90's dude, tennis lady, and rocks

The gym is a blogger's paradise. 

There is a guy there that wears a jersey everyday with no shirt underneath and has bleached spikey hair because apparently no one told this poor dude that the 90's are over.

Tonight there was also this stupid lady who comes right over and changes the channel I am watching, okay fine, she didn't know I was watching it, but the problem I have is that the channel she changes it to is playing on the TV right next to the one I was watching. And the kicker? SHE CHANGED IT TO TENNIS. Seriously? Tennis? Tennis is stupid to watch, not to mention watching it on TWO TV's at the gym is stupid. This isn't your home theater lady, you can't just change all the TV's to the shittiest channel just because YOU want to watch it. You have no idea how upset I was. It was embarrassing how upset I was, and the fact that I am still upset and blogging about it is also potentially embarrassing.

Bottom line? like I have said before, people at the gym are crazy.

Moving on,

Bart and I were watching a cheaply made documentary about the drug problem in Utah County, aka Happy Valley and all I have to say is that people need to get over themselves. This one guy was talking about how his sister moved to California because she was "sick of being judged" well ya know what lady? I feel sorry for you, I feel sorry that you let other people dictate your life. I promise not very many people care what you are doing -good or bad- so stop flattering yourself into thinking that everything you do or don't do is being scrutinized by the neighbors.

You are being what my dad calls a rock. 
You are letting things happen to you, and acting on you, instead of acting on them. 

You have complete control of your feelings, including being offended that people are judging you. GET OVER IT. You are going to be judged everywhere you go, that is just the truth of this sad sad world we live in. People will judge you based on a number of things when you are different from them. You can't move to a different state every time your neighbor looks at you funny and then blame it on the state itself. It's stupid and self absorbed.


Dreaming in Grey's

So we were finally able to sign up for a gym membership in town, and people are insane. Seriously, these people are gross, the men can't even put their arms down all the way. As Bart gracefully put it, "How do they even wipe their ass?" Graphic I know, but it's so so true. There is also this chick who doesn't wear a bra, not that she needs one because her boobs are so so fake.


I am currently re-watching Grey's Anatomy seasons and they are fabulous...I actually dream in Grey's Anatomy now so that's cool. I miss not being able to go to work and talk about what I am watching though, I haven't quite gotten to that level of friendship with the crazies I work with.

oh, AND,

The thunder and lightning last night kinda freaked me out...and by kind of I mean I was strapped to Bart's side through the whole thing.


Chronicle v. Statesman

So I have my first assignment tonight for the Daily Utah Chronicle, which is not nearly as awesome as the Utah Statesman but hey, I am down to slim pickins.  (Plus they pay $20-$35 an article, which is dang good compared to the Statesman....but I still like the Statesman better obviously :)

Anyway, I have this event to cover tonight which I am already not happy about because it is Sunday and I already had to work all day today so the last thing I want to do is drive up to that stupid campus and attend this thing. I am kind of nervous because I have been trying since Thursday to get a hold of the people in charge of this event but NO ONE has called or emailed me back. Seriously? I am going to have to waltz in there demanding who is in charge so I can talk to someone, which I really hate doing. I don't have the balls yet as a journalist to do my job, and that is problematic sometimes, including this time. I just need to suck it up and hunt them down one. by. one.

Also, the wonderful University of Utah hasn't gotten my financial aid figured out yet so come September 6th, I might not be going to school this semester, which is just awesome because that means I would have to work full time at my new job where insane people work. Yay, can't wait for THAT to happen.

p.s. When I say insane, I truly mean insane, but I am not minding it too much....it makes me feel like I am the most normal person in this small strange world.


Radio Guy

Dear guy in my radio class,

You say you interned for ESPN in D.C but you don't know the difference between two different mics? Just because you took out the trash and got some coffee doesn't mean you know everything about radio.

and of course you drive a golf cart around campus, of course.




Who needs sleep when you have Blogger?

First day of class tomorrow and I can't sleep. I would get out if bed and make this post prettier than my I-toy allows but that would require that 1. I get out of bed and B. That I give up my warm spot next to Bart, so that's not happening. I feel like our AC is on ALL THE TIME but Bart is apparently hot so we just keep that sucker blowing.

I went to my first day at the new job today and it wasn't a total disaster. For some reason I was really nervous and shook through the whole first hair cut. Everything is in different spots and they do random stuff that isn't normal to me because I have been doing it differently for the past 21 months so it kind of threw me off. The clients were very nice though, I dont know if it was just the guy upstairs helping me realize it wont be so bad or if people really are just nicer, but I didn't mind. And of course they aren't as cheap as good ole cache valley which is also a plus. I do miss my friends though and Caitlin since I know you read this:

Caitlin > Hans :)

Did I mention school starts tomorrow? And That I will be feeling like a freshman once again? And that I will be riding public transpiration for the first time in my life? Yeah, maybe that's why I can't sleep.

Hi, my name is Megan and I am good at many things, change is just not one I them yet! Stay tuned for my adventures tomorrow since I have plenty of breaks and no friends. Yay!


Marriage part 2

So I wrote THIS blog post 2 1/2 weeks into being married, and now that we have been married 13 weeks I have a few more things to add to the list. 

No one should own this many basketball/gym shorts and they probably don't really need to be washed after every use

Bart claims I have a lot of clothes, but we take up the same amount of space in the closet

Apparently I radiate too much body heat at night for someone to comfortably sleep next to

I am okay with just eating a baked potato for dinner, but Bart needs a complete meal

Hanging up stuff the right way (with a hammer and nails) is much easier, and looks much better, than sticking tacks into the walls and hoping they stay

He puts the silver wear facing up in the dishwasher "so they get clean" I put them face down "so they don't have to be touched taking them out"

We regularly go out wearing the same thing together: Basketball shorts, Aggie shirt, and flip flops.

If person A cares more about Topic 1 than person B, person B should just do what person A wants.

The thermostat is a touchy subject, change it ONLY when the other person isn't looking


Pool Party

I don't want real life to start on Monday.

I haven't worked for about a week and a half and I am borderline bored but not too bad. 

We have had a great start to a weekend! Bart and I went to his classroom to finish up a few things before school starts Monday, and then Bart took me up to the U via Trax so I wouldn't get lost Tuesday and then we came back home and took my nieces swimming. They are now passed out (including Bart) so I get a few minutes. 


I hate today and it's only 9 a.m.

The U and I are not getting along.

Monday I drove up to campus for the first time by myself, taking lots of wrong turns and finally ending up where I need to be. Pick up my U Card (Picture is hideous of course) and then go to the financial office to see why my aid hasn't gone through yet. The boy at the desk who needed a hair cut and talked too fast said my status is "recently married" so I have to do 3409834 things before they will get my aid through.

Me: What about my classes getting dropped?

Stupid front desk kid: Well you are for sure going to want to make sure that doesn't happen

(yeah no shit dude.)

Me: Yeah, so how do I do that?

Stupid front desk kid: Well you can go to the tuition office after you hand in those 3409834 things and blah blah blah blah (insert terms and words and phrases I don't understand here).

Okay so I leave, I come back today for my math placement exam (I freaking hate math by the way and not because I suck at it, but because it has become virtually impossible to enroll in a damn class. It should NOT be this hard. I haven't taken math for over 4 years but that doesn't mean you are going to stick me into the class that I took when I was in 10th grade.)

Anyway, I take that test, and yep you guessed it, didn't get into the one high enough I need. So I checked to see when the class I can get into was being offered and of course it's like monday-friday from 11-1230. Seriously? Every. single. freaking. day. at that time? Thanks but I would like to be able to take other classes this semester too.

Moving on

I came with what I thought was everything I needed to get my Financial Aid in order but no, of course I didn't have everything. Of course they need a copy of my marriage license because ya know the fact that I have already changed my name through every government organization including social security isn't proof enough that I actually got married.

This has become the biggest pain in my ass and I am NOT driving up here again today for this. In fact, I am going to go home and lay by the pool all day because I am pissed and officially done trying to make this whole University of Utah thing work (for today).

Oh, and BUCK FYU for giving me a $50 parking ticket yesterday. 



I feel like I should have a lot to blog about, but I can't really think of anything, I will just type and see what happens.

I really like being closer to family. My nieces are here and I actually get to play with them for more than an hour every few months. I am picking them up tomorrow and taking them swimming.... a 4 year old and a 2 year old. pray for me.

Speaking of tomorrow, I also get to see my hair school friends. Every year in August we get together and catch up, can't wait!

So far I like our new place. It smells funny and is still full of boxes but it's growing on me. There is a lot of natural light and a walk in closet so I mean come on, I can't go wrong right??

We do have a crazy neighbor. Her name is Brenda and I am sure there will be more on here later. Let's just say that the first day my mom and I went to drop a few things off, she welcomed herself in and wouldn't leave until we did. At least she will give me some inspiration for my blog!

Here are a few thoughts of these new surroundings.

The cupboards are too high, I am going to have to invest in a stool

The tub sounds like it is going to fall through the floor

So far it has been nice and quiet. (knock on wood)

Our covered parking space is no where to be found

Not having the internet for a few days is very inconvenient.

Fresh Market sucks, and I don't care if Smith's is further away, I am still going to go there.

Golds Gym vs. 24 Hour Fitness? 

oh p.s. We went and saw 17 Miracles last night and I bawled through the entire thing. I am not talking about a few glistening tears on my cheek, I am talking about puddles of water. I would have been embarrassed but I was too busy crying. Seriously, it was one of the most touching movies I have seen, and extremely humbling.


My Logan Memories

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are getting down to business here in the Bowen household. Mostly everything is in a box, and by this time tomorrow all of it will be. I picked up some frozen pizzas and paper plates to help us get through the next few days.

I love Logan though, here are a few things I remember when I think about my time here, and some things I have learned as well.

I had plenty of time to watch most seasons of Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, Bones, Heroes, Greek, Psych, etc

Learning that you never EVER talk during a free-throw

The Oak Ridge pool is a breeding ground for desperate guys and freshman girls

No matter how much you think you know, it's ALWAYS colder than it looks. 

Don't speed on 1st East, you will get caught. 

Don't laugh at people who fall on the ice, because you are probably next.

The Sociology department might have a few good professors, but I sure never got any of them. 

I have very few belongings, moving 9 times will do that.

Don't wash your car before you drive to Tremonton in the Spring/Summer. The bugs squishing on your windshield sounds like rain

Never underestimate people in your life, they could turn out to be your greatest friends.

Logan is a small small place....Love octagons are a typical thing.

I have filled up 4-5 of the Cinemark punch cards (There are 15 stamps for each one)

Center Street Grill has the best burgers, and Cafe Sabor is only good for its steak salad (possibly my favorite restaurant meal)

If you go 40 mph down Main Street you hardly hit a red light

The Cache Car wash is the best one in the valley. Gorilla Car Wash sucks, as does the full service one.

Big O > Jiffy Lube
Levens > Kater Shop
Smiths Marketplace > Walmart
2nd East > Main Street

Pita Pit is over priced, but still very very tasty. Their Chicken Caesar gets me every time

Don't take advantage of the boy who will wash your bath tub for cleaning checks, you might just marry him one day.

There are a million things and I could go on forever. Bottom line? Logan has grown on me, and for now,

435 > 801


When did trashy become desireable?

Went to Raspberry Days yesterday,

I really hope my daughter(s) don't turn into little skanks that have more skin showing than covered.

Do their parents know what their girls are wearing? and if they do, then why the HELL don't they care? These beautiful girls looked so trashy, I felt bad for them.


U: the U's version

This whole switching school thing sucks

I feel like I have taken a lot of these classes already but apparently they are just different enough that I have to take the U's version of the class. 

I just need this to be over already. Once school starts I will probably have a better attitude.

Oh, and I dropped my 7:30 a.m. class because lets be honest, that wasn't going to happen.


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