12 Weeks and Hot Dogs

This won't be published after I write it since the cyber world doesn't know I'm pregnant yet. Everyone in my daily life knows, we just haven't posted anything yet.

But I have some time tonight and I wanted to write down how this pregnancy is going so far. I'm 12 weeks and this has been much better than the first time around. With Mckenzie I was sick for 16 weeks. Just dead on the couch from 1pm until I crawled into bed around 7. I still crawl into bed around 7, but being tired is much better than being sick. I was only pretty sick for about 2 weeks every day, and then it went away. I get sick in the evenings usually but it's random and maybe once a week is it enough for me to just want to sit and not do anything. Bart has taken such great care of me and Mckenzie when that happens.

My main pregnancy side effect would be insomnia, and I have to take a Unisom every night or I don't sleep at all. Even with a pill I have crazy dreams every night and usually wake up several times. But I haven't reached the pee-every-hour stage so thank goodness  for that! Plus I'm taking naps when Mckenzie goes down for her afternoon nap, so usually my fatigue is manageable. My other side effect, which is the same as last time, is bloating. Like- belly looks 5 months pregnant bloating. It doesn't matter if I eat a little or a lot, it will poke out within 10 minutes of eating anything.

My eating it totally different this time too. With Mckenzie I couldn't choke down a veggie, and this time I just want nothing homemade. I would eat out for every single meal if I could. In fact, I told Bart I'm not having any fast food this week. We'll see if I survive! My biggest craving has been hot dogs. I would eat a hot dog every day. But I usually try to limit myself to like 3 a week (except this one!). I think it's more the soft soft bun I love...Bart thinks it's so weird. He said in the 7 years he's known me I've never eaten a hot dog, and in the last month I've had like 10. There's no explaining it! I don't like cooking and nothing in my kitchen ever sounds appetizing, but I'm trying to behave myself. I've really enjoyed greek yogurt and making my own Lunachbles with cheese and turkey with GF crackers. It's my go-to lunch.

Speaking of GF- gluten hasn't really affect me too much during pregnancy, so I'm not too strict about it. But this past week I had 2 different migraines and I wonder if that's from the bread- so I'm also staying away from that good stuff this week too. Migraines are never worth a sandwich. Ever!

Since I'm feeling pretty good, and my first trimester has been during relatively nice weather, I've stayed active. With Mckenzie, being pregnant November-Jan during my first trimester and feeling like crap- I didn't exercise. Ever. It's been SO nice to be able to sweat and move my body and work hard. I've been running the same distances and at a little faster pace, and I've really upped by strength training. I know exercising is really only going to get harder, not easier, so I'm trying to make the most of if while I can. As I was stretching after my run tonight I remembered I only did a yoga video with Mckenzie when my belly was huge. I'm sure that video will make an appearance, just hopefully not for a few more months.

I had an ultrasound last week and saw our little peanut move around and it was so fun! I love hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It reminds me something is in there. With Mckeznie, since I was so sick I really needed that reassurance that something was going on, and it was going to be worth it. But this time around I know the amazingness that is cookin' up in there and I'm just so happy. Mckenzie is so sweet around babies, I know she's going to be a funny big sister. I'll have to protect the new baby from her hugs and snuggles and poking of the eyes- but I can't wait to see her meet her sibling. The idea of having 2 kids just blows my mind. There are things that don't scare me anymore (yes, you'll know when it needs to eat) but there is a whole new set of questions that won't be answered until it gets here! Mckenzie is at such a fun age right now, it just makes me even more excited to have another one.

Because everything is pretty different this time, everyone is convinced it's a boy. We'll find out June 1st!!


Mckeznie at the moment

Obsessed with oranges and water. Other favorite foods include oatmeal, berries, pasta and anything else that's for dinner. 

Wakes up crying from her nap like its the worst day ever 

Can't go anywhere without Dog and her baby doll. She also loves to have as many stuffed animal friends on her lap as possible. 

Walks around yelling "mommy!" in the most authoritative tone

Points to her diaper and says "poop" all day. Even when she's clean (it's the best when she does it in the middle of Sacarment Meeting) 

Speaking of church- yells "daddy!" Whenever he sits up on the stands and usually goes over for a visit 387 times 

Calls herself "Nenzy" or "Neney" 

Loves playing with laundry (dirty or clean) she knows which clothes are hers and she will take them from the pile and go hoard them in the corner of her room 

Loves to "run"- which is the cutest thing you'll ever see and she only biffs it about 30% of the time 

Loves to sit on my lap and read books. We read 30 books in one sitting and I have severa of the books memorized. Time for the library! 

Has opinions and can't be fooled too easily. 

Says "no" to any question asked. She doesn't know the word "yes" yet. If she yells "no" then she means no. If she says no nicely- she usually means yes 

Thinks every animal says "moo". Points to any and all animals and says "moo" (dog on her dress, lion logo on the hotel in SLC, pig on my Dirty Dash shirt- all say Moo) it's the best when we're driving. She'll randomly say moo and you have to figure out what animal she saw. The only time she is accurate is when she sees the Chic-fil-a billboards 


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