Hi my name is Megan Bowen and I'm a Millennial.

I was born in 1989 and 'grew up' in the new millennium. I took the "How Millennial Are You" test and scored 94 out of 100. Aside from having lots of tattoos and piercing, I'm a pretty typical 23 year old. I have boomeranged back into a parents home earlier this year as Bart and I saved up for a house. According to these theories and statistics I am pretty standard.

And yet I would argue that I don't act my age...or if anything I'm on the pretty mature side of the spectrum for 23 year olds (for 19 more days). I am married, an-almost college graduate, working 40 hours a week at a job I went to college for, complete with 401K contribution and paid vacation. Within a year at my job I got a promotion and now enjoy an office in The West Wing (yes, that's what we call it...be jealous). I'm responsible with my money and respect my elders. All in all I would say I'm doing pretty great.

So why the hell do people feel the need to bring up my age at work? It's annoying. I could act like other Millennials and take 7 years to graduate college while still living with my parents...or having my parents pay for my gas money. I could be blaming the government for the job situation and claim poverty but still expect to have everything handed to me. I could be bitchy and gossipy and not do my work. I could expect stickers and awards for simply doing my job. I could wait around and not do anything until someone specifically gave me something to do. I could channel my inner 14 year old self if you wanted me to. I would be happy to "act my age" at work.

If I make a mistake at work it's not because I'm 23. It's because I messed up. If I get upset at a coworker it's not because I'm 23. It's because you're an ass hole and I'm tired of it. If I cry it's not because I'm 23, it's because I'm frustrated and don't like men yelling at me. Whatever I do or not do has nothing to do with the fact that I'm 23. Will I be better at my job in 10 years? Absolutely. Do I have a lot to learn? Of course! Judge my actions, my leadership skills and my work ethic. Please don't judge my age.


I have spiky hair, I say amazeballs and totes delish. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, AND Blogger account. I watch Grey's Anatomy and reality TV. ....what did you expect? I'm still only 23 :)


Split Personalities

Since accomplishing my goal of running a Half Marathon I have taken a step back from running...mostly because I needed a break from training...and Bart got too busy with football to run with me...and the couch was just too dang comfortable...and because a few weeks later my foot started hurting.

The couch and the football and the feels-like-broken foot made me kinda lazy the month of September and first of October. I gave my foot a few weeks off, doctor's orders, but once I started running again it would hurt within just a few miles. No bueno. It didn't just hurt when I ran...it hurt for HOURS afterwards. As you can see, my couch was just looking better and better.

The last few weeks I have been trying to amp up my game a little bit and after talking to some friends today I realized I just needed to push through the pain and go a little further than my typical 3-4 mile runs. As soon as I got home today I changed into my running clothes and hit the pavement. If I sit down for even a minute it's that much harder to get out the door!

I was happily surprised that my foot was feeling good today. That was about the only thing that felt good. My shoulder...my neck...my hamstring. WTF? Before I started I made the goal of 5 miles and by mile 1 the mind games started. One personality just wanted me to turn around and head back to my trusty couch. The other personality kept me going, determined to accomplish the 5 miles. Isn't it interesting that the thing that holds us back is usually our minds? My body could have gone all afternoon (until I hit the last few miles uphill..then it was pretty much toast) but I physically I felt good. My lungs were peachy and it was a beautiful afternoon. My body aches eventually went away and I was enjoying the sunshine and my Step Up Soundtrack (don't judge).

I'm proud to say I ran the whole 5 miles today despite my alter personality wanting me to stop every step of the way.


Day 193

Today was my last regular visit with the folks at Red River Health and Wellness. I did it! I graduated! There was no cap and gown. My parents weren't there to congratulate me. I shook hands with my amazing doctor and was sent on my way. I will be back for a follow up in 3 months and then periodically check in every 6-12 months after that. It's all on me now. No more doctors to answer to. The real test begins!

I can't believe it's already been 27.5 weeks. 6.5 months. I haven't had a piece of bread or a glass of milk or a Crunchwrap Supreme for the most of 2013. This is craziness! It feels like I just started, and that I have been doing this my whole life. In the past 193 days I have eaten more sweet potatoes than most people will in their lifetime. Potato chips and dark chocolate are my "junk food" and soups are the best Gluten Free meals out there.

But it's not all about the food (okay, it's 95% about the food). I have also been able to run 4 times the distance I was ever able to run before. I no longer have stomach pain every day. (translation: I NEVER have stomach pain) My skin is "supermodel smooth" and my energy level is that of a normal 23 year old.

You guys! I'm healthy! I feel amazing! I am living the way my body was meant to live. I am enjoying my life the way I deserve and I couldn't be happier!

These past 193 days have changed my life. And the next 193 will be just as exciting. I don't know if I will ever love Quinoa and I'm sure I will always secretly want a York Peppermint Patty shoved in my mouth, but I will learn and grow just like I have learned and grown the past 6 months. It's a process, and I'm nowhere near the finish line.

You probably don't really totally care, and that's cool. I probably wouldn't care if I was on your end either. Health is such an individual thing, it's hard to share that feeling with other people. I do want to publicly thank everyone who has supported me and listen to me whine, cry, yell and pout. Especially Bart. I couldn't have made it through this program without him by my side. He is my rock and I know I can do anything if he is cheering for me. It's a nice feeling knowing there is at least one person always in my corner...even if that corner is occupied by a crazy person who cries at candy commercials.


2 Cents: Fat Letters

I saw this story on GMA this morning and it got me thinking...the BMI system. Now telling children everywhere how fat they are. There are pros and cons to this system of sending home "Fat Letters".

Let's start with the pros shall we?

In my humble opinion we are becoming a society that is afraid to bring up the fact that everyone is getting fat...and even more people are reaching the point of being obese. To spare everyone's feelings we are leaving it alone. In honor of "loving bodies everywhere" we are leaving it alone. But is that really the smartest approach? We all know most medical problems would decrease, if not disappear altogether, if people lost weight. Those extra pounds do damage to your body. The fact that so many children are now overweight or obese is scary! Those kids have no chance to live a full and happy life if by the age of 7 they can't run around the playground. (I won't get started on the fact that I blame the PARENTS if a child is obese..that can be a post for another day.) I think it's great for schools to take the initiative and talk about being healthy. I am all for spreading awareness about your child's health.

Now let's jump into the cons.

First, I hate the BMI. My health teacher husband hates the BMI. I hate it so much that I don't mind telling you my BMI is 24.8...just 0.2 points away from being Overweight which means 6 months and 25 pounds ago I was BMI-Overweight. Awesome. That does wonders to a girl's self esteem doesn't it??That's my biggest problem..the BMI isn't the most accurate form of determining health. Even doctors will admit that. The problem is there is no other formula that does what the BMI tries to do, so we're stuck with it.

The next thing that concerns me about the idea of a "Fat Letter" being sent home is the chance it opens up for young girls to be even more insecure about their bodies. I remember growing up and being called "big boned" because all my friends were teeny tiny. Even as we all grew up and became young women, I saw myself as so much bigger than all my friends...but looking back at pictures I realize I was the same size as they were. Being told I was bigger when I was 7 stayed in my mind until well after I was 17.

Unless it's for the chubby kids who don't go play in recess, I don't see the point in sending home a Fat Letter. Athletic girls aren't fat. Tall girls aren't fat...no matter what the BMI tries to tell them.


Strong Trees

I shared part of this poem back in June and it made me so happy to hear it again from the Prophet of God! I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know my life is happier because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know God lives and loves me. I also know he loves you. I'm thankful that I can have an eternal family and create worlds without end with my forever companion by my side. Happy Sunday everyone!


A few things...

I am a firm believer that if a bird can eat it, it's not littering. I throw my apple core out the window because birds can eat it. You're welcome for feeding the birds.

I really hate it when people bring up my age at work. I realize it's a great thing to have a job like mine at my age, but it wasn't handed to me. It wasn't a gift my daddy gave me because he loves me. I worked to get there. I know no one can say anything about me being a woman because that's considered sexist. I would like people to stop saying stuff about my age because that's sexist too (and by sexist I mean ageist??). either way..stop bringing it up. I appreciate the opportunities I have, but outside of a Higher Being, no one has handed anything to me. I have worked to where I am, and I will continue to work to where I go. I earned it and I deserve it. Me being 23 has nothing to do with it.

I am still struggling with adjusting my life and eating habits. I realized all the food I had taken to work today, combined with my breakfast, only totaled 600 calories. It's not realistic! I feel like I have to eat everything in my fridge every day to get the amount of food I should be eating. I'm still losing weight because I'm just not getting enough to eat. It's frustrating. I come home and eat half a block of cheese and a dark chocolate bar because I just need the calories. I can't figure out a way to balance a grocery budget because 90% of what I can eat is fresh food and I'm eating pretty much my whole stock of groceries within just a few days. I know it's not a huge problem....but it's my current problem. and I'm struggling with it.



Fall 2010. JCOM 2010- Media Smarts: Making Sense of the Information Age. Grade: B+

My teacher always emphasized that we as journalists were supposed to be completely unbiased in our opinions and research. My teacher was also the most biased person I had ever met. She was a crazy liberal who pushed her agenda all semester long. Sometimes I liked it...sometimes I didn't. Our final assignment was to watch The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report to see how their "newscasts" and FOX News' newscasts were similar (basically saying that FOX news was as credible as a satire show.) If that isn't an assignment with a biased agenda I don't know what is!

I took this class when there was all that drama about putting a Mosque in NYC close to where the World Trade Centers use to be. I remember getting in my first political holiday argument with my Grandma during Thanksgiving. It got heated enough that my dad had to break it up and my Grandma said my education was turning me into a crazy liberal.

It made me realize how hard it is to get ALL the facts from both sides of every issue. It's almost impossible. Without all the facts I have a hard time generating an opinion about something. Since this class I have learned to keep my mind open and research something if I really want to be able to talk about it. I hate ignorance and I think people on both sides of the extremes of the political spectrum are ignorant. If you care about a topic enough to discuss it with people, read FOX news and CNN.

Spring 2013. MATH 1010-Interm Algebra. Grade: A

This was the first math class I had taken in over 6 years. All growing up I was actually really good at math. I understood everything and did well in High School. You never would have guessed that 6 years later! I'm pretty sure I googled "how to add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions" every.single.homework assignment. I still don't understand how to do it. But I passed and even got an A! This teacher was awesome and a very gracious grader. I might not be able to tell you how to add fractions...but I still learned a few things!

Spring 2009. ENGL 1010- Intro to Writing. Grade: A.

Oh college English classes...you make me realize how great I am at writing when I have to peer-grade other people's work. It's no wonder I would get full credit on papers after I read some of the trash other people wrote. I get that writing isn't for everyone. No worries, you have other talents. I'm just happy I don't have to read Freshman English papers for the rest of my life. I think of Hell and that activity would be included.


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