Call me a brat
Call me high-maintenance
Call me hard to live with,


Yes, there is a new reason why I am saying this for the 20348 time.

A new girl moved in and I walked in to the kitchen to have this note waiting for me.

Hey Megan,
I am your new roommate that just moved in. I hope you don't mind but I moved your stuff two cupboards over (Okay cool, no big deal). I don't mean to be a pain (AKA I am about to become the biggest pain in your ass) but if you could empty out another cupboard for me because I don't have any room for my dishes (you need your own cupboard for your dishes? Do my dishes have cooties?) Thanks!
-insert her phone number....(but no name...smart.)

I then open up her cupboard and it is no wonder why she doesn't have any freaking space: She has like 14 costco size boxes of fruit snacks and has a cooking sheet laid down to take up the entire space of the bottom shelf. Who stocks cupboards like this?? If you are going to be stupid with the way you organize your space that is not my issue. Shut the hell up.

Dear Roommate,
You're an idiot. No I will not empty out an entire cupboard for you and your set of kitchen-ware. You're dishes can go in the same cupboard as the other dishes because we are not 12 years old and need to separate everything we own in the kitchen. Congratulations, I already hate you.
xoxo Megan 

After throwing a loud fit in my kitchen about how stupid people are and how I am so sick of having to deal with them, Bart and I officially decided we will be finding a place for us to live when we get married and I will move in ASAP and live there by myself. I would take creepy neighbors and scary living-by-myself-nights over living with 19 year olds.

I am starting to realize that the problem must be me, not them, because there is no way I would get such bad luck roommate after roommate.

Hi my name is Megan Bainum and I am impossible to live with apparently.

On another note, work sucked today.
We are having sale so of course it is going to be busy...NBD. I will tell you what IS a BD though is having people come in 20 min before we close and have a 45 min wait and want to be put down on the list. Wanna know what I have to say to that?



Jumbled Memories

So as I was lying in bed with the light on I noticed something on my wall that has quite a few stories behind it.

This is my magnet board. A place where clearly I put whatever random crap I have that doesnt have a place anywhere else in my room.

There is a reason why none of these things have been thrown away though and this blog post is to tell you why.

1. The photos: The main photo that got me thinking about this at all is the picture of my family's pet ducks we had when I was in jr high/high school. Those ducks were the best pets ever. I remember them walking us to the bus stop and then going back home. We didnt have a fence or anything but these girls loved us and never left. Finally, one went missing and since the two were pretty much joined at the hip, the other one disappeared one day too. One photo is from Hair school, one of my favorite pictures I have from those days. There is also one from Bart and I's St George visit that I have no place for and a picture of my older brother and sister and I in our somewhat matching outfits...so cute.

2. The notes. I have a note that Bart left me back when we werent even dating that for some reason I have never thrown away:


I came by to say goodnight. 
You are not here so....
(Arrow pointing up to the word Goodnight)

- Bart"

I know, not really that great of a note right? I for some reason have never been able to get rid of it.

3. There are other things on there that I havent been able to throw away for whatever reasons. I still have tickets hanging up there from last years basketball season. The Weber and University of Utah game to be spcific.

4. There are more recent things up there like my receipt from my Wedding dress fitting and a current Feb. calendar.

It is crazy that on this one board I have things that represent my life throughout most stages. I have my childhood, my adolecent years, my pre-leaving-the-nest, the first of my college life and now my wedding plans....

sometimes it is pretty fun to keep "meaningless" things.  


Read between the lines

I would like to apologize to my mother for not being super clean growing up. I realize now there is nothing worse than coming home after being on your feet for 8 hours to a smelly house because dishes haven't been done. No worries roomie,  I have nothing better to do, I'll do the dishes for the 20834 time.

  *Flip the bird to roommate*

I am still not happy about my professor moving up our Mid-term. I should just shut up and study but I am too busy being bitter about it.

*Flip the bird to my 90 year old professor*

I know I have already said this but: I am SOOOOO sick of elections already and it has only been 2 days. I have to write an article about it tonight and I may or may not survive.

*Flip the bird to ASUSU :) *


Current things on my mind:

Unknown was an AWESOME movie.

The kink in my neck is really going to be bothersome if it doesn't go away soon.

**ahh the warmth of a paid gas bill**

I really should be studying...but it's probably not going to happen

I am so stoked to have my little brother come up for the Aggie game Saturday!!


Blah Blah Blah

I have not been the best blogger lately, I guess I have discovered that I have 302834 better things to be doing. However, I am in the mood to blog right now but don't necessarily have a lot to say so I might have to BS my way through this until something comes to mind.

First and foremost. I hate elections week. I hate listening to a debate between three nicely polished young men who want to become Presidents of ASUSU. I wanted to barf all over their shiny shoes and ironed collars. Politics is a bunch of BS. We all know that unfortunately it is just a popularity contest. It always has been, and at least in the education system, it always will be. I was 9th grade president and the only reason why I won was because I was a girl and the other one was a guy and lets face it, guys in 9th grade don't vote for other dudes. 

I am sad to say that nothing has changed since good old times of 9th grade. These guys that are sitting up here talking about how much they love USU and how they would take their mothers and Big Blue with them to a stranded island are just looking to be the center of attention. They are looking for something that will put them above everyone else for 2 semesters. They want to have a very nice looking resume for when they graduate college. Good for them. I want those things too, that is not what I have a problem with. I have a problem with them acting like they have any other intentions than those I mentioned above. 

Lets all stop kidding ourselves into thinking that these boys will look outside their circle of friends when it comes to making decisions that affect the entire student body, and look at this election week for what it really is.

That being said, I do plan on seeing how much candy I can get from all the different campaigns.



I am kind of sucking it up lately with blogging BUT here is what I learned in school last week:

1. Women who commit violent crimes are seen as more heinous compared to men because it goes against womens' nature to be violent.

2. Every journalist should have their own Domain name and create a "brand" for themselves

3. The study of rhetoric can apply to the online world too. 

4. My RCA voice recorder will NOT work on a MAC, no matter how much the helpful guy at the IT desk tries.

5. A Vector is a directional screen force with varying strengths


Kitchen Fail

I just spent an hour in the kitchen making Chicken Cordon Bleu (fancy I know). So I complete my masterpiece, go take a shower and get ready for work. I then go check on my dish and it is still cold. WTF?! The oven is set to 400 and yet my chicken is cold. I am so pissed! I turned the oven up to 550 and started to feel a little heat so maybe that will work. If I have to throw this stuff away because my oven isn't working I am going to be so upset. I honestly thought about going over to the church to cook it. I am starving and my potentially great tasting meal may or may not be destroyed.

I might resort to my ever trusty Rice Crispies.

The good news is my hair is cute today and hopefully it will say cute because Bart and I are taking our Engagement pictures tomorrow.

More good news is that I kicked butt at the gym today AND there was no creepy guy around. (I havent seen creepy guy since my blog post about him...yay.)



I forgot I was going to do this once a week.

 What I learned in school:

1. How to take a picture on a high end camera
2. Diagonal lines in a picture gives us a sense of movement. Larger objects have more power, and we sort things by color before we sort them by shape.
3. Every camera doesn't need a view finder, even though the text book says otherwise
4. If you are a defense attorney you sometimes want to get the prosecutor's witness on the stand mad at you because then they look more like a fool to the jury.
5. The reason why the Jazz and Lakers websites are similar is because the NBA wants to create the connection that it isn't about the team, it's about the National Basketball Association.

Not in class: Dashboard Confessional is very much an Emo band.

V- Day

I got thinking about my past Valentines today and it is crazy how fast time goes by. I remember my first Valentine being in 8th grade when after a school dance a boy took me to his locker and gave me a box of chocolates and a rose that said love on it. We then held hands (for the first and last time I believe) down the hall until our English teacher saw us. So romantic.

 That same boy now has two beautiful kids and I spent the day with my future husband!

So many people hate Valentines day and I don't really understand it. If you love someone, buy them a dang flower, if you aren't in love, get over it and buy yourself a flower. Mothers Day and Easter are just as commercialized but you never hear anyone complaining about that. Not having a Valentine isn't the end of the world and crying about it only makes you look more pathetic. Embrace being single, or embrace the person you love (good one I know). And if all else fails, take advantage of the awesome candy selection that is in the front of every store. 

Now, since this is my blog and I can brag all I want about my happy life, this is what I did today...

Bart and I celebrated Valentines today because our work schedules are going to make it so we don't see each other tomorrow. He surprised me with a pedicure gift card and another charm for my Pandora bracelet (he thought it was a red charm, but it's orange....poor handicap). Since it was such a beautiful day we went and played at First Dam where I impressed Bart with my football throwing skills (he said he would pick me for a powder puff team). Then he made a yummy dinner and we ate it at Adam's park.

I can't believe only 3 more months and we will be married! I am so happy.


Porcelain adventures

My new goal before I graduate college?

Have a professor tell me I should drop out of their class...
oh wait
that already happened.

But seriously, my new goal:

Use every bathroom on campus.
Is this possible? I am going to say probably not.
I haven't been into every building on campus much less the bathrooms.
and it's not like I really "go" that often anyway. I know girls supposedly pee all of the time but I feel like a morning visit, one after my first and third class, around lunch time, and before I head home really isn't that often....right? :)
But it is so exciting discovering a new bathroom.
I don't know why, but I like it.
Catherine told me about the one today in the Financial Aid office and it blew my mind.
They are seriously everywhere.

don't judge me. 


Jalapeño debacle of 2011

I must say that I don't really get hurt that often.
I  have never broken a bone or needed stitches or surgery
My injuries are a little different than the typical it seems.

Exibit A? Yesterday getting ready for the Super Bowl. 

I was helping Bart and Laura clean out Jalapeños for an appetizer they were making, no big deal right? I only did like one or two and then went to sit down because the kitchen was too crowded. I washed my hands with the soap provided for me at the kitchen sink and then walked away. As I sat down I touched my eye. I didn't rub it, I didn't sit there with my finger touching it. I just flicked the corner of my eye and then all hell broke loose.

It started with just a faint burning sensation. I said "oh no" and ran to the bathroom because I knew what I had done, I just didn't know how bad it was about to get. I splashed water in my eye for a few minutes but nothing was helping. I then finally called for Bart to come help me. We spent probably the next 5 minutes rinsing my eye out and it wasn't getting better. If anything, it was getting worse. I am not trying to be dramatic here but it felt like I had a really bad sunburn on my face and eyes and someone was sitting there scratching said sunburn as hard as possible.

Then comes Brian with a cut potato saying if I held this to my eye it would take the pain away...so I did. At this point it was still only my left eye that was on fire so I just laid on the couch with this potato smooshing my eye hoping it would go away. It didn't. In fact, it started spreading. So here I am, at my future in-laws house silently bawling my eyes out while everyone cooked. Finally Bart came over to check on me and realized it was just getting worse, my whole face was burning now. Everyone whipped out the Google machine and found that pouring milk into my eye might help....so that is exactly what Bart did. He was laughing the whole time, but dutifully poured milk into my eyes to try and alleviate the pain. That didn't help either.

Finally I called my mom at the hospital and she gave us Poison Control's number. We called and the lady must have gotten this problem all the time because she knew what to do right away. She said we needed to rise it for a full 15 min and then see what happens.

This is when the torture began. For the next 15 minutes I came as close as I hope I ever get to being water boarding. I leaned my head back into the tub as Bart proceeded to pour water over my eyes/face for 15 min strait. It was terrifying and painful and I was crying and whimpering like a little girl the entire time. It was probably the worst experience I can think of.

After the longest 15 minutes of my life, we led me to the couch and had me lay down. People went back to the kitchen to continue working...not even 20 seconds later my whole entire face was on fire, twice as bad as before. It came on so suddenly that I jumped up from the couch and started crying all over again.

It was then that Brian and Stan gave me a blessing and Bart just held me as a cried it out. I am proud to say that everything settled down in time to start watching the game at the 2nd quarter. Robert kept welcoming me into the family saying this was all a part of the initiation process...if that's the case, I am sure glad I only have to do it once! My whole future family got to see me cry like a baby for an hour straight, it was kind of humiliating.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this little episode is going on my top three of most painful injuries/experiences of my young life. I will think twice before touching my eyes ever again. 


What I learned this week:

1. If you have nothing to lose you are more likely to become a criminal.
2. CSS on HTML.
3. If you speak into a microphone the audio focus is on that person. If the microphone is further away it will make the listener feel like they are now listening to someone's conversation instead of being talked to directly.
4. Baker Miller Pink is a natural appetite suppressant, a relaxer and a destressor color.
5. The larger the F-stop number the smaller the opening of the aperture.



Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul.  ~Eileen Mayhew

"Sometimes when you are doing Yoga you will have an emotional release" - My Yoga Teacher

My emotional release came about 4 hours after that Yoga session so it probably had nothing to do with the back bends I was doing, but I will still blame it on that.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.  ~Antoine Rivarol

Call me a girl but sometimes I just need to cry. I don't really do it that often so when I do...I make it count. I cried so hard last night while Bart just held me that his shirt was soaked and when I looked up at him he said it looked like I was going to war (thanks non-water-proof mascara).

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion.  I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.  ~Kurt Vonnegut

Sure I had a bad day, but bad days happen all the time, why did yesterday make me so upset? I am still blaming it on Yoga.

Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.  ~Albert Smith


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