Today sucks and I am going to vent about it.

it didn't start out that way
but it got there.

I hate feeling like people have an issue with me. If you do: grow some balls and say something or get over it. We aren't in high school anymore and I don't care enough about you to 'talk about our feelings'

Also, I do not handle disappointment well. I studied my ass off for a test and still got a B-. It makes me not even care what grades I get in my classes. Childish? Maybe.

I just really am bugged by some people in my life right now and I needed to vent.

Also, I am getting SO annoyed hearing people talking about racist stuff but then saying they aren't trying to be racist. Stupid girl in the front of the room: just shut the hell up

--and girl in the back row: your opinion isn't the only opinion, it is not necessarily the right opinion, so you can shut up too.


  1. "Censored" may have a slighty different meaning than you think. ;]

  2. haha I know, I figured people would get the point....maybe -not censored?- :)

  3. haha I had an angry irritated day too!!



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