11/13/09 - 11/13/10

This is kind of late seeing as how my birthday was 4 days ago buuuuuut this is some of what I have learned this past year::

No I do not need a new pair of shoes or a new shirt every other day

It is okay to have to buy all the toilet paper for your roommates...

I am a candy addict....and I dont know if that will ever change!

Family is my biggest blessing. I now have 2 amazing families

Even though I am still only in charge of the salad this Thanksgiving, I AM slowly learning how to cook.

Love happens when you least expect it...and you have to love yourself before you can love someone else like they deserve

I have come to see Logan, UT as my home. I really like it here and I definitely could NOT say that a year ago

I kinda suck at school....but at least I try, and procrastination is my middle name

I have discovered the joys of football and basketball games...you're welcome.

I have learned to live in the moment, worrying about the future all the time doesn't change a lot, so just enjoy today
Laundry should be done on a regular basis because doing 12 loads in a row SUCKS!

I miss reading. I really like to read but I haven't read a book in way too long.

I have learned that bad things happen, but life is happy for the majority of time.

I have come leaps and bounds as far as money management goes...(I will give myself a big pat on the back for this one)
Water is the best beverage...just embrace it.

In my interpersonal communications class we talk about levels of friendships. i have come to discover that i prefer most people to be at a certain level of friendship. The level where I dont need to disclose anything that makes me vulnerable. My whole life i have been stabbed in the back and have come to deal with it in my own way. I can honestly say having a lot of good close friends does not appeal to me. at all. I am very comfortable with where i am when it comes to my friends...all two of them. :)

This past year has probably been the best year in the past 5 in a lot of ways. I have made mistakes, but I have truly overcome them. I have met amazing people, some I sill have and others I don't. I have learned sooo much in school, I want to study everything, school is amazing (even if I hate it by November). 

November 13, 2009-November 13, 2010 will definitely be a year I won't soon forget. All-in-all I would say it was a good year....but I am of course excited for my next year of life....LOTS of big changes. Cant wait!

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  1. yay! me. one of the two must be me right?? right??



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