V- Day

I got thinking about my past Valentines today and it is crazy how fast time goes by. I remember my first Valentine being in 8th grade when after a school dance a boy took me to his locker and gave me a box of chocolates and a rose that said love on it. We then held hands (for the first and last time I believe) down the hall until our English teacher saw us. So romantic.

 That same boy now has two beautiful kids and I spent the day with my future husband!

So many people hate Valentines day and I don't really understand it. If you love someone, buy them a dang flower, if you aren't in love, get over it and buy yourself a flower. Mothers Day and Easter are just as commercialized but you never hear anyone complaining about that. Not having a Valentine isn't the end of the world and crying about it only makes you look more pathetic. Embrace being single, or embrace the person you love (good one I know). And if all else fails, take advantage of the awesome candy selection that is in the front of every store. 

Now, since this is my blog and I can brag all I want about my happy life, this is what I did today...

Bart and I celebrated Valentines today because our work schedules are going to make it so we don't see each other tomorrow. He surprised me with a pedicure gift card and another charm for my Pandora bracelet (he thought it was a red charm, but it's orange....poor handicap). Since it was such a beautiful day we went and played at First Dam where I impressed Bart with my football throwing skills (he said he would pick me for a powder puff team). Then he made a yummy dinner and we ate it at Adam's park.

I can't believe only 3 more months and we will be married! I am so happy.


  1. Hahaha orange? So funny

  2. I feel like this color blindness is going to be a recurring theme in our lives. I can't be trusted around colors, I need a chaperon.

    P.S. I complain about Easter being commercialized. Bunnies and Eggs? Really? What a combo.

  3. You can take your valentine's thoughts about me and shove them in a sack...



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