Leap Year

How could I not write a blog post on February 29?

I am attempting to watch all the footage I have taken for my project, and stupid Windows Media Player keeps crashing. I LOVE technology!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I also have a To-Do list 11 things long. That might not seem like a lot, but I'm realizing it's probably going to take me all day. Maybe it's because I am blogging right now. Even though in my defense I am only writing when WMP is frozen so I am really just multitasking.  

So lets see, last Leap Year was February 2008

Which means I was still in High School (gross) and by that I mean I was taking English every other day in the morning out in the trailer things so I didn't even have to set foot in my high school. Why was this so great? Well because every time I had to walk into that school that year I pretty much wanted to throw up with anxiety so....trailers were my best friend.

I was also attending Capelli, my home for 2,000 hours and the main thing that kept me going in 2008.

It's crazy how just 4 years can change EVERYTHING

I never would have thought back in 2008:

That I would be married to my perfect person and that boy who broke my heart wouldn't matter.

That those friendships I was making at Capelli would last and those memories would become some of my most treasured.

That I would be almost done with a bachelors degree in something that I am actually pretty good at.

That my relationship with my mom would be better than it has ever been.

2008 was an interesting year. But I have to say, the 4 years since then have turned out pretty great. 


Even More S%$@ Bart Says

B: I am going to one-up you until you die and then I'll die first

B: You can't just tell everything right away, you have to make the reader wait for it
M: Not in news writing
B: Well news writers are like whores, they give it all up right up front

B: I didn't spend thousands of dollars on my education just to have you ask me questions.

B: I'll just put our kid in diapers until they can make it through the first half without going to the bathroom

B: Now you're going to have to get me something awesome, like Robert Turbin's autograph...or his baby, either one

M: Is it open?
B: Well ya babe, it's a gas station
M: Well it just looks deserted
B: Yeah, because we are in the middle of nowhere
(p.s. the gas station WAS closed)

M: Metro-sexual is not Homosexual
B: Well it is right next door


Teaching Moments

you know those days when you have a ton to do but it ends up being a completely unproductive day and not really because you did anything wrong?

yeah. that's my day today. For the past 3.5 hours I have been wallowing in the LNCO building going from computer lab to getting a juice in the building across the yard to chair in lobby and back to computer lab. I am in the middle of a project where I need to record my narration for my audio story but the information I need has yet to be answered by my person. my person also bailed out on an interview later tonight which means I am meeting with him tomorrow and am going to have to finish my project then.

so why 3.5 hours? Well because my video production class (which is 329874 times better than the class I took at USU. really old guy who is bitter about the changing technology world verses young guy who is submersed in that change, which would you prefer? ) Anyway, we are also in the middle of a project but my group and I didn't really need any class time so....class went by pretty quick today. Luckily for me, this one professor was able to help me with a little problem I have been having with my audio project for my other class. He saved the day.

so moral of this story?

I woke up early today for no reason
I brought all my recording shiz for no reason
I drove to school today and paid for parking to carry said equipment for no reason
I had nothing to do for 4 out of the 6 hours I have been on campus
My to-do list is still really long

Luckily I have the WHOLE day off tomorrow to do all of these things
I may or may not treat myself to a pedicure.

p.s. I FINALLY learned how to spell volunteer. No joke, I could never spell it before last night's "Teaching Moment with Bart"
hmm...maybe I will create a blog post series about that too.....


Alma 7:23

Bart and I were having scripture study when we came across this scripture:

Alma 7:23

And now I would that ye should be humble and be submissive and gentle; easy to be entreated; full of patience and long-suffering; being temperate in all things; being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times; asking for whatsoever things ye stand in need, both spiritual and temporal; always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive.

This scripture really stuck out to me tonight. I wonder why in the list of things we should do -be humble, submissive, patient, diligent- that asking for what we need, spiritually and temporally, is on that list. Isn't that cool? The fact that we are commanded to ask for things? I think maybe sometimes we may feel like we shouldn't ask for temporal things because we don't want to seem greedy or worldly or prideful, but I don't think God sees it that way. I think as long as we realize that EVERYTHING we have is a blessing from Him, He is more than happy to help us out.

Bart and I have been blessed both spiritually and temporally more than I ever expected, and I know it all comes from God, and I am thankful for everything we have. I am also thankful to know that God wants us to ask for his help. it's a pretty great thing.


Happy Wednesday

I think I love Wednesdays. 

About a month ago I told my boss at wok that I can't come in until 5 on Wednesdays (this would allow me to have pretty much a full day to focus on school projects since every other day of the week I am occupied from 9-5 or 7-7.) It has worked out perfectly, mostly because my projects aren't taking up that much time yet so I get to spend Wednesdays cleaning my house, reading my choice of book, spending quality time at the gym (when no one is there, which makes it that much better) and doing school work.

I ran 3 miles today, I was pretty proud. I have really short legs though so I run really slow, except it doesn't feel slow to me, because of those short legs I mentioned. So it took me 40 minutes to run it. At minute 20 I was done with this running idea but I kept telling myself okay just get to 25....30...(at this point I pick up the pace a little bit so I could make the 3 mile mark by minute 40.) The last 10 minutes were really tough, but I did it! I felt pretty proud of myself, and even sang in the shower when I got home.

Also, I LOVE Bart. I set up $40 worth of small candles all around our apartment last night trying to be romantic and the first thing he says? "Isn't this a fire hazard?" Typical.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Love to Love Love

Happy Day of Love everyone!

Oh Valentines Day, what drama you bring.

I happen to be in love (surprise!!)
I happen to be in love with a man who is like 89% of men out there who hates V-Day
I happen to be in love with a man who treats me like it's V-Day most days out of the year
I happen to be a girl who loves flowers and candy and romance
I happen to be a girl who doesn't care if I get these things on February 14
Would I complain if I got said things?
Of course not.
Will Bart be in trouble tonight when he gets home from Parent-Teacher Conference after a 12+ hr day and doesn't have flowers and gifts in hand?
Of course not.

I said this last year, and I just think I will say it again:

So many people hate Valentines day and I don't really understand it. If you love someone, buy them a dang flower, if you aren't in love, get over it and buy yourself a flower. Mothers Day and Easter are just as commercialized but you never hear anyone complaining about that. Not having a Valentine isn't the end of the world and crying about it only makes you look more pathetic. Embrace being single, or embrace the person you love (good one I know). And if all else fails, take advantage of the awesome candy selection that is in the front of every store. 

-Feb 14, 2011

I think people just love to hate Valentines Day. It's a day for people (including Bart) to complain about the retail industry and how stupid "the world" is. Let's be honest, Valentines Day isn't going anywhere, so maybe we should all just cheer up and learn to love it?



Okay I take it back, I am still going to write my magazine article on Sex Education.

I read about a BILL being presented that wants to take away all talk of contraception in schools.

Maybe it's because I am the wife of a health teacher, but this is the worst idea they could come up with. Not only will this NOT help stop kids from having sex, it will increase their chances of getting and spreading STD's. Let's be honest. Kids in high school and junior high are going to have sex. I'm not saying it's right, or that we should just be okay with it, but people need to stop ignoring it too. It's going to happen. wouldn't you rather have your children know what condoms are so they don't get pregnant or sick? "Well it is something that should be taught in the home" okay well guess what, it's NOT being taught in the home because parents are in denial that their child may or may not eventually have sex before they get married.

Ignoring something won't make it go away. It should be taught at home, AND at school.

Am I wrong?


germ free zone

I woke up at 10 this morning after taking 2 Simply Sleep and I just laid in bed, waiting for the sick feeling I had all day yesterday to start up but guess what? It didn't. So I immediately jumped out of bed and went crazy, i scrubbed everything and did all my laundry, trying to get rid of all the germs that have had a place to call home this past month.
By 11:30 I went to the gym. I haven't been able to go for a full week and I was feeling pretty worthless. Bad idea? maybe, because as I was on the elliptical reading my textbook i started to feel sick again so after 30 minutes i came home, took a shower and at this point I was feeling crappy. I laid down on top of my freshly laundered bed and took a 2 hour nap....and now I feel better. 
it's already 3:30, the day went by really fast, I guess that is what happens when I wake up at 10 instead of my usual 6:30! I kinda like it...
I have to go to work at 5 so i am really hoping i dont get sick again. all i have eaten today is toast and peaches so if that upsets my stomach i don't think there is anything that wont.
I missed two days of school and i am kind of freaking out. its funny how i can go from missing class all the time to getting anxious when i miss any class at all. bart reminded me that i missed a lot of class last semester because of surgery so i should be okay...hopefully that's the case.
also, my stupid magazine project is going to be the death of me. my idea for writing about sex education and teen pregnancy fell through so now i am back to square one, which is not a good place to be at this point. i am hoping an idea will just come to me....but that hasn't happened yet. 

anywho...here are some pictures from our super bowl party!


goddess in a room full of pigs

thursday morning: woke up feeling sickish, skipped school. watched lots of TV

friday: woke up feeling like shit, still had to go to work for 7 hours. i was extrememly high on cold medicine (who knew that stuff was so powerful? not me) I feel bad for my customers because I was a little loco. i then came home and attempted to sleep

saturday: woke up feeling worse than shit, it's disgusting how much crap is in my sinuses right now. it makes me want to barf. i finally had a saturday off and how did i spend it? watching Law and Order SVU, taking multiple naps and continued to be in a hazy-drugged state of being. i also ate Panda Express, so that was cool.

sunday: working my way through a second roll of toilet paper for blowing my nose. attend a work meeting where Bart came to take a work picture. the result? after meeting my coworkers:  Bart, "How does it make you feel to know you are a Goddess in a room full of pigs?" he is so sweet. i come home and take a nap which helps, i am avoiding cold medicine at this point since i have to be around family later. we go to the super bowl party where i eat a lot, but not too much, and have a good time.

monday: here i am, still can't breathe through my nose, my roll of toilet paper getting smaller and smaller, my nose getting redder and redder. I have to go to work soon, but at least i am coherent.

how was YOUR weekend?


a cold and flu production

  i am missing classes for the first time this semester and it feels kinda dirty. i have some sort of cold/flu again and Bart told me to stay home so....here i stayed.
               I dont know what I will be doing all day long, but I am planning on being somewhat productive. My semester is about to get really challenging so I am trying to prepare for it the best way I can. having semester long projects has its perks, but having a semester long project in all my classes is a little tricky.
      I am excited for my topics. for my Convergence Journalism class (basically like my Bootcamp class I took up at USU) we have one topic and have to report on it in all the different mediums. i chose to do the non profit organization Running Forward. It was started by a student here at the U and it sounds like an awesome program, I am excited to work with them.
           For my long feature magazine article I want to write about teen pregnancy and sex education in school and if there is a link between them. I work with a girl who also works with pregnant teens and she said she could get me interviews with a few of them. I am kind of intimidated by this topic, but I think it has serious potential to be B.A.
   Then I have my video production class that I am less worried about, but have a group project which always sucks. and then of course my Music class aka the class from hell is what I think I will be mostly working on today.

i'll see if i can squeeze a nap in there somewhere.



so wanna know one of the great things about exercising regularly? no? too bad. i found 4 different pairs of jeans in the back of my closet and guess what ? they fit again!! it's like going shopping all over again.

i am totally diggin this new situation.


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