Day off today, didn't sleep-in though. Too much to do to sleep in. It is the time of the semester where I have a test every other day, a test where my teacher is convinced no one can get an A in. Funny thing is we are learning about self fulfilling prophecy in that class, tell someone they can't do something, they most likely won't prove you wrong. So go ahead, tell a group full of eager willing students none of us can get a good grade in this class, way to prove a point. I am determined though, determined to get an A in that class if only to prove her wrong.

I have a group projects to finish which, in all honesty, is the last thing on my mind when maybe it should be my first.

Stories I took because no one else did and I want to be helpful. I feel like that is the only thing I can do to be helpful because despite my attempts, it seems like I am not really needed. The stories are complicated and technical and I have to read through the answers to my questions five time before I understand what is being said. My sources are in Arizona, out with the flu, doing a convention in Preston (do they even have a building for that in Preston?) but I can't not do them. That's not an option. Boring story? Make it exciting. Can't? Write it anyway. I don't want to come off as bailing so I will make these stories kick ass to show that I can, to show that I really am good at what I do.

I am getting married in 7ish months. 7 months is now the length of time I have to plan my wedding. It now seems like a good time to start. But what do I want? I have never thought about my wedding before. I never thought I would find the man of my dreams so soon. A man who takes such good care of me, who loves me and shows it daily. A man who makes me so happy. But I did. I found him. And now I have to plan my wedding.

I miss my mom. I always miss my mom. I miss my dad, which is not surprising either. My family isn't one of those families who can't stand to be around each other. Growing up we did family things, we played games, we ate dinner every night, as a family. And I miss that. I am excited to have my own family one day and create that for them. I miss my family and their ability to let the phone ring 3422 times and never pick up because we are all arguing that it isn't for any of us. I miss the family that screams for another member to come downstairs instead of going to get them like they were asked. I know I am all grown up and have to be an adult, but I still miss my family.

I love having a full schedule, to be almost too busy. I love to feel accomplished when everything I have to do is done. Not today, today I want to sit on my couch with 3 day old hair and watch a worthless show that will profit me nothing in the long run. I should go to the gym, but I am sore from yesterday still and that is no motivation....getting married is a motivation though...so I will be going to the gym. I made rice crispy treats though, I had marshmallows and I had rice crispies so that was the logical thing to do. I will probably end up eating the majority of that pan of rice crispy treats too. I am not a binge eater, I have a sweet tooth, an empty stomach and a sweet tooth.

I have a million things to do today. We all have a million things to do today.


Today's happenings

For some reason I was really bothered by work today and let me explain to you why;

First of all, I am really sick of these gross 14 year old boys not washing their hair and wanting a nasty long shag that their mothers do NOT want. Then of course they want me to try to make it all work. Either it is above the ears or over the ears, I'm sorry but that is the best I can do and maybe you should worry about your son's apparent hygiene issues instead of his hair length

Next, do not come into my salon and notice all of the people waiting and tell me that we are behind. For some reason this really bothered me. I can only cut hair so fast and when you say I am behind it makes it sound like it is my fault that 7 people decided to walk in the door at the same time. Shut up, sit down, and wait your turn.

Dear mothers, if you are annoying, I am not going to be overly friendly to you. If you are super picky about stupid things I am not going to be overly nice to you and act like it is okay. If you are rude to me I am not going to smile and laugh at your jokes you are now attempting to make. Be nice to me and shut up. I know what I am doing, YOU do NOT know what you are talking about and I didn't care about keeping my job I would tell you that to your face instead of vent about it in my blog.

I really should make a book or something about salon etiquette because you people have NO IDEA how to act.



Bart's first time

Bart's First Pedicure!

I finally convinced him to come get one with us!

 and he LOVED every minute of it

 ...and so did I.

..but then he got tired of waiting for everyone to finish...
 All done!

..and lookin goood.

Rules Football & Pedicures

Rule #9
Stop bringing your screaming,pouting,sticky, slobbery child into get a hair cut and then complain that we charge the same amount for a 2 year old as we do a 10 year old. Your child makes me risk my fingers because it moves so much. I dont know if I will end up cutting hair or flesh. And no, it can not have a sucker when we are all done if it has been screaming the whole time. I dont award little &%$@s

Rule #15
Do NOT tell me how to do my job. Do NOT tell me how to hold my comb. I have been doing this long enough I promise I know what I am doing and your hair is going to turn out great so stop talking about how everyone else has messed it up because unless that was me, I dont care.

Rule #24
I don't quite understand what you mean when I ask if you want gel and you say "ya, just a little".....so you only want the front half to have gel and the rest to not? Don't get it. If you say you want gel just let me put in the amount you need to make sure you dont leave looking like a fool

Side Note:
I am sorry it only takes me 10 minutes to do a men's cut. No I am not rushing, no I am not just trying to get to the next person. After doing 3208643 of the same hair cut it just doesnt take me that long. (because admit it guys, as much as you like to think you have a unique cut, you dont.) Just be happy you dont have to spend an hour in the salon and that it looks great okay?

I hate group projects. I hate over achievers in group projects. I hate people in group projects who make everything 3435 times harder than it has to be. We can get a good grade without having to spend 67 hours on it I promise. Also, no I will not miss another class for this group project. My other classes are important too and just because YOU can't meet at any regular time doesn't mean everyone can cater to your needs. I don't understand why teachers think group projects are a good idea. At least give us a choice so those people who want to do it as a group can and those of us who hate group projects and can do a great job on our own have that option too.

I know I may not survive the day if I write what I am about to write next but I think I will risk it. I am officially sick of football season. I go to 3 games a week if the Aggies have a home game and I am just here to tell you that no one has a body that enjoys sitting in bleachers for 3 hours 3 times a week. I love the Aggies and I love Mt Crest and Bart's team....I just have a love-hate relationship with the sport right now

On a side note; I am going to breakfast this morning which is going to be awesome because I never get to go to breakfast. I am also going to the Bridal Fair up on campus later today because, well, I am getting married and havent planned a single thing and I want to win a free ice sculpture. And I also hopefully get to have a pedicure today as well which is amazing in so many ways. It is going to be a fun day!


Food, Laundry & Weddings

When I let my mind wander today I thought about:

What kind of stuff I ate today and no wonder I am so hungry

The things I need to get done within the next few days

How my mom is doing

How my whole family is doing for that matter

If my little brother and sister realize how much I love and miss them even though I am not around that much anymore

How well I am doing in class

That maybe I should start planning my wedding

 How excited I am to be married

How much I really do like my job

Where would I be if I never came up to Logan

How much laundry I have to fold

How much I hate laundry

How there is no way my utilities cost $47 per roommate 

How I should really be sleeping by now



Rubber Ducky

8 hour shift
23 hair cuts
1 broken set of clippers from falling on the floor
54 bucks in tips
a well deserved bubble bath!



I have been feeling really stressed lately so I decided I needed to go blow off some steam tonight at the gym and I feel SO much better.

I use to love going to the gym for a few hours every day in high school, it was my time to relax and be by myself. I haven't been doing that lately, other things have replaced that but I really want to start getting back in the habit of going regularly.

It may suck while I am there sweaty and out of breath....but my body thanks me for it later!

Also, I am loving this song right now...


Top 10

I know that my posts are usually me venting about something that is annoying and those of you who I don't really know, but stalk my blog anyway, (yes I know you exist) probably think I am the biggest brat who hates her life but I am here to tell you that is not true. SO, tonight I have a list of things that made me happy today.

1. Taking the best shower this morning....perfect temperature and I didn't drop the soap 2348 times.

2. My oatmeal actually turned out really good. My waffles however, didn't...but this is about what made me happy today so we will just stick with my oatmeal.

3. It was raining as I was driving to work...I love the rain! I am excited that Fall is coming.

4. Even though I had a long shift today I remembered I don't work again until Saturday so that made things easier.

5. I made pretty good $$ in tips today.....love that.

6. I went to Bart's football game tonight, it was very exciting/stressful the last quarter which made it that much better when we won.

7. Went to Aggy's restaurant and got an amazing sandwich. It tasted just like a Chaz Bagel from Gandolfos.

8. Finished all my homework for tomorrow, and even learned a few things!

9. Realized I get to go home tomorrow to see my family who I miss on a daily basis, see my brother get ordained a Teacher, see my best friend get married, and play with my nieces I haven't seen in months!

10. Getting assigned a fun/cool story to cover on Monday!

Today was a good day.



I would like to show you a piece of my world:

"As the private sector has exerted more and more dominance in advancing new bio-technologies, the public sector has had to invest a growing share of its scarce resources in enhancing biotechnological capacities in public institutions including the CGIAR and in evaluating and responding to the challenges posed by incorporating private sector technologies into existing farming systems. Such funds would be much better used to expand support for ecologically based agricultural research, as all the biological problems that biotechnology aims at can be solved using agroecological approaches. The dramatic effects of rotations and inter-cropping on crop health and productivity, as well as of the use of biological control agents on pest regulation have been confirmed repeatedly by scientific research. The problem is that research at public institutions increasingly reflects the interests of private founders at the expense of public good research such as biological control, organic production systems and general agroecological techniques . Civil society must request for more research on alternatives to biotechnology by universities and other public organizations (Krimsky and Wrubel l996). There is also an urgent need to challenge the patent system and intellectual property rights intrinsic to the WTO which not only provide multinational corporations with the right to seize and patent genetic resources, but that will also accelerate the rate at which market forces already encourage mono-cultural cropping with genetically uniform transgenic varieties. Based on history and ecological theory, it is not difficult to predict the negative impacts of such environmental simplification on the health of modern agriculture (Altieri l996)."

If you made it through that whole paragraph I want you to come be my best friend and write my English paper for me because I have been reading THAT, and 5 other articles of about 4,789 words each -no exaggeration- for the past hour and my head hurts and I officially hate Bio-engineered food.

With that being said...I am so stressed! I hate trying to find time to do something only to realize the soonest I can do it is in 5 days. I love school, I love to learn, but the fact that it is only day 3 is scaring me a little bit.....


My best friend's wedding is this weekend plus my little brother is turning 14 so I get to go home for a day! I can't wait.



You probably didn't know...

I can wiggle my ears

I am very okay with being by myself

I have a recurring dream with dinosaurs in it

I have become less and less friendly

I still have 3 things from when I was a baby in my bedroom
            1. My baby blanket
            2. My stuffed animal Dalmation Dog
            3. My cabbage patch doll "Carlosy"

Ribs are my favorite food

I don't want to plan my wedding

I have a journal and I write in it because I want my future daughter to one day read it so she realizes I was once her age too

I am terrified of the dark

No one thinks I am that smart....but I am.

I don't take criticism well

Either I am in bed by 10 or up all night

Once upon a time I was a really good soccer player

I am addicted to candy
My nails are never able to grow long


First Day of School

First day of school observations

1. As a licensed hair professional I am asking everyone to PLEASE stop poofing your hair a foot off of your head. Having a birds nest with a thin layer of hair attempting to cover it is NOT attractive. I have never once met a guy who finds that hot. In fact, every guy I know makes fun of you for having your hair like that so enough is enough....just stop. If I have any desire to touch your head and see how far it will squish down, you have a problem.

2. This is mostly just for Freshman and let me preface this comment with the following conversation that went on in my class today:

Teacher (T) : You will have 3 exams in my class, 2 during the regular semester and 1 final and the final is NOT comprehensive.

3 minuets later

Student (S): Is the Final going to be comprehensive?

T:No, it will just cover the last part of the material we cover.

S: So what you're saying is the Final won't be on everything we covered for the whole semester?

T: Yes that is what I am saying. No comprehensive test.

2 minutes later

S: Are we allowed to leave when we are done with our tests?

T: Has any professor made you stay?

S: Well this is my first year so I just don't know, I have never been able to just leave a class when I am finished hahahha.

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

3. I have no problems with English Majors. I have problems with English Majors who say "anyways"

4. Any human being over the age of 10 should NEVER say "Cool Beans" Ever.

This is only the beginning....


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