Hi Baby: 18 months

Hi baby girl,

Tonight I put you to bed with a tortilla. You ran to the pantry and grabbed a tortilla when I told you it was time for bed, probably thinking it would stall The inevitable. It didn't work. And you didn't hate it. You happily ate in bed, sang to your puppy and fell asleep. When did you become a little person?? With thoughts and reactions and decisions? Every day you are less a baby and more a little girl. 

You understand every word I say, and are now saying things like "here you go" and "that's mine". You know how to kneel down when we say prayers and you fold your arms and can make it almost a full minute before you start fidgeting. But you wait patiently and say "amen" right on cue. Seeing you kneel down and understand prayer time is so special for me. I hope you continue to grow up and understand there will always be a loving Heavenly Father listening. 

You call out "mommy!" whenever you need something. From getting out of the tub, to taking a big step over a snow pile. You yell "mommy" and hold out your hand. Even when I'm standing behind you, or you can't see me, you know I'll be there if you say my name. You're showing more of a preference for me compared to daddy right now. But you'll still only nap on dad's lap and not mine. God is fair that way. 

You must be having some kind of development jump because you've reverted back to carrying Dog everywhere, and even found your (now year old) binki and started sucking on it again. It's like your trying to sooth yourself into this next phase of life. I like it because that means more cuddles and loves for me! 

Your last 3 teeth are making their way up so you're eating preferences change from day to day, depending on how much your mouth hurts. You're obsessed with drinking water and just this last week I have started saying "no" because you just keep drinking it. I think at this point it's more of a soothing habit than a need. 

We went for a 45 minute walk today and you pushed your baby stroller up and down the sidewalk. Sometimes you would run. Sometimes you would try to run me over. You'd find a crack and follow it. You'd see your shadow and get distracted. You'd practice walking in the snow and need me to help you move things along. 

I never would have imagined 18 months ago that this is the kind of person you have turned into. That my baby is no longer a baby and that you walk/run more than you are held. You understand the world around you, and you're loving every minute. Thank you for filling my life with a love I will never be able to explain, and that only moms can understand. This last year and a half with you has been the most uneventful and yet life changing phase of my life. And I am so excited to see what's next. 

I love you baby girl. 


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