Born to Run- Review

 "Born to Run"
by Christopher McDougall.

McDougall is an award winning journalist who set out to find the answers of why he kept getting hurt while he ran, and why there was a group of people on this planet who seemed to be able to run for days (literally) and never get hurt. This question led him to discover the greatest runners of all time, the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico's Copper Canyons. He soon meets characters along the way who are incredible in their own unique ways. It is composed of a handful of ultra-marathon runners who each have their own story to tell. Some of their experiences are hard to believe  if only because I could never imagine myself or anyone I know being able to do what they do. To give you an idea, one racer begins her day with 20 miles in the morning, does the things she needs to do and then as an reward runs another 20 miles. Later that evening, just to relax, she goes on another 15-20 mile run. THAT'S INSANE. This whole book blew my mind the entire time I was reading it.

But this book wasn't just a bunch of stories mixed together. He had scientists' and researchers' stories about how they discovered why the human body is meant to run. Needing speed back then makes sense, out run danger so you don't get eaten, but it was the endurance aspect that was puzzling. They soon realized the speed of most animals that humans would have hunted back then was similar to what a human can run. They also realized those same animals can't run for long periods of time without stopping for rest. This is where endurance comes in. The fact that ancient people were able to run 5+ hours at a time, chasing the same animal, is why they were able to catch it, not because the humans were faster in the first place. Isn't that interesting? I learned so much in this book, but I didn't feel like I was reading a scholarly assignment. He weaved in the science and facts in with awesome inspiring stories making everything connect.

There are stories within stories, but the transitions are seamless and don't seem distracting at all. Since I am training for a small race myself, I was obsessed with his descriptions of how these people were running, and what their secrets and techniques were. Last night I even put them to the test and while I can't run even 5 miles yet, I still did much better. This book helps you realize what your body can do. We weren't meant to sit around and be inactive, our bodies need us to move, that is why they were built the way they are. Another piece to the puzzle? Loving to run, and being a good person, makes you a better runner. That is the theory behind great runners like the Tarahumara and champion Scott
Jurek - They were compassionate and service oriented people, who loved to run. I haven't quite gotten to that stage of Zen quite yet, but hey, it's all about the journey...right?

Anyway, I loved this book. I think I loved it because I am currently killing myself in this race training and this just made me more motivated and excited to finish. That being said, I think I would still love it even if I wasn't a runner. It was so well written I couldn't put it down and I would recommend this book to anyone.


not born to run....yet

yes, ANOTHER post today!

So I'm reading this book, Born To Run, and it's pretty bad ass. There are a group of indigenous people in Mexico who are super runners. They just live in this community with no currency or jobs or crime or anything like that, and run. Like, for 48 hours straight. The reporter who wrote it does an incredible job telling all of the stories. As I was waiting for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for my project to render today (see previous post) I got to read a lot of it and needless to say it pumped me up. Not only was I pissed about the project, my friend Sarah sent me awesome music AND I'm reading this book? I felt pretty unstoppable....until about the 1.5 mile marker and then I was feeling pretty stoppable. 

It's crazy how easy it is to run on a treadmill but once you hit the pavement it's a whole new ball game. I know I go faster outside and there are hills and that damn head wind that always likes to join us for our runs. I wasn't feeling like an Indian runner for very long....actually I never really got to that point in the first place, but I am hoping to get to my version of it one day.

80's Night

Thanks to my good buddy Sarah, I have an 80's playlist worthy of Thursday nights!

I am going to go run out all of my frustration now...

(who knew I would ever WANT to run?)

Imma be a college drop out

I have been staring at this screen for two hours and at the moment says only 77% done.

Oh. My. Hell.
I have to pee, 
I'm starving, 
I missed a class that I have a test in on Thursday, 
I'm going to miss my other class if this thing doesn't finish, 
I am on the verge of tears and the F-word.

I need a (insert swear word here) vacation.



2 school days and
4 work days until

8 days of vacation.

this is going to be the longest week ever!


so much for that- review

so much for that
by Lionel Shriver

Shriver's novel begins with the main character, Shep, packing for the trip of his life. He plans on moving away, with his six figures he has saved, to a remote island and living out his days. The catch? He is going with or without his wife and teenage son. This has been his dream since he was a child, and he was no longer going to let others get in the way of that dream. As Shep tells his wife he is going and hopes she joins him, she surprises him with the diagnosis of a deadly cancer. Obviously all plans are off.

This novel takes us through the challenges of a marriage, already on the edge, that has to deal with the slap in the face that is cancer. Their relationship is one of love, but also frustration and pain. Shriver makes me love to hate Shep's wife, who is impossible to please, and not at all the "i accept my fate" cancer patient we sometimes expect. It's a harsh reality to how life is like for the terminally ill.

Shep gets to confide in his best friend Jackson who just happens to be a far right wing enthusiast who hates anything government run. His rants were entertaining, but they also made a great deal of sense and got me thinking. Jackson, although slightly annoying, is hard not to like. His family is just as captivating. He has an infuriating sister who makes my top 5 list of characters I hate (she's that annoying/awful) The characters throughout this book are well thought out and keep things interesting. There is such a wide range of personalities in their lives it reminded me of my own.

Shriver approaches a serious topic -the price of health care in the Unites States- in an upfront, no nonsense way. Both Shep and Jackson face bankruptcy even though they both have insurance. It goes to show the ridiculousness of the system and how it influences medical decisions. "how much is a life worth" is just one question trying to be answered in this novel. There is little romance in this book, but when it shows up, it is very sweet. Shep's marriage seemed very realistic to me, and I appreciated the dynamics between husband and wife that weren't picture perfect or even perfect the majority of the time. These two had issues, but doesn't everyone?

While Shriver writes in the way that creates pictures in my head, she also can come off as a bit too stuffy. Using words and phrases that no one would ever speak aloud made me skim over some explanations and conversations. There were also a lot of very rare diseases and things happening that I doubt really happens to someone all at once.

In the end, I read a book to enjoy myself, not to change my outlook on political or social issues. I don't think the ending could be anymore perfect, and was probably my favorite part. How she ended the story left me satisfied. This book entertained me and made me a fan of Lionel Shriver. Because of this book I read We Need to Talk About Kevin, which blew me away (review pending). I am not a picky reader, but that being said, I still really liked this book.


Editing Douche

Wow I have dealt with some of the stupidest people today.

First of all, when you are in a group of 8 working on a video maybe you shouldn't be an ass and edit all by yourself for 40 minutes while everyone else is just sitting around doing nothing. You're controlling issues need to be worked out somewhere other than the classroom. Thanks douche. 

Next, Salt Lake Community College: You are a freaking joke. Demanding proof that I graduated high school? Umm is the fact that I have attended two ACTUAL Universities not count? I am sorry that most of your attendees are high school drop outs and the fact that you now have to have a policy that makes sure the applicant has graduated high school is pretty pathetic. I just need to take a damn math class from you. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop flattering yourself into thinking I want to spend the rest of my days in your buildings, I JUST NEED A MATH CREDIT. 

I have such a bad attitude toward school right now, it's really not helping anything. Also, I have a test next week and have NO clue what I am doing. I guess that is what happens when I go to class but just plug in my headphones and not even hear what the professor is saying. 

Did I mentioned I'm annoyed? At least tonight we are having family over for dessert for Bart's birthday (don't worry, a birthday post is pending). Rootbeer Floats and my failure of a cake? (also post pending) what could be better?



My sister Katie posted THIS and tagged me soo....here I go!


1) Post the rules.
2) Post a photo and 11 random things about you.
3) Answer questions.
4) Ask questions.
5) Tag.

1: I look on Pinterest and sometimes wish I was that crafty
2: I came extremely close to quitting my job this week...like, one-phone-call-away close.
3: I hate going to Lehi because I'm still afraid to run into people I went to high school with.
4: I'm nervous about the Dirty Dash in June, what if I can't run the whole thing?
5: I like to lick the bowl, spoon and mixer after I make cake.
6: I leave extra batter on the bowl, spoon and mixer. :)
7: I don't know how to relax.
8: I should be doing homework, but am clearly procrastinating.
9: My wrists suck. They hurt all the time now.
10: I'm high maintenance when it comes to movie theaters, bedtime, and neighbors.
11: I suck at accomplishing my goals

1:  What is something weird you do when you are alone?
 I don't like wearing clothes, I try to avoid it at all costs. 
2:  How have you changed in the past 2 years?
 I take life a little more seriously, put more trust in love, and appreciate my family more than ever.

3:  What was your last argument about?  Who was it with?
 It was with Bart last night. We argued about how I "throw" my phone on the floor. Except I don't throw it, I just drop it....so we argued. :)

4:  What was your favorite month in the past year?  Why?
 June 2011. It was after our wedding so I didn't have to worry about any of that, and it was the first of summer.
5:  A book you love and why.
 I love The Book Thief. It is written so creatively (the narrator is Death) it makes me think in a whole new way
6:  Do you like who you are right now?  If not, then what would you want to improve?
 I love who I am right now, and the people I have who have helped me become this person. There is always room for improvement though.
7:  Are there specific songs you listen to when you are in a certain mood?  What are they?
 SHEDAISY!! Because I am still a 12 year old at heart. 
8:  What makes you happy?
 Bart. Days off. Sunshine. Clean house. Seeing results from hard work. Doing well in school.
9:  If you had to live in the same place for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
 I have no idea!
10:  Why do you have a blog?
 Because I love to write. And sometimes I have funny things to say.
11:  What do you hope will happen in the next 30 days?
 MY VACATION!! and Spring time

your questions:
1. What is one of your pet peeves?
2. What is something cool you learned this past week?
3. Do you prefer big or small marshmallows in your hot chocolate?
4. If you had 24 hours all by yourself, with no phone or internet, what would you do?
5. What do you love about yourself?
6. Chocolate or Vanilla? Sweet or Salty?
7. What hurts your feelings the most?
8. What do you do when you are trying to put off something you need to do?
9. What do you wish you got recognition for, but don't?
10. Do you live to work, or work to live?
11. Let's be honest, do blondes have more fun?

 sarah g


Day Off

Bart told me I needed to relax today, so what have I done? 

Not a damn thing.


Pinky Promise

Sometimes I have to spend my Spring Break in the library finishing a project. It kinda sucks, but it went rather smoothly today. At this moment I have both of my braces on my wrists, making it somewhat difficult to type, my brain/body is also really really tired so that is making it somewhat difficult to type as well.

So I went to the professional cosmetology store to get some color and other needed things, and I felt like a 45 year old hair stylist who didn't know anything. I didn't recognize any of the color lines that were being sold.
I don't buy color for 6 months and everything gets changed on me? Once upon a time I really loved doing color, now not so much. I still really like doing it for my friends and family, but I am just glad I don't have to do it to anyone else because there are so many ways a hair color job could go wrong.

Speaking of hair color jobs, mine is ugly and fading and I need to do something about it ASAP. I also need to do something about my foggy tired brain.

I am also sucking up the photo a day thing, I will get caught up tomorrow. pinky promise.


In-N-Out Burger

Strawberry Shakes.

Need I say more?


PC-MAC Showdown

No school for a whole week! (which only equals 2 days for me but still, it's a big deal)
I also didn't tell work I have no school (Caitlin, don't tell on me) so I have Tuesday and Thursday all to myself. And by that I mean I have to do a complete project for my convergence class because I lost ALL my footage.
-note to self, do NOT plug in camera to PC when doing all your work on a MAC-
why can't these two just get along? Because their constant fighting screws me over big time. So while everyone else is gallivanting off I will be up on campus doing my project. gross.

I was a total beast in my classes today, because I really need a vacation. Spring Break seems to come at the perfect time! Even though I won't be going anywhere next week, Bart and I are planning on going on an adventure during HIS Spring Break which is April 1-7 so get ready for those plans (which aren't made yet).  I sat outside on campus in the sun today for a few hours because I had time to spare and I was NOT going to spend in on a computer. It was incredible feeling that sun on my face, I think I even got a little sun burned! What a fabulous feeling, I can't wait for spring, the sun always makes me a happy happy girl.

I talked to an adviser today and if all goes according to plan I will graduate in DECEMBER! I can't contain my excitement. I thought maybe I will just take an easy load for two semesters and graduate in May, and then I came to my senses and thought screw that, I will just finish in December.

 9 months, I can make it 9 months....right?


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