Hi baby (#2) 6 weeks

Hello my little poppyseed.

I'm six weeks along today and only a handful of people know about you. I'm so happy to be pregnant again and feel much more confident this time around. I'm not studying the daily emails and downloading every app. For the most part, I know what to expect. 

I forgot how tired growing a little person makes you these first few months! Today you will be tripling in size! No wonder I needed a nap. I've been a little sick off and on, but nothing too bad yet. Just really tired. My first and number 1 pregnancy symptom is bloating and that's in full force. Since you're slowing down my digestive system any food I eat sits there for what feels like all day. My belly sticks out like I'm 5 months pregnant already and that's been so much fun to hide. 

No major cravings or aversions yet. I've been eating about 90% paleo for the last 3 weeks and you don't seem to mind. With your sister I threw healthy eating out the window because I was just so hungry all the time and couldn't choke down a vegetable! I know it's still early into the pregnancy so we'll see what happens. 

I'm beginning to think about life with a newborn again and all I have to say is, we'll survive. I won't know a thing about raising a two year old and a newborn together- but this motherhood thing has a way of working that all out. 

Your daddy is very happy about you. He keeps referring to you as a "sister" and then after a pause adds "or brother". I guess we will know in about 10 weeks! 

I wish I was 7 months pregnant already and the waiting game is going to be the hardest part! So until then, I'll write you love letters and imagine who you will be. 

Stay strong and keep growing 


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