Breaking pencils and stuff

Math is going to be the death of me. Did you know it's not as easy as it looks to break a pencil in half with your bare hands? I was throwing a fit (more on that in a minute) and as I'm doing so I take my pencil and shove it in the air to make a statement and.....oh hold on this is harder than I though....lowers closer to body (because that makes you stronger?)....almost there...HA boom. Broken pencil. I sure showed you pencil! Oh wait, breaking it won't help me with math? Well shit.

So this fit was apparently entertaining because Bart was laughing at me (hesitantly because technically I was crying but he couldn't tell if the tears were from laughing or crying) Honestly you guys, I understand math for about twenty minutes. Then apparently it's nowhere to be found in my brain. It's npt that I don't understand it because in class I totally get it, I just can't remember it when I'm doing homework. Bart says this means I should be doing math everyday! NOOOOOOO

Also it smells like shit outside...and like vegetable soup. Or maye it's closer to vegetable broth? Which I guess it pretty much soup. Nasty nasty air that smells like soup

Oh and did you know that 3 1/2 divides into 14 evenly? Because I sure didn't. I $&@)$?& hate fractions!!!!

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