Michael Jackson died one year ago and if you didnt know that then unfortunately you must be living under a rock because every radio and television station feels the need to do a tribute to him all over again. For 3 months after he died all we heard about was him and suddenly EVERYONE was a Michael Jackson fan even though anyone my age or younger only knew him as some creepy guy who held babies out windows and who went from being black to white. I see these 15 year olds going on about how he is the greatest artist who ever lived....way to jump on the bandwagon. Dont act like before his death you even knew a song he sang besides Thriller -and the only reason why you know that song is because for some reason the dance team in high school always thought it was such a good idea to dance to that song on Halloween.- People die every day. IMPORTANT people die everyday. People who influenced lives in much better ways then he ever did DIE EVERY DAY. I officially hate June 25th if every year I am going to have to listen to his songs all day on the radio, and hear his name above everything else on TV. Boo-freakin-who.

Also, I have heard a few new "jokes" my clients say to me and think they are so hilarious while doing it. (If you haven't read the first few "jokes" click HERE)

-Me: You have a lot of/thick hair!
-Them: Yeah it is such a pain but hey, at least I'm not bald though right? (hahahahahhah-)
-Me   :|

-Them: If you see any gray in there why don't you just pick it out for me..heh.heh.heh.

-Me: ( show them what the back of their head looks like after I am done cutting it)
-Them: Yeah it looks good except if you could move some of that hair on the sides to the top that would be great (taking about their bald spot)

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