Napping on a Crappy Couch

I have been wanting to blog for a while now, but it's definitely not a priority anymore. I have lots of thoughts (usually funny) that remind me that I have a blog to use, but by the time I get the chance to actually blog those funny thoughts are gone and I can't fake it till I make it in a case like that.

I have time tonight for a few reasons 1. Bart is gone at parent teacher conference B. I took a longer nap than planned and missed class 3. I am avoiding the gym because I'm still feeling tired/lazy/tired.

After this I am going to force myself over to the gym because I need to continue with my good habits, especially because I am going to be running a half marathon this summer! I know for some people this may or may not be a big deal, but I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also telling my blogging family so there's no backing down! The more people I tell, the more motivated I will be...isn't that how it works? (i'm also motivated by small pant sizes but that doesn't sound as noble). My sweet friends over at Discover your Happy are taking time from their busy schedules to help me accomplish that goal and I am so grateful for them! You should go check out their blog, they have tons of great tips, stories and advice for anyone who is active, especially runners!

It's sad when you meet nice people and immediately your mind goes to ....are they really this nice? do they just want something, is there an alternative motive here? My life hasn't really been filled with great loyal friends so I have trust issues, but luckily now that I am an adult and meet more and more people I realize there are genuinely kind and friendly people out there. So anyway, these ladies will be kicking my butt these next few months but it will totally be worth it!

I went to the physical therapist today since I'm a 23 year old trapped in an 80 year old's body. I hate filling out those questionnaires that ask you to rate your pain from 1-10. "Your pain prevents you from doing your daily tasks" okay so if I don't put more than a 5 are they not going to take me seriously?? No, my back doesn't hurt RIGHT THIS SECOND but that doesn't mean the pain isn't there...."what doctor referred you here? None? So you're self referred?" Why yes, yes I am self referred because I'm not going to go pay $30 to talk to a doctor who doesn't specialize in back pain only to have them recommend me to go see a physical therapist, I'm cutting out the middle man here thank you very much!

Luckily the therapist was a very nice guy who explained things well (stupid gravity, you're causing all sorts of problems!). We went through a few exercises that proved just how weak my neck really is. I came out of there in more pain than I started, but I guess that's the idea rrrrright?

As soon as I got home I passed out on our stupid couch. I really hate this couch, it's not comfortable at all. If I had a choice between a bean bag and this couch, it would be a very close call as to which one I would choose. Usually this means I can't take naps on this thing, but for some reason I was able to sleep just fine on it yesterday and today. I didn't set any kind of alarm today and ended up missing class (first time this semester though so....go me!).

I was told once that your body isn't going to sleep if it doesn't need to sleep. Is that true? Can you make yourself sleep for a few hours during the day if your body really doesn't need it? I am all for taking naps if my body needs it ( I credit my not getting sick this year to getting plenty of sleep), but if I can just force myself to sleep then I will be staying OFF the couch the next few days.

Okay well I'm going to leave for the gym now because Bart will be home soon and let's be honest, if he gets here and I haven't left yet I will plant my butt right next to his on this stupid couch that I hate and hang out with him.

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  1. Heck yes...half marathon here we come!! Now we need you 100% healthy so the running can resume!



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