Day 14

A few weeks in and I have learned a few things. First, my attempt at making yummy recipes is about 50% successful.

I already told you about my Quinoa fail x 2. For now I have given up on making this shiz

Chia Seed pudding-- has potential to be okay, but since I can't have any sweeteners it was just gross

Churry Chicken Broccoli "Casserole" I put the word casserole in quotation marks because like Bart asked...how can you have a casserole with no cheese? You can't my dear...you can't. This was probably the worst thing I have eaten. Bart was such a good sport and choked it down...I about cried at the dinner table.

I have however found a few tasty things to eat...

Turkey burger and veggie stir fry. Bart made this for me and it was delicious! So much natural flavor comes from the mix of all those pepers!

Yams. Cook these in the oven...add sea salt and BAM my favorite meal/snack. I have yet to cook them perfectly like my mother-in-law does...but I'll get there.

Sweet Potato Fries. These are a special treat too. Just cut the sweet potato, heat up some olive oil and in a few minutes it's a tasty treat that makes you think for a second it's unhealthy...

Almond Butter + carrots...sugar snap peas...on a spoon...This stuff is pretty much good on anything. Who needs peanut butter? Not me!

Avocado smothered on Chicken. Chicken only has so much flavor..but I love adding some avocado with every bite.

So, lesson 1. Don't make the full amount the recipe calls for unless you know it tastes good. I wasted lots of food by throwing it out. Since it's really just me eating it I could probably get away with using 1/4 of the recipe.

2. Chia seeds are a good snack! I have a baggie at work and just munch on them throughout the day. Don't misunderstand me...they are in no way satisfying...but they aren't gross and that's half the battle.

My Dr. says I am doing great and I'm looking forward to more improvements. Plus I have lost 7lbs which is kinda nice too...Also, he gave me the green light to do The Dirty Dash! Depending on how I feel during training I should be able to do that race. Since it's not until June he thinks it will be okay! *cue party dance*

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