80 Days of Summer

Okay kids, it's time to try something new. I'm going to call it 80 Days of Summer and it's going to be pretty B.A. (hopefully). As you know I'm married to a teacher. And that said teacher has the whole summer off. Since my teacher-husband has the summer off I'm assuming we'll be doing lots-o-fun things.

So what's the plan? 

All summer (From June 1 to around Aug 20) I am going to be documenting our summer days, nights and adventures.

I'm going to attempt to post every day (But let's be honest, that's not going to happen) so at least 5 times a week is going to seem like a success to me. I'm not promising anything spectacular but I think it will be a fun change in my blogging life. Don't worry, when people are stupid or something funny happens that will be documented as well.

So to kick things off right, here are a few pictures from our weekend. Bart and I went down to St. George to visit my best friend Sarah. We had an awesome time and on Monday we visited Red Cliffs Recreation Area. We went on this bad ass hike that included scaling the walls and jumping off cliffs.

The day was hot and the water was freezing. It was such a fun day!

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