on the rest of the days of Christmas

Christmas week was amazing filled with family and friends and fun adventures. I have pictures, but that would mean I need to log out of my current email and log into a different email to post them and I don't want to do that. Christmas is such a magical time and despite family drama and icy roads it's the time of year we all look forward to.

Now that the week is over it's time to throw out the old wrapping, put away the decorations and look forward to a new year. I just wrote on the last page of my current journal. This journal is one I started back in March of 2009! Almost 4 years of memories. I was obviously sucking it up in the writing department, but I'm glad I was able to fill it up. No offense blogging world but there is nothing quite like writing down your feelings and experiences on paper.

I'm going to get a massage tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! One full hour of the therapist working on my upper body is just what the doctor ordered. I'm not even taking off my pants so they realize I'm serious about this focus-on-my-shoulders-thing.

oh and by the way, I'm kind of over this winter thing. I know it's only looked and felt like winter for the past week, but I have been thinking about Summer and it's making me miss it! I love the winter, but I could go for some Summer rays right about now.


on the 2nd day of Christmas

on the 2nd day of Christmas

my BFF came to visit me! We exchanged gifts ( i got another charm for my Pandora bracelet ) and then we went to Sacrament Meeting to listen to the Christmas program. I love Christmas songs and it was a perfect way to start off the next few days!

and of course there was hot chocolate involved. Bart's throat likes hot over cold so he has been having a few glasses each day, and I can't let him suffer through that alone right?? I had this HUGE canycane that I added to the mix making it delish.

The Bowen's 2012 Christmas Card

Happy holidays! We just wanted to update everyone we love, and anybody else who cyber stalks us, on how our year went. We meant to finish this earlier and send it out, but Bart has been stricken with Mono and is rendered useless until further notice.

                The year started out great. Megan was in her second semester at the University of Utah and Bart was halfway through his first year of teaching, contemplating his life choices. He soon realized teaching is about 15% inspiring young minds and 85% punishing the little &%$@ who disrupt the class. We regularly argue who is to blame for the bad behavior of these kids. Bart says it’s the parents while Megan says it’s the children.

Our upstairs neighbors and their small yapping dog finally moved out…followed quickly by an even larger more annoying dog. Our apartment adventures have been memorable to say the least. We live in a place invested with dog owners who have no time for their dogs, and so these dogs bark and cry all day long. We regularly dream about giving a bacon sponge to the dog downstairs, but have had self-control so far. This has further encouraged us to start thinking about buying a house, which will hopefully be in next year’s Christmas letter.

We decided to take a vacation in the early spring to California. On our way we discovered a little town where the people are literally outnumbered by livestock 7:1. At this point we were lost on our journey. Bart was willing to stop for directions but there was not a soul to be found and let’s be honest, cows aren’t that friendly.

Angel’s Camp, CA was a great place to vacation….if you’re collecting social security and have a subscription to AARP. We stayed for 4 days. Our trip later took us to San Francisco but we only stayed one day because come on, what would a young couple like us have to do in the “Paris of the West?” After biking from the pier across the Golden Gate bridge and back (which only took us 2 hours), we decided not to stop for lunch to save us money on the rental fees…but Bart was quickly reminded  how Megan gets when she’s hungry, and looking back he would have gladly paid the extra fees. After fighting a herd of retirees for a table at the local chowder shop, we decided to head back to our hotel for a nap (because remember, we’re 80 years old).  We were pleasantly surprised by the location and classiness until we got to our “room” which was really just a bed squeezed into a 5x5 closet and yes, that included the bathroom. We decided to tour the city at night, which left us incredibly lost for a few hours…but we got to see the side of San Fran that few tourists ever get to see.

The summer was an exciting time for us this year. Bart was a coach for Kearns High School Football which meant Megan became very familiar with the bleachers and Bart was socially absent for most of the season. Megan also got her first grown up job as a morning producer for ABC4. We are both feeling very blessed that we have jobs we love. The rest of the summer was spent running. Bart started training for a half marathon and Megan started watching Bart train for a half marathon. He completed it under his goal time and lost 30 pounds in the training process.  
We really do live in a great location. We love the area. It’s close to work and more importantly, close to the mall! In an unrelated note we will be pushing back the purchase of a house.

Since Megan is now working full time she’s napping a lot more, but the naps kind of suck since she really hates the couch. Bart however still enjoys taking naps as often as possible.

Many things happened in the political world and Bart was so happy to announce that this was “our first election in love”. A very exciting time in the Bowen household! In other social news….Megan thinks it’s stupid that women are wearing pants to church to send a message. Bart was all for supporting it except his disability prevented him from realizing his “purple” tie was blue.

Megan is still a student and finds joy in going to class (HA!) She finally learned how to spell available and resturaunt….resturant…restarount? Moving on…        
                During this season of giving Bart wants an iPad for Christmas and Megan wants new couches. But hey, we don’t always get what we want right? Just two days into Bart’s Christmas break he finds out he has mono and should be resting for the next 3 weeks. Bart is keeping busy by taking pictures of his nasty infected tonsils and sending them to random family members. On the plus side we have plenty of pudding, applesauce and soup in the house.

                All jokes aside, Merry Christmas everyone! We have missed our friends who have moved away, and enjoy living so close to our families. We are truly blessed and during this time of year we are grateful for our happy and fulfilling lives. We wish all of you the best and a Happy New Year!

On the 4th & 3rd day of Christmas

Wow I am really struggling with this whole post-a-day thing! I always have good intentions but at the end of the day, my pillow > my blog.

On the 4th day of Christmas

work was stressful and I had a 10 hour day, but I got through the week and that's what I'm proud of! it was Bart's first day of Christmas break but he was still sick so he spent the day in bed with hot cocoa, ibuprofen and Netflix. Since Bart was out of commission I went to City Creek Center with my sister and did some last minute shopping. I am pretty much done, but she hadn't started yet (she's my father's daughter :). It's nice to go shopping with someone who actually likes it, who knew?! I really enjoy City Creek, even if 80% of the stores are out of my price range!

On the 3rd day of Christmas

we found out Bart has Mono. We took him to the instacare since his tonsils were swollen to the point he couldn't eat, and he kept getting random fevers and other weird symptoms. After telling the doctor he was sick the week earlier for a few days he tested him for Mono and BAM he was right. This doctor wasn't an idiot either, it was a Christmas Miracle! It was probably the most pleasant doctor experience I've ever had and I wasn't even the patient!

I dropped Bart off at home and went to get his prescription and find food that doesn't require much chewing (pudding, apple sauce, yogurt and soup are on the menu for the next few weeks). I also picked up some Lysol wipes. I know it might be pointless, but I scrubbed my apartment as best I could to hopefully clear some of the germs away. I know at this point I have been exposed to Bart and his germs for long enough that if I'm going to get sick, there's not much I can do about it at this point, but that doesn't stop a girl from trying! So now my apartment smells like Lysol and Pinesol instead of death and that makes me feel a little better.


On the 7th 6th and 5th day of Christmas

on the 7th day of Christmas

we saw Savoir of the World at the Conference Center.
It was beautiful. When the little children angels went on stage I thought of those children in Connecticut. It was nice to participate in something that reminds everyone the true meaning of Christmas 

on the 6th day of Christmas

I made treats! See post HERE. it was so much fun and even Bart asked the questions "since when did you become domesticated?" baby steps I say! baby steps

on the 5th day of Christmas

Bart is sick again. He's back to having a fever and being a crazy person. Last night he was my insta-heater which was nice, but I hate that he's sick. Tomorrow is his first day of Christmas break so hopefully he'll be able to rest and get feeling better for the weekend festivities.


once you pop the fun don't stop

so back in September I went to the dentist, and since then it's been like a Pringle commercial, the fun just hasn't stopped!

I went back today for the 7th time and guess what? i have to go back tomorrow! 8 times in less than 4 months.

it's funny really. right? this is funny? i'm going to laugh and "fake it 'till I make it" at this point because honestly I don't know what else to do.

...except maybe never go back to the dentist....


on the 8th day of Christmas

i'm having a blogger brain freeze. it could be because i've been sitting on the couch for most of the afternoon with Bart enjoying our really crappy couch....or because my mind is filled with plenty of other things.

i really love my job but adjusting to this new schedule has been hard. what's the point of having a great schedule if I get less things done? I now work 6-2:30 which means I have the whole afternoon and evening open to check things off my to-do list. except that list doesn't ever get checked off. i'm too tired to do anything. I mean waking up at 5 a.m. really isn't that bad! It doesn't matter if I get 7 or 8 or 12 hours of sleep I still have a hard time having any energy left over. it doesn't help that it gets dark by 5 p.m. but I still wish I could figure something out.

so here I am, on the 8th day of Christmas with nothing to say. I'll try again tomorrow!


on the 10th & 9th day of Christmas

I know I know the idea of this "12 days of Christmas" thing is so there is a daily post, but it's been a busy weekend!

on the 10th day of Christmas

The Aggies won the Potato Bowl! 41-15

we headed up to Boise Friday night to spend the weekend with the rest of Aggie Nation. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time! We were able to watch the game with family in one of the suites at Bronco Stadium. Hanging out with my grandpa was one of my favorite parts of the day!

NCAA All American Phil Olsen (Merlin Olsen's Younger Bro)

bad exposure, but my G-pa is smiling so I couldn't leave it out :)

On the 9th day of Christmas

we headed home from Boise, but not before visiting my nieces!

on another note...I have officially become a road-trippin master. We only made one break each the entire way to and from Boise, and it was for gas, not because I needed a bathroom break! Bart was so proud. Also, jam sessions happen on the regular in the Bowen car--we're kind of fun.


on the 11th day of Christmas

*note. this was written early before any details had been released*

Earlier today someone (or someones) opened fire at an elementary school. This is such a heartbreaking story i'm getting teary eyed at work. there are very few confirmed details, but one thing we know for sure is hundreds of families will be forever affected by this horrible act.

today for my Christmas post I just want to be thankful for all the goodness and kindness in the world. i know it's hard to see it when we're watching the news, but there is more good than bad in our lives. the evil on this Earth wins if we stop believing in the good. So be kind today, tell your family you love them, forgive your enemies, and be thankful for what you have.

on the 12th day of Christmas

*i'm such a great blogger..i started this yesterday but never got a chance to finish it. i'm already behind! maybe this wasn't such a good idea....*

Hey everyone! I am getting more and more excited for Christmas! Have I mentioned I love this time of year?? I wanted to do some blogging over the next 12 days to celebrate. I will be making the "themed" posts as I go along so they may or may not be lame...

we'll start off nice and generic this morning to get things going "12 things I love about Christmas"

(not in any particular order)

  1. R&B and Pop Holiday Pandora station (dont judge)
  2. Christmas themed boxes of chocolate..as if the red sleeve makes it more okay to eat your heart out
  3. my days off (this is a first for me...i'll let you know how it goes)
  4. getting in the spirit of giving and finding that perfect gift for someone
  5. wrapping said gifts with my skills that improve every year
  6. Christmas lights 
  7. family parties
  8. cuddling up next to the tree with some hot cocoa
  9. hot cocoa in general (not just a Christmas thing, but that's usually when i drink it)
  10. it's a time that makes it that much easier to remember Christ
  11. making cookies, gingerbread houses and Christmas candies
  12. Spending time with the people I love the most!

Bart and I have also decided to write a Christmas Newsletter (Bowen style) so stay tuned for that! :)


There's a crazy man in my bed

Well Bart is officially sick aka INSANE. he takes cold medicine and all logic goes out the window

"what's up with fevers I mean...they make no sense...i'm cold but my body is hot? what's up with that?"

and so on and so forth. he is yelling from the room as we speak and let's be honest...i have no idea what he is saying and yet he just.keeps.going.

I'm crossing my fingers I don't get sick too, and that he gets better. if he's still feeling this crappy and has such a high fever we won't be going to Boise for the Potato Bowl this weekend...so hopefully his body gets the memo.

I am rockin at Christmas presents this year! I have everyone in my family checked off my list and I'm pretty much finished with Bart. We debated having stockings this year for each other...I'll let you know if it actually ends up happening.

We had a great weekend unwinding and unplugging from the world. It was so nice to relax and have as many cups of hot cocoa as I wanted!

pretty sure this was cup 482

you can't tell...but i'm cuddling up to a fireplace cuz it was fruh-eez-ing

p.s. I'm trying to think of some fun blog thing to do for the "12 days of Christmas" so i can be festive and stuff. if you have any suggestions feel free to share :)


Mass Media Law

I just finished taking my Mass Media Law final exam which means (pending a final paper) this class is complete! halle-freakin-lujah

My teacher was a complete joke, which I guess is better than the alternative back at Utah State. I was told this is the hardest class ever, but it wasn't and I'm going to blame(thank) that on the teacher. (our tests have been online with open note/ open book....cake)

Now don't get me wrong, I did learn some stuff. In fact, this class is probably the most applicable to my current job. All the other COMM classes I have taken don't apply very much to producing. but this class made me run to work the next morning asking my boss if I'm breaking the law by doing A, B or C (don't worry, I'm not)

I really enjoyed the content I just didn't always enjoy the journey to said content. AKA the hour he rambled at the first of class before starting to teach. I will give the guy credit because he clearly knew what he was talking about. he was able to mention 32962 law cases off the top of his head and had some great stories to tell.

I'm sure the fact that I was only taking this one class is another reason why i didn't feel overwhelmed by it. Starting in January I'm taking two night classes (gross) plus working so we'll see how that goes!

Stuff you may or may not know about Mass Media Law

Promissory Estoppel belongs to the source. Basically they can sue a journalist if a promise of anonymity was made and then broken (pending a few exceptions of course, because this is the legal system we're talking about)

Intellectual Property should be copyrighted once it's in a tangible medium, or you can't really seek damages if someone infringes on your work.

The work you do while employed is considered "work made for hire" and belongs to your employer, not you.

Fanciful Marks are the best kind of Trademarks (the Nike Swoosh wouldn't exist if Nike didn't)

Same-party candidates have to be allowed the exact same amount of air time as their opponents during a primary election

Obscenity is illegal, Indecency is legal

Children's programming can't have more than 12 minutes of commercials per hour during the weekday and 10 minutes of commercials during the weekend


cray cray delish

I don't think having weekends off is ever going to get old! I spent 6 years working and never had weekends off regularly. These past 4 months (I've been working here 4 months already!?? Cray Cray) have been so great having every weekend off! It's definitely not an overrated idea.
caramel apple + nuts. wisconsin cauliflower soup. cauliflower all cut up. my cute hubby

so I tried out that Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup and it wasn't the most amazing stuff. I'm sure it will get better the more I try to make it. I had absolutely NO IDEA how difficult it was to cut cauliflower into one-inch pieces! That stuff goes e v e r y w h e r e. I think I maybe added too much cauliflower but like I said, it wasn't terrible..it just wasn't delish either.

Speaking of delish though...Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was on the shows yesterday and o.m.gosh their treats are soooo good. I got a caramel apple (all cut up and ready to eat of course) plus a box of amazing chocolates. I also may or may not have had a few spoon fulls of fresh homemade caramel but come on, can you blame me??


winsconsin cauliflower soup

So for my awesome job I get to look at other bloggers and find some I want to come on the show. Cool beans right? right! except sometimes I get to comparing myself to their blog-self and it can bring a girl down sometimes. The good news? I found a recipe for Zupa's Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup! Now the fat girl inside of me is sooooo excited to try this out. Bart got in his head that we need to have soup every week which means I am always looking for new soup recipes

On that note---we still have a container full of my Chicken Noodle Soup that has NOT been eaten. what's the point of leftovers if they don't get eaten? I should probably mention that I forgot to add Chicken to said Chicken Noodle Soup...maybe that's why it's still chillin in the back of the fridge (chillin...hahahah get it? )

...back on topic! I am going to the grocery store and picking up these ingredients, I will let you know how it turns out. It doesn't look too difficult and I am becoming an expert in the kitchen (ha!) so one can only assume this will end well.

another side effect of checking out all these fun girls online is the instant realization I get that my wardrobe SUCKS. i need someone to take me shopping and dress me. please? anyone? Maybe I struggle because as a general rule I avoid all clothing stores and malls. Once and shopping addict ALWAYS a shopping addict and I have learned the best way to keep me from scratching my itch is to just not go into any of those stores. good policy I know, but clearly my wardrobe is lacking because of it.


Holiday Update

So my blog told me I have to start paying for more space if I want to post more pictures. Luckily I FB stalked enough to find out that I just had to add another "author" (aka Gmail account) to my list and I'm back in action. It's really annoying the hoops we have to jump through to stay cheap....amiright????

Anywho.....because of said photo-problem I am a little late putting these pics up but that's okay because it's not even December yet so I am still technically ahead of schedule.

On Thanksgiving we ran the Utah Human Race. It was really fun and really cold. Bart had his best time and I....finished! Go me.

Thanksgiving was great as usual. We spent the day at my parents house bonding with the fam damily...later that night we had dessert at Bart's mom's house. I love Thanksgiving and have so many blessings to be Thankful for!

Can I just say that I love creating new traditions with Bart and our future family?! We decorate the house on Black Friday while watching "Christmas Vacation". This year we even got fancy and put Christmas lights on our front windows. For now it's not much, but the few decorations we have make our apartment so cozy!

Year two of tree decorating...I think I'm getting better!

Our new ornament (B for Bowen....Get it???!)

This was our first family ornament from last year, go Aggies!

and that's my cute Husband getting cheeky

As Bart would say, this is our 2nd Christmas married, 3rd Christmas in love and 4th Christmas together 

Another tradition is that Bart reads A Christmas Carol every night. Let me just tell you that Charles Dickens really knows how to confuse your tired little brain if you read this too late at night. Bart's a great reader though so I enjoy this little part of our Christmas nights :)


Can't Afford Christmas

I was reading THIS article about Americans saying they can't afford Christmas, or Christmas puts too much financial stress on them because they go into debt.


Okay okay, that might seem a little extreme, and maybe it is. but if people are going to complain about not having enough money for Christmas the solution isn't to get a new credit card or payday loan.

"Think Finance CEO Ken Rees said the fact that consumers of all income levels are using layaway shows there is a demand for financial options beyond just credit cards."

Hey I have a financial option for you besides credit cards...it's called SAVING MONEY

Christmas happens at the same time every year right? It's not like November comes and BAM the date for Christmas is announced and everyone is surprised so no one has saved money. No. We all know it's coming and we have all had 11 months to save for it. I think it's really sad that 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas because they are focusing on the financial side of it.

Maybe it's because I grew up with parents who didn't get into debt  for stuff like that and some years that meant we didn't have very much for Christmas. but I survived, my childhood wasn't ruined, and I grew up to understand what Christmas SHOULD be about.

This holiday isn't here to stress everyone out and make people fight over budgets and money. It's supposed to be about family, faith and service.



Our relationship expert was on the show today and had a bunch of quotes. I don't know where the credit belongs on any of these, but I still wanted to share!

In life you’ll realize there is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, and some will teach you. But most importantly, some will bring out the best in you.

Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can. 

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest 
compliment, or the smallest act of caring – all of which have the potential to turn a life around. 

Choose your relationships wisely. It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company. 

Being alone does not mean you are lonely, and being lonely does not mean you are alone. 

Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

You know you’ve found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again. 

Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life. Rather, be the right person to come to someone’s life. 

Someone else doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. 

It is okay to be angry. It is never okay to be cruel.

A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart. 

Don’t mess with someone’s feelings just because you’re unsure of yours.

Lies help no one in the long run. So… 1) Don’t say “I love you” if you don’t mean it. 2) Don’t say “I understand” if you have no clue. 3) Don’t say “I’m sorry” if you’re not. 4) Be honest with yourself and your loved ones.

Good relationships don’t just happen; they take time, patience and two people who truly want to work to be together.

Falling in love is not a choice. To stay in love is. 

Love doesn’t hurt. Lying, cheating and screwing with people’s feelings and emotions hurts. 

Give, but don’t allow yourself to be used. Listen to others, but don’t lose your own voice.

Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems; look for someone who will face them with you. 

You don’t really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely. 

Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Let it go. 

Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch. 

A real person is not perfect, and a perfect person is not real. 

True friendship and true love do sustain the tests of distance and time.

Good relationships are not just about the good times you share; they’re also about the obstacles you go through together, and the fact that you still say “I love you” in the end.


Birthday Worthy of Pinterest

I have such a sweet husband! He totally showed off his creative side yesterday for my birthday and it was so much fun! 

When he gets home from work he has these beautiful flowers (he is getting much better at picking them out..these weren't near death). He hands me flowers and a Kit Kat with these notes
"Flowers cause you're beautiful. KitKat cause you're sweet"

Cute right? Well it didn't stop there.......
"Meat cause you're an animal"
 First stop...Ruby River! If you know me, you know I love ribs. It's kind of hard to find a place with good ribs, but this place is not too shabby. Of course dinner came with a note as well....

At dinner he gives me my present...a Fossil watch! I have been dying to have a classic watch like this and he got exactly what I wanted! This note was the best.
"Watch cause you're not always on time, but I'd like you to be"

After we got done eating he hands me one more note....CHICK FLICK! yay! I have been wanting to see Pitch Perfect since it first came out, and he was kind enough to take me. The movie was SO GOOD. Have you seen it? We both loved it and it's one of those I'd like to own (which is saying something because i'm really not a big watch-movies-more-than-once person)
"Chick Flick cause I love you that much"

 To summarize: Bart's the greatest and I had such a fun birthday! Wasn't he just so creative? I was proud and I even asked if he got the idea of Pinterest (he looked at me with disgust). Thanks Bart, you're the best! 

Plus, the celebrations aren't even over yet because I get to go to my parent's on Thursday for family dinner, and then ST GEORGE!



Being 23 means....
acting older than I really am
having the love of my life and best friend all wrapped up in one
knowing who my true friends are,
and realizing i could be such a better friend than I am
being an adult when i just wish i could be a kid 
no more problems with boys, girls or parents
and living a drama-less life
being thankful for all that I have,
and knowing i am always being watched over

who says turning 23 doesn't matter?
that it's not a milestone,
but isn't every year special in its own way?

moved out at 18 
started college at 19 
life slapped me in the face at 20 
got married at 21 
started my dream job at 22
 .......what will 23 bring?


Snow, coats and naps

Well my birthday celebrations have officially begun, and mother nature decided to give me snow to start things off right! I loved it! The storm was awesome. I loved watching it snow all day at work and then coming home and getting in sweats and slippers and some hot cocoa of course....can't forget the cocoa

On Saturday it was too snowy to go running, so Bart and I decided to go jean shopping for my skinny hubby....it wasn't a pleasant experience. 
We went to Khols first and by the end Bart wasn't a happy camper. I found myself an AMAZING red coat (pics to come) but we couldn't find any pants that fit Bart.
 Who knew losing 30 pounds would make it harder to find jeans?? 

We went to the mall next and we found ONE pair of jeans...three different stores and only one pair. Not even the same style, but different brand, fit the same....so, ONE pair of jeans later we were done shopping....
we probably won't be doing anything like that anytime soon. 

Later that day Bart and I met his mom and brother at Red Rock for some lunch.
Love that place!

All bundled up with 3948 layers to decrease the possibility of me whining about the cold
 And what would a Saturday birthday celebration be without taking a nap?? 
Which is exactly what we did and it was a pretty great nap.

To finish off the day we headed down to my old stomping grounds (any by stomping grounds I mean the place where sad, terrible memories were made). Our nephew was playing in a championship football game at Lehi High so despite the 20 degree weather, we went and watched! His team was playing Lehi's team which of course means Lehi lost...because that's what Lehi High School does....lose!
It was freezing but since it was a little league game it was only an hour and half so we survived.

All this fun stuff and my birthday hasn't even happened yet! Stay tuned :)


Snow Snow Snow

It's snowing!!

I am sitting here at my desk watching the snow come down and I am getting so excited. I love having big windows to look out and watch the landscape change. I am definitely okay with snow in November. This is making me want to go get big comfy sweaters to just curl up with come cocoa.

Happy winter everyone!



First thing's first. I found a runny buddy! That's right. Someone who isn't annoying to listen/talk to AND that can run at my pace (aka not that fast) I'm so happy! I went to a relief society thing and made a new friend and it turns out she runs! We went for the first time tonight and it was perfect. It's going to be great to have someone who will make it so I have to go. Today I was just waking up from a nap when she called and if that didn't happen I wouldn't have gone out tonight.... so I'm pretty excited about this whole set up.

(You might not know this, but making a friend is a pretty big darn deal for me so I'm still happy about it. )

Next thing next. OCTOBER IS OVER??? WHAT? How the heck did that happen? We didn't do anything October-esk this year! Never even got a pumpkin. I even got VIP passes to pretty much every haunted place in the state because they came on my show at one point and we never used them. The only thing slightly October-esk were the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies I made that were DELICIOUS and gone within days, and the Haunted 5K  we ran a few weekends ago. No scary movies were watched, no parties were attended and no costumes were created. LAME

The good news to all of this is that my birthday is in two weeks! Hello 23 years of age.

October is over, and we missed out on all the fun beginnings of Fall, but November will be better! (including, but not limited to, a visit to my bff's place in St. George)


More S%$@ Bart Says

B- It's so hot in this house
M- No it's not.
B- Well Megan, you don't have to sit by you so you wouldn't understand

B- What, I have to watch a freakin infomercial on Ryan Lotche instead of sand volleyball?

M- Why do I even open my mouth?
B- I don't know, you know I don't listen.

M- Kristen Stweart cheated on Robert Pattinson and it's really sad..
B- ....Was it with Jacob?

B- The problem is you're comparing Grey's Anatomy to football.

B- (Playing -and losing- the science games at the State Fair) I feel like I used to play these games in High School and win...Am I just too intelligent now?

B- My boy is going to have huge cheeks. People are going to ask, "Hey, did your son get stung by a bee?" and I'm like "no, that's just his face" 

B- My name is Bart, I have great calves, and I'm a Mormon


Haunted 5K

 We ran the "Haunted Half" ( and by half, we mean 5K) this morning. We got up nice and early because I thought the race was at 8:30 and we had to do our Halloween makeup...turns out the race didn't start until 9:30 so we had plenty of time to get ready! I had an amazing makeup artist on the show yesterday so it inspired me to try it out. It's not as great as the professionals out there, but it's a good place to start!

A bloody eye and spider web...SKILLS

 The race was a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful! There were gloves and long sleeved shirts included in the race packet, but we really didn't need the gloves at all. Bart ran with me for about 5 minutes and then sprinted off into Hard Core Runner Land while I kept my pace. Once I hit the mile 2 mark though I was feeling amazing! I honestly have never felt that good during a race before, it was awesome! I sprinted the rest of the way and was loving it.

We didn't have a lot of time to hang out after since we had to get to the Aggie game!! We love going to Logan and the games are so much fun. It's a different kind of fun than when we lost all the time, it's a nice change!

We are now enjoying our couch (as much as we can since our couch SUCKS SO BAD). It's been a long day, but totally worth it!


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