Painful cuddles

Back hurts
I have to pee 
Dry mouth 
Belly hurts 

But hey- my 2 year old woke up 30 min into her nap and needed me to hold her for the rest of it (which never happens. If I wasn't so uncomfortable I would be LOVING this cuddle sesh) 

And at least for a few more weeks, a tired toddler is the scariest thing in this house, so I will hold her for as long as she needs. Even if her baby brother is kicking the crap out of me and not happy about it :) 

I have a feeling this is what having 2 kids is going to look like most of the time: one of them won't be getting what they want/need and I will hardly ever be getting what I want/need. 

Can't wait!! 

But did I mention I'm cuddling my sweet baby girl?? So really, all is well. 

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