Day 5 of eating my anti inflammatory diet. Remember that one? The original? As in no eggs, corn or cheese (or gluten, sugar, soy, processed food, etc)? Ya. That one. FIVE DAYS! I honestly haven't done that since the beginning of my Hashimotos days. Whenever I've gone back to my strict diet I've always included at least eggs and usually corn and cheese too.

After several several several months of not behaving- I had just had enough. I knew it was time to restart and get disciplined. It's ALL about discipline. The first two days were actually pretty easy which was surprising because they are usually the hardest and the reason I always end up adding things back in. But by day 3 I had really committed and it seemed like a waste to just "cheat". I had made it three days- why not keep going? 

Last night I was feeling emotionally hungry and was about to give in to that block of cheese that was laughing right in my face. But instead I ate carrots and hummus and went to bed early. 

I'm not creative in the kitchen. I don't like spending a lot of time with a recipe so you won't see me using veggies in a super creative way or making my own paleo mayo. Nope. Not happening. I eat carrots raw, sautée my veggies in olive oil and grill my chicken with simple spices.  Poor Bart always goes hungry when I'm cleansing because I don't really make dinner. I just eat a bowl of brown rice and I am good to go. (Seriously- NOT CREATIVE) I will say I'm not really missing sugar this time around which is weird since sugar is my jam. Right now I'm really just wanting something to fill up my stomach like gluten free bread and cheese! I am easy to please when I'm hungry :) 

The scale says I have lost 4.5 pounds which doesn't surprise me. When you have Hashimotos it is so easy to get inflamed and inflammation translates to pounds on the scale. Within a day or two on the anti-inflammatory diet that inflammation leaves your body and the number on the scale goes down. My skin is also breaking out- another sign that my body is cleansing. I did get a migraine last night which is super weird since I've only had a few in my life- so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. 

I think I'm going to at least go a full 7-10 days and then just add one food at a time every few days. I can't believe I did this for 4 months! I was a freakin rock star with such great willpower. I'm trying to get that back a little bit! 

So ANYWAY. I'm sitting here as my baby sleeps and thinking of food. Because I'm a fat kid like that. Cheers!

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