Diagnosis: Hashimoto's Disease

Earlier this week I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's. It's a condition where the body attacks and destroys it's own thyroid gland.

"In a healthy immune system, antibodies act as the body’s army to detect and destroy invaders not normally present in the body, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. In the case of Hashimoto’s disease, a defective immune system wreaks havoc on the body by directing antibodies against its own thyroid gland as if it is a foreign invader."

I have had medical problems for more than 2 years, but as my bloggers know, I HATE doctors. I think one of the reasons I have come to hate them is because no one was ever able to figure out what was actually going on.  After meeting a doctor on my show, I was convinced to get some blood work done and go talk to him. He sat me down and asked how I don't feel like complete crap every day since almost everything in my body is out of whack. I guess I have just learned to deal with how I feel, and continue living! If I had the choice of staying in bed for most of the day, I would probably take it. 

Long story short, after an emotional doctors visit where he read off the list of things wrong with me (when you're 23 it is pretty overwhelming to be told among other things that you have high cholesterol, your liver isn't functioning correctly, thyroid levels are extremely low and adrenal glands don't work) he started me on a plan that will get me feeling better than I have felt in a really long time.

Starting Thursday I will be on an anti-inflammatory diet where most foods are restricted including: dairy, eggs, gluten, rice, corn, potatoes, sugar, soda, fruit juices, soy, peanuts, beef, pork, cold cuts, etc. 

Umm so what CAN I eat? Yeah, I asked that same question. Here is the depressingly short list: quinoa, fruits and veggies, beans, fish, sweet potatoes, chicken, turkey and select nuts.

The idea is to find out what triggers my Hashimoto's to flare up. It's not a curable disease, but if I can learn what triggers it, I can manage it throughout my life.

Even harder than that diet is the fact that for now, I can't exercise. My adrenal glads simply can't handle the stress. This means no more training for my half marathon. It may seem weird, but not being able to run has been the hardest thing for me to accept. I started crying that night telling Bart I can't exercise anymore and he laughed saying I was probably the only person who would be upset that they are not allowed to exercise. 

But here is why it's so hard for me: Running is what Bart and I do together. It's what fills our Saturday mornings and weekday evenings. Last year we started doing it and it has become a chance to bond and spend quality time with each other. Even now, he went out for his Sat. a.m. run and it makes me sad to be left on the couch. 

This extreme diet and inability to exercise isn't permanent, but these problems are also going to take a while to get sorted out. My doctor told me one day I will be able to do all the things I love to do, I just have to stop for a while.

I know my life is going to drastically change, but I also know that if it makes me feel like a person again with energy and without the constant worry of feeling sick that day, it's going to be 100% worth it.



Sometimes it's in those small silly things that I see God in my life. Ya know that song, "I Saw God Today"...that's how I'm feeling......about oranges.
Umm Megan..you're being weird and a little sac-relig. 
No I promise I'm not!

Have you ever eaten a really good orange? It's delicious! And I mean look at them, they're weird and bright colored and oh so yummy. It makes me happy, and I'm happy God decided to include them in this world. 

So eat an Orange and enjoy your day knowing someone out there is watching over you and cares enough to give us Oranges to eat :)

Oldie but goodie....last year road trip with our favorite treat


Slushy Hills

It's been more than 3 months since Bart and I have ran any races so we decided to do one this weekend. My cute friend Jess helped us find a fun downhill (yay) 5K. It was cold and snowy and I was slightly afraid for my life as I ran down a slushy hill, but the race ended ( as it always does) and it was fun.

 Bart keeps telling me I need to be more competitive and today a little bit of that edge came out. As I was running I heard these dog tags behind me and BAM a lady and her stupid little dog were gaining on me! There was no way in hell I was going to let that duo beat me so I picked up the pace and beat them.

So my bracket was doing okay...before all the games started. Now it's kind of a disaster. An Explorer beating Wildcats? In what world?


March Madness

Things I learned from filling out a NCAA bracket
(I based my picks on which mascot would beat the other in a fight)

Tarheels are Rams (ish)

Acts of God are always going to beat out animals in a fight...unless it's a hurricane verses a gator..then the gator can hide underground until the hurricane is over

Birds have the upperhand in most fights. I don't care how tough that wolf is, if he can't reach the owl, he aint winnin' the fight!

The people of Indiana (Hoosiers) can destroy the rebels of Vegas

Indians don't kill buffalo.....or do they?

The fight between the Eagles and the Aztecs isn't realistic...they lived in harmony for how many years??

March Madness has begun people.


Week in Photos

New shoes! Mt. Boots with heels. Bart hates them which means they HAVE to be trendy

It's cantaloupe time an they taste oh so delish!

Lunch with Sarah!

I got really happy when this read 60 degrees for the first time this week.  Beautiful weather

Hanging out at Boondocks with our nephew Weston. We dominated mini golf

Picking out football cards takes time...lots of time...


Ryan Seacrest

Who knew Ryan Seacrest would have some sound advice when it comes to life and career? From LeanIn.org

"Here, some of the key lessons they’ve (women I've worked with) imparted to me along the way:
Be Passionate. Do what you love, and let your passion shine.
Communicate. Listening is key. Everyone can talk but listening produces real results.
Organize. Lists – love them. They keep you focused and on track. You can never have too many of them.

 If there’s a problem, solve it. Don’t whine: be solutions-oriented.
Decide. Make swift decisions and then move on; don’t second-guess yourself.
Laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have a sense of humor.
Cry. A good cry can sometimes solve the world’s problems, do it if you need to. (Even if you’re a guy!)
Celebrate. It’s important to celebrate progress and achievement no matter how small."


Hey, it's OK

...to wake up late AND take a nap before going to 1 p.m. church

...to keep the blinds closed on a sunny day because you really, really don't want to put pants on

...to NOT put pants on until the last possible minute

...to dream about ice cream the entire length of your Saturday morning run 

...to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner

...to read old blog posts and think "i'm really funny" :)

...to hide the chocolate milk so you don't have to share

...to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale on boots, even though boot season is almost over


Messes, Runs and Recaps

When Bart is away, the Megan habits come out to play.

Bart is away today and tomorrow at a coaching conference. Whenever Bart leaves, our house may or may not fall apart for a few hours. I spill things, throw laundry on the floor, eat salad for dinner, watch endless episodes of Alias and make other messes. By the time he gets home tomorrow night the house will be spotless and freshly cleaned. All chores will be done and he's non the wiser (until he reads this post of course).

Also, I gave myself an excellent pep talk on the way to the gym tonight, telling myself (out loud, alone in my car) that I need to run my scheduled miles and shut up about it and stop complaining. It was quite successful. Tomorrow is my long run and I'm sure I'll be giving myself the same talk. As they say, it's 90% mental right? I think forward to a half marathon and at this point it seems impossible, so I will just stick to my small victories and take it one week at a time.

My week in pictures

I had a mini emotional break down on Wednesday and these few verses were just what I needed to read

Um hello...someone please agree with me that Bart looks pretty excellent in this pic

I met with my UofU adviser and figured out a plan that will get me graduated by December!! This is such happy news. I will be graduated with a year and a half of work experience. Not too shabby! Can't wait to be done.

Nothing says Friday like a trip to Sephora- be proud that I only spent $30!

Did I mention Bart was gone? This is my typical outfit...it's all about comfort people.

These ice baths are anything but comfort, but they do help with my shin splints after a long run

Dr.'s Know Best

You know what I really wish could happen when it comes to Dr's appointments? One word. LISTEN.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday (Standard Optical you might be on my Black List after this) to update my prescription  After the exam I told her the brand of contacts I like. I have been through a few brands and the only ones that have worked for me are the Acuve Oasis.

So what does she do? Prescribes me a DIFFERENT brand. I once again told her I really like my current contacts but doctors know better right? They know my entire history and what I like and what I don't like so why listen to me? What's the point when you know better?

Any guesses as to what happened? They were bugging me all day yesterday and just barely this morning one of them was irritating my eye and fell out. So, I called and said I want my old prescription back and yay, i have to GO BACK today for another appointment to get the prescription

How bout next time you just freakin listen to me? Kapeesh?


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