As I have been out and about these past few weeks something has been really bothering me...maybe if I write it down it will help......

What has been bothering me is this: Parents who take their children to places where it is clear children aren't welcome and don't realize no one really likes their kids except themselves.

Let me give you a few real examples...

While in the movie Grown Ups (rated PG-13) there was a couple who decided to bring their 2 year old to this movie. Not only was this movie clearly not for kids, it was also 920 at night when kids SHOULD be sleeping. But there he was, laughing hysterically every time the audience (consisting of adults) laughed. And I am not talking about a little giggle here and there I mean EVERY TIME someone laughed he yelled at the top of his lungs trying to copy everyone else. To make matters worse his parents just sat there thinking it was adorable. I am here to tell you it wasn't. Only you ( the parent of the child) think your kid is adorable when it comes to obnoxious situations like this..

Another example was when Bart and I went to Tuacahn Theater in St George to watch their rendition of Tarzan. The play started at 8:30 and just as it was starting a couple came in who unfortunately had seats right next to ours. This particular couple brought their baby with them to this play...this baby was probably like 6 months old and for some reason these parents thought it would be a good idea to bring him to a 3 hour play that was held outside and that was going to have lots of loud music and singing. This baby fussed the ENTIRE time. Just like in the movie I mentioned before we were really annoyed except even more so because this time around our tickets costs more than $40 and the program specifically stated no children under the age of 3 should attend this performance. Apparently this young couple didn't get the message because throughout the show he was fussing or sucking or crying or chewing on something and we got to hear the whole thing. It really bothers me when parents do this. YOU decided to have a child. I didn't, and I don't want to have to deal with having to listen to it. Once again, call a damn babysitter.

If you have a baby/toddler do not think you are the exception to the rule because you aren't. If you are taking your kids to a place that is meant to stay quiet then you are bothering everyone else around you. I am all for little kids running around screaming and laughing in places where it is appropriate but there are some places where you just shouldn't take them....no matter how cute you think they are.... :)

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  1. haha this is sooo true!! and also probably the reason we do not have a kid yet because everytime this happens to us, it makes me HATE children! haha poor things, I really should be hating their parents.



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