To my mom and to my baby

Happy Mother's Day!

To my mom who has loved me every day since I was born. Who taught me how to be kind. Who showed me was selflessness looks like. Who shared her testimony and lives the gospel. Who created a safe and loving place for me to come home to. Who has listened to endless phone calls after a bad days. Who loves my daughter with everything she has. Who is always teaching me and giving me someone to look up to. I love you.

To my baby who made this my first Mother's Day. Who has made me realize I can love something and someone more than I ever thought possible. Who teaches me patience and makes me laugh every day. Who loves me even when I'm whispering how much I'm sick of her. (we've had a few long days...). Who is always happy to see me. Who gives me special treatment and loves me always. Who has become my best buddy. I love you.

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