


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