Oct. Nov. Dec.

Remember when I said I can't wait for September to be over? Well IT'S OVER!! Yay. Life will hopefully be able to settle down a little bit. Luckily September went by pretty fast. Now, I can get back to NOT missing school (like, ever again...if I feel like passing my classes). Working a typical schedule with more than 9 hours a week, and enjoying OCTOBER.

Which, by the way, is the first month of my favorite set of months :  
October November December. 

These three months may or may not be the greatest of all year. What about summer? I still would take these three months over summer any day. 

I love October because Fall arrives! The air changes, it's cooler in the mornings and nights (but not as cold as Logan mornings and nights...which is cool.), the leaves start to change, and then there are the festivities. I love carving pumpkins and going to haunted houses and corn mazes.

Then we move right into November and before ya know it, BAM it's my birthday, followed by frequent football/basketball games (Bart) and then we get to Thanksgiving. Now, Thanksgiving has been kind of tricky since Bart and I have been together and I will admit last year was NOT my favorite. It's hard to juggle multiple families and multiple Thanksgiving Dinners. I don't know what our plans our for this year yet, but I am sure we will just have to suck it up and enjoy ourselves no matter what happens. November is also fabulous because it's still feeling like fall, and snow might be here, which is okay because I LOVE the snow.

These things are also great because it means I can bust out my fall/winter wardrobe. I am SO stoked about this because since I got married, my summer wardrobe has been limited and hot. I love bundling up so only my face can feel any kind of outside temperature. I also have multiple pairs of boots that are really wanting to be worn...I can just tell.

Then of course comes December. Do I really need to defend myself on this month? Not only does school get out and allow for 3ish weeks of freedom, this year Bart is out of school too which means we have plenty of time to go do cool December stuff. I don't know what that stuff is just yet, but it's going to rock no matter what. I also just love the Christmas spirit that is around during December. I also have Christmas decorations that I got last year AFTER Christmas that I get to decorate our place!


I love this time of year!!

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  1. I love love love this time of year too. Octnovcember is the best :)



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