Dear class of '08

This post is for anyone who has been graduated from high school for 2 years or more:

1. Posting pictures from your senior year on Facebook is not cool, it is actually kind of sad. High school is over and even if you were the king/queen of the halls that doesn't really matter anymore so move on...

2. As my friend Holly put so nicely: take the graduation tassel off your rear-view. seriously.

3. Don't assume that everyone from your high school is going to remember who you are a few years down the road, especially if you were younger than them. We move on and meet new people and you probably weren't interesting enough to remember for very long anyway.

Moving on...

Can someone please explain to me why big jacked up trucks and/or SUV's swerve to avoid a dent in the road? I am not talking about big pot holes because those are annoying for anyone but I am talking about the little bumps on the road that even the lowest riding car would not have a problem with but here are these huge vehicles driving zig-zag on the road for the smallest things. All I am saying is that if you are going to drive that kind of a vehicle man up and drive it strait over those bumps...I promise your shocks can handle it.

Now for a Salon Etiquette lesson by yours truly:

A. Do NOT wipe your nose on my cape while I cut your hair. I understand you are itchy but please keep in mind that as much as I would LOVE to have your snot all over my things other people have to wear it today too so try to control yourself.

B. STOP MOVING. Stop moving your hands because guess what your head moves too. Stop moving your feet because yes, that moves your head too. Stop looking around the salon because I have sharp things in my hands and your ear may or may not survive another hair cut if you keep moving your &%$@ head.

C. Talking on the phone/texting while someone is doing your hair is rude (and yes, your head moves when you do that too). Try to realize that the phone goes next to your ear...which is by your hair....which is what I am trying to cut so unless you want a bad hair cut that I won't feel bad giving you, put your phone away for 10 minutes. Texting is also rude and what is more annoying than you texting is when you get all butt hurt when I get hair on your phone...I am sorry that is directly in line with where the hair falls.

D. If you have children PLEASE be the parent I know you can be and control them. No it is not okay to let them run around throughout the entire salon. No it is not okay to let them play with the cool chairs that magically go up and down. No it is not okay to have them skate around on their roller shoes on our hard wood floor. No it is not okay for them to be standing RIGHT NEXT to me as I am trying to do my job. If your child is a little $#%& do us all a favor and leave them home or lock them in the car.

E. And last but not least, tip us. You won't miss $3 I promise. :)


  1. Okay, but what do I do if I have an itch while getting my hair cut? This happens often since little pieces of hair are flying everywhere.

  2. haha yep so over all these things. also....dont lift your head up in the sink. I know you think you're somehow being helpful or polite, but more like annoying.
    The end
    ps this is sarah haha



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