douche with the keys

i have the biggest DOUCHE in one of my classes. he not only wears his keys on a key chain attached to his belt loop, but he wears his hair like Elvis and tries to sport the skinny jeans. (key word: tries). He also drops the F-bomb like nobody's business. He said I can just "get the F%&$ out" of class because I said the interview we watched with Chris Farley wasn't funny. seriously? i didn't even respond to him, making him look even douche-ier. as he walked up to the front of the class for something I turned to the guy next to me and he's like "i don't think I have ever met anyone who I want to punch so bad in my life" he's a joke, and an ass. to top it all off, he plays Mario in class. So basically here is this guy that was made fun of all growing up because he is a geek that is obsessed with video games and doesn't know how to socialize and now since he is older he decided he was just going to hate the world and be a dick to everyone that threatens him.

there is also another kid in class who is being the biggest whiner about the quizzes we have every morning. If you are late, you don't get to take it. Sounds typical right? Well apparently this guy has gone through his whole life never having to be on time for anything. EVERY SINGLE DAY after class he asks our professor about doing the quizzes, he says even if he leaves at the same time every day he can be late. Her response? "Well that sounds like life to me" EXACTLY! what is he going to do if he gets a big boy job? complain and whine about having to be on time? just shut the hell up and either be on time or miss the points. everyone else in the class manages to be on time and guess what, if we aren't, we miss the points too. it is not a big deal, stop being a child.

also, both of these boys say like, like, every other word. Like they can't like seem to get their point across without like saying like. you sound stupid. i am so happy i have a husband that threatens to punch me in the face if i say like in the wrong way (figuratively speaking OF COURSE)



7. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


never wear gloves on the train

A kid asks me about my life and soon finds out I'm not very exciting.
He thinks I'm lying too. I mean come on, how can one person be so dull?
He asks me what book I'm reading
     "The art and craft of feature writing."
He said that sounds boring, 
      I wanted to point out he was doing MATH so maybe he shouldn't be so judgy.
I also have a great sarcastic voice... Monotone apparently.  
      Well maybe I don't want to bust out into a sing-song voice on the train?
He kept touching/poking me too . "you know what you should do" reaching to his side and touching mine.
     Um punch you in the face?

Moral of this story?

never wear gloves on the train.


White Collar: Party for One

Sometimes my life is fabulous and I have nothing to blog about.

Sometimes it's not, but I'm usually not around a computer/don't have enough time to blog about it.

So which is it today?

not really either one, but I am still in the mood to blog about something.
maybe if I type enough I will get some inspiration on what to say
I sat around for 5 hours watching episodes of White Collar today when I should have been doing homework
but come on, can you blame me, he is really hot.
I even legally bought some episodes when all the ones on Netflix were watched
go me and no piracy.
wanna know something kind of sad? it's 9:12 pm and I will probably be in bed within the hour
...and something sadder than that? I like it.
Bart is nowhere to be found, off doing who knows what with that brother of his, hopefully he makes it home.
oh, and I completely did NOT dominate my talk today. i dont even remember what i was saying, i just know i was saying it too fast. i HATE public speaking. i am a writer, not a talker (to big crowds). my talk was B.A. on paper and even if i did get that A in Public Speaking, i still hate it.
school has been very uneventful this semester so far.
all of my classes are going to be great except for my World Music class. for our midterm we are going to have to listen to various music from around the world and be able to describe it using music jargon. i may or may not fail....
well another legally downloaded episode is finished so i am going to continue to be a lonely couch potato.



Youth Speaker

So I have to speak in church tomorrow.

The bishop first said I only had 12-13 minutes to fill, but then he calls me back and said never mind, 18-20 is great.

umm excuse me? 

The last time I did this I was the YOUTH speaker...

ya know the one that gives one story, one scripture, one list and BAM finished?

This is turning out to be a little harder than that...


Loving Love

Bart asked the question the other day

What exactly is love?

So we discussed it and decided on a few things

-It's the point where you know someone cares about you as much as you care about them
-It's a level of comfort knowing someone loves you
-It's feeling complete having your "other half"

and then I added a few more...

It's smiling/laughing randomly because you are thinking of them. (Cheesy? No, it actually happens).

It's knowing how they smell, what their skin feels like and what they are thinking just because you are around them more than any other person in your life.

It's having a best friend. Not only loving that person in a romantic way, but having a fun time together. laughing and joking and giving each other a hard time just the way friends do.

It's spending time with them not because you don't have anyone else, but because you are your best person when they are around.

Bart and I have been friends for 3 years. We know everything about each other. We give each other a hard time and make fun of each other when something stupid happens. I make him put socks on at night because his feet are like mini ice packs. He deals with me talking in my sleep and hogging all the covers. We eat a bowl of cereal every morning together and try to be polite even though it's 6:30 a.m. Our lives mesh so well and I love it.

I don't claim to know what love is for everybody, but I know what it is to me.

I couldn't even, like, control my laughter

So as I am sitting in my World Music class a few girls sit directly behind me and talk THE ENTIRE TIME. These ladies didn't whisper either. Now I know what you are thinking, sit in the back and you will be next to talkers right? Except I wasn't in the back, I was in the 6th row of the huge auditorium! The teacher is hard to hear in the first place which is why I like to sit closer. So since I couldn't hear or pay attention to my professor at all thanks to the chicks behind me, I decided to be a creepy stalker and type down what they were talking about. Each new topic is in a different color, and each new line is the other girl talking. The main girl will be in Bold

These girls were stupid, and here is my proof. 

He tweeted her. It's like your so dumb. 

Does she ever like tweet him back or anything? 


Is he ugly? 

No I think he's cute.

Have you not noticed that I am so oblivious to everything around me?

This picture of Meradeth she took this picture with my phone and it's supposed to be a creeper picture.

She is just digging for compliments. 

I know

If I could punch anyone in this room I'd punch you.

She doesn't like me. I don't like her and he said that's what you said and I was like no and he would be like I don't hate you but he's just like I think we could be friends (I typed this word for word. Like I said, stupid.)

I hated Nikki and I don't even remember why.


I'm in class Yo 

No unfortunately it's chase hunsaker. 

Who's that? Hot boy?

No I'll show you .hes like way nice but. He won't even accept my friend request he's so retarded.


You don't think anyone likes you. 

Because everyone was mean to me, well maybe I was mean to them, 

ya you were mean. 

I liked beig mean in high school it was fun. I was never like out right mean to your face. 

Ya you spit on my car. 

No I didn't! I never did that. 

The only person I was really rude to was Lauren, I wassoooo rude to her. She like talked to me on FB and was like why do you hate me?

Did you think I liked -boys name- because I remember you did and I totally didn't. 

Meradeth would talk about me like I was a mean girl. Like I was invited to a party and I don't go because I was mean. 

Oh my gosh are you kidding me?

Everyone wanted to be your friend and just started making up this stuff like you're like the queen and we are the peasants so I just used that story. I was like meradeth do you realize what you just said?

It was so funny I couldn't even like control my laughter. 

People used to like brag about being my friend.

What I concluded from all of this was that these two girls went to high school together but weren't really friends and this was the first time they had really gotten together since then. I have to admit it was a pretty entertaining way to spend my class time, but I am really hoping I don't ever have to sit in front of them again.


A B C 1 2 3

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
-Anthony J. D'Angelo


On my mind

I finally waxed my legs which means I can get my pedicure!

I really do work with crazy people, and that fact is even more exemplified when I work with the one normal person employed there....so this is what a normal conversation is like...

I can't believe that dog upstairs is still barking. SERIOUSLY?? At this point Bart and I have no idea what to do (because complaining 28487 times and calling the cops on them apparently isn't enough) we just stick ear plugs in and say goodnight. 

My hands are really itchy

Tomorrow is my first day off all break. How depressing is that? Classes start next week and I am going to enjoy my first day off.

I finished my book which I thought would be weird because one of the characters turned lesbian (which is fine, I just didn't want to read about it, just like I wouldn't want to read about hetero bedroom business) but it turned out to be appropriate, gotta love Jodi Picoult!

No Spend January (for lack of a better name) should be a fun experiment. 

I feel like I set up realistic expectations for the new year. Lets be honest here, as long as our lives are improving, who needs specifics all the time right?

I really really really hate doing perms 

Hopefully I can make my blog fun again. I feel like everyone has stopped reading it. Is it because I don't write anything cool? Are we fighting? It's because I don't have cool pictures isn't it? Come on, I told you I wasn't crafty, you just can't expect craft and recipe ideas from me! Oh, it's not me, it's you? Well in that case, I guess I feel a little better.


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