January goal: 72 hour kits

I wanted to start off 2015 by finishing our family 72 hour kits by the end of the month. It had been on my mind a lot lately and my dad mentioned everyone getting one. I might be dense sometimes, but I can take a hint from the Guy upstairs when I get it enough times! 

Before Mckenzie it wasn't a huge priority because I just thought Bart and I could tough it out a few days if we needed to. Then we had a baby and there is this mini person that depends on us for EVERYTHING so I can't really die during a disaster or it leaves her all alone. Do you see my line of logic here? Anywho, she was my biggest motivation and we got it done. 

I did some research online *cough Pinterest cough* to see what should go into a 72 hr kit and to say I was overwhelmed is the understatement of the year. First of all- how the eff am I supposed to fit all that into ONE BAG?!?!? Let's be real. And I'm sorry, but in an emergency I probably won't care if I have a razor or not- you all will just have to deal with my hairy legs. These kits aren't meant to create the perfect environment during an emergency, just help us get through them. That being said, Bart will probably leave me on the side if the disaster stricken road when he sees that the only thing he has to eat are Cliff bars. At some point I WILL add some variety.

My kit probably doesn't include everything it "should" but I feel safer and a little more prepared having these in our garage ready to go! 

My biggest concern is the whole water situation especially since Mckenzie is still on 100% formula and you can't have formula without water!! The web says a gallon a person a day and excuse me but how are we supposed to carry 9 gallons of water on our person???? I need to get a water purifying system probably. Yes. I'm on that. 

So anyway, now there are three backpacks ready to go if something happens and I have helped our family in a little but important way. The rest of the year I will work on building our food and water storage. One goal at a time peeps! 

Next up: February. My goal was to run the Dog Days Half Marathon on the 21 but I got injured and had to take almost a month off. I'm not going to push my body into another injury so I have accepted that goal isn't going to happen. So instead I am going to adjust (because that's real life) and I will say that I want to run and get my training back on track and shoot for a half marathon in April. 

P.s. I LOVE  these two so much!! Even when they both ignore me at lunch for a basketball game 

Mastering Motherhood

When it comes to chores, you gotta do what you gotta do. Baby can't sit up without falling over eventually. Solution? Put her in the basket! (With me this far away of course)

Sorry not sorry I snap a pic of my baby's poop face. She just decided to poop at the exact moment she looked too cute to NOT photograph

Speaking of baby and poop- took her to a work meeting. she only cried when she was trying to poop. how lovely for everyone.

Keeping your baby in too small pants because you don't have to time to change them. sausage legs for the win!

Not reading a bedtime story because I'm really just not feelin' any of her books these days.

Annoyed that baby can now push your hands away when trying to suction boogers. No!!!

Really really really loving her 6:30pm bedtime so I can just sit on my butt and do NOTHING.


Things a working mom (me) wants you to know

I made the choice to go back to work. "Have to" and "want to" are the same thing in my book. I always planned on being a working mother and when the time came the choice was made easily. 

Even though it was my choice, it was still hard. I cried daily the week leading up to my first day back, and I cried daily my first week. I haven't cried about it since. 

I really like my job. I don't really think about my baby when I am working. Every once in a while I will miss her and stare at pics all morning long- but that's the exception. I am good at what I do and I stay busy at work. 

I really love my baby. Obviously the love I feel for my daughter is a different love that I feel for my job. It is possible to love both. Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the week. No work and all baby. 

Just because I can't come to 10 a.m. Thursday playgroup doesn't mean I want to be excluded. Being left out doesn't feel good when you are 15 or 25. 

I don't look down on stay at home moms. I don't judge stay at home moms. I wonder what the day looks like for a stay at home mom. I'm curious- not judgemental. 

I'm not too busy for friends. My schedule might look a little different than yours, but I am a lonely new mom just like you. 

I'm too busy for friends. (Sometimes) 

I don't really have any hobbies. If I'm not working I am taking care of my baby, my husband and my house. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I take a trip to the grocery store by myself. Sometimes I read. I don't craft, bake or...craft. 

I go to bed early because I'm really tired. My day starts very early and is filled to capacity. I'm sure yours is too. 

Bottom line? I'm just a mom too. The fact that I work isn't the biggest piece to my life. 


Baby Led Weaning

As promised- here is the low down of what we do in the Bowen home when it comes to solid foods. I am not looking for your opinions/judgements so please don't share them :) You mother your child and I will mother mine!

So....like I mentioned in my past post I ran across the idea of Baby Led Weaning and loved the concept. No pureed foods. No spoon feeding. No "make your own organic fresh baby food and freeze in ice cubes". The idea is that (most) babies are ready to eat real people food at 6 months old. So whatever we are making for dinner- Mckenzie gets some too. Since Bart and I force-eat healthy I thought this would be perfect.

A few things Mckenzie has tried
  • Sweet potatoes (baked, cooled and cut into finger strips)
  • Pears (cut into strips)
  • Apples (cut)
  • Carrots (baked)
  • Zucchini (grilled, cut)
  • Broccoli (steamed)
  • Green beans (baked)
  • Bread + Tortillas
  • Fries
  • Brown rice & Quinoa mix
She really liked the broccoli and sweet potatoes and didn't mind everything else. If you read the book they teach you that very little food actually ends up being swallowed during the first several months. It's all about the baby learning and experiencing the different textures, tastes and how it feels in their mouth. 95% of what goes into their mouth eventually gets spit back up. This is all fine because babies this age aren't needing any kind of nutrients from solid food just yet. Mckenzie would grab a stick of sweet potato, shove it all in her mouth and then bring it back out again multiple times. On the occasion that something was "bitten" off she would just spit that out too.

This was mostly just a photo op. The meat was all gone by the time she got her chubby hands on it!

My biggest concern was choking and the book does a great job at explaining how this really isn't possible and the chance of them choking isn't any higher if they are BLW or not. Babies' gag reflexes are very far forward in their mouths. If they do gag, the food isn't anywhere close to the back of their throat. I will admit that the first time Mckenzie gagged totally made me nervous and I just sat there and watched her try to figure out what was going on. They gag because they aren't use to anything that far back in their throat (she was gagging on a soft piece of sweet potato that was smaller than a dime). They aren't gagging because they are choking. They are gagging because it's a new experience for them and they don't know what to do. BWL lets them learn at their own pace how to swallow food. Isn't that a cool concept? I still watch her the whole time she is eating, but it's fun to see her figure things out on her own.

According to the book Mckenzie is still pretty young and I shouldn't be expecting her to be "eating" very much. We try it usually once a day in the afternoons but sometimes we just don't get the chance. The other day she was really into it and I left her there for about 25 minutes. Other days she isn't super interested so it only lasts maybe 10 minutes. It's pretty messy, but I think the baby food gets pretty messy too right? I'm sure once she gets really into it things will get even messier, but I love to watch her learn and perfect those little motor skills on her own!

Road trips, solid food and ball pits

and just like that 2 weeks go by and there is radio-blog silence! I have had a lot of "I should blog about that" moments over the past 2 weeks- just not enough moments to take the time and write them!

First thing is first- All date nights should be on Thursdays.

This is not from our Thursday date- but we didn't document that so this one will do

Bart and I went out sans baby and it was so much fun! It was fun because it was on a Thursday. We went downtown and I repeat- it was only fun because it was a Thursday. Bart hates crowds. He gets anxious and annoyed and -insert other negative feelings here- so we NEVER go downtown. Every time we head that direction I immediately regret my decision because my husband is the grouchiest old man ever. Except apparently on Thursdays. We went and watched "Meet the Mormons" at the Josheph Smith Memorial Building. I know we are like 2 months late with seeing it- but I loved it! It was really fun for us to watch the story of the football coach and I think it really helped Bart see how balance can be achieved. I loved it when the coach said the Lord might not care about my team winning, but these are my crops and he cares about me and wants me to be able to take care of my family. I left the movie feeling so much LOVE.

After the movie we walked to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. The waiter told me I look like Kaley Cuoco and Bart tilted his head to one side and half nodded. The cheesecake was also delicious.

As expected Rice and Beans January hasn't been as hard as previous years. We just don't go out enough in general to miss it. The movie we went to was free and I had a gift card to get some cheesecake. Gift cards are the bomb.com. That being said- I want to buy one of THESE when February rolls around. We make zucchini noodles on the show a few weeks ago and they were SO GOOD. I have seen them around the interweb but after tasting them for myself I totally want one of those gadgets.

Last weekend Bart and I had Friday AND Monday off together so we made our way down to St. George. My BFF's birthday was friday, her son's 1st birthday was on Saturday plus my grandma lives down there and a few of Bart's step-siblings live down there. It's the perfect (and free) place to go when we have a few days. Plus gas was $1.89!!!
We are really good at this road tripping thing

How fun is this? A ball pit at a b-day party

Daddy loves his baby girl

Best friends and little babies! I love this woman in my life

Baby jeans- they get me every time.

My friend Sarah and I have never lived close to each other since we graduated hair school, but whenever we get together I am so thankful for our friendship. One day we will live close enough to see her more often.

I really loved getting the chance to visit my grandma this trip and see her interact with Mckenzie. The oldest and youngest living members of the Bainum family tree. So special!

I have decided to feed Mckenzie solid food based on the Baby Led Weaning method. It is right up my parenting style alley. When my pediatrician gave us the OK to start feeding her solids around 4 months we attempted the pureed baby food but Macs wasn't into it and it wasn't fun for me to sit down and feed her like that. It was several days before I even remembered to try again. I stumbled on baby led weaning and it immediately appealed to me. The idea is that you don't start feeding your baby solid foods until they are 6 months and when you do start you feed them regular people food. Nothing pureed, mashed or spoon fed. Independence is my baby love language so I bought the book and learned more about it. I will write a whole post about it because I have LOTS to say. For now here are a few cute pics to ease your curiosity

So there you go- a little update on our life lately. xo


Refresh button

Ah Friday!!

Most days I really feel like I have my ish together. Work- check. Child- check. Husband- check.

But there are those days when I'm convinced my head is not attached to my body and that my brain isn't turned on and I JUST DON'T WANT TO DO THE DISHES AND LAUNDRY OKAY!???!

This week I have felt behind in work and behind in life and connecting with my husband and doing more than watching TV and avoiding the dishes and laundry and staying up past 8pm. I got injured so I can't run and that is throwing off my groove and some pants just STILL DON'T FIT and yes it's bugging me and my hair is stupid and Michelle  Money hates my eyebrows so I'm growing them out and I really think it's the eyebrows that have thrown off my whole week. Yes. Let's blame them!

Run-on sentences aside I just love a weekend to hit the refresh button. I deleted a stupid game from my ipad because I was using it to tune out my world and my world isn't tune-out worthy. My world is pretty freaking great and I need to do a better job at living in the moment. And sometimes I'm going to avoid the dishes until Bart does them (thanks Bart) and technically do laundry even though the clean clothes will stay in those baskets for DAYS and push all my baby's toys in a pile even though I HATE PILES SO MUCH!!!

And I am going to eat salad every day for a week (different kinds obviously) but then avoid them everyday for the next week because salad is stupid without dressing and I can't have dressing because what's the point of having a salad if I'm just going to "cheat" and put dressing on top? *side note- if any of you have a yummy homemade dressing recipe to share that doesn't have milk in it PLEASE SHARE so I can't eat more stupid salad*

But really- I'm injured and now that half marathon in 6 weeks is looking like a maybe, maybe not and that makes me really sad. My mind is ready to be hard core. My body is not.

But now it's the weekend and I can push the refresh button 


Things Only Babies Can Do

Scream whenever 

Sleep 15 hours a day
Fart and poop in public 
Eat their hands

Nap on demand

Drool drool drool

Wear jeggings with chubby thighs
Completely ignore everyone in the room and do their own thing



Hi Baby: 5 months

Hello my darling baby,

You are 5 months old today! I can't believe that only 5 months have gone by since I found out you were joining our family THAT NIGHT. I still remember how miserable I was feeling having contractions and being super preggo. I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no idea what your cute face was going to look like or that you would have big beautiful blue eyes and CHEEKS!! I didn't realize that those first several weeks would be the hardest of my life and the several weeks after would be the absolute best. I didn't know you would bring me such absolute joy and purpose. I didn't realize what kind of happiness was waiting for me.

Now I get to enjoy every inch of you every day. I get to squish those cheeks you still have and look into those still big beautiful blue eyes. We snuggle and laugh and play all day long. You started rolling from you back to your tummy a few weeks ago and now roll over 50% of the time. You end up on your tummy and then start moving around in a circle. You are discovering new parts of your body and what you are capable every day and I love watching you learn.

You love to just watch everything. You are the most focused baby I've ever met. You will look around for several minutes just taking everything in. I try not to disrupt you if you're staring off into la la land- I want you to grow up and day dream whenever your little heart desires!

You aren't sitting up on your own, but you love to be in the sitting position. You can do crunches better than me at this point when you're trying to get up a little bit more. I think you will be sitting "early" because of how much you prefer that angle.

I think you have dumped your binki! It's so crazy for me. We use to have to make sure there was a binki in every room and every pocket but you've rejected it for your thumb. I should probably care a little more that you are sucking your thumb now- but it makes you happy! and of course it's a little easier on mama to not have to put it back in your mouth when it falls out.

My most favorite thing about you right now is your baby chatter. 70% of your wake time is spent talking/yelling/squealing and it's the cutest thing ever. I can hear you talking to your daddy when I'm upstairs trying to get work done and it's the best distraction I've ever had. You have the sweetest voice and when you squeal and laugh and smile at us our hearts melt all over again. You have the funniest little smirk that reminds me of your cousin Ameri and makes me smile every time.

You sleep 12 hours at night and take great naps. Now that you're sleeping 12 hours at night I don't really care what your days look like- but you are still going strong with 3 naps a day. You are like your mom and dad and love your sleep! It pretty much makes you an angel baby that every mom wishes existed. You are a great self-soother and even when you wake up at night you stay quiet and fall back asleep on your own. You play in your crib until we come get you in the mornings and I find you laying there with your thumb and a smile waiting for me.

You aren't eating too much solid food. I am going to spare you the process of purred food via spoon and just let you start eating "real people" food when you are old enough. It seems much more my parenting style and let's be honest- pears just aren't made to be eaten that way! Your drool production seems to have doubled this past month and I think I feel a little tooth starting to make its way into this world. You aren't super fussy about it (yet) but you are gnawing on everything you can get your chubby hands on

You are the happiest baby. You are definitely getting more opinionated and loud when you don't like something, but it's pretty easy to sooth you and get you happy again. You hate getting your boogers suctioned out and I think you're going to have a complex someday because we have to do it multiple times a day. You have never been sick thank goodness, you just always seem to have a stuffy nose! You don't like trying to poop and your poop face makes daddy and I laugh out loud every time. TMI? Well it's freakin' hilarious and worth mentioning. You still love bath time and getting your belly kissed when I'm changing your diaper.

I could write on and on about you and your life right now. I love this stage so much!! I can't put into words how much I love being around you and love being your mom. Your smile and cheeks light up my world.

Stay strong sweet girl



Rice and Beans January

For the past 3 years Bart and I go on a spending pause in Janury. We call it "rice and beans" because only half joking- we eat a lot of it during this month. 

The rules are simple but hard to follow. The outcome is always awesome because it helps us restart our finances for a new year. 

Rule: no buying anything extra* this month 

* extras include anything other than groceries and gas which are our two bills that fluctuate. Even groceries get cut back because I can only go grocery shopping once a week (none of those quick trips that always cost at least $20) and when I am at the store I can't pick up goodies or other food that doesn't go with our planned menu. 

So basically we pay all our bills and that's all the money we spend for the month.   No Amazon, no Redbox, nada. If we do go out to eat it can only be if we have a gift card. 

What do you think? Does that sound hard or easy for you? In our experience the first few weeks are not bad. But by week 3 we are going a little crazy. Part of me doesn't think it will be as bad this year because with a baby we don't go out as much as we use to anyway. I guess we will find out!

At the end of the month we look at our spending (we love Mint.com!!) from the last 6 months and reevaluate our budget. We haven't reevaluated since Mckenzie got here so it will be good for us to have things figured out on paper again. 

Bart and I are EXTEREMELY fortunate and blessed to have regular paychecks every month that make budgeting a little easier. The only downside to knowing that you have another paycheck coming for X amount is going over your budget because "the next check with cover the next thing". 

We made a 2015 resolution to be more aware of what we are spending and be more PATIENT. we are going to try a new rule that says we can't buy anything the day we find it (online or in store) and if after a week we still want/ "need" it then we can talk about it. I'm hoping this cuts out the spur of the moment OMG I NEED THIS!!!! and help us distinguish between wants and needs. 

So here is to another Rice and Beans
Month, I'll keep you posted! 


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