Smelly naps

Today has been such a mom day! I'm sure you all have had a million of these days, but mine are surprisingly few and far between right now. 

Mckenzie wouldn't fall asleep until 11pm last night. (She usually sleeps at 7) so when we had to wake her up at 6 this morning she was pretty upset. She was hysterical and I decided to take her to daycare a little later to see if she would calm down. She eventually gets dropped off and ends up falling alseep at 10am. I go to pick her up at noon assuming she's be awake. I then had to hang out and kill time until 1:40 when she finally woke up. 

We get home and she clings to me so we cuddle and watch TV. Her tummy hurts and she's grouchy. She poops, fills her diaper and immediately passes out. No time to change her. 

So now I'm holding my very smelly baby because she's tired and sick and it's my job. My eyes may or may not be burning a little. Yuck! 

Here's hoping her nap only lasts 30 minutes. 

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