Spring 2010. SOC 3200- Population and Society. Grade: B+

Have you ever had a bad teacher? I mean a really bad teacher? The kind of teacher that makes you upset because you are paying thousands of dollars to this institution that allows teachers like this to exist? I did. And this was the class. This old man was so horrible I was close to writing to the president of the school to complain. Then I thought about that extra work, and decided to just hate him in silence instead. This professor was 90 years old and admitted to the entire class on his first day that he hadn't taught this course since 1995. AWESOME! This was the year the 2010 Census was being conducted. So that's what we learned about. The first 5 minutes of class was spent listening to polka music (yes, polka music) and watching him do a little groove. The next 30 minutes were spent on figuring out how to work the projector, and then the next 15 minutes were spent going over the slides we went over last class. The final 10 minutes were spent "learning" something new. What made me the most upset? Is this guy noticed when I missed class and docked me points. (hence the B+) what a dick right?

Spring 2009. HIST 2710- United States 1877-Present. Grade: A

If you went to Utah State University, did you have the pleasure of having Ms. Denise Conover? If you did, you probably have a good idea of how this class went. This lady was from the South and had plenty of strong opinions about the government. Lucky for me, this was also the semester she had to get shoulder surgery so most of our classes were cancelled. This was also the class that Bart apparently had with me. ( I don't remember him...but Bart remembers me. According to him, "I looked mean").

In this class you NEVER had your phone out because this crazy lady would call you out and yell at you for a solid minute. If you looked down while she was giving some kind of announcement she freaked out until  you told her you were just writing down the test date. Our grades were based on the roll that she passed around. Sign your name and chances are you'll get an A. I didn't do my final paper and I still got an A! The perfect class for a college Freshman.

Fall 2009. USU 1320-Civilization: Humanities. Grade: C-

Fall 2009 was a bad semester. It was my second semester and I was taking 6 classes. They were almost all USU courses AKA generals. The classes with 200 people and scantrons. My worst enemy. (I don't do well with multiple choice). I hadn't caught on to the importance of regularly attending class ( that realization would come after I got my report card..almost all C's). I honestly do not remember what class this was. I looked it up on USU's website and here is the description  "Provides basic understanding of a broad range of themes, which cut across human history and continue to be important in contemporary society." No wonder I almost didn't pass. I don't do well with such general guidelines.

p.s. I think this might have been an art-type class. If so, I had a mean red-headed teacher who demanded we include Doctor in her title because "she worked hard for that title."


  1. Can't wait to see your post about your Media Law class with Whisenant haha taking that class this semester.

    Angie Bradshaw

    1. I totally will! He will be my next post :)

  2. I think I had that humanities class with crazy redhead that same semester... Did we know each other then? I can't remember. haha. Loving this series by the way!

    1. We probably did have the same class..typical. I don't think I knew you yet though...either way...she was cray cray



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