Hi baby: happy day

Hi baby,

I'm writing this as I wait for my sleeping pill to kick in (insomnia is the bomb.com) and I couldn't let today pass by without writing about it. You were so fun today! Every single day you do something new, or something old, but better. You're really attached to me at the moment and won't let me leave the room as you play. Today we looked at alphabet flash cards and you had to be on my lap the whole time. Sometimes I get a little irritated that you won't "leave me alone" but then I remember we're apart every day for 5 hours, so no wonder you want to just hang out with me. I am a better mom when I think of your perspective and I find myself enjoying our time together much more. 

You're "talking" more and more and tonight you were glaring at me and lecturing me about something- every once in a while yelling "no!" In between your jibberish and your furrowed brow. It was so dang funny. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, but you didn't like it one bit! 

I seriously had so much fun with you today! I can't wait until the weather gets warmer and we can spend our afternoons exploring outside. You love airplanes and birds and point out every car you see. 

You're always asking for daddy and asking "where go?" with your hands in the air. Tonight as we got ready to say your night prayers you asked for dad to make sure he joined us. Family prayers with you is a special moment in my day. 

I love you Mckenzie girl! Thanks for being so goofy and loving me. 



Smelly naps

Today has been such a mom day! I'm sure you all have had a million of these days, but mine are surprisingly few and far between right now. 

Mckenzie wouldn't fall asleep until 11pm last night. (She usually sleeps at 7) so when we had to wake her up at 6 this morning she was pretty upset. She was hysterical and I decided to take her to daycare a little later to see if she would calm down. She eventually gets dropped off and ends up falling alseep at 10am. I go to pick her up at noon assuming she's be awake. I then had to hang out and kill time until 1:40 when she finally woke up. 

We get home and she clings to me so we cuddle and watch TV. Her tummy hurts and she's grouchy. She poops, fills her diaper and immediately passes out. No time to change her. 

So now I'm holding my very smelly baby because she's tired and sick and it's my job. My eyes may or may not be burning a little. Yuck! 

Here's hoping her nap only lasts 30 minutes. 


Hi baby (#2) 6 weeks

Hello my little poppyseed.

I'm six weeks along today and only a handful of people know about you. I'm so happy to be pregnant again and feel much more confident this time around. I'm not studying the daily emails and downloading every app. For the most part, I know what to expect. 

I forgot how tired growing a little person makes you these first few months! Today you will be tripling in size! No wonder I needed a nap. I've been a little sick off and on, but nothing too bad yet. Just really tired. My first and number 1 pregnancy symptom is bloating and that's in full force. Since you're slowing down my digestive system any food I eat sits there for what feels like all day. My belly sticks out like I'm 5 months pregnant already and that's been so much fun to hide. 

No major cravings or aversions yet. I've been eating about 90% paleo for the last 3 weeks and you don't seem to mind. With your sister I threw healthy eating out the window because I was just so hungry all the time and couldn't choke down a vegetable! I know it's still early into the pregnancy so we'll see what happens. 

I'm beginning to think about life with a newborn again and all I have to say is, we'll survive. I won't know a thing about raising a two year old and a newborn together- but this motherhood thing has a way of working that all out. 

Your daddy is very happy about you. He keeps referring to you as a "sister" and then after a pause adds "or brother". I guess we will know in about 10 weeks! 

I wish I was 7 months pregnant already and the waiting game is going to be the hardest part! So until then, I'll write you love letters and imagine who you will be. 

Stay strong and keep growing 



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