3 coats of paint and 3am

I've been wide awake since 2:40 this morning. 

(This FB post explains it all:)
2yo *wakes up crying and screaming
Mom *goes into check
2yo *has foot straight up in the air and is crying "boo boo!" 
Mom *kisses top of foot
2yo * immediately passes out 
Mom *wide awake for rest of night 

I tossed and turned in bed for about an hour, and then I came downstairs to put another coat on the dresser drawers I'm repainting. The stuff claimed it only takes 2 coats. I'm on coat 3 and it will need HOPEFULLY just 1 more. 

The struggle is real when it comes to anything crafty. Last night in bed I was complaining to Bart saying "it's supposed to be fool proof! Anyone can do it!" And he said

"Ya know a box of gloves used to say One Size Fits All...and then they changed it to One Size Fits Most....?"

So...apparently the "One Size" doesn't fit my craft-challenged hands. *sigh*

Also- side note. If you try to pour paint out of the can into a tray at 3:45am you'll probably spill a little...or a lot. 😇

You probably don't know this- but I used to suffer from pretty bad insomnia. It hit its peak in college. After I got married it got better, and when I was treated for Hashimotos it almost completely went away. 

And then I had a baby and my post-partum depression made it so I couldn't sleep at night, even when my baby was sleeping 4-6 hours. 

Now (after almost 2 years of living with my angel baby who is a wonderful sleeper 99% of the time) my problem is being able to fall back asleep after I've been totally woken up. This morning is an example of that. And as I lay in bed willing my crazy brain to shut down I couldn't help but get some anxiety over the fact that in 2 months or less I'll be back to "waking up" multiple times a night (even though with M I never fully was ever able to go back to sleep during those nights). 3am anxiety is just THE BEST. 

I'm just really hoping that maybe this time will be different and I'll learn how to sleep for 1-2 hour blocks while he does. But I'm also just really excited to have him here and meet him. No sleep and all. 

I know the next 2 months are going to fly by and he's going to be here before we know it! I have absolutely no idea what to expect or how I'm going to have 2 kids. But I know it will all work out and it will be awesome. I also know that in about 2.5 months I'll be looking back at this post telling my past self to get over the fact that I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. It's all about perspective isn't it? 


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