Michael Jackson died one year ago and if you didnt know that then unfortunately you must be living under a rock because every radio and television station feels the need to do a tribute to him all over again. For 3 months after he died all we heard about was him and suddenly EVERYONE was a Michael Jackson fan even though anyone my age or younger only knew him as some creepy guy who held babies out windows and who went from being black to white. I see these 15 year olds going on about how he is the greatest artist who ever lived....way to jump on the bandwagon. Dont act like before his death you even knew a song he sang besides Thriller -and the only reason why you know that song is because for some reason the dance team in high school always thought it was such a good idea to dance to that song on Halloween.- People die every day. IMPORTANT people die everyday. People who influenced lives in much better ways then he ever did DIE EVERY DAY. I officially hate June 25th if every year I am going to have to listen to his songs all day on the radio, and hear his name above everything else on TV. Boo-freakin-who.

Also, I have heard a few new "jokes" my clients say to me and think they are so hilarious while doing it. (If you haven't read the first few "jokes" click HERE)

-Me: You have a lot of/thick hair!
-Them: Yeah it is such a pain but hey, at least I'm not bald though right? (hahahahahhah-)
-Me   :|

-Them: If you see any gray in there why don't you just pick it out for me..heh.heh.heh.

-Me: ( show them what the back of their head looks like after I am done cutting it)
-Them: Yeah it looks good except if you could move some of that hair on the sides to the top that would be great (taking about their bald spot)


Talking to myself...

Awake at 3 a.m.


in my burning hot oven I call a bedroom

with obviously nothing to do. 

I did break down however and took a sleeping pill ( Simply Sleep is the way to go! ) So hopefully that will kick in soon.

I have about 23 songs stuck in my head right now ( just another happy reason why I can't fall asleep)

I have to wear a mouth guard at night to keep my teeth from grinding and because of that my mouth is sore...gotta take care of the pearly whites somehow I guess!

I have always been deathly afraid of the dark ( add it to the list ) but surprisingly since moving to Logan I have only gotten really scared one time. ( That one time I proceeded to my friend's apartment to sleep on her floor...don't judge me. ) So at least I am not scared tonight? 

Did I mention I am wide awake at 3 a.m.?

Luckily I don't have to be at work until 5 tonight so I don't have to go out in the world on 4 hours of sleep and be a menace to society. I have never been one of those people who can live off of only a couple hours of sleep. I need my 7-9 hours to fully function which means I am usually perfectly okay with going to bed at 11 on a regular basis.
I hate the world right now ( like you couldn't tell ) and I especially hate the fact that I have allergies which I have never had until I moved to Logan and they only kick in randomly, ( like right now) making it so I can't breathe and my eyes are nice and watery...

just for the record though I only hate the world at 3 a.m. despite all of my smart ass remarks in my posts I promise I really am a happy person, writing is just how I vent.

my neck is itchy...

and now my feet are itchy. Whenever I start focusing on my body itching 4 more itches will pop up out of nowhere

All I want right now is my Rocky Road ice cream that is in the freezer..but I feel like my 2 hours at the gym 7 hours ago  would kinda be pointless if I caved into that craving right now

Lets talk about the gym for a second here. To all of the guys out there who think they are hot shit because they wear shirts that don't have sides and stare at themselves in the mirror -because maybe if you look at yourself so intently while you are lifting weights it will make you bigger faster-..you look silly and I seriously had to stop myself from laughing out loud at a kid today. I feel like if you were that big of a deal you wouldn't have to focus so much on your body? Or maybe your body is the reason why you are a big deal so you have to keep it looking good? Either way, stop bobbing your head to your music and stop making googly eyes to yourself in the mirror.

I am so tired I think I am losing my mind


My BFF Roxanne

I am looking through old pictures and it made me miss my best friend Sarah so much! This post is more for me and her so everyone probably won't find it that interesting. I don't see her very much anymore since moving to Logan and since she is getting married in September I am sure I will see her even less. I am extremely happy for her though and I know we will always be able to stay friends.

Sarah and I met in hair school and I highly disliked her at first, I would say that we highly disliked each other but Sarah is not capable of disliking someone so we will just say that it was all me. Like I said, Sarah is so kind and loving that eventually I decided that it would be easier just to like her instead of dislike her because she was always so nice to me.  I'm glad I did of course because throughout school and since then we have been able to stay best friends. Even when we haven't talked for a while we can always pick up where we left off.

She has been my only friend who can be happy for me when I have good news, even if she doesn't. She is a very selfless person and I have never had a better friend.

m e m o r i e s :
80's dancing..
-EVERY Thursday night for months we went 80's dancing. We rocked that dance floor and have so many funny memories from those nights. If we thought boys were creepy we would give them fake names instead of our real names so the other person would know to get us out of there ASAP! Sarah was always Roxanne...

-40 hours a week for 14 months really brings people together. I love ALL of my hair school girls, but my friendship with Sarah has grown since school ended!

Road Trips...
 -We went to St George and Vegas among other places just the 2 of us. Listening to music from like 8th grade with the top down in her Mustang cruising around with our matching outfits...we definitely acted 17 and LOVED it.

I love you Sarah and I am SO happy for you and Tyler!


Their & There

So I was at Summer Fest today and as we were walking this girl was handing out fliers that said a certain hair salon "would like to welcome this new girl to there team." If you do not see the error in this sentence what I am about to say applies to you as well. I feel like if you are past the age of twelve you should know the difference between THERE and THEIR. I understand that writing is what I am good at but seriously, if you are going to print out a bunch of fliers to advertise your business I suggest you EDIT them before handing them out because instead of getting people coming to you, you will get people laughing at you....


a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun: their home; their rights as citizens; their departure for Rome.
used after an indefinite singular antecedent in place of the definite masculine form his or the definite feminine form her: Someone left their book on the table. Did everyone bring their lunch? 


in or at that place (opposed to here): She is there now.
in that matter, particular, or respect: His anger was justified there.
into or to that place; thither: We went there last year.
used by way of calling attention to something or someone: There they go.
in or at that place where you are: Well Hi there.



Bloom Where You are Planted

Finally a day off! It has been a busy week but I think every customer read my last post about tips because I got pretty hooked up after Monday....

I have 234908 things to do today but here I am still chillin in my PJ's playing Spider Solitaire. Usually I dominate at S.S. but I am sucking it up this morning and I am actually getting pretty upset about it. Every time I realize I am about to lose I get SO angry. I need to figure out how to control my emotions a little more I think!

I am heading down to Salt Lake/Utah County later today which I'm very excited about because I miss my family (typical)

It has been so crazy to see how much more important my family is to me ever since moving out. When I first moved to Logan in November of  08 I got soooo homesick. I probably cried every night for a month and then it was improved to maybe every other day. I called my mom EVERY day and usually after we got off the phone I would cry because I missed her ( which still happens sometimes)  I would drive the 2 hours there as often as I could because I hated Logan so much. It wasn't like I was trying to be all negative and not give a new place a chance it was just really hard for me. I thought it would improve and get better but it didn't for a long time.

I would have moved home in like Feb but my mom wouldn't let me drop out of school in the middle of a semester. Instead, she bought me a plant to remind me of my house back home and told me to stick it out. ( "Bloom where I have been planted" were her words of wisdom for me) By June of 09 I told myself that if I didn't start liking it by the end of Fall semester I would leave because at least then I had given it one year and I wouldn't feel like so much of a quitter...Well last July I met some great friends that changed my whole perspective on Logan and so here I am, still here, and planning on staying until I am finished with school.

Whenever I have a bad day I write in my journal, sometimes I write in it when I have had a good day but I usually have more to say when it hasn't been good. Looking back and reading old entries (which I love to do) I wrote in my journal pretty much everyday from Nov 08 - July 09. It was kind of depressing reading it but I also realized how much I grew as a person from all of that time alone. It's funny though because as soon as I met my friends that Summer there is one entry talking about them and then no entries for a while. I was starting to like my life again and that was apparent through my journal entries. There would be a few here and there but I wasn't being all emo in them like the previous ones. I don't think those people realized and probably still don't realize how much they changed my life for the better.  Even though I don't see them much anymore, I will always love them for helping me through a time when I haven't felt more alone.


Tips and Hot Dogs

So as I was at work today getting ripped off by every customer and getting NO tips I started thinking about if people know who you are supposed to tip.

Waiter/Waitress: Duh
[Although I was curious about if you had to tip if you were just getting carry-out so I finally asked the guy and he said yes, doesn't need to be the 15-20% but you should still 
give them something]

Hair Stylist: YES (but I have heard some people say they didn't know that)

The guys at Pita Pit?: No clue

The kids who dry your car off after you get it washed?: Yes!

The locksmith who has to come and let me into my car every 3 months?: 
I don't know!

So I guess I can't be too upset at people not tipping because they don't know any better since I have probably been there too....

Moving On...

Why is it when you ask someone how old their child is they tell you how old they WILL be? I asked this guy today how old his little boy is and he said he is almost 13 months......So he's one? Almost 13 months = being 12 months right now. 12 months = 1 year. Okay, just making sure I understood that right.

That's another thing about these silly parents. They think that the world needs to know exactly how old their child is. They will never give you just one or four, they say 17 months or whatever. If someone asks me how old I am I don't say I am 245 months and 6 days, so no need to go into tiny detail about the current age of your children.

On another note.....

Bart is planning this barbecue and since he is OCD and a perfectionist he had a list to bring when we went to the store today and then we sat down after the store to look over the list to make sure we will have everything. He's a cute little party planner. I am glad he likes this kind of thing because it isn't my cup of tea. I am not the party type, I don't like going to parties or planning them. However this should be a pretty good time. It will be a lot of people he hasn't seen in a while so I hope he enjoys himself. And besides...I am always in the mood for a hot dog!


Someone had to say it...

Can I just say, and I'm JUST being honest.....

I do not, nor will I ever, like your dog. I don't care how cute you think it is or if you have had it your whole life or if it is your best friend. I will not like it. Not only will I not like it, I will probably highly dislike it. No I don't want to pet it, no I don't want it to sit by me on the couch, no I don't want to play fetch with it. The thing I would like most in this situation is for you to GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

When I ask if you want gel in your hair after I cut it I do not need a whole list of reasons why you would or would not like gel. I don't care if you are going to head to the gym, then go to the grocery store, then go pick up your kids from school and then take a shower so gel won't be necessary.  I also don't need you to justify why you do want gel in your hair. If I didn't want you using my gel I wouldn't offer so before you head off to your wedding reception you have proceeded to tell me about, let me put some &%$# gel in your hair and shut up. please?

If you have decided to risk your life and the lives around you by talking on the phone/texting while you are driving do NOT get pissed when someone (me) honks at you when you are merging into a lane that is not only ending soon, but is currently occupied by another driver or two. Do not turn around and stare me down because I decided to not let you hit me today. You are an idiot and if you think you saw my middle finger go up you were probably right.

One last thing...Dear Uncle Sam. Stop taking all my money in taxes. The more I work the less my paychecks are which.....makes sense? Oh wait, NO. It doesn't. I'm all about getting out of debt and all and I am all for paying taxes but if you could make up a system that I understand, and while you are working on that if you could give me the half of my paycheck you love taking away from me so I could ya know, eat, that would be great.



Memorial Day Memories

I had an awesome day today! My dad gets tickets to Lagoon through his work so we all went and spent the day. 

[Jake & I ]


Bart came and it was so much fun! He is the best.


 [Katie attempted to open a ketchup packet and failed!]


Taking a break after lunch on our blanket

[I love Bart's face in this one]


We went on the Rattle Snake Rapids and it was sooo funny. Dad got attacked by a huge wave and we were laughing so hard the rest of the time


 [I got soaked after going on the Cliffhanger and wet jeans are never a happy thing]

[Since we were already wet we decided to go to Lagoon-A-Beach]


[Bart, Katie, Mom and I before the Colossis ]


[Mom and I]

[Bart is scared of heights so we had to hold really still the whole way across]

[Katie and Mom]



[Toward the end of the day we went and played the booth games. I won twice so I got a big stuffed cow. I was pretty proud.]



 It was an awesome day. Perfect way to spend a long weekend!


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