Finish your milk

Today is my day off and I have been able to get a lot done actually. ( and by that I mean my house is clean, you're welcome, Bart). However, I usually try to work longer at my internship but sometimes there is just nothing to do. If no one calls me back, or they are out of town, what am I supposed to do? I kind of feel like a slacker for leaving but honestly it's either I waste my time on the internet in the office or I leave and get all my chores and errands done. Obviously when I have a job there are always slow days, but at least I will have more things to do ( I am assuming). Either way, I feel bad for not being there for very long today.

I will be going to the Beach Boys concert tonight and covering that so at least I will be doing something for them. I am pretty excited but also nervous, I never feel legit enough to be behind the scenes asking questions. The cool part of that though is people do think I am legit so I just fake it and they talk to me...it's pretty cool.

Bart is signing our lease for the apartment tomorrow so I guess we will be living in Murray! I am getting more and more excited.

I really just want to go outside and get wet today! It is such a nice hot day I feel like being wet would feel wonderful. Bart gets off work in half an hour, maybe I can convince him to take his bored wife out to play!

I think sometimes (and by think I mean I KNOW) that Bart feels like he is married to a child. I however, do not see this as a bad thing.


While helping him coach his little baseball team I asked if we could get snow cones after and spent the majority of the time complaining of the heat

When my feet are not covered with the blanket I have "peekies" and that needs to be fixed immidiately

I do not eat the crust of wheat bread. Gross.

I can't sit still enough to watch an entire movie at home.

I sometimes feel like I am married to an old man or have a father instead of a husband because of how he acts sometimes so I guess that means we are even!

"Did you pick up your mess?"
"Finish your milk"
"Did you hear what I just said?"


R: Rhymes

a clock in the background keeps my mind moving
making me aware that time's never stopping
the continual motion of the pendulum swinging
never slowing, sometimes singing
always a constant in a world ever moving
all the while with the pendulum swinging.

-megan b

Q: Quiet time = stalking time

So I have recently stalked quite a few blogs...blogs written by people I don't know (hence the word stalk) and I am starting to feel like my blog is a little inadequate.

Here is what I feel like I need to happen to make my blog just as BA as theirs

Live in a cool place
Learn how to take cool pictures
Have WAY too much time on my hands
Be artsy 
Find 18,983 more friends

Cool! I'll get started on all this another day :)


P: Previous Post

I stumbled upon THIS post from last summer and it made me want to make a new list. I know I am a month behind, but that's okay, that just means this might be a shorter list!

  1. This summer I will read books that make me think
  2. This summer I will get something that resembles some kind of a tan
  3. This summer I will write as many stories as possible for CV Daily before I have to move
  4. This summer I will pack all of my things like a champ
  5. This summer I will have a positive attitude about all the changes
  6. This summer I will find a new job
  7. This summer I will enjoy my last few weeks at my current job
  8. This summer I will not sleep in very much
  9. This summer I will be productive on my days off
  10. This summer I will go on a difficult hike and enjoy it
  11. This summer I will jump off a cliff (into water of course)
  12. This summer I will be a better friend
  13. This summer I will go to as many movies as possible
  14. This summer I will learn how to cook
  15. This summer I will get out of my comfort zone
  16. This summer I won't complain about the heat
  17. This summer I will continue to eat fresh fruit and ice cream multiple times a day


S%&@ Bart Says

This is the first installment of S@%# that Bart Says:

B "What did you ever do without me?"
M "Take care of myself...?"
B "How? It's kind of a two person job."

M "What are you and your mom doing?"
B "Swapping recipes"

B "Don't sass me Meg." 

B "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a Bart, make what you can and be thankful you didn't get more lemons." 

B "Babe, you need to do a good job keeping me out of jail in the future."
M "Why?"
B "Because I am not very good at holding onto the soap."

B "I noticed some shoes you put in the box to throw away were still in pretty good condition."
M "Does that mean I can keep them!?"
B "No."

B "Do you know how to read a tape measure?"
M "Yes Bart."
B " I'm just making sure, I don't really know what you can do."

(On the drive home from our Honeymoon)
B "I am so glad we saw another Utah State Car. That's the best thing that has happened on this whole trip."

(After combining bank accounts)
B  "Now I know I am committed to you, you have access to all my money."
M "You don't have any money."
B  "Oh yeah..."

B " At some point today you are going to realize you have married a great man, at that point, anything is possible."

B "What are you going to do when I die? The Relief Society isn't going to bring you food forever."

B "You are clingy."
M "No I'm not!
B "Yes you are, you are like clothes right out of the dryer without a Bounce sheet."

B "You not letting me see that movie is like me not letting you buy shoes."
M "But you don't let me buy shoes."
B "Oh yeah."



The Dealio

So it is official, Bart and I are leaving the wonderful world of Cache Valley. He got a job at Jefferson Junior High in SLC and it's an opportunity we couldn't pass up. He will be teaching Health, the subject that he loves to hundreds of little 8th graders (poor guy). We are very excited for this new step.

We are also really mad that we have to move again seeing as how we JUST got settled into our new place. Oh well, we are hopefully going to find a place with a tub and some cupboard space! As well as a place where we get direct sunlight so I can get my dang plants back into my life!
We will be moving probably the first of August, depending on where we find a place to live. I am currently figuring out the University of Utah situation..and praying I will be able to get everything transferred and figured out. I am not excited to wear red. I have always hated red, and will continue to hate red. However, that being said, I will not be the student that wears the wrong school shirt on campus. I have heard countless complaints about that happening here at USU and I won't be a hypocrite? On the other hand, if and when the U plays USU I will be sporting my blue until further notice.

I am really sad to be leaving behind my great job, and friends and opportunities here in Logan. I have grown to love Logan and call it my home. I dread having to drive down there -and this is coming from the girl who drove on those freeways every day from ages 16-19-. I also realized yesterday as Bart and I were canoeing that nature isn't going to be around the corner anymore. This is also interesting because until about a year ago I didn't really care about nature, but this summer I have been looking forward to becoming a granola-y person.

I am exteremly happy, nervous, aprehensive, excited and stressed. This is such an amazing opportunity for Bart and we had to make the best decision for our family. Logan changed my life and I will always remember the past 2 1/2 years here.


D.I. = I.D.= Inspired Destination

Ahh there has been so much I have wanted to Blog about! So I am going on a blogging spree I guess. You're welcome?

First, I wanted to share this very funny conversation I had the other day with an unknown person. I am blue and the random girl is pink. (p.s. I wrote it out exactly how she texted it to me. Seriously the most random text I have ever gotten. I was really confused at first because I dated a Caleb in high school, but that was a very long time ago so I didn't understand why they were talking about it now....apparently it was a different caleb she was talking about)

9:13 a.m.
hey it's jaycie umm did you and caleb make out :/


caleb said you guys made out when we were on the phone last night? im just wondering

caleb who?

omg caleb caleb the one i have the biggest crush on haha oh and i was wondering could you have a sleepover at my dads friday??

I think you have the wrong number

is this kylee hirst

no, and I have no idea who you are

omg this is Jaycie Lebaron from softball....

Okay well I am not kylee so stop texting me.

the end.

Next, my D.I. experience.

So I have these jeans that I love right? But of course American Eagle stopped making them a couple years ago. These are like the traveling pants....perfect! I have been able to find some at Plato's Closet (a used clothing store) and have bought as many as I could find. I had one pair but it doesn't fit right now (don't judge me) so I really don't have a pair of jeans I like at the moment.

Enter the D.I.

I went to look for a dresser at D.I. yesterday and as I was walking past the jeans I had a quick thought about my jeans and wondered if maybe they had them. I have never bought clothes at D.I so I didn't really know what to expect. Well the second pair of jeans I looked at were them! I can't explain how happy I was. They are the perfect size as well which made me soo happy. I then spent the next 15 minutes looking at every single rack to see if there were any others (there weren't) in the end, I got two really cute vests as well.

GO D.I.!


O: Old v. New

Some things are better when they are old. Either the older version of something or a thing that you have just had for a long time.


Can openers. The new models suck! They either don't stay attached or you have to re-poke the can 5 times. Thank goodness for the old rusted-ish one with just one handle and nothing fancy because it works every time.

Sheets. New ones are itchy.

Shoes. The older the better! They fit and no longer hurt your feet. If they aren't scuffed they aren't comfy.

Gym shirts. They are already stretched out and loose fitting!

Pillows. Older ones know exactly where your head likes to be

Cookies. Day old cookies are a little better than fresh out of the oven.

Towels. They have no lint and fuzzier left to leave all over.

There are things that are better new though too:

Air fresheners
Lint rollers
Nail Polish


The future

I read THIS story yesterday and it really made me start to think. This particular paragraph really got my attention:

That has forced newspapers to cut staff and shrink their publications. The report says staffing levels at daily newspapers have fallen by more than 25 percent since 2001.

“A shortage of reporting manifests itself in invisible ways: stories not written, scandals not exposed, government waste not discovered, health dangers not identified in time, local elections involving candidates about whom we know little,” the report says.

Not only is it a little depression to see that "15,000 reporters have left newsrooms in the past decade" but also that less does not seem to be more in this case. I completely agree with what they were saying when it comes to story ideas. Many of them are not in depth but come from press releases or stories from another news source. I am not criticising because I am not in the position to do that, but I still see that as a problem.

I really want to become the reporter and writer that makes some kind of a difference or exposes something that the public should know. I know that I am fresh at all of this, so the stories I have written so far in my career have been great for me to learn and grow as a writer, but I want to do more. I know that a lot of it is in my hands to take the initiative and I hope I will be able to be better at that.

I am not really a naturally curious person, and I see that as a problem more and more. I am also not pushy or nosey or competitive and I just wonder if these are the kind of traits I will need to get before I can become the successful writer I want to be.

This article/study really got me thinking, and hopefully it will be the driving force behind my stories and ideas from now on.


True Love

Just a few of the wedding pictures. I have so many favorites! The rest are on FB



Oh man there is nothing like having a 17 year old boy thinking he is so hot in your chair. He asked me if it would be okay if a girl comes in and gives advice- uh sure, as long as the sweetheart doesn't try to tell me how to do my job! Here is some advice I have to give to all "hot" boys out there

1. Jedi braids are not cool, yes I know what they are and I may or may not have had one in hair school but hey, I realize that was a mistake and if anything that makes me more qualified to criticize!
2. Steps are not as bad ass as you think they are. They are on the same level as guys who try to make mullets look cool. You weren't alive in the 80's for a reason.
3. You are maybe 100 pounds soaking wet... Why do you think you are so hot? Good luck with that growth spurt that hopefully comes down the road.

When you ask for my opinion I will tell you. Jedi braids look stupid when they are short and steps should only be cut on one side. I don't know where this 2 side thing came from but it looks dumb because no one has an even head which means your steps won't be even

And no I will not do all kinds of designs on the side of your head. I already gave you a freaking braid, don't push it.

And from now on, anyone who comes into the salon and wants a perm can suck it because I am done slaving away (and yes, perms are that bad) and not getting anything at the end. I don't feel like I am being that unreasonable when I expect some sort of compensation for a job well done. I don't get the $60 you just paid for your perm, I get like $12 without you tipping me. I really hope her perm falls out tomorrow...and her hair for that matter.


Bye Bye Lehi High

My little sister graduated on Friday from Lehi High School. I can't believe she is done! and I can't believe I have been out of high school for only 3 years. It feels like sooo much longer than that. I don't talk to a single person from my high school (which is okay) and I guess I just figured it would take longer than 3 years for that to happen. However, I didn't make any kind of effort to stay friends with anyone so it is 100% my fault (which is still okay).

I forgot how big of a deal graduating high school is! I guess as we all get older other things become that big of a deal for Bart and I it's currently graduating college and finding a job/career.. I wonder what it is going to be in another 3 years!

Congratulations again Katie! I love you and am so proud of you!

p.s. part of my journal entry one year ago was, 
"Bart asked me tonight if I wanted to get engaged and I got really happy but it's the most important decision I make so we decided I needed to think about it for a few days....."

7 a.m., bikes and Mini Spooners

I love waking up early.
I just feel like the day is so much more productive when I am awake and doing things by 7 a.m.
Bart works at 7 every morning so he wakes up at 6.
I usually sleep in, but I didn't today. Go me!

I got up and ate a nice big bowl of Frosted Mini Spooners (Breakfast for champions)
and then I went for a bike ride. 
I was going out to my car to head to the gym, but it is such a pretty day that I decided I would ride my bike around for a while instead.
Bikes and I don't really get along...I don't know what it is, but my body doesn't like the actions needed to ride a bicycle.
For this reason, I plan on riding my bike a lot this summer.
I only live 2 miles from my work now and this morning I took that route and it doesn't take me very long to get there so that will be a good chance to ride.

We finally have most of our little apartment put together too. It's so nice to have places for things and having the room actually look clean. It isn't much, but it is plenty for us, we love it.


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