6 Cups of Flour

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cooking? How bad I am at it? I know a lot of people say that but seriously, I am and it's getting really annoying.

I tried to make Lemon Bars today and they taste horrible. I then decided to make Snickerdoodles because I remember those being pretty tasty and I have never made them before. Fun idea right?!?!? WRONG.

First of all, they should have a warning label put on recipes that say in nice bold letters IF YOU MAKE THIS WITH THE AMOUNTS INDICATED BELOW, YOU WILL BE MAKING FOUR THOUSAND COOKIES.

Seriously?!?! Who needs this many cookies? This recipe could feed the whole city of Murray and lets be honest, not that many people like these cookies anyway. This was an entry in a work recipe book I got from my mom and I want to hunt this lady down and shove snickerdoodles down her throat.  I didn't realize until I looked at the instructions and it is telling me to put in 6 CUPS of flour that this was a large recipe. Now I realize that was my bad for not noticing before I was midway through my little project from hell but I'm not good at this remember?

Also, I freaking hate cold butter. HATE it.Hate hate hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY.  I had to use my hands pioneer style to mix the butter and sugar because my big fancy KitchenAid couldn't do it so of course I got butter and sugar all over my freshly cleaned floor. (That's another reason why I hate cooking, I make such a big mess) So as I am mixing in those 6 pounds of flour I am kicking myself and looking over at the clock to see if I am even going to have time to finish all of this before I have to be to work at 3.

Let's just say it will be pushing it, and there may or may not be some cookie dough in my freezer by the end of this. Luckily each batch just cooks for 10 minutes but still, there are like a thousand batches to cook soo.....time adds up. This is really making me hate snickerdoodles, I will probably never want to eat them again. Did you know you have to scoop up the extremely sticky dough into a ball and then roll it around in cinnamon sugar? Yeah, not as easy as it sounds, I finally got my system down but the whole time I was doing it all I was thinking about was this blog post and how much I hate cooking. As we speak I am waiting for cookies to finish and apparently 10 minutes is not long enough.

Dear Bart,

I apologize that the laundry is laid out all over our bed not folded and the towels are chillin in the dryer. I was too busy attempting to entertain myself and doing the worst thing I probably could do with my morning off. I wrote this blog post for you because lets be honest, I wasn't about to text you all of this and by the time I get home from work tonight I will probably be over it. Also, will you please eat about 40 cookies tonight so we have some space in our fridge for oh, i don't know, milk? Thanks pookie bear.

Love, Megan.

Lemon Bars

I don't really know what to do without school happening. I woke up at 7 this morning and despite feeling a little shitty, I still cleaned my house, did laundry and made Lemon Bars and it's only 10:30 a.m. What am I supposed to do for the next 5 hours? I already watched three shows so I think I am all caught up (dang you TV winter break). What I really need is a good book. I would rather spend hours reading a book than watching TV. Or I could take up a hobby of some sort. Except I probably wouldn't get very far with that because once the semester starts again I will have no time and that said hobby will be shoved in the back of my closet. This time of year everyone is making cute treats and Christmas cards and gifts for the neighbors...except me. I told Bart I will start to attempt doing those things next Christmas when I am finished with school. Starting 2013 I will be a good crafty chef type wife  

(HA ya right.)

Moral of the story?

I need to learn how to relax.



 The best thing about winter? 
I can be wearing the same thing in every picture I take and it's OKAY!  
(Well, at least it's okay to me.)

This weekend was so much fun. I will be working every day except Sunday's for the next two weeks so it was nice to have a little time off. The drive to Boise = a lot of time in the car, but it's okay, we make things entertaining. Bart bet me that I couldn't be silent for an hour so of course I was silent for an hour, earning myself a PEDICURE. BOO YA. As soon as the hour started Bart kept asking me questions trying to mess me up. He has never wanted to talk to me so much! As a way of entertainment we played the "I am going on Vacation and taking a _____" game where each person has to come up with a new something to take on vacation that starts with the letters in the alphabet. Bart and my brother and I dominated at that game coming up with some pretty funny stuff. Let's see if I can remember them. We played two games so I will give you the best ones from both games

I am going on a vacation and I am taking a(n)...
Avalanche kit
Clump of Dirt
Elephant vest with the trunk as the hood
Finger painting Set
Good Book
Happy Wife
Jack in the Box Gift Card
Kelvin Thermometor
Long rope
Moose tracks ice cream
Nocturnal Child
Owl Watching Kit
Panda Bear slippers with the nose as the toes
Rumplestiltskin Bobble Head Doll
Seething Snake
Transparent Passport
Underground aquifer detection device
Very very very violent Scentsy candle
Walrus shaped roll-y backpack
X-ray technician course book
Zipper repair kit


Paper: done. Mystery Smell: gone.

Sometimes I underestimate what a little prayer to the Big Guy upstairs can do. It's not that I don't believe I am being heard or am missing the faith that is required, I just don't expect the things that I sometimes get. What am I talking about? No, I didn't solve world peace or hunger, but I did finish my final paper for my final class so this semester is officially over.

Now, anyone who knows me should know that writing papers isn't hard for me. I can bust something out in a few hours or less and have it be quality. I also don't usually stress about a paper becuase I know once my juices get flowing in my brain I will be good to go.

This wasn't the case for this last paper though. I have been putting it off, mostly because other things were due before this was, but also because I am not a pro in the subject and was nervous about it. I became a little less nervous when I realized last night that the paper I thought was 7 pages only had to be 3-4 but I still wasn't feeling too confident.

How and why has the state (defined broadly to include any level of government) intervened to manipulate, shape or change sexuality or sexuality practices in the U.S.?
Topics to consider:
Slavery, prostitution, sex work
Lynching, rape, incest and domestic violence
Disease prevention like syphilis and AIDS

Birth control, sterilization eugenics and abortion
Identity formations like homosexuality and heterosexuality

Not too daunting right? Considering the fact that we have been talking about all of these things all semester long I didn't think it would bee too big of an issue. Of course we had to base our paper on the 32167 pages that were assigned to us throughout the year and make those articles "talk to each other" but even then, a pretty basic assignment.

But for some reason last night I could NOT get anything to come out of my head. After two hours of misery in which I ended up on the floor of our office staring up at the ceiling, I took a break that lasted the rest of the night, determined to finish it this morning.

Then of course morning came and I spent between the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. deep cleaning/scrubbing/organizing my house because there was a mystery smell that was bothering me (but only me, because Bart couldn't smell it). 

When I finally made my over to my current seat in front of the computer I bowed my head, folded my arms and closed my eyes and said a little prayer. After a little mishap of not being able to turn on the monitor (don't judge me, it's a new computer) I was able to write my paper within the hour and it is dang good if I say so myself.

I know that my Heavenly Father was watching over me today, helping me reach into my little brain and finish this semester.


Silent Night

Classes are over! How fabulous is that? Now I just have some papers I can write (which lets be honest, I can whip out a paper like a BAMF so I'm not too worried).

Holiday Festivities start tomorrow with a visit to Temple Square! Can't wait. Even though there is no snow on the ground, Temple Square is still a classic event.

Also, I just found out my BFF will be in town visiting next week!! Best news ever.

p.s. Bart is really hard to shop for. I mean come on how much Aggie stuff can one person want/need/handle?


all dogs can go to hell

so our neighbors upstairs have a dog.

as most of you should know, I hate dogs.

this said dog, (who I hate not only because it's a dog, but a dog who barks) is goin down.

the precious puppy was barking all night last night starting at 10 pm then 12 am then 2 am and by then my hatred for this dog was more than my hatred for any other dog.

so the good news? why is this dog goin down? because I reported it to the apartment manager and she said that if it doesn't shut its pie hole by the weekend that pooch is outta here!

so even though I am trying to write 23048 pages for finals and the dog is barking away i'm not upset, because it's only a matter of time before that puppy is bye-bye. *evil grin*


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