It's Okay

It's Okay

to buy $50 shoes when you buy your socks at the dollar store

pretend you didn't see that person totally eat it on the ice (they usually prefer it that way)

to still love those zero-spending weekends at your parents’ house

to not do a card, dinner or gifts on Valentine's Day.  Love: still free.
to ask the sweaty dude at the gym to wipe off that machine.
to be happy that you didn't get "that one kid" in your class project group
to find the word "panties" totally creepy
to wear your winter coat you have had since 7th grade because it matches perfectly with your outfit
to demand to be taken off speakerphone.

to enjoy crying (sobbing) at the movies
to continue to wear your favorite pair of jeans that have 5+ holes in them, even if you have 6 perfectly good pairs in your closet


  1. lol love this post. sooo funny and so true. I have one more to add. "its ok to stop trying to fit into your 'skinny'jeans and buy a pair of cotton jeggings instead. They will fit you as skinny jeans no matter how much your weight fluctuates:)"
    oh and "its also ok to have a million pair of shoes and still wear the same three pairs cause they're your favorites. " love yoU!
    sarah g

  2. Ahh I love those! haha so true about the shoes thing...Looks like you have a blog post idea??



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