Call me a brat
Call me high-maintenance
Call me hard to live with,


Yes, there is a new reason why I am saying this for the 20348 time.

A new girl moved in and I walked in to the kitchen to have this note waiting for me.

Hey Megan,
I am your new roommate that just moved in. I hope you don't mind but I moved your stuff two cupboards over (Okay cool, no big deal). I don't mean to be a pain (AKA I am about to become the biggest pain in your ass) but if you could empty out another cupboard for me because I don't have any room for my dishes (you need your own cupboard for your dishes? Do my dishes have cooties?) Thanks!
-insert her phone number....(but no name...smart.)

I then open up her cupboard and it is no wonder why she doesn't have any freaking space: She has like 14 costco size boxes of fruit snacks and has a cooking sheet laid down to take up the entire space of the bottom shelf. Who stocks cupboards like this?? If you are going to be stupid with the way you organize your space that is not my issue. Shut the hell up.

Dear Roommate,
You're an idiot. No I will not empty out an entire cupboard for you and your set of kitchen-ware. You're dishes can go in the same cupboard as the other dishes because we are not 12 years old and need to separate everything we own in the kitchen. Congratulations, I already hate you.
xoxo Megan 

After throwing a loud fit in my kitchen about how stupid people are and how I am so sick of having to deal with them, Bart and I officially decided we will be finding a place for us to live when we get married and I will move in ASAP and live there by myself. I would take creepy neighbors and scary living-by-myself-nights over living with 19 year olds.

I am starting to realize that the problem must be me, not them, because there is no way I would get such bad luck roommate after roommate.

Hi my name is Megan Bainum and I am impossible to live with apparently.

On another note, work sucked today.
We are having sale so of course it is going to be busy...NBD. I will tell you what IS a BD though is having people come in 20 min before we close and have a 45 min wait and want to be put down on the list. Wanna know what I have to say to that?



  1. Now that I am done laughing my A-- off...I love you and I feel your pain.

  2. Join the club. No one wants to live with me either. Thanks for the laugh.



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