Day 18 & 19

So for these lasts posts I am kind of all Christmas-blogged-out but I guess I will have to finish! My favorite Christmas meal doesn't really exist, just as long as I am getting fed I am pretty happy. I made candies and treats this year for the first time, they didn't really turn out that great but it's the thought that counts right? And as far as a service project I have done...I donated food to the food pantry and gave my change to the people outside of Walmart...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Visit home = so far so good.


I wish I lived alone

I am soooo angry right now. My roommate works a night shift so she comes home at 7am and starts blasting music and talking loudly because to her, it's a normal time of the day. Well let me tell you something sweetheart, ITS NOT. You work a night, when the majority of people are sleeping, this means that you do not get to come home and prance around as loud as you want. Seriously? Who in their right mind would think this is okay? Why don't you , and your home boys you decided to bring home, go somewhere else for 4 more hours so the rest of this normal apartment can get some sleep.


Day 17- Red V. Green

Well anyone who knows me knows I don't like red....I don't know why, I just don't. I never wear red, I don't own anything that is red, it is just not my color. HOWEVER. During Christmas time, I am all for red ( I have to be festive after all). So during the month of December, Red is just as great as Green

p.s. I can't wait to get home! Only today and tomorrow and then I will be in the 801 until next Wednesday. I am getting so excited. I can't wait to see all the people I haven't seen in WAY  too long, and spend some quality time with my family.

p.p.s. I feel like Martha Stewart (before the whole doing time thing). I have been cooking, cleaning, and CRAFTING this week. It's weird....it must be all the holiday spirit that has gotten into me. Either way, I have had yummy meals, a clean house, and sore wrists from my projects. I may just become a useful homemaker yet. 

p.p.p.s. When I am home this coming week I have a few goals to accomplish.
1. Find a wedding dress
2. Book the temple (check!)
3. Figure out photography situation and book dates to take engagements and bridals
4. Get most of the other little things figured out, divy out tasks to my willing mother and sisters :)

I would love to have a higher neckline, preferably lace, but I think these are so pretty. ( and yes, obviously anything will be altered to be "appropriate")

 I like the left side dress, a collar like that, but with sleeves

 In a perfect world I would get a shorter dress. I think they are beautiful but I feel like I wouldn't be able to find one that was "bridal" enough, I don't want to look like I am going to Prom. This is my dream though, so maybe I'll be able to find one?


Day 15 & 16 Ornaments and Scrooge

My favorite ornament on the Christmas tree is the one that is shaped like an egg, and on the inside there are penguin ice skating. It is my ornament I have had ever since I can remember and so of course that one would probably be my favorite.

Probably my least favorite thing about Christmas are the people who hate Christmas. Just because you are bitter about it, doesn't mean you have to share the hate. Christmas is a happy time of year for a lot of people, a time of year when families get together, sometimes that is the only chance they get.  So instead of whining about how much you hate people who love Christmas, how about you go out and buy yourself something nice, and start to enjoy the holidays :)


I got rockin' grades this semester


- insert swear words here -

 &$%#@*&%$&#&@ $*&#(*

That is how I feel right now. Today was one of those days that makes this blog so much fun to read. I have so much to say...where to begin?

Well the first, and probably the only thing I will say about work today is that I hate children. Yes that means your children too if you have them. This hate will probably leave me eventually but as of right now, I hate children. I hate how they move their heads THE ENTIRE HAIR CUT. Making it IMPOSSIBLE to do my job. I dont think mothers understand how hard it is to cut their daughters hair straight when they keep moving. If your child moves in the middle of me cutting her hair, yes it is going to be uneven. No I am not going to feel bad about it.

It was attack of the children today at work and by 3:45 I had about had it. I had to step away from a child's head and take deep breaths before I did something I was going to regret...like chop a huge chunk off and blame it on her squirmy head. I know younger kids have short attention spans but COME ON PEOPLE this was ridiculous. If you have children, please set them on a chair for 10 min. and make them hold still. practice over and over again before you take them to get their hair cut because a simple 10 min hair cut turns into25 painful minutes for the both of us if your child keeps moving. 

I have officially decided work is the best birth control out there. Have a little #$%& in your seat for 10 minutes and you will never want to reproduce. It was a good thing my shift was over for the sake of every child out there because at the end of work today, I could have punched a baby and not felt bad about it.

Another thing. Dont freak out in the middle of me washing your hair and ask what time it is. If you had somewhere to be anytime soon, you should tell me that before I even start cutting your hair, not when I am elbow deep in shampoo taking care of your nasty scalp. It is not my problem you have half an hour to get home and still havent done your grocery shopping. Trust me, if I could just kick you out with a sopping wet head of hair I would, but I cant so shut up, lean back, and let me rinse you out. 

Dear van I had to follow all the way home: THE SPEED LIMIT IS NOT 15 MILES PER HOUR. STEP ON THE GAS OLD MAN, I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT DIE... unless you don't hurry up and then I might just run you off the road for my own sanity. Seriously people. It is only snow! There is no need to go that slow....ever. ever ever ever. 

The rest of the night should be better though...besides the fact that I have to make 235 cookies tonight....NBD.


I went to Texas Roadhouse tonight with the girls I work with and it inspired me to update this i-hate-today blog.

#1. When I call in and say there will be 7 people eating, I mean 7. No we do not want to squish into a booth because of your bad planning. Your bad, not mine.

#1-A. To the lady with a poof 2 feet tall: You, your husband, and your baby do not need an extra table. We clearly needed that table and you felt the need to keep it for yourself. I know your hair is big, but I feel like even it's own table is a little much...

#2. Dear Waiter: I hate you and I hope you choke on some peanuts tonight. I am sorry that I was able to drink my half filled Dr. Pepper in the time it took you to go get us some more rolls. Maybe if you didn't take 20 minutes it wouldn't seem like I was drinking so much. Also, it is your job to refill my drinks. I am sorry that your job sucks but you chose it so shut up and do your job. While you are at it, try not to act butt hurt when we ask you to take some plates away from our crowed table that you assigned 7 people to when it usually sits 4.  Once again, it is your JOB to remove plates from my table. I don't know what you were expected to do tonight when you came to work but I am pretty sure we weren't being that difficult.

#3. Texas Roadhouse is a loud place. We all know this. However, that doesn't give you the right to be an ass. If you don't respond to a comment, we are going to assume you didn't hear it. We will then repeat our request, after this repeat, do not snap back that you heard us. Just shut up, and get our rolls.

Texas Roadhouse is blacklisted until further notice. (Along with Pizza Hut and McDonalds)

On a happy note, I got a COOKIE SCOOPER from my coworker. Yay.


Day 13- Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

Where did the tradition of the Christmas tree come from?

I stole this off of a website. No I am not going to provide a works cited page. Yes it is kind of boring. No you don't have to read it. 

Since ancient times, evergreen plants have adorned homes in the wintertime. Many ancient civilizations worshipped a sun god that they believed got sick in the winter. Late December was a time of celebration for them because at that time, the sun god’s physical condition began to improve.
The winter solstice, which occurs around December 22nd, is the day when there is the least amount of sunlight. The ancients knew that after that time, the days would begin to get longer and longer, winter would end, and the harvest would soon come. The solstice, therefore, was a time of great celebration, and evergreen trees and their branches played a big role in the festivals that took place because they were evidence that the sun god was not dead; he was simply weakened for a time, but he would regain his strength eventually.
As Christianity spread throughout Europe, a lot of pagan traditions were either incorporated into Christian worship or commandeered by it. It is possible that the early European Christians simply respected the local traditions and incorporated the use of evergreens into their celebration of the incarnation. Or they could have decided to celebrate the birth of Christ in late December in opposition to the pagan winter solstice celebrations, teaching them instead to use their previously held traditions to worship Jesus, not the Balder, the sun god worshiped by the Vikings or Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture.
One legend says that in 8th century Germany, a British missionary now known as St. Boniface cut down an oak tree that represented the Norse god Thor. In some versions of the legend, a fir tree grew out of the roots of the oak. In other versions, the oak fell, destroying every tree in its path except a small fir tree. Either way, St. Boniface viewed the fir as a miracle and encouraged Christians to use the fir tree as a symbol of Christ.
No matter how it happened, we know that the Romans, the Vikings and the Druids all decorated their homes with evergreen plants in the winter as a symbol of life. And we know that in 16th century Germany, Christians brought evergreen trees into their homes, beginning the tradition of the Christmas tree as we know it today.



I made dinner tonight.

Legit dinner. Parmesan chicken to be exact.

and it was delicious...

there is only one problem.

I am still starving.

Cooking sucks.

p.s. dear smilebigandbright.blogspot.com. I don't know who you are but I know you read my blog all the time, but I can't get to your blog because I am not on your list of allowed E-mails! It's not fair. Add me to your list. :)

Day 12- A new year

What makes this Christmas different than the others?

Well the first and most obvious difference is this guy:

Yes we were dating last Christmas but not that seriously, and I think by the time Christmas came around we couldn't really stand each other. So this year will of course be different. We will officially share ourselves with both families. 2 Christmases?!?!?!? A dream come true...

The next difference is that I actually get to spend a whole week home! Since I have moved out, I haven't been able to spend more than a few days home for Christmas because of my jobs. This year is different though and I am so excited! I get to hang out with my family, have time to see all my friends, and do absolutely nothing all week long. 

This is going to be a rockin Christmas for sure



I just got done watching Julie and Julia, a movie I didn't think I would like that much, but I did. It was a very cute story and it made me want to cook and write in my blog...and have my blog become famous. ( Thanks to the "stats" tab on my blog I am able to see that a lot of people really do read this which makes me happy enough) But since all I do on here is make fun of stupid people I doubt that will ever happen. Speaking of stupid people, I had  a whole list of things to complain/vent about and now I have forgotten them so I guess you will all have to wait a little longer for a funny post.

I completed my Christmas shopping today. I went a little crazy buying Bart stuff but it was fun for me. Now I see how people can get so carried away because I just kept seeing things I wanted to get him. This year has officially turned into the year where it is more fun to buy presents for others than stuff for me. My mother would be so proud ( And don't worry other family members, I got you guys gifts too)

I have a confession to make. I fake phone calls so I don't have to talk to people. I was going to do it today when I ran into someone but luckily I actually did get a phone call just in time. It is one of those situations where I can't act like I dislike them, or act like they ripped out my heart and put it in a blender, because that would mean letting them realize they got to me. So instead, I act like I am on the phone, or don't see them, so I won't have to talk to them. Super mature I know. But I have to come off as heartless to most people and being heartless means acting like that boy in the same store as you didn't break your heart, or the girl in your class didn't affectively ruin your life for a few months. They never have to know these things, especially if I never show them... right? That is what I keep telling myself to help me sleep at night..

Speaking of sleeping, it would be really cool if one of these nights I could do that...sleep...all night long... and wake up refreshed. Does this really happen? If it happens to you can you please explain to me your secret? Because apparently I missed the how-to-sleep-all-night-and-feel-well-rested-when-you-wake-up memo.

Going back to the movie and cooking, all I have eaten today is oatmeal and Goldfish. I love goldfish though. I am especially fond of the Parmesan cheese flavor, and the original of course. But that is beside the point, I think one of my new goals (ya know, the ones I always start and never follow through with and/or finish) is to pick a new recipe each week and make something. That way, I can stay well fed AND learn something. A win win for everyone.

ANYWAY. I really didn't have anything to say tonight, that movie just inspired me to blog and try to become famous.


Day 10- My Stocking

Describe your stocking on Christmas morning

My stocking... where to begin. First, let me describe it to you. it looks nothing like the picture i have here, i just felt like i needed a picture and this was the best one i could find. it has the head of a teddy bear. a small brown bear for a face. it is so old you can't really tell it is a bear. one sister has a mouse, one has a doll, my brother has a dog i think, i can't quite remember. ( and i will not be using caps lock because i have a cast thing on my left wrist to help it stop hurting but it gets in the way of the shift button) anyway, my teddy bear stocking is old and falling apart but i love it. it stretches pretty far so it can hold more stuff than you would think. usually christmas morning we all grab our stockings that were being hung on the banister on your way down the stairs, and wherever we put our stocking is our unofficial spot for the day. the place where we pile the rest of our things. inside is usually an orange of course, and a life savers book. but there is also other candies and then personalized items for each of us. sometimes there are tooth brushes, sometimes there is chap stick or make up. it is always a surprise what comes in my stocking, i never quite know what to expect, just the way i like it.

in other news:

i took one of two finals today and did pretty good i think. i also dominated that 9 page paper i wrote in 45 min at 3 am. i got a 98/100! i was very proud of myself when i got that paper back. i want to hang it up on my fridge. to top off my great day up on campus, i sold my book back for $51.50! was so happy. i dont remember how much it cost me at the first of the semester but who cares? fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

i have had the whole day off, besides that test earlier in the day so i took the time to do some laundry (boo) vacuum, and clean my kitchen and created a large pile i plan on taking to DI. my closet and drawers have a little more space now that i am all done. it amazes me how much crap i have. i have 18 hoodies. who needs 18 hoodies? you can only wear one at a time! i just can't get rid of stuff like that because what if i need it later? i just can't bring myself to get rid of them. i know once i get married and have to share closet space with bart i will have to get rid of a bunch of stuff but for now, my 18 hoodies are staying.


Books, naps, wrists and wedding dresses

Apparently today is one of those days when no matter how much I sleep I am still exhausted.

Why am I not in bed then do you ask? Well first, because I am reading a really good book by Jodi Picoult, one of my favorite authors, and even though I am falling asleep between chapters, I can't seem to put it down. I love her books because I get completely lost in them. I feel like I am in the story I am reading, relating my life and the people I know to the story and characters in her book. I can't wait for the day I can fill my very own book shelf with the books I love, with books that represent who I am.

Anyway, I decided to get on the computer because despite how tired I am, I am not in the mood to go to bed (I just woke up from a 3 hour nap after all). Sometimes my bed is really tempting, but other nights, like tonight, it doesn't really appeal to me at all. Maybe I should try making it, pulling the sheets tight, all the pillows lined up neatly, and see if that helps. I forget how much I love a made bed. Everything is evenly dispersed throughout my whole body. Even weight everywhere that is comforting. When I was younger, I use to have to clean my room before I went to bed. Every night I would pick everything up, make my bed, fold my laundry, before I could relax. Sometimes I wish for those days back. As I have gotten older I have discovered I have 8592 other things to do than clean my room and do laundry...not a good habit to get into.

Now that I am thinking about it there are a few things I wish I liked doing as much as I did when I was younger. Be a very clean person, make sure everything has it's place, organize my closet not only by color, but by sleeve length. I am not dirty, I am just not as concerned as I use to be. I wish I liked to go to the gym as much as I did in high school. I would go for 2 hours a day, by myself, most days of the week. Sometimes I would bring my Ipod along but not always. The gym was my sanctuary. It was where I went to be completely alone surrounded by people. I didn't make friends with the people around me, I didn't flirt with the cute boys who were always there when I was, I zoned out and focused on myself. It was awesome. That is probably what I miss the most out of all my old habits. I looked forward to going to the gym. I would plan my days activities around it usually. Now, here I am, after eating a whole box of mac and cheese, wanting to go to the gym but knowing I wont. I wonder if I will be able to ever get back into the habit I loved so much...One habit I have started up again though is reading. I use to read all the time but up until a few months ago, I hadn't read a full book that wasn't school assigned in probably a year. But I am back to reading whenever I get a chance and like I have said before, I love it.

I have stumbled upon a little problem, my writs hurt. really bad. carpal tunnel? Maybe, except I just looked up symptoms for carpal tunnel and mine don't quite match. Carpal tunnel starts gradually and affects the palms of your hands and fingers. My pain has come all at once and it is in my writs, occasionally shooting up into my fingers. Whatever it is, I need it to be fixed pronto because cutting hair isn't pleasant at all.

I have a final tomorrow that I should probably be studying for but as you can see, I'm procrastinating. Except it isn't that bad because I have memorized all of my flash cards so I am feeling pretty prepared. For some reason I am not stressed about my finals at all this semester. I think it is just because I am so ready to put these classes behind me!

Now that classes are over I have to start planning my wedding. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't deal with it until after the semester. I want to find a wedding dress, book the temple, decide on a photographer and set dates for my pictures before school starts up again. I feel like those are the main things and everything else my family can take care of since they are the ones that want this reception in the first place :) I was looking at a bridal magazine today though and I think I finally have some sort of an idea of what I want in my dress. Now if only I can find it...

I am ready to be married though. I feel like I know everything there is to know about Bart. I have seen every side of him, good at bad, and the only thing to do now is get married and start my new life with him! I hope these next 5 months go by as fast as the past 5 so I can finally be Mrs. Bowen.

It is nights like these when I remember how much I like to write. I never think I hate writing, but when my thoughts become words I can record so easily I am reminded of how much I rely on words for my sanity. I have never been good at talking about my feelings, but I have always been great at writing them down. Even when I have nothing to say, like tonight, I feel peaceful after writing it (typing it) down. My eyes and wrists hurt, I have cankers in my mouth and my lips are cracked, but I am fine, because I can write about it.

Day 8 & 9 Families and friends

This Christmas the things I look forward to the most are..

Spending more than a day with my family.
I have only gotten to see them for a few hours here and there for the past few months so it will be nice to just be able to sit down, hang out, and do stuff with my siblings!

See my BFF Sarah!!
I miss her so much! I got her Christmas card in the mail and it made me cry. She has a beautiful little family now, (complete with a dog and everything) and I cant wait to see her!

No school work
No tests to study for, no stories to write, no projects to finish.
Merry Christmas to me

Hang out with my soon to be in-laws. 
They have quickly become very special to me and I love the holidays because it is a chance for Bart and I to hang out with both sides of the family.


I don't know about my favorite, but when I think of Christmas I think of this book:
It is such a depressing book but my mom read it to us every Christmas....always makes me cry a little


Day 5- Typical

I am not in the blogging mood tonight so I will keep this short..

All us kids would sleep in the same room and usually my oldest sister Jenny wakes us all up, which is weird because she usually hates getting out of bed before the butt crack of noon, but for some reason I remember her waking me up the most.

We then head for our stockings, making sure to wait for everyone to get there. After a few hours when everyone is more awake, my younger siblings sort out all of the presents and then compare to see who got the most. (It is usually my little brother because he still likes crappy cheap stuff)

Then we do puzzles, play games, eat, and love each other.

So precious.

Time to spare

Usually during the two hour block between classes I have 230485 things to do. 

Today? I have 0.

It is soooooo nice to be done with this semester. I have said it before and I'm saying it again, this semester kicked my butt and I am so relieved to have it be over. My classes were some of the better ones I have had and one in particular really made me open my eyes to the world and understand what is really going on. I have learned a ton this semester from being the assistant news editor. It has taken up hours and hours of my weeks but it has been worth it. I have made friends and learned new things I don't think I would have found anywhere else. I was busier than I have ever been and it made the months go by pretty fast. I feel like I have improved as a student ten fold and I hope from here on out I will be able to dominate the rest of my classes. I really do love going to school up here. My little sister wants to come up here and I think she would fit in perfectly, I am excited to see it happen.

Goodbye Fall Semester 2010 :)


Day 3- Santa isn't real?!

I remember the day I found out Santa isn't real pretty vividly. My brother Dallin and I were down stairs on our colorful couch, (my family will know which one I am talking about) and Dallin was trying to tell me something, I can't remember what he was saying, I just remember my mom running down the stairs yelling at him and she said, "If you want to ruin Christmas for her blah blah blah" (Not using "blah" like what she was saying wasnt important, just that I dont remember) Anyway, I just remember my mom and Dallin crying and I am just sitting there trying to remember what they are so upset about...and then I remembered and probably started crying too...

On another note...

Bart and I went to a fun party tonight, a Mustache Party to be exact. When Bart told me about it I didn't think he would participate because it would require him to shave his beard off into a hideous mustache and eventually shave that off too. I have never seen Bart without his beard so it was a pretty big shock when he picked me up from school today...

Everyone looked great though it was a really fun time.

 Our mustache party High School picture! The guys were to look as bad as possible while all of the ladies had to dress up really nice. We were quite a sight. 

 If looking this bad is wrong, these guys didn't want to be right

My favorite picture of the night!


Day 2- Traditions

In my family we have some pretty sweet traditions. 

Probably the main one no one else ever has is that we open 1 present each every hour. Yes you heard that right. We open one present each by turn, clean up all the wrapping paper, and then set the timer for 60 min.

It is not as depressing as it sounds. Since we all still wake up wayy too early, the first couple hours go by quick because we all just go back to bed. Then throughout the day, as soon as the buzzer goes off we run upstairs for the next set of presents. It is fun this way because we all get to see everyone open their gifts and all that good stuff. I can only remember one Christmas where we didn't do it and it was way lame so since then we have stopped complaining about dad's crazy tradition and started appreciating it.

Around 4 or so we start to get antsy, which leads to the next tradition. When we are all ready to open the rest of our presents without waiting an hour in between by dad brings out books. My little brother then has to guess which book goes with which person. If he gets it right- we can open the rest of them. If he gets it wrong- we have to wait another hour.  It is a little better now that he is 14 and can actually read but when he was younger he would give me the backyard landscaping book and my dad the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (Or something along those lines).

Those are the main traditions I think of when I think about Christmas I am sure there are more, but for now I will leave it at that....


25 Days of Christmas

I am a little late starting out but I am wanting to do the 25 Days of Christmas blog list. (Except I'll only do 20 since I missed the first 5 days) Here is the list:
  1. Your favorite Christmas carol
  2. Christmas traditions
  3. Tell the story of when you found out Santa isn't real
  4. Favorite Christmas movie
  5. Typical Christmas in the (Bainum) household when your family was younger
  6. Typical Christmas in the (Bainum) household--all grown up
  7. What reminds you most of Christmas
  8. What you are looking forward to most this Christmas
  9. Favorite Christmas book
  10. Describe your stocking on Christmas morning
  11. What the true meaning of Christmas is to you
  12. What makes this Christmas different from the others
  13. Explain the tradition of the Christmas tree and where it came from
  14. Favorite Christmas decoration
  15.  Describe your favorite ornament on the Christmas tree
  16. What you dislike about Christmas (Scrooge for a day)
  17. Red vs Green
  18. Favorite Christmas meals/desserts
  19. A Christmas service project you've done
  20. Best part of Today (Christmas 2010)

foot print

So I have this assignment due on Tuesday but there is only one problem. The @&%$ website will not load. Please explain to me how I am supposed to do this assignment because I am getting ready to throw my computer against the wall except oh wait..its not my computer, its the website! I wish teachers would actually go to the website they are asking us to go to because then they would realize it doesn't work. I know what you are thinking...maybe it is just me right? well if is just me than I am magic because every computer I have tried, I think I am on my 5th one, has not worked.

Next reason why I am so pissed...my roommate is leaving (YAYAYAYAYAYAY) and I was planning on getting her big room but then my land lord called today and said he remembered my other roommate, (who I officially hate because of this now) had already laid claim to it. &$&%$ $%&@& &#&%^@ @%$&. I am seriously in the worst mood.

My whole day hasn't been like this though. I spent the afternoon after church singing along to Christmas music while doing the dishes and making cookies. unfortunately, I have apparently lost my touch because the cookies aren't that good (And if you have ever had my cookies you would know that that is saying something).

Maybe my day has sucked because last night sucked too. I went to bed exhausted but woke up every other hour for some reason. It was one of those nights that never seem to end. I thought it had to be at least 4am but when I looked it was only 230! And then in between waking up I was having the same dream and it was like I was in my own personal Hunger Games except we were on teams and it was like summer camp because we lived in dorm type things. (My room sucked in my dream too so I guess I am just doomed to have a shitty living arrangement forever)

So lets recap:
I maybe got 2 hours of sleep last night
My cookies turned out gross
My other roommate is moving into the bigger room, leaving me to live in a room that is no bigger than most people's closets
And the whole time I have been writing this blog post, THE WEBSITE STILL WILL NOT LOAD. Screw it, I will take the 5% deduction from my grade.

I need to snap out of this mood though because I will have crazy dreams tonight for sure if I dont.

Great news: I only have 2 more days of school left and then 2 finals and the semester from hell is over!!!! I am so relieved. It already feels like school is out though because I have finished all of my major things. (Except the finals but I hate tests and don't care what scores I get anymore so that keeps me pretty stress free).

This upcoming weekend is going to be so much fun so I will just look forward to that this week. Bart and I are going down to Salt Lake for a Laser Light Show, some Temple Square lights, and a Christmas play thingy. I love December.


High as a kite

I feel like I have Bipolar
and tonight I am on my high

I just busted out my 8 page paper in 45 min.... I crawled into bed, planning on going to sleep, when my mind wouldn't shut off. 

I randomly thought about a news story idea (which I got the OK for so get ready for that) and then I thought well hey, since I am clearly not going to sleep any time soon -I can just sense when my body doesn't plan on sleeping, regardless of how tired I am- I might as well start my interpersonal communications paper.

and 45 minutes later I am finished! Pretty sweet....

I am okay with all of this except for the fact that I really am tired so it is annoying I can't fall asleep. I did finally take a Simply Sleep pill though. Those things save me, and probably everyone around me because when I dont get sleep I am very mean, many many times. 

I am hoping once I have finished writing all of my thoughts down on this here blog I will be able to turn off the computer and sleep peacefully all night long (HA!)

Goodnight world. I love you.


Bye bye school

School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out! School is almost out!

I can't wait. All I want to do is play in the snow and listen to Christmas music and go shopping.

I would also love to be able to sleep in. I have almost forgotten how to sleep in but I am sure I will catch on quickly after a few days.

I have also started to read again and it is fabulous. I forgot how much I love to read and now that I have found a few good books I can't get enough! Like I said earlier, I officially know where I will be spending some of my money. 

Another reason why I am happy? My roommate is moving out which means....I get to move into her room which is three times the size of mine, I'll get my own bathroom AND get to park in the garage at all times. I can't wait... call me a picky/rude roommate but I can't wait to get rid of her... :)

Today I hate:

Slush. Slush that is in front of houses (sorority houses to be specific) that they won't shovel up. I know they walk through that slush every day in their high heels and tights and yet it continues to be slushy all over those sidewalks. Thank goodness, once again, for my rain boots! My feet have never been warmer...

Group projects. I just finished with one, which wasn't bad because I liked my group, but I started a new project with some other classmates and they are worthless and I don't plan on spending much time devoted to that project because it is for English class and lets be honest, I dominate in English so m grade can afford a bad assignment.

Going grocery shopping but not feeling like I have anything to eat....

Today I love:

Bart! He surprised me at the Statesman office and kept me company for a while...and he brought me some sour gummy worms so that is always a plus

The thought that SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! This semester has been ridiculously insane...it has almost kicked me in the butt but I think I handled it okay. I still have to write a 9 page paper but we won't think about that in this section...

Soup in the Skyroom. I ate there for the first time and it was delicious! Too bad I discovered it so late in the semester.

Music from high school, crazy dreams with people from high school, random memories from high school, the fact that I never have to deal with high school again...


I hate vacuums

I woke up at 6:49 a.m. this morning for a few reasons...

1. My roommate decided she needed to vacuum her bedroom which just happens to be located right next to mine. vacuum...at 6:30 in the morning...what is wrong with some people?

Actually I think I know what happened...my roommates are disgusting (surprise surprise) so yesterday when Bart and I got home after school getting canceled we just started cleaning. It wasn't planned or anything but one second I was doing the dishes and he was vacuuming and the next I am elbow deep in goop cleaning out my nasty shower that I have been avoiding because I am stubborn about cleaning up after people. The end result? A completely scrubbed bathroom, a vacuumed house, a clean bedroom and a deep cleaned kitchen. 

So anyway, I think this is maybe why she felt like she needed to vacuum? Because the whole house is probably cleaner than she has ever seen it so as soon as she walked into the black hole that is her bedroom she realized it was a little out of place.

2. My leg started cramping up randomly. It has happened before and it is some of the worst pain. My whole leg will get this really dull but strong throbbing pain all over and I just have to sit and wait it out except I can't because it hurts too much so I got up and walked around and that is how I ended up here...blogging about my feelings.

3. I woke up cold... no big deal except combine that with my crazy vacuuming roommate and my leg it couldn't be ignored. I have been trying to keep the heater off as much as possible so we didn't have to pay $479 in utilities every month and it seems to be working but it is officially winter and I think the heater will have to start coming on at night.

Speaking of Winter...the crazy snow storm that everyone was talking about was so weird. I have lived in Utah all my life and never has school been canceled because of snow. Sure maybe recess was canceled but school didn't get out early or anything. Yesterday however, Bart tells me the high schools are getting out at 1:30 and then I get to my group meeting and I am told that USU is getting shut down at 2! It seriously blew my mind. I'll be honest I am glad I didn't have to be up at campus when that thing hit (it sucked, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was just another winter storm in my eyes). 

After a few hours Bart wanted a Pepsi, he said, "This is what an addict must feel like" referring to the fact that he was willing to go drive around this crazy snow storm just for a Pepsi. We went though, it was pretty non-eventful but then I realized this would be a perfect night to make sure I knew how to drive in the snow! (I have only had my car for one winter and last year it really didn't snow that much) So Bart and I piled in and our adventure began. 

We got to the first light and the guy in front of us just kept spinning his wheels and didn't go anywhere for the first 2 green lights. Finally, when it was clear this person had no idea how to drive in the snow, Bart got out and started pushing him. The only problem was this guy STILL didn't know how to drive so his wheels are spinning and Bart is pushing and eventually they end up facing the other road with oncoming traffic. The green light had switched at this point and there was a snow plow heading straight for them. Luckily drivers were paying attention or it could have gotten messy... Eventually the poor guy was able to drive off after Bart pushed him through the entire intersection. So here I was, officially nervous that I would be the next fool to get stuck, and my rescuer was across the street not able to help. Finally, after having about an 8 min. light, it turned green and I completely dominated. I didn't get stuck ONCE during our teaching lesson I was so proud. (Bart was starting to get frustrated by my driving though so we went home early, making sure I could handle everything in the morning.)

All in all it was a fun night. We made homemade hamburgers which always taste SO much better, and just hung out. I love winter! I realized I do need a new coat though, I have officially outgrown my one I have had since 9th grade...(is that a fat joke? I still haven't decided..) Luckily though Bart's mom gave me rain boots for my birthday so my feet were basically invincible. 

I am so excited for the next few days! I have to work this morning but once I am off around 3 we are heading down to see our families. I have to work Friday night too so it will kind of be a short visit. Compared to last year though when I didn't even get to eat Thanksgiving with my family I am pretty happy with my options this year.  I know I have already said this but I LOVE this time of year!


11/13/09 - 11/13/10

This is kind of late seeing as how my birthday was 4 days ago buuuuuut this is some of what I have learned this past year::

No I do not need a new pair of shoes or a new shirt every other day

It is okay to have to buy all the toilet paper for your roommates...

I am a candy addict....and I dont know if that will ever change!

Family is my biggest blessing. I now have 2 amazing families

Even though I am still only in charge of the salad this Thanksgiving, I AM slowly learning how to cook.

Love happens when you least expect it...and you have to love yourself before you can love someone else like they deserve

I have come to see Logan, UT as my home. I really like it here and I definitely could NOT say that a year ago

I kinda suck at school....but at least I try, and procrastination is my middle name

I have discovered the joys of football and basketball games...you're welcome.

I have learned to live in the moment, worrying about the future all the time doesn't change a lot, so just enjoy today
Laundry should be done on a regular basis because doing 12 loads in a row SUCKS!

I miss reading. I really like to read but I haven't read a book in way too long.

I have learned that bad things happen, but life is happy for the majority of time.

I have come leaps and bounds as far as money management goes...(I will give myself a big pat on the back for this one)
Water is the best beverage...just embrace it.

In my interpersonal communications class we talk about levels of friendships. i have come to discover that i prefer most people to be at a certain level of friendship. The level where I dont need to disclose anything that makes me vulnerable. My whole life i have been stabbed in the back and have come to deal with it in my own way. I can honestly say having a lot of good close friends does not appeal to me. at all. I am very comfortable with where i am when it comes to my friends...all two of them. :)

This past year has probably been the best year in the past 5 in a lot of ways. I have made mistakes, but I have truly overcome them. I have met amazing people, some I sill have and others I don't. I have learned sooo much in school, I want to study everything, school is amazing (even if I hate it by November). 

November 13, 2009-November 13, 2010 will definitely be a year I won't soon forget. All-in-all I would say it was a good year....but I am of course excited for my next year of life....LOTS of big changes. Cant wait!


sneak peek

You know that feeling you get when you eat too much so you cant get comfortable? that is my current state so I will write instead of sleep. write instead of relax.

you may not know this about me, but i keep a journal and i write in it pretty often. i like to go back and look at where i was a year ago, so i did that tonight and the entry just makes me smile because i remember the night i wrote it and thinking back i honestly could never have guessed this is where everything would end up. it is a cute journal entry so i am going to write it on here, this is for all the girls who write about their current crush thinking that it probably wont turn into anything but i am here to tell you that one day it will.

November 17, 2009

Bart has been reading his stupid book for hours and I am so bored i even painted my nails. He is cute though so i guess i dont mind. im liking him more day by day and the crazy thing is that i love it! i dont feel scared or nervous for how things will turn out im just enjoying ever day with him. he is so good to me and treats me so well. ive never been with such a good down to earth person. ive never been so comfortable around anyone,especially a boy and here i am with no make up on and strait out of the shower! Im so lucky to have him in my life and being with him makes me happy. It makes me feel loved again, it reminds me that someone cares about me and is thinking of me. I love the little things about him like how he only smiles sometimes so when he does you know he means it. i love that he wears his stupid USU hat everyday and he looks so good in it. I love when he trims his beard short and that i notice. i love that out of the million people he knows he chose me. he makes me feel special on a daily basis and he has yet to do anything that would break my trust in him. He is an amazing person and im glad that i just went with it instead of pushing him away because i feel like we work well with each other.
Well there you go, a sneak peak into my personal journal, a flash back to how i was feeling one year ago. i love journals because of this reason, looking back and being able to remember certain events. I can still picture this night and me painting my nails and how seriously bored i was, i wrote this on my floor feeling sneaky because he had no idea what i was writing. 

Another reason why i love journals; you can read back on all the stuff you thought was so hard and realize now, a few years later, that it wasnt that big of a deal, so maybe the hard stuff you are going through now wont be that big of a deal when you look back on it in a few years. it is just comforting to know that yeah bad stuff happens and life is hard and life is stressful but life also changes. all the time. and for the most part, you can change it for the better, i know i have, my journals have proven that.

this is very much a rambling blog post but i just have to have them sometimes im sorry! I am still very full and very tired but those two just dont mix well for me so i have a feeling i will be up for a while...i guess i can just tell you about my day at work since that is always an entertaining topic...

well first i will talk about the cute little boy i cut hair for today because my sister said i need to put up positive work stories instead of just negative so here is one: I get little boys (and when i say little they usually range from 8-12) that are so sweet and polite and they totally remind me of my little brother. one particular kid sticks out to me because he was the youngest and you could tell he had a good relationship with his mom who was there and he was very sweet and polite and when he said he was 11 I just thought oh you are like my little brother...oh wait....he's 14 now.....weird. My baby brother will always be little in my eyes. Even though he is almost taller than me (almost being the key word) he will always be my sweet baby brother who milks all he can get out of being the youngest and a momma's boy.... :)

i did a lot of old men hair today too at work. old men can go either way, either they are funny and it is entertaining to do their hair or they are grouchy and i am terrified for my life...i had mostly grouchy ones today....i hate that. they smell and are mean and never tip....

 one last thing

I cant wait for Thanksgiving and the holidays!! Best time of the year. Hands down.


I love this picture because...

I love this picture because my two best friends are in it and we all looked sooo good that day :)

I love this picture because it reminds me of our last summer adventure where we attempted to go on a hike only to have discovered we went on the horse trail instead of the person trail and there was still like 45 miles to go before we got to our destination. I was hating life but then we ran into this little piece of heaven right in the middle of nowhere and it made everything all better
I love this picture because it reminds me of the good times in hair school where our hair was always the source of entertainment

I love this picture because I still remember this day perfectly when my niece wore my swim suit...hilarious. 
I love this picture because I think of our amazing trip to Oregon and how much fun we had 

I love this picture because it reminds me of my friend Bree who moved away but not before we had some fun fun times, laughing over this picture because she looked like an alien
I love this picture because it represents how amazing our summer was. And lets be honest....we look hot. 
I love this picture because it also reminds me of our awesome summer and this tree almost killed me


What confuses me:
boys who wear coats with fur on the hood
girls who always go back to the boy who makes them cry
people who talk in the library....seriously??
registration and what classes I should be taking
why there is no cursor on this screen
What I miss
being able to sleep in
80's dancing with sarah
sarah in general...
my family
What makes me happy
knowing I only have a few more weeks of this semester
my new rain boots
having all my laundry done
soft skin
old jeans
What scares me
the dark
getting yelled at by a professor
the fact that I will be making dinner every night this week
(lets all pray I don't burn anything down or poison Bart)  
What bores me
my sociology class
the gym
 the library 
What makes me anxious
thinking about next year/semester
trying to finish this English paper...
thinking about starting my next Speech paper..
my last Media Smarts project

What I should be doing
researching Malcolm X
my english paper
not blogging
writing 493 other assignments 

What I did this weekend
turned 21!
got a massage
ate 23,000 calories a day
got pampered by Bart
took naps
got some bright pink rain boots
went to a movie
ate lots of cake
bought myself plenty of stuff
didn't even THINK about homework
spent time with my families
got cool stuff from Honduras/Mexico 


Caffeine Side Effects

I am hyped up on probably about 70 oz of Mt Dew and emotional so I am going to vent. This probably should have been done a long time ago but since I havent really thought about it until now I am going to do it tonight. Who I am about to write about know who they are and frankly, if they are reading this and/or get offended by it then they are only proving me 100% right in what I am about to say. This has been a long time coming but I dont want you all to think I sit and stew about this every night because I DONT. I dont think about this constantly, I dont cry into my pillow every night, I dont wish I could take things back. I love my life. I love the people in my life. My life has turned out to be a dream come true and so no, I'm sorry but I wouldnt change anything that has happened.

Once upon a time a girl fell in love. It wasn't supposed to happen, at least not with the boy she fell in love with. All of her friends were saying he was so wrong for her and this other boy was the one she should be with. Well they were wrong. This boy and girl fell in love and started something amazing. Something not everyone will find, and for that, this girl feels bad. But she is so happy that is was lucky enough to find this person. Unfortunately, for who knows what reason, her relationship with this boy has been attacked countless times, criticized and mocked by everyone except the people closest to this boy and girl. These outside people are bothered by this couple. They see these two people as one person, like the one doesnt have a life outside of the other and that may be partly true but guess what, IT IS BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT TAHT WAY. Of course if you werent in this kind of a relationship you wouldn't understand. You would see this couple as weird, maybe a little pathetic because they are always together. However, if you have ever have had this, or are currently in love, then you completely understand.

I am sorry that I choose to spend my time with the person who makes me the happiest. Heaven forbid I want my life to be happy. I know some cant imagine why I would ever give up friends who treat each other like crap 70% of the time, who I was always afraid of saying anything to for fear of getting attacked and made fun of, for a person who I can be myself around, who never brings me down and who loves me as much as I love him. Life is to be enjoyed and I promise once you find that person who makes you happier than anyone else in the world you will finally understand.

Now this post may bring drama but guess what, I wont be involved in it. This post is going to be the last time I ever vent about this. Like I said, I dont think about this topic a lot but tonight it was brought up and it really bothered me and the way I deal with these things is writing about it. yes I could have written about it in my journal but guess what my mind is going at 100 miles an hour thanks to the caffeine currently in my system and I can type a hell of a lot faster than I can write so I am doing this on here. I still havent decided if I am even going to post this but if I do, and you get offended: get over it. I do not hate anyone and I would hope you have enough of your own life where you dont have to worry about mine.

If my relationship bothers you, ignore it. Block me from facebook if the fact that the person I am about to marry tells me he loves me every once in a while, I am not checking your facebook page so you can learn to not check mine. I am not forcing my relationship onto anyone. I do not brag about my relationship. Bart is not the only thing I talk about. Bart is not the only thing I have in my life, but he is the main thing, which is the way I think it should be.

There are two sides to every story. I would hope that before believing one, you get both sides before you judge me because I know full well no one has ever asked for my side. And you know what I hope for the most? I hope I am just talking to myself. I hope that none of the people I am talking about are reading this because that means they have moved on to and that makes me so happy. Why dwell on the past? So things didnt work out the way any of us thought it would...thats okay! We are all happy. I am happy, so just let me be happy.

I am in love and I am proud of it. No I dont make out in public, no I dont have to have Bart by my side in everything I do. Yes, I have my own opinion and my own views and my own friends. Yes I have moved on and love where my life is going. No I dont think about what I just wrote all the time. Yes I am hyped up on Mt Dew and will probably be up all night. Yes I had a blast tonight and love everyone who was in that restaurant with me. And yes, this weekend is going to rock.

Goodnight everyone who has read this entire thing. I love you.


Hey, it's OK

...to eat snow

...to wear shades when it is cloudy

...to hit the snooze 5 times before you get out of bed

...to eat cold pizza for breakfast

...to plan on eating that same cold pizza for lunch and dinner too...

...to pretend to text message to get out of talking with that hyper-chatty person standing next to you. It’s called communi-faking, and we all do it.

...to mock the silly Freshman in your class for waiting until the day before to start their paper

...to be bitter that your professor won't curve any of your tests

...to be in bed by 10 p.m.

...to not go to bed until 4 a.m.

...to buy generic TP

...to shout, "I am not!" when he claims you're hormonal.

...to start your to-do list with a task you've already done.

...to begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M.

...to smirk when you see the big, tough guys at your gym tripping on the elliptical machine.



So there is this one girl....

who I have been facebook stalking...

who honestly has dated every guy I have dated in high school

every single one.

does that mean we are like the same person?

I dont know but it is really weird and I dont like her but now I feel like that would be like me not liking myself because apparently we are very similar...(say that 10 times fast)

and I know what you are thinking and no,  its not like they dumped me and went for her, the order depends on the guy...so it's not like she is better than me...right?

bahhh this is why I hated high school.

facebook stalking complete.

such a child...

"you are such a child"

that is what Bart tells me all the time

the past few days have made me realize that he is completely right

I eat captain crunch for breakfast

I hold out my tongue and try to catch snow flakes all the way from the library to my car

I go out of my way just so I can walk in a pile of leaves

I would go see a Disney movie over an action or chick flick

I love decorating sugar cookies

I like to play I-Spy and ABC games in the car

I would love to get a coloring book for my birthday

I love cartoons...the "old school" ones that are never on anymore
I am such a child....you're welcome.

Gone and done it

So I was listening to the new Taylor Swift CD today and I realized something ....

I went from having songs like this relate to my life:

to having songs like this relate to my life:

I heard this song and I immediately thought this was the story of my life!!

...and this song always reminds me of Bart...
yes, he is this great.
He makes my life like a love song

I love that sad love songs about stupid boys don't apply to me anymore....I really am so happy. People may think I am crazy for some choices I have made, but I promise when you find that one person you want to spend your life with...you'll understand


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