7 Weeks

So I am getting married in 7 weeks....7! I cant believe it's only that long. I was thinking though, and I officially can make a 7 week to-do list. Am I excited about this? Not at all, this list is going to stress the hell out of me! But it will be worth it.

Here is my to do list in no particular order

  • Find Shoes
  • Find place to live/decide on where we will be living
  • Finish picture slide show
  • Find Bridesmaid's dresses
  • Get dress finished and take pictures
  • Film wedding video
  • Find internship
  • Buy Bart's ring
  • Finalize wedding/reception plans
  • Find ties and tuxes
  • Register for gifts
  • Get all medical things squared away
  • Go through all my crap and get rid of A LOT
  • Dominate my classes- don't skip class anymore
  • Finish temple prep/get recommend/get married for FOREVER
Is it bad that the thing I am stressing out about the most right now is finding shoes? Don't judge me.

Can it be May 14th already?

Loner on the bench

Something has come to my attention these past few months that I need to discuss it with the cyber world.

No one sits by me.


If you see me in class, you will see that I am the only one sitting on that row with no one in front of, or behind me.

In church, I sit down on the long middle pew watching as all of the other benches fill up around me. People are more willing to crowd onto a bench already full than sit by me. Even today, I sit down on the very edge of the middle pew and wait for Bart to come back before sacrament meeting starts. He barely gets there in time and as he is sitting down he asked, "do you have a disease? Because no one is sitting here and it is kind of funny walking in here to see every bench filled up and you are sitting here all by yourself." What happened to all of those lessons we have had about befriending the loser who sits by herself? Clearly that one needs to be taught again. I know what you are thinking, "Megan, why don't you just go sit by someone first?" Well, because I get there before anyone else.

It's not like this happens every once in a while either. It is EVERY week in church, and EVERY day in class.

Do I smell?

Granted, it's not like I really like people very much so I am not necessarily offended when this happens, but I am curious. Would I talk to someone in class if they sat down right next to me? Probably not...but that isn't the point here.

 The point is this: I am the ultimate person to send early to an event to save seats.



I just got home from watching Limitless, the new Bradley Cooper movie and it inspired me to stay up past my bed time. It is basically about this dead beat/ worthless guy that gets hooked on this drug that enables you to use 100% of your brain instead of just 20%. He then proceeds to kick ass the rest of the movie...the end. I walk out of there thinking I should kick ass and here I am drinking Mt Dew to help with the ass kicking....the end.

I have a lack of March blog posts and I realized that just emphasizes how busy I have been this month. I have even been writing down all of the things I have been wanting to blog about but never had the time so now I am going to try to and they won't be as funny because I will have to recreate the emotions I was feeling when I wanted to write about them and that never goes over so well. I can't believe March isn't over yet, it seems like forever ago I was getting ready to go to spring break and now that spring break has come and gone March STILL isn't over.

Warning about this blog: my mind is going 230489 miles a minute so I am not focusing on grammatical technicalities so I apologize if this is hard to read for some people :)

Okay, so something that has been on my mind for a while: perfection. I am not a perfectionist...at all. I am proud of what I do and what I accomplish and feel like I am doing pretty well for myself. That being said, I also know I am capable of SO much more but because I would rather just do good and have less stress instead of push myself out of my comfort zone and do great I am also feeling like I am not progressing in the areas I would like to. Do I do a good job in school? yes. Could I do much better? yes. Do I do well with my family? yes. Could I have even greater relationships with them? absolutely. Do I go to church and try to practice those things I believe in? yes. Could I be more selfless and kind? of course. Now I am not saying having a relationship with my family members or studying more for a test would stress me out, it is more the challenging myself that stresses me out.

 I'll be honest, I can think of very few things that I have failed at in my life but I can also think of very few times where I actually put myself out there with a good chance of failing.

So what's better: Succeed at everything I do when I don't push myself, or fail because I tried harder? I think I need to start failing, because at least then I can say I tried. I have this feeling that I am going to be shut down and rejected every where I turn when I get out of school because I have never experienced that before and that terrifies me, but mostly because I am not ready to handle that. Practice failing? That doesn't really sound logical. It's not that I want to plan on failing, because I don't think anyone wishes that upon themselves. It's more like I want to push my boundaries and see where they take me. I want to make things that come easy to me harder, and I want to become better.

Now the technical things come into my mind, I don't have time for my life now, why pile on more? Because I am bored. Not bored with the people in my life or my jobs or even school, I am just bored with myself. I see all of these smart amazing ambitious people my age around me and I want to be like that. I look up to those people who know exactly what they want in life and who stress the hell out of themselves to do it. That being said, I am not saying I want to take on so much that I can't do well in my responsibilities, and I would like to be sane when all of this is said and done please and thank you.

I have been blessed with so many gifts that I know I take for granted. I don't want to lose those gifts because they go unused. I want to make the people in my life proud of me and what I am doing, I want to exceed everyone's expectations including my own. I want to be proud of every single thing I turn in and every project I do. I can honestly say I haven't ever felt this way before. Academics has always come very easy to me and something I have definitely taken for granted, and that is something I want to change. Why not try to be a bad ass like Bradley Cooper without the drugs?


Advertise here

So we talked about advertisements today in class and I think I had a differing opinion than most people on the subject... does that mean I am wrong? uneducated in the matter? maybe... here are my thoughts:

First, I would like to clear up what exactly I am talking about when I say "advertisement"

1. A commercial on TV/radio/Hulu
2. Billboards
3. Labels on products (the Nike swoosh, the little flag thing for Tommy Hilfiger, the packaging of 5 gum)

Advertisement is a business and just like any other business it has competitors and they all try to one-up each other. Advertisement makes a TON of money, but it's only because they have become very good at their job. Yes they play to our emotions, yes they make us want to buy things we don't need and yes, they are manipulative in the way they do things. Politicians play to our emotions, they try to make us vote for them in the end and yes, they do it in manipulative ways. Newspapers play to our emotions, they want us to read them over any other paper and yes, unfortunately a lot of them do it in manipulative ways. What I am trying to get at here is that many industries are trying to get us to do something that will make their company/product successful.

I would like to know what would happen if advertisement was taken out of the picture all together. One girl in class today claimed that our economy would be fine because we were only buying the things we "needed." Needed is a relative term because if we looked at people in third world countries and realized how little they had we would see that no, we don't even really "need" that gallon of milk this week.

Anyway, back to if there were no advertisements: I think the economy would suffer greatly if there wasn't people out buying things (obviously).

Do I think we all buy way too much crap? yes.
Do I do it? yes.
Does the statistic of we only use about 10% of what we own apply to me too? yes.
Such is life -good or bad.
Coming from a person who has seriously downgraded when it comes to buying "things" I still buy a lot. I don't go to the mall and load up on shoes every other week like I use to but I buy extra socks and I buy muffin tins and I buy lotion even though I have 2039840 old bottles that are all half full.

Like it or not, buying things is what we Americans do. Do I think we are evil or going to hell because of it? no. Do I think it could be controlled? absolutely. Do I think it is something we need/can shun from our children like the girl in my class claimed she is going to do? No, I am not that naive.

Bottom line? Be realistic. Advertisement is a business and is pretty dang successful.



I had a great Spring Break. We went down to Zion's National Park and then to Vegas for the WAC Basketball Tournament. It was so much fun but I have to be honest, I never thought I would be so happy about coming back to Cache Valley.

Las Vegas is gross. It has gross air and gross people. I was so sick of having to see slutty girls and drunk guys EVERYWHERE. It is seriously the arm pit of the nation in my opinion.

As I was walking down the strip I kept thinking, "The earth quake and tunami should have struck here and wiped this city out instead of Japan because it is just nasty." Inappropriate? Too soon? Probably but I don't care and I can say whatever I want on here.

I have never been so annoyed at a city before. I couldn't wait to get out of there, and not because I was having a bad time or sick of the people I was with, but because I just felt dirty being there.

I don't know what it is, but Vegas has lost that charm to me. I still loved the week and the weather and the people I was with so it's all good! I just had to vent about the nasty people in Vegas.


Dear Customer,

After a long week at work last week and another long day today, I have some updated issues I would like to share with the general public.

Dear 14-19 year old boys. 

You smell. Your hair smells. You smell so bad I have to change capes as soon as you get out of my chair. Why don't you shower? and if you are showering, which I find hard to believe, then why don't you use soap? Or deodorant after you get out? It's nasty. I feel bad for the girl you are taking to Jr. Prom this weekend because you obviously have no sense of cleanliness whatsoever.

Dear men of all ages,

If my clippers can't get through the 5 pounds of gel in your hair than maybe you should let me wash it. What is so wrong with having your hair washed? it actually feels really good and can spare us both the pain of having to comb all of that Sh#$ out. I am all for having your hair look nice throughout the day, but if you insist on using half of the bottle on your head, at least go wash it out before you come get your hair cut. It's a bad sign when I am dropping combs every 3 minutes because my hands are so slimy from your gel. My hands, scissors and clippers don't appreciate it.

Dear parents,

I have said this a million times and I will say it a million more. My station is not a freaking playground. Your child is not welcome in my space. Your child is not okay pumping my chair up and down and touching all of my stuff. Why do you think this is okay? It's not like I come over to your house and start touching everything I can get my hands on. Teach your children some damn manners, and get them away from me and my stuff. No one else thinks your child is cute besides you and your immediate family. If they say they do, they are either lying, or haven't had to deal with said child for more than 15 minutes.

Dear guys who think they have really cool hair,

You don't. Your hair cut is not original. I have already done at least 6 other ones exactly like it today. You explain it to me like it came to you in a dream and it may be impossible to recreate. It's not. Your hair style is not original so please stop thinking you are so dang cool....because you're not, and yes, I know how to cut it.

Dear coupon users,

No you can not use multiple coupons at one time. If that was possible, we would end up owing YOU money most of the time, so don't ask. No you can't use the same coupon for multiple people, if that were the case, we would just apply that to everyone and it would no longer be considered a coupon. Yes we do look at the expiration date. I know you were hoping we wouldn't notice, but we aren't stupid...nice try.

Black Jack

"I work hard, I play harder"

I don't even really like that song..but it is stuck in my head because all I can think about is how much I plan on playing this week! I have one more 7 hour shift and then I am FREE!!!

I can't wait to go down to 75 degree weather and just relax. I don't plan on taking any of my stress with me and I can already feel myself starting to relax and unwind. Las Vegas is going to be SO much fun. I have been to Vegas plenty of times before but I realized I have never stayed at a hotel and here is the conversation that brought me to that conclusion:

Megan: Make me go to the gym at the hotel this week okay?
Bart: They don't have gyms at Hotels in Vegas....they have casinos
Megan: WTF?? What kind of a hotel doesn't have a fitness room?
Bart: Vegas hotels

...later that day...

Megan: Well we won't have to worry about breakfast because we can just eat at the hotel
Bart: They don't serve breakfast at hotels in Vegas babe.
Megan: I hate Vegas hotels.

This seriously blew my mind! What kind of a place doesn't have a fitness room or a continental breakfast? Apparently casinos are the only things they need. I am excited though for something totally new.

Bart tried to teach me Black Jack tonight but it didn't go so well....I am going to have to be a fast learner or I am going to lose all my gambling money within 5 minutes!


Phase 10

Bart and I just got done playing Phase 10 and the whole game called for a blog post as soon as we finished.

Let me elaborate:

Bart + Megan + playing cards = Bart losing

Bart losing = a horrible sport

Bart losing = a grouchy Bart

Bart losing = a silent Bart through the whole game

Bart winning a few rounds = a proud rub-it-in-Megan's-face Bart until Bart loses the next 5 rounds and then it just goes back to above reactions.

It isn't my fault that it just so happened that I got dealt 3 wilds each hand...

Bart is a very sore loser. He gets mad and calls me a cheater and is NOT fun to play with.

After tonight, I don't think we will be playing cards for a while.


Sweet Victory

Bart: HAHA BYU is losing at the half

Megan: They are playing New Mexico right?

Bart: Yeah and they are playing awful

Megan: Is it because one of their starters got kicked off for honor code violations?

Bart: Yep


Megan: Did we just have a full-on, sports-related conversation that I actually contributed to?

Bart: I think so.....

Megan: VICTORY!!!!


Teddy Grahams

Let me be completely honest with you right now

I don't buy the chocolate Teddy Grahams for the nutritional value the box says it possesses.

Ingredients that don't matter but they publish on front of the box anyway:

Ingredients that do matter:


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