Game Closet

I absolutely LOVE a clean room. I love an organized room. I love a room where there is a place for everything. I love a room that isn't cluttered with stuff on every shelf and on top of every dresser. I love a room that is relaxing......No matter how much I love this, my room is usually none of these things.

Tonight though....it is.


 My new room is tiny....like I bet some of you have my size of a room as a closet space. However, tonight it is clean and organized and I am not going to complain.

I have always liked organizing space. I liked doing it for our game closet.  You all probably have had one at one point in your life...it is that closet filled with blankets, games, movies, that half sewn scarf, an art kit, garbage that kids have just thrown in there as they were "cleaning up", old keys, and dirty socks. That is how I remember our game closet anyway. I remember always hoping mom wouldn't look in there as she was checking off my chores. (She always did). I remember no matter how many times you cleaned that dang thing, in a week it was just as full as before.

But if I was in the right mood..I loved to organize it. I loved throwing all the crap away (or as my sister says, " it's not crap, it's crappy stuff"). I loved that no matter what system you had, the movies NEVER stayed organized and the games still ended up on the floor. Organization is one of those things that get worse before it gets better. Sometimes MUCH worse. This stupid game closet would take up our entire family room when I was trying to organize it and I am sorry to say I don't know if it looked much better after I was all done anyway.

But I find cleaning and organizing things relaxing. It is therapeutic to me. Put me in a dirty room when I am angry and I will come out feeling better, and you will have a room that has never been so clean. I may not be a good cook (yet) but I can clean a room. I have my mother and sister to thank for that. See my sister HATED cleaning. She hated it so much that if you said dishes 20 Ft away she would scream and slam a door. My mom and my sister fought about cleaning every.single.day. and that is why I have them to thank for my skills. As they were fighting...I was cleaning. I learned that cleaning is much easier than fighting with my mom so I just did it, and I did a good job so I wouldn't have to do it again. So thank you Mom and Jenny :)

My clean room makes me feel a bit better about the upcoming week/semester. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed about everything that I have going on but I can't think of anything I would want to cut out so I guess that is a good sign? I know I can do it, it is just the unknown that freaks me out sometimes so if anything I just want next week to be over so I can calm down a little.

It kinda makes me nervous that when Bart asked when he could take me to dinner next week the only night I could say was Monday, and when a girl needed me to do her hair all I could tell her was Friday morning. But everything worked out because I get to go to Red Lobster Monday and I am doing her hair tomorrow instead. That's the thing about life....it always works out.

One thing that isn't working out tonight though is my hunger issue. I have been STARVING all day. Easy solution right? Wrong. I have eaten everything. Healthy. Not healthy. I have probably had about 3 gallons of water (because when you feel hungry, there is a good chance you are just thirsty)  and yet here I am with my stomach grumbling. I would go make me a quick unhealthy-but-sure-to-fill-you-up-snack but wait, I DON'T HAVE A MICROWAVE. A microwave is an essential part of my food pyramid and I don't quite know what to do without one....grow up and learn how to cook I guess.

I am kind of in the mood to see how long I can make this tonight. I use to do that with voice mails....with a few select lucky people whenever they didn't answer their phone I would leave a rambling voice message until it kicked me off and sometimes I then proceeded to just call back and continue on with my message...it worked out well for me because I got a chance to be funny, plus people started answering more when I called. Perfect.

Okay well I am off to read or fold laundry or something because you really shouldn't expose your eyes to a computer screen right before you go to bed because it messes with the neurons in your brain or something like that......



I am good at a lot of things.

Managing money isn't one of them.

I want to fix this though and I feel like the perfect opportunity is now.

I think the best way for me to do this though is to just not spend any money....which not spending money isn't exactly managing it...

In my defense I have come very far from where I use to be so I guess I just need to implement the baby steps approach to it all and see where that gets me.


Dear class of '08

This post is for anyone who has been graduated from high school for 2 years or more:

1. Posting pictures from your senior year on Facebook is not cool, it is actually kind of sad. High school is over and even if you were the king/queen of the halls that doesn't really matter anymore so move on...

2. As my friend Holly put so nicely: take the graduation tassel off your rear-view. seriously.

3. Don't assume that everyone from your high school is going to remember who you are a few years down the road, especially if you were younger than them. We move on and meet new people and you probably weren't interesting enough to remember for very long anyway.

Moving on...

Can someone please explain to me why big jacked up trucks and/or SUV's swerve to avoid a dent in the road? I am not talking about big pot holes because those are annoying for anyone but I am talking about the little bumps on the road that even the lowest riding car would not have a problem with but here are these huge vehicles driving zig-zag on the road for the smallest things. All I am saying is that if you are going to drive that kind of a vehicle man up and drive it strait over those bumps...I promise your shocks can handle it.

Now for a Salon Etiquette lesson by yours truly:

A. Do NOT wipe your nose on my cape while I cut your hair. I understand you are itchy but please keep in mind that as much as I would LOVE to have your snot all over my things other people have to wear it today too so try to control yourself.

B. STOP MOVING. Stop moving your hands because guess what your head moves too. Stop moving your feet because yes, that moves your head too. Stop looking around the salon because I have sharp things in my hands and your ear may or may not survive another hair cut if you keep moving your &%$@ head.

C. Talking on the phone/texting while someone is doing your hair is rude (and yes, your head moves when you do that too). Try to realize that the phone goes next to your ear...which is by your hair....which is what I am trying to cut so unless you want a bad hair cut that I won't feel bad giving you, put your phone away for 10 minutes. Texting is also rude and what is more annoying than you texting is when you get all butt hurt when I get hair on your phone...I am sorry that is directly in line with where the hair falls.

D. If you have children PLEASE be the parent I know you can be and control them. No it is not okay to let them run around throughout the entire salon. No it is not okay to let them play with the cool chairs that magically go up and down. No it is not okay to have them skate around on their roller shoes on our hard wood floor. No it is not okay for them to be standing RIGHT NEXT to me as I am trying to do my job. If your child is a little $#%& do us all a favor and leave them home or lock them in the car.

E. And last but not least, tip us. You won't miss $3 I promise. :)



True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.
-William Penn

Silence is the true friend that never betrays.  

An inability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind.  
~Walter Bagehot
Silence is a fence around wisdom. 
~German Proverb

1:26 A.M

I should be sleeping right now except for the fact that all of a sudden my body decided to freak out and have some sort of a allergy/asthma attack so I am sitting here waiting for my medicine to kick in so I know I am not going to die in my sleep tonight.

Bart and I went and laid out on the trampoline tonight and looked at the stars because he lives in the middle of nowhere so the sky is so clear and beautiful. Looking at the sky kind of freaks me out when I start thinking about just how big it is and then I start thinking about space and how it has no end and it just blows my mind. The world we live in is amazing and it is the most obvious proof we have that God lives and loves us.

....I really think I might be dying! I can't breathe, my head is starting to hurt from sniffing so much, and did I mention I can't breathe?

I really love ice cream. Really love it. My favorite is chocolate ice cream with almonds mixed in...lots of almonds. I love the crunchy contrast with the smooth...I am not much of a cake or doughnut person but I will never pass up ice cream..

Okay well I guess that is it for tonight..another successful I-can't-sleep-so-I-am-going-to-blog-about-it blog.....You're welcome. :)


Toolbox Theory

So as Bart and I were at Raspberry Days up at Bear Lake and I decided I wanted to conduct some sort of a social experiment while we were up there and these are my results... (and yes these results were found while I was following these boys around....we were bored don't judge me.)

Just to set the scene for you this is how it all got started. As we were in line to get some raspberry shakes we saw about 18 guys all around the same age and who all dressed the same as well, now to understand why I wanted to do this little experiment I need to describe these young men to you.

These boys all had one or more of the following:
  • Stud diamond earrings the size of grapes
  • Shorts that are 3 sizes too big
  • Jerseys worn NOT at a sporting event
  • Hats that are worn for anything but blocking out the sun
Now this on its own may or may not be a bad thing except for the fact that there were literally 18 guys and TWO GIRLS

Correct me if I am wrong gentlemen but I thought the whole purpose for your existence was to find a girl and get some you-know-what...along with succeeding in your life and all that too I guess...however, I still think it is really weird that a group of guys spent the entire Saturday night with no girls.

Let me make something clear to you boys because I feel like I know a thing or two about what girls like and don't like, and yes I know I don't speak for everyone, but I speak for most ladies when I say this, if you look like a tool and hang out with your other little buddies in your toolbox then no girl is going to be interested. I guarantee if there was a guy in that group that wore pants that fit and a shirt that wasn't made of nylon he would be getting all the attention. 

Girls like guys who dress well, shower regularly, and who don't tend to wear more jewelry than they do. Girls like guys who are man enough to not act like ass-holes just because they are with their friends. So boys, next time you see yourself surrounded by a ratio of 9:1 you should probably take a real long look in the mirror and see if you belong in a toolbox.

Now that being said...I love you all and try not to get butt hurt if you are currently wearing a jersey. :)



waking up in a new place
typical day of work
yummy chocolate and almond shake
Hyrum Dam
pizza && cherries
scary tubing @ the Dam
getting flipped over on said scary tube
sore arms
finally somewhat of a tan line
being attacked by thorns on the beach
"....i should really go to the gym.....but my bed is so comfy!"

a good day.


Thou Shalt Be Clean

So I am moving into my new (and hopefully my last until I get married) place and can I just say that more mothers need to teach their children how to clean. 

What makes people think it is okay to not wipe off the counters/floor/fridge/shelf after you spill something sticky? It seriously blows my mind how gross some of my roommates have been and unfortunately it looks like these new roommates aren't going to be any different. I have spent the past 3 hours deep cleaning my new kitchen and family room and can I just say that it smells AMAZING in here now. 

Speaking of amazing, I made an excellent discovery today in the cleaning isle. It is called SOS Cleaning Scrubs (or something like that) and they may or may not be the greatest cleaning tool you can have. It got off every greasy, sticky, moldy thing I saw and it was so easy! I will always have some on hand now because of how great they are. I also love Pine-Sol but I think that is more from growing up with my mom using that to clean so to me, that is the smell of a clean room.

I am excited for this new place though. It has air conditioning, cable, and high speed internet which I have been without for the past few months so that's nice. Also, since my other two roommates haven't decorated the place at all I get too and I have never gotten to do that before so I am excited to get it looking good. I really want to blow up some of my pictures from my trips this summer and put them up on the wall for a little color but I am not sure on how to do that just yet....

It is so crazy that it is already August and school will be starting in a few weeks! I am ready to get back to classes though, I really like summer but I love school and I love learning new things everyday so I am excited to get back into it. I always rededicate myself to being a better student each semester but hopefully the goals I have set for myself this time around will help me even more. 

This summer has been fun though, at the start of it Bart and I made a list of things we want to do and we are only a few things short of being finished so I guess I know what I will be doing for the next month...


Friday Night Lights with Rudy, Rocky, and the Titans.

So last night I somehow got tricked into watching a Football movie AND Bart's highlights from his football years. (He won State his Senior Year and apparently that is a big deal?) Just kidding Bart I had a good time watching you and your blonde curly fro and braces....so cute... :)

Football and/or any sports movie is exactly the same and it is kind of entertaining at this point to watch one because you can already guess what is going to happen. 

It starts out with a troubled town, a troubled self centered player, an underdog team and/or a stubborn unorthodox coach who no one believes in. (Stop me if I am wrong). It then goes on to practices where at first the team is really bad because they can't work together as a team because they all have issues with each other. The coach gets frustrated to the point of sometimes almost giving up when something magical happens and all of a sudden the players unite under a better cause and start to play well. 

Then of course they start winning games and the attendance to said games increases because the town suddenly believes in these kids again. However, somewhere in the middle of all of this a tragedy happens and the kids start to go back to their old ways. This is usually right before they play an undefeated team that all have super fancy matching jerseys (usually black) and they all look the same and the coach is really tough and no one thinks they can win.

This is usually the part where the coach goes to the main student/athlete and talks about how much he/she reminds them of themselves when they were younger and how they had to overcome the same things and it made them a better person. This of course inspires the player and he/she goes on to inspire the team and that said team goes on to either win the championship by the last few seconds of the game after many mishaps, or lose at the very last game, but if that happens it is okay because they proved to themselves and everyone else what they were capable of. 

And they all lived happily ever after.....


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