St Geezy && Vegas

4th of July I got to take my first real relaxing summer vacation! Bart and I went to visit my grandma in St George. 

While there we got to go see Tarzan at the TUACAHN THEATER. It is beautiful there I LOVED it.

Later that week we went to Las Vegas to hang out...why not right?!

While in Vegas we saw..
  • 63 women in Heels
  • 35 boys wearing Affliciton T-Shirts
  • 3 Preachers trying to save our souls
  • A girl in a bikini and a guy in his boxers
  • Two people dressed up as Avatars (Which was awesome)
  • 9 couples where the girl was taller than the guy
  • People impersonating Elvis, Jack Sparrow, Wonder Woman, Michael Jackson & Cat Woman, Woody, Shrek
  • 4 Boys carrying around a 12 pack of beer on their shoulder
  • Robot Dancers
  • People in crutches, wheelchairs, and canes
  • Some Cougars on the prowl
...among other things..

We also went on some hikes in Snow Canyon.

The best part of the Canyon was the pamphlet that was handed out to us before we were able to go in. It said..(and yes this is word for word)

"Welcome to Snow Canyon where we have dedicated 90,000 acres of land for the desert tortoise. If you see this rare animal in the road please do the following.
  1. Notice the direction of travel
  2. Approach the turtle CAREFULLY (because it may run away from you?)
  3. Pick up turtle on the sides making sure to not tilt or turn it
  4. Place the turtle no more than 100 ft from the road in the direction it was traveling
  5. Report your findings with a Ranger ASAP
...I am happy to see that turtle is getting such VIP service....

 It is such a beautiful place it was so nice to be surrounded by it for a few days!

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